Wagging through the Snow

Laurien Berenson

Wagging through the Snow

Wagging through the Snow

  • Title: Wagging through the Snow
  • Author: Laurien Berenson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Series fans will enjoy spending time with these appealing folks and their dogs Publishers Weekly With a demanding teaching job and five poodles scampering around the house, Melanie Travis barely has energy for the upcoming Christmas rush But she unwraps an unexpected challenge when her brother and ex husband make a spontaneous bid on a dilapidated pine tree farm A Series fans will enjoy spending time with these appealing folks and their dogs Publishers Weekly With a demanding teaching job and five poodles scampering around the house, Melanie Travis barely has energy for the upcoming Christmas rush But she unwraps an unexpected challenge when her brother and ex husband make a spontaneous bid on a dilapidated pine tree farm Although the ten acre lot had been a popular seasonal destination while the original owner was still alive, it ll take a small miracle or two before the neglected place is in shape for December.But the business venture goes cold when the group discovers a purebred Maltese whimpering in the snow covered grove right beside a dead body Pete, a squatter who camped out on the land, apparently met his end after a fallen fir tree branch fell on his head But as Melanie and Aunt Peg investigate Pete s complicated history, it s clear his death was no accident Now, Melanie must run through a flurry of likely suspects and muzzle a dogged murderer in time or she ll be next on someone s deadly list Well drawn characters contribute to the appeal here, along with the warm, sometimes humorous scenes of family life Booklist Another terrific mystery from Laurien Berenson Suspense Magazine

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Every time I think I’ve read the best Melanie Travis Mystery, author Laurien Berenson proves me wrong! I adore this series. Melanie is a great protagonist, and a lot of fun to read. The supporting characters all add so much to it. And of course, there are dogs! Melanie’s dogs, all five of them, have the greatest personalities. The way Berenson describes them, I get clear pictures in my mind of each and every one of them. WAGGING THROUGH THE SNOW is another splendid installment in this wonder [...]

Dollycas’s ThoughtsLook at the cute little face on the cover. I want one! but am restraining myself because my two canine companions would not like another dog in our house. At 14 years old, they are pretty set in their ways.Melanie Travis is counting down the days until the holiday break at Howard Academy while taking care of the usual Christmas things at home. When her brother announces he has brought a Christmas tree farm without consulting his partner, Melanie’s ex husband, she is very s [...]

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is on it's way in this cozy holiday novella. Melanie Travis is relaxing at home on a quiet weekend morning when her brother, Frank, stops by and stuns her with the news that he's invested in 10 acres of land that's a Christmas Tree Farm! Once past the initial shock, Frank and his business partner, Bob, plus the Travis Family and Aunt Peg all bundle up for a drive to have a look at the property. To start making a profit, the dilapidated office buildin [...]

Excellent cozy mystery. The type of story to read in an afternoon in front of the fireplace.

It is always a pleasure to read once of Laurien Berenson's dog stories. The cover is a delight. Frank and Bob have brought a Christmas tree farm that has lain idle for awhile. It will need a lot of repairs before it can be open for the season. The family met one to do the work. They work for some time when they heard a low moaning sound. At the source, they find a homeless man and a Maltese dog. Aunt Peg fosters The dog, Snowball and urged Melanie to look into his background. As Pete's backgroun [...]

Wagging Through the Snow by Laurien Berenson is A Melanie Travis novella (technically it is the twenty-first book in the series). Melanie Travis is enjoying a quiet Saturday when her brother, Frank visits. It turns out that he made an impulsive purchase of Haney’s Holiday Home (a Christmas tree lot) in Wilton, Connecticut without the knowledge of his business partner, Bob (Melanie’s ex-husband). The family troops out to examine the property and finds the buildings are dilapidated. Everyone w [...]

If you love dogs and mysteries, you should take the time to read Laurien Berenson’s novels.  She does a wonderful job portraying the unique personalities of dogs, in particular standard poodles.  Wagging Through the Snow is a light mystery that s perfect for an evening relaxing with a cup of cocoa.  The mystery isn't much of a puzzle, but that doesn't mean it isn't easy to enjoy.  Melanie Travis and her family are fun to observe and easy to like.  But if you are looking for a serious hard [...]

Sweet doggie mystery. Good to read when you need a cheery book.

Melanie Travis is always a favorite.

This is another good read from the author of all those poodle mysteries. This time instead of showing dogs, Melanie is helping her brother run a Christmas tree farm.A homeless man dies on the land, and his little Maltese terrier needs a home. Melanie and her husband, kids and aunt try to find out more about the deceased, who had great prospects before his unfortunate slide into alcohol dependency. But a supporter arrives and says the dead man had got clean, and his being found smelling of drink [...]

Once again Melanie's brother Frank has gotten himself in a tight spot. His impulsive purchase of a Christmas tree farm turns out to have more problems than just the dilapidated condition of the property.This is a well written cozy mystery but what gives it an added edge is Melanie's wit and rcastic humor.This is the 21st Melanie Travis Mystery! I have read them all and enjoy the interesting cast of characters both human and canine.

I was so excited to get this book today, I took it out of the box and just immediately sat down and started reading it. I had other things I needed to do, and I'm reading 7 other books right now, and also, it's a Christmas-themed book and it's September, but I didn't care. I had a crappy day so I just tuned everything out and sat and read the whole book cover to cover.This series has become one of my favorites. I love the characters, the writing is great and they are so much fun to read. A lot [...]

My only complaint about this latest in a long running series (and I've read them all) is that it's too short! Melanie and Aunt Peg find a dead man (Pete) and his (live) Maltese at the Christmas tree farm her brother and ex have just purchased. Geez. As always, Melanie will investigate, Peg will comment, the poodles will poodle, and the kids, relatives, and everyone else will just entertain you. There's nothing too deep about this book and it's not twisty or complex- just right for a quick read w [...]

It's hard to believe that this is #21 in the Melanie Travis series. All the familiar people and dogs are back in this holiday offering. Melanie's brother buys an abandoned Christmas Tree farm on Thanksgiving weekend and thinks the family will be happy to help sell the trees. When they all go to view the farm they find a body with a small dog hiding underneath. With Aunt Peg taking charge of the dog and Melanie investigating the crime the family prepares for Christmas that is fast approaching. As [...]

Very enjoyable cozy mystery. The scene is an old Christmas Tree farm with a homeless man dead in the snow. The local sleuth is on the case when the cops just shrug it off as another drunk passing out in the cold. Between the dogs & Aunt Peg, they add humor & dimension to the story. I really enjoyed the interactions of the characters.

I really enjoyed this story. When Melanie Travis ends up helping out with a Christmas tree farm business and then a murder, she struggles to find out the truth. What I liked about this book was the interesting assortment of characters and the lovely world Berenson created. This is a true cozy filled with Christmas merriment, cute dogs and plenty of suspects.I obtained this book through Net Galley and have left an honest review.

Review featured at books-n-kisses3.75 Hearts So this story is really cute. It is a short read of only about 100 pages so I wouldn’t say it will put you in a holiday mood because about the time you get into it it’s over. I think one of the problems was I have never read one from this author or series before. I didn’t know this was #21 in the series and I think it would have been a bit better if I knew the characters from before. Now that being said the mystery is good and the story is very [...]

This little cozy doesn't disappoint.

Melanie is busy finishing up the school term and getting ready for Christmas, when she and her family are drafted into helping her brother and ex-husband ready a run-down Christmas tree farm for the season. Of course, when Melanie and her Aunt Peg are wandering through the trees, they find a body. The police quickly decide the old hermit had gotten drunk and frozen to death, but Melanie soon believes he was killed over something from his past. Who was willing to kill over something that occurred [...]

Getting ready for Christmas and working at an elite academy is hard enough for Melanie Travis without the additional problems that her brother Frank and ex-husband Bob decide to bring to her door when they buy a Christmas tree farm only a few weeks before Christmas. The tree farm is a bit run down, but that is not the real problem. The real problem is that a dead body is found there, along with a full-bred Maltese. So Melanie is busy chasing clues, along with her beautiful standard poodle compan [...]

This short, clean, cozy mystery was very enjoyable to read and reminded me a lot of the Murder She Wrote books. Melanie's brother and his business partner buy a Christmas Tree farm in town when it goes up for auction after the owner dies. Not in the best of condition they are refurbishing the sales office when Melanie's older son discovers a dead body out in the tree groves. The police say the town drifter was drunk, fell when he got hit by a falling tree branch, and froze to death; but Melanie' [...]

Princess Fuzzypants here:Despite a decided lack of felines, I truly enjoyed this book. I loved the poodle pack and the adorable little Maltese. The little dog was discovered by the corpse of his human who was found frozen to death in the Christmas Tree farm Melanie’s brother has just purchased.Initially it is thought the dead man died because he was drunk. Not a far-fetched idea but it turns out far from the truth.Pete, the dead guy, was an alcoholic and a despicable character but had been sob [...]

A delightful series with funny, wacky & lovable characters and dogs. Melanie Travis raises and shows purebred standard size poodles and solves murders. When her brother buys a Christmas tree farm on a whim, Melanie has to get him straightened out. Her ex-husband is her brother's business partner so it is another family disaster. As the family pitches in to renovate the farm's office and get the business up and running, the body of a homeless man is found in the snow. Huddled inside his coat [...]

Publisher's Description:“If you like dogs, you’ll love Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis mysteries!” —Joanne Fluke, New York Times bestselling authorMelanie Travis needs a little peace from her busy life this Christmas. But the usual holiday hubbub is a joy compared to the killer surprise she finds tucked underneath the tree . . . With a demanding teaching job at Connecticut’s elite Howard Academy and five poodles scampering around the house, Melanie barely has energy for the upcomin [...]

Title: Wagging through the Snow - Melanie Travis Mystery Book 21Author: Laurien BerensonPublisher: Kensington BooksPublished: 9-26-2017Pages: 224Genre: Mystery, Thrillers, & SuspenseSub-Genre: Amateur Sleuth, Cozy, Animals, Dog, Women Sleuths, Crafts & HobbiesISBN: 9781496712981ASIN: B01N9NEDRFReviewed For NetGalley and KensingtonReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.75 StarsMelanie is surprised when her brother and ex-husband show up to announce they are planning on buying the old Haney Christmas [...]

Wagging Through The Snow, by the wonderfully talented Laurien Berenson is sure to be a hit.I've been a huge fan of this series since book one, and I am excited to say, this book is my absolute FAVORITE.I love when the first sentence in a new book is so exciting that I know I won't want to put it down. That's exactly what happened when I picked up Wagging Through The Snow.Melanie Travis leads a hectic life, between her job, her human family and her fur family, she cherishes every quiet moment she [...]

Melanie Travis's brother Frank impulsively buys a Christmas tree farm and recruits Melanie, her husband Sam, and his business partner Bob, Melanie's ex-husband. Along for the adventure is Aunt Peggy. While looking over the farm, they come across a dead man and a Maltese dog. At first, it appears that the man was a homeless drunk hit by a falling tree branch and left to die in the cold. Melanie and Aunt Peggy aren't so sure it was an accident and begin investigating. The man was apparently sober [...]

This is a short but rather well done cozy holiday mystery. Melanie Travis is busy working on things for her teaching job at the elite Howard Academy, while her poodle menagerie sits at her feet, when her brother Frank comes in to announce that he and his partner, Melanie’s ex, Bob, have bought a dilapidated Christmas Tree farm in the nearby town. Soon Melanie, her two young sons and her husband, along with Frank, Bob and Aunt Peg are off to check out the tree farm. During their visit to the fa [...]

Melanie wants some peace this Christmas but her brother comes in telling her that he and her ex-husband have bought a broken down tree farm.When she goes out to look they find a dead body of a man, who turns out to be a hermit with a drinking problem. As she tries to find out more about him and his mysterious past she finds many dark secrets. An enjoyable Christmas mystery. It does have dogs in it, but not too much.

That's the last time I pick up a random book in the library just cos it has a cute dog on it! At least it was short

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