Hidden Depths: A Vera Stanhope Mystery

Ann Cleeves

Hidden Depths: A Vera Stanhope Mystery

Hidden Depths: A Vera Stanhope Mystery

  • Title: Hidden Depths: A Vera Stanhope Mystery
  • Author: Ann Cleeves
  • ISBN: 9781250135179
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback

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A hot summer on the Northumberland coast, and Julie Armstrong arrives home from a night out to find her son murdered Luke has been strangled, laid out in a bath of water, and covered with wild flowers This stylized murder scene has Inspector Vera Stanhope and her team intrigued But then a second bodythat of beautiful young teacher Lily Marshis discovered laid out in a rA hot summer on the Northumberland coast, and Julie Armstrong arrives home from a night out to find her son murdered Luke has been strangled, laid out in a bath of water, and covered with wild flowers This stylized murder scene has Inspector Vera Stanhope and her team intrigued But then a second bodythat of beautiful young teacher Lily Marshis discovered laid out in a rock pool, the water strewn with flowers Now Vera must work quickly to find this dramatist, this killer who is making art out of death Clues are slow to emerge from those who had known Luke and Lily, but Vera soon finds herself drawn towards the curious group of friends who discovered Lilys body What unites these four men and one woman Are they really the close knit, trustworthy unit they claim to be As local residents are forced to share their private lives and those of their loved ones, sinister secrets are slowly unearthed And, all the while, the killer remains in their midst, waiting for an opportunity to prepare another beautiful, watery grave

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As an unashamed admirer of the work of Ann Cleeves my enthusiasm for the indomitable DI Vera Stanhope grows with each encounter, despite having read much of the series out of order. Ann Cleeves is an expert in exposing the undercurrents within a small community, from getting the measure of everyone she encounters to ruffling the feathers of the people with most to hide. Overweight, scruffy and brash, Vera drinks too much, has a no-nonsense attitude to her job and due to her lack of a personal li [...]

Hidden Depths by Ann CleevesRA is a solitary figure. She lives alone and rarely has guests/visitors except for Joe Ashworth her back up on the police force. The pub(s) are also not her usual haunt since she prefers to drink in the privacy of her home. These traits are what set VERA apart from other Scottish detectives. I became aware of the differences while reading Hidden Depths, finding it a bit difficult to stay focused. The riotous social life or chaotic police station conflicts didn't exist [...]

Vera Stanhope was reached the point in her life where her regrets are catching up with her. She lives the life of the loner and has faced up to the reality that she will probably never have a family. Her childhood was lonely and difficult because her father was on obsessive birder who dragged her along on many of his hunts for rapters. The coping skills she developed during those days have been a boon in her career as a police officer and her introspective personality leads her into understandin [...]

Despite the fact that Ann Cleeves has published twenty-five novels since 1986, this is the first of her books I’ve read, and that’s probably thanks to the excellent TV series Vera, starring the excellent Brenda Blethyn. Set in the northeast of England, this book evokes my home area very well: Foxhunters, Whitley Bay, Seaton Sluice, North Shields, Morpeth and Newcastle. Julie Armstrong arrives home after a night out to discover her young son strangled, laid out in a bath of water and covered [...]

Another excellent murder mystery in the Vera Stanhope series, this third installment didn't disappoint, love this series a lot, looking forward to reading the rest of the series

Thank heaven for Vera! Having just finished a book I detested, I was able to turn to Ann Cleeves for healing. Vera is wonderful. She is smart, amazingly intuitive, tough when she needs to be but always kind to those who are hurting. The characters are ordinary people (well, except for the fact that it is a murder mystery after all), and as they are being masterfully developed, you become totally involved with them and can't help wondering what is going on in their lives that you haven't been tol [...]

I have read all of Ann Cleeves' Shetland Island series, and was intrigued with the setting and the original story lines. I have also been a long time of the Vera Stanhope books of which Hidden Depths is the 3rd book. The setting for both series embraces very differentbut equally beautiful settings. Inspector Vera Stanhope is a very different protagonist This story is essentially a dark drama peopled with a cast of unhappy, spiritually wounded and struggling characters. Two murders have been comm [...]

Definitely a really good mystery/thriller/crime novel! I got sucked in from the first page and the more I read, the more secret details and truth revealed involving the lives of the characters, the more I got swept up with the story. The idea of designing flowery/artistry murders sounds really unique and interesting, and somehow I hoped the author had explored more of this angle rather than sometimes diving too deeply and lengthily into the characters' lives (which put me in a more eager, impati [...]

Rating 4* out of 5. This was my first acquaintance with detective inspector Vera Stanhope - who, according to herself, is fat, ugly and drinks too much. Her department fears her lashing tongue. I find Vera very sympathetic. Julie Armstrong comes home to find her son death in the bathtub, arranged with flowers. A week the body of a young woman is found in a crevice on the beach - murdered and also theatrically arranged with flowers. The young woman is found by a group of bird watchers, all of who [...]

Η ντετέκτιβ Βέρα Στάνχοουπ της Αστυνομίας της Νορθάμπρια καλείται να λύσει 2 μυστηριώδεις φόνους με το ίδιο τελετουργικό. Ο έφηβος Λουκ Άρμστρονγκ και η φοιτήτρια Λίλι Μαρς έχουν στραγγαλιστεί και τοποθετηθεί μέσα σε νερό στολισμένοι με λουλούδια. Η ομάδα της Βέρα με βοηθ [...]

Another great book by Ann Cleeves. Her books are hard to figure out who has done the murder until the very end. The characters are well-developed and the plots are very tricky to solve. Everyone ends up being on the suspect list and one by one they are eliminated until the murderer is fully exposed in the last chapter. This is the 3rd book in the Vera Stanhope series and my favorite so far. I look forward to reading the next in the series very soon.

In Hidden Depths, a teenager is found strangled in the bathtub, peacefully laid out with flowers surrounding his body. Luke was one of the odd kids at school, with few friends and subject to a bit of ridicule. There was nothing substantial that would make him a target for a murder which leaves Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope and her team stymied in their investigation. When a second body is found in the water with flowers adorning it, the two cases are undeniably linked but what's the connecti [...]

Var mycket besviken!

Η Βρετανή Ann Cleeves είναι ένα από τα πλέον ηχηρά ονόματα στο χώρο της αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας, κερδίζοντας μάλιστα το 2006 το εξαιρετικά σημαντικό βραβείο, Duncan Lawrie Dagger της Ένωσης Βρετανών Συγγραφέων Αστυνομικής Λογοτεχνίας, για το βιβλίο της "Raven Black". Το γεγονός ότι πριν αφοσιωθ [...]

I so enjoy this series, Vera Stanhope is so down to earth, no pretension. Was so glad to see this finally published in the US. Sometimes it pays to come late to the party! LOL Love the twists and turns and then twist again. Ann Cleeves leads you on thinking you have it figured out but yet no you don't!. Cozy Mystery read unite and Read this series.

I'd forgotten how satisfying a good mystery novel can be. The dishevelled, knife-sharp Inspector Vera Stanhope is a great person to while away a day or two with. Her down-to-earth manner and clever mind are a delight to watch as she unravels the connection between two murders. The victims seem to have nothing in common but the manner of their murders and it's a beguiling hunt full of colourful, vivid characters and glorious red herrings. My only disappointment is that not one other Ann Cleeves b [...]

Αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα από αυτά που τα ξεχνάς γρήγορα. Πολύ γρήγορα! Χωρίς εντάσεις και κυνηγητό, με σταθερή και υποτονική εξέλιξη της υπόθεσης, φυσικά και δεν με εντυπωσίασε πουθενά και σε κανένα σημείο (ΟΥΤΕ μία ανατροπή στην πλοκή )! Επίσης το βρήκα υπερβολικά μεγάλο σε έ [...]

Set in the North East of England, this is a lovely guide to the region as it features quite a few known and lesser known landmarks and takes us right up the coast and even to Northumberland with a dabbling in the academic world with Newcastle University and Morpeth library mentioned.Want to go on the booktrail tour using this book as a guide? - : The Vera TourWhat’s it all about?The discovery of a young man’s body in a bathtub is something that starts a nightmare for Vera. This is a highly s [...]

Hidden Depths by Ann CleevesI read Hidden Depths in preparation for meeting the author at my local independent book store in Oswestry. Before this, I had read one of Cleeves' Jimmy Perez novels which I enjoyed but wasn't wowed by. Then they showed 'Vera' on ITV, the television versions of Cleeves' Vera Stanhope books. If I hadn't known who the killer was, this book would've been five stars. In a way, I took the mystery out of it myself, which I wish I hadn't done! All the other Vera Stanhope boo [...]

Another from a series that is fast becoming a favourite.I like the authors style of storytelling. High action it is not, but what I imagine to be the slow plod of a police investigation.The tale is well described as are the characters who are all well painted and easy to picture.A short while ago we came across another story by the same author ( although from a different series) and, assuming that bird watching isnt a particular hobby of the author, it shows good use of subject research.Another [...]

I like Vera and I love her in this story by Ann Cleeves. (I have never seen the TV series and I'm happy about that as, in my mind, Vera is one of my Aunties).This is a clever murder mystery and, yahoo, enough characters to keep it fresh but not so many that I forget or muddled the names. I thought there may have been an extra twist at the end. It is hinted at but not developed by Cleeves.I look forward to reading more of her Vera Stanhope novels, pet!

Great mystery of who dun it, and why? The killer and why are a mystery until the end. Murders and flowers, bird watchers, affairs and secrets.The female British Detective is a lonely soul, however, she knows a lot about Birds, and Bird watchers, and what she does not know about other things, she learns. Brains and good deduction the detective works out, Who Dun It. Set in the U.K.

Magnificent Vera novel. It was great to get glimpses inside her head, of her thoughts, emotions and self-delusions. I love the way the Vera character evolves throughout the series and am avid to read the next one. However, I shall indulge in a period of delayed gratification and read some other stuff first ;).

I am just devouring these Ann Cleeves books! Unfortunately there aren't enough of them! This was another great one. I love this Vera Stanhope series. Somehow or another I am going to have to watch the tv show :)

Bettie's Books

Third in the series: a predictable but engaging police procedural replete with strong characterization and a quirky cast of characters.

Kept me enthralled right to the end. I am growing fonder of Vera with every book.

Υγρός θάνατοςAnn cleevesΕκδόσεις ΚλειδάριθμοςΔεν με ενθουσίασε δυστυχώς,δεν ήταν καλοδουλεμένη η πλοκή τουτο τέλος η ανακάλυψη του δολοφόνου ( πάρε να έχεις τώρα άρρωστε που διάβαζες 440 σελιδες) πολύ απότομο και σε μια σελίδα.Η αληθεια είναι ότι το μυαλό μου πήγαινε αλλου για τ [...]

I love a good mystery even though I suck at figuring out who did the crime. I won this book as a give away.A mother is out on the town one night having a good time dancing and hanging out with friends but when she comes home she discovers her son dead in the bathtub. at first she thought it was an accident until the detectives told her it was murder. She is devestated so the search is on for finding someone that would kill teenage boy for no reason. weeks into the investigation another young la [...]

This is the third book in the Vera Stanhope series, and I really enjoyed it as it's been awhile since I read one of these books. Ann Cleeves writes a literate and cerebral story, and Vera is a marvelous creation. Overweight, untidy, middlle-aged, cranky as all get out, but smart as a whip. That's our Vera. This book has Vera and her team trying to track down a killer who leaves his victims posed in the water with flowers all around them. First a young man with a learning disabiity is found drown [...]

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