When I Cast Your Shadow


When I Cast Your Shadow

When I Cast Your Shadow

  • Title: When I Cast Your Shadow
  • Author: SarahPorter
  • ISBN: 9780765380562
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover

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Dashiell Bohnacker was hell on his family while he was alive But it s even worse now that he s dead Ruby Haunted by her dead brother, unable to let him go, Ruby must figure out whether his nightly appearances in her dreams are the answer to her prayers or a nightmare come true Everett He s always been jealous of his dashing older brother Now Everett must do everythingDashiell Bohnacker was hell on his family while he was alive But it s even worse now that he s dead Ruby Haunted by her dead brother, unable to let him go, Ruby must figure out whether his nightly appearances in her dreams are the answer to her prayers or a nightmare come true Everett He s always been jealous of his dashing older brother Now Everett must do everything he can to save his twin sister Ruby from Dashiell s clutches.Dashiell Charming, handsome, and manipulative, Dash has run afoul of some very powerful forces in the Land of the Dead His only bargaining chips are Ruby and Everett At stake is the very survival of the Bohnacker family, bodies and souls

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2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2017/09/24/When I Cast Your Shadow is a very different kind of story about a haunting. In it, we follow teenagers Ruby and Everett Bohnacker, twins who are still grieving for their older brother Dashiell following his tragic drug overdose. In life, Dash had been a popular, handsome, and charming young man, but underneath that perfection was also a cruel and manipulative side. Now not even death can stop him, as his devious spirit returns to the w [...]

Just getting started with this one and not sure how long I'll be able to stick with it. Ruby's parents' firstborn is a drug addict (who eventually dies of an overdose), but he's "so beautiful and enchanting" that Ruby believes she and her equally "podgey, unattractive, and socially helpless" twin brother are disappointments, despite Parents having been so desperate for more children that they invested in IVF. Ruby even blames their divorce on said disappointment.Not her addict brother. Not even [...]

I want to thank NetGalley and Tor Teen for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the kind of book you love or hate, and although I really wanted to like it, it wasn't like that. I ended up struggling to finish it, and although it has moments in which I thought it would improve, I really think it was bored and problematic1/5 StarsYou can find this one and more of my review on my blog A Book. A Thought.The story follows the Bohnacker family after the death of the olde [...]

DNF @ 14%"People almost never believe things because they're objectively true. They just believe in whatever made-up reality hurts them the least."I wanted to like this, I really did. I was excited for the gritty mystery and dark paranormal elements to the story, but I did not like the characters or the writing - specifically the dialogue. I found the dialogue to be very juvenile. For me, it didn't fit with the tone of the story and the harsh threats that were present. I also didn't like any of [...]

This review and more can be found on Living for the BooksThis was nothing like what I was expecting. At all. I can't emphasize that enough. I thought this would be an interesting story about ghosts and new take on what happens when someone dies. At the very least, I thought there would be a kind of family theme going on since the blurb leads me to believe it's going to be all about family. If I could sum up this book, I would have to just say that it's weird. I don't know what else I could possi [...]

When I Cast Your Shadow is by far one of the most unique and imaginative books I've ever read. Even now, trying to write this review, my mind continues to reel. This is going to be one of the types of reviews where I don't make much sense and I ramble if I'm not careful. I don't want to do that, so I'll just break down the major points that I loved. Plot: Completely original and nothing short of awesome. Unlike anything I've ever come across. It's a really complex blend of contemporary and paran [...]

I had to put this book down multiple times just to catch my bearings. This book is so chilling that I was afraid to go to sleep.I won this ARC through Instagram, along with another book and a tote, and I am so glad that I did. This was the second thriller book that I have read, which may come across surprising to a lot of Y’all. At first, I was on the fence. Like, why would I want to read a thriller book in the first place? So, I put on my big girl pants and womaned up.This book centers around [...]

Rating: 3.5 StarsI was a fan of Porter's debut, Vassa in the Night, and immediately knew I wanted to read this book. I found her writing to be quite captivating, and although her style leaned darker than my norm, I found that I enjoyed her storytelling and wanted more. When I Cast Your Shadow is a ghost story that involves possession, but it is also a story about a family that is grieving, about family dynamics, about trust, about penance."it's up to me to remember him the way he really was. To [...]

I couldn’t wait to start When I Cast Your Shadow after reading Vassa in the Night, and it didn’t disappoint. There were many intriguing aspects to this read, including the supernatural realm that filled many of its pages. I couldn’t help but keep reading on to find out what it all meant and where the main characters would stand at the end. How couldn’t I be taken it by it so quickly with such an intense dream written into the first chapter.“And then I’m jolted out of myself, and I wa [...]

You can find this review and others on my blog shades0fpaper.wordpress “I’ve been waking up every morning gasping and sobbing, my hands thrashing at the air as I try to grab him, stop him, before it’s too late. That nightmare is bad enough, but this was so much worse.”Well… take a seat and grab a snack because I feel this is going to be a pretty long review (we’ll see about that). I was really anticipating this book because it seems like a pretty creepy read now that fall is almost h [...]

Thanks to TorTeen for the copy in exchange for my honest review!Paranormal stories are something I've always loved. Give me the creepiest horror stories you've got! So when I read the premise for WHEN I CAST YOUR SHADOW by Sarah Porter, I was excited to get it started. However, this definitely wasn't the creepy paranormal story I was anticipating. It was a much lighter version.We follow a family that is dealing with grief. There were three siblings - one deceased and the twins (with only one mou [...]

*Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher (Macmillan-Tor/Forge) for providing a copy in exchange for a review. My opinions are honest and my own.I really wanted to love this book, but try as I might I didn’t. In the beginning, I even forced myself to laugh and tear up where I knew I should be laughing and tearing up. In the end, too many things went wrong for me to enjoy it.Firstly, the characters are written very young. If Ruby and Everett’s age hadn’t been explicitly stated, I would have [...]

That was so much creepier than I expectedI was pleasantly surprised by this novel. It was so dark and twisted and, in my opinion, the perfect autumn-y, Halloween read. I'm not sure why I didn't anticipate all the creepiness from the title/cover/description, but anyway I think it's good to go into a mysterious, twisty book like this without knowing too much about it.I had some trouble connecting with the characters and understanding their motives. I really liked Everett, so I felt personally offe [...]

Huge thank you to the lovely people at Tor for allowing me the opportunity to read this on NetGalley! I absolutely LOVED Vassa in the Night so of course I was super excited about this new Sarah Porter book! I was not disappointed one bit! Sarah Porter still remains, in my mind, probably the most original and inventive YA author writing at the moment. Her work is definitely not for everyone since it is soooo dark and creepy, but if you can handle that kind of thing, I highly highly recommend her [...]

You don't want to miss this unique and twisted paranormal/supernatural read! >>Full review in my book blog.<< By the way, I already have a fan-cast for Dashiell!!!**Also, HUGE thanks to the publisher for giving me a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review!

This book is a surreal, beautiful fever dream. The prose was so gorgeous it made me ache—every sentence as lovingly handcrafted as a wrought iron bed frame. I loved the imaginative descriptions of the "borderlands," the shadowy world between life and death, and the thought and world-building that went into explaining how someone from the borderlands can come to possess a living person, and what they can and cannot do with them when this happens. The action kept me up too late reading for sever [...]

Actual rating: 5 (like, one tiny sliver under, if we're being entirely honest! Like, that teeny, tiny sliver of a number between 4X and 5). Full review available at: Jet Black Ink✎ I adored most things about this book, but the way it’s written is just so wonderful and so very lyrical and magical in places, whilst being utterly raw and hard in others, and both these styles really shouldn’t go together so well – and yet they do. Part of that makes this book so very, very delightful is the [...]

3.5 stars.This book review is going to be one of the most difficult ones for me to write, and that is because I am not too sure what to make of this book! Fellow bloggers who I’ve mentioned this to, have reassured me that this is a normal feeling to have toward a Sarah Porter book, so I’m not too worried…but that will not make this any easier to write. The rating itself was also something that I had difficulty with; constantly weighing my pros and cons regarding this book. Always adjusting [...]

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*1.5starsI was hoping  I would love this book, but it was nothing like what I was expecting. I really didn't like itI really enjoy paranormal stories, especially ones that make me believe it could actually be real. And although this one felt scary, it mainly felt messed up and it didn't grip me at all. I was [...]

Twins Ruby and Everett are mourning their charismatic, incredibly messed up older brother Dashiell, recently deceased. So recently that their grief-shattered father finds comfort (disturbingly though perhaps believably) in hatred, pronouncing his firstborn better off dead, and encouraging his surviving children to move on with their lives. Dashiell won't stay dead, however, possessing first one and then the other twin at will. As hauntings go, this book is terrifying, with Dashiell twisting the [...]

When I Cast Your Shadow by Sarah Porter Title: When I Cast Your Shadow Author: Sarah PorterFirst Published: Oct 17Publisher: Tor TeenPages: 384Price on : Hardback £13.91 Kindle: £11.45ISBN: 0765380560Even in death, she can't let him go.Ruby's brother died and Ruby is haunted by him in her dreams what she doesn't know is if it is a dream come true or a nightmare she'll never be able to escape. Everett is Ruby's twin brother and he's always been jealous of his older brother, but can Everett save [...]

DNF at 50% Conceptually - this had the potential to be a really fantastic book. That said, the actual execution left little to be desired. I completely understand what the author was trying to do here and to some extent she was successful. I mean Ruby and Everett truly encapsulate the idea of how far one will go for the people they love. And an examination of sibling relationships/rivalries? Count me in! I think where the author starting losing me was with the slow-moving and almost wayward plot [...]

Not one of my favorites. There were some weirdly developed characters and themes I wouldn't necessarily find to be appropriate for middle schoolers. I'd say if this is on your reading list, you find some others. 😮

Beautifully written story about siblings, life and death. Really enjoyed this one. Darkly seductive nightmarish type of book. 5 stars.

This review was originally published on Spinatale Reviews.I really struggled to get through this book. I put it down at least five times, only to give it another chance after a few days. The summary sounded so intriguing, I kept thinking that it would get better if I stuck it out just a bit longer. Unfortunately, it wasn't well-executed and never got better, which made for a tedious and problematic read.After Dashiell "Dash" Bohnacker's untimely demise due to an overdose, his family is strugglin [...]

This book just gets creepier and creepier! I LOVE IT!! Definitely a page turner! I love and admire her writing style!This has been my favorite read for 2017. I felt things for the siblings that I've never really felt before for characters in a book. Very artistic world building ~ I was right there experiencing things with them. I think the writer did a fantastic job making this book a real treat for the senses. I've never read a ghost story like this and I doubt I will ever read anything like it [...]

Welp. I am way late on updating with this review. However, now that it's published, I suggest you get on with this immediately. It's a very strange, disturbing little novel but highly deserving of a read.I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.View on WordPress: yabooksdaily.wordpress/20I was incredibly excited to delve into this book, as I had seen praise for Vassa in the Night but had yet to read anything by the author. Overall, I adored this book. It [...]

Having just suffered a loss of my own (my fiance), it was perfect timing for this book to come into my life. It dealt with love and loss in a way that I was able to keep separate enough from my own experience that it didn't hurt to read it. To quote Dashiell: keep what you need, and forget the rest. And that's what I plan to do.

I liked the story, but found all the characters so unlikable it was hard to care about anything that happened. I really wanted someone to root for, but the pickings were slim, let me tell you.

That cover and title really sets the mood for this book. It is creepy and dark and at times a little bit scary. This is a hard review to do without spoiling anything, but I will give it my best shot. It is a very character driven narrative so I will focus on them.Let’s start with Ruby. She was a hard character to like, but at times I felt very sorry for her. She was hard to like because of her relationship with Dashiell, it was just so damaging to both of them. She went a bit beyond idolizing [...]

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