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  • Title: Lurk
  • Author: Adam Vine
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  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 1539805328 ISBN13 9781539805328.Some secrets should stay buriedCollege student Drew Brady never wanted the power to spy on his friends But late one night, he finds a box of old Polaroids buried under his house that can change to show him whatever he desires, and Drew finds himself with the power to watch the people arouThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 1539805328 ISBN13 9781539805328.Some secrets should stay buriedCollege student Drew Brady never wanted the power to spy on his friends But late one night, he finds a box of old Polaroids buried under his house that can change to show him whatever he desires, and Drew finds himself with the power to watch the people around him without them ever knowing.Yet as Drew falls deeper into the rabbit hole of jealousy and despair, he begins having strange visions of the students who lived at the house twenty years ago and the gruesome fates they met after moving out He finds evidence of a stalker who may be living on the property The line between reality and nightmare blurs Drew realizes there is something under the house that is manipulating him through the pictures, an eldritch, not quite dead thing that will drive him to do unspeakable evil if he doesn t look awayA blistering page turner, LURK is horror unlike you ve ever read.

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Update: 25/08/17. The Kindle edition is currently gratis in the States and the UK!

Damn. There was all kinds of crazy going on in this one. Drew and his friends have uncovered a mystery contained in some old polaroid’s. The pictures not only give Drew a peek into the personal lives of his friends, but also contain secrets from the past that are bleeding into the present.…Or maybe it could just be the drugs and booze.I was surprised how much I liked this one. It was a fast and enjoyable read with a cast of largely unlikable characters, especially the main protagonist Drew w [...]

Every so often things just work out like this. I was in a mood for something scary and this book showed up in my email as a kindle freebie for the day. Never heard of the author, didn't think I'd be all that into a story featuring a bunch of college students partying themselves out of their minds, but lo and beholdis was kinda awesome. Classy cover, well edited with the minor exception of the fact that despite what most Americans erroneously believe Columbia is only the acceptable spelling for t [...]

What a pleasant suprise! I picked this up with absolutely zero expectations, and was treated to a nice little thriller/horror-story. The picture this story paints of the millenium-generation-teens is very bleak, and perhaps too much so, but nevertheless the action of the characters are believeable and the inner struggles of the narrator are described in a way the reader can relate to (even though the narrator is a giant douchebag).I will look after Adam Vine's future releases :)

I read this one based on a recommendation from a GR friend (thanks Bandit!) and would not likely have picked it up otherwise. I was not disappointed. It was surprisingly well-written, telling the story of a bunch of college kids living and partying in a off-campus house that has a secret spooky history which gets slowly revealed through the discovery of some old photographs in the basement. The characters were more developed than you would normally expect from a book like this and the story move [...]

Lurk is a book that frightens you as you read, not only because of the author's expertise with the English language, but because you see yourself in every character. In Drew, the socially awkward stalker who cannot separate his own failure to relate to people his own age with his self-hatred and depression. With Bea, the beautiful and confident woman who cannot see outside her own small world. With Jay, who just wants to be a good friend and have a good time.Adam Vine's book gives you an insight [...]

I got 45% through this and I really don't think I can read anymore. First of all, I'm not scared at all and nothing much has happened. And second, I don't like the main character. He's unlikable and kind of a creep. After the abuse against the dog, I can't do it anymore. I'm sorry but if you poke a dog's paws with darts over and over, I'm never going to like you. And I find it very hard to read a book when I don't like the main character this much. No thanks, I'm out.

This was an awesome horror story. So many times I have picked up a horror book and been disappointed with the lack of scares or weak plot or whatever. When I started reading this, I found I couldn't stop. In fact, I felt the excitement building as I went along, knowing that I'd found a well-written horror book that is truly memorable. Can't really praise this one enough. I'm not going to ramble on and retell the whole story, because that's half the fun. Go read it. It's a wild ride.

This book was a pleasant surprise. An enjoyable horror romp with some twists and turns that made it a fun read.

It's been a while since I delved into the horror world, so this debut from Adam Vine seemed like the perfect place to start!Film student Drew Brady lives with his friends in a college house, where all the usual shenanigans associated with student life take place. His best friend/unrequited love, Bea lives close by and spends a lot of time there too. When Drew finds some polaroids of former tenants in the house's suitably creepy basement, he soon finds that the photos reveal much more, and that a [...]

I got about 12% of the way through this one and skimmed a bit further, but found the main character and all other named characters to be way too frat-bro and cliche to continue. MC has a vicious case of "nice guy" syndrome, the main love interest is typical Smoking Hot Girl Who Is Also Very Very Smart Because These Are Complex Characters Y'All, and everyone else is just written to be "typical college students". Perhaps this changes later in the book but I didn't find the experience pleasant enou [...]

[I have received an audio version of this book for free, in exchange for a review. This has in no way altered my opinion. Rating here reffers more to the story, than to the audiobook.]I must confess since the beginning that I am not a such a fan of horror books. Having this one in the audio format was a very good thing, as I enjoyed the story very much!As the description says, a group of college students notice someone has been spending nights in their basement and also a bunch of Polaroids show [...]

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.Drew Brady lives in a typical college party house with other students. Drew is overweight and has low self-esteem because of his weight and his inability to attract girls like his friends do. He also has a history of depression probably for the same reasons. Of course, no one realizes this because he always presents himself as Mr. Nice Guy. In reality, he's not even cl [...]

I'm not sure it's the right word to say that I "enjoyed" this book, because it was intense and brutal and a total mind-warp. Maybe it would be better to say I appreciated this book, because it really was brilliant in a lot of ways. There is a double-twist at the end that I completely did not see coming--I didn't see either twist coming, actually, and I had to read the last part a couple of times to make sure I was actually understanding it. Being in first person narration with a truly unlikable [...]

This was a really great read that read like a really long short story. In true horror fashion we have a sympathetic main character who seems to be the only sane person, who eventually succumbs to the evil powers that underlie the whole story line, but Mr. Vine handles it with aplomb. I feel a personal vibe with Vine simply because he is involved with the video gaming world outside of writing. Being a gamer myself, I can definitely feel the attraction. His references to Mario Kart and Mass Effect [...]

I've never heard of Adam Vibe before; never had the privilege of reading his stories and as a cheap book on kindle I can't really say I expected much. I was wrong to underestimate him.The story focuses on Drew, a college student living at Sunny Hill. Upon discovering some old polaroids, Drew soon becomes obsessed with "them" and the "union", who push him towards vile and heinous crimes.Ultimately, it's a ghost story with a slasher feel to it. It reads very much like a teen horror film but is int [...]

I couldn't put this one down. This is super creepy. I didn't find any of the characters particularly likeable, but that's probably the point. I did feel a little bad for Drew at a few points in the story, but that didn't last very long. The writing was really good --- I know I was making a face during some of the more gruesome scenes throughout the story. My only complaints were that I think it dragged a little bit around 3/4 of the story (mainly, the "flashbacks" of the Union that Drew was seei [...]

I don't often read horror novels but I read this one and found it quite entertaining. It's set in Santa Cruz where a group of students rent a house on Sunny Hill. However, the house has been built on a grave site and in a hole in the basement, Drew, one of the students finds a Polaroid camera and a box of photos taken of students from '93. Most of the students have come to a grizzly end and Drew finds out how as we read on through the book. Drew notices the photos have the ability to change and [...]

Superb horror / mystery tale that delves into the many members that lived at one address over time, the lives they lived and well as what became of them after. A gang of college young adults party heavy until the death of a neighbor that they had many issues with in the past takes his own life then the mysterious box of pictures and the illusions the main character has with the dead and how they came to their demise and yet another party after the group of house mates decide and go through burni [...]

Drew is a loser. He’s fat, awkward, and hopelessly infatuated with a girl who doesn’t share his feelings. He has good friends though, and throws great parties. Sunny Hill, the house he shares with those friends, has been a party house for decades.When Drew finds an old camera in the basement beneath the house, it leads him into a downward spiral of jealousy and rage. The pictures show some of the house’s previous inhabitants, and sometimes they seem to change.Lurk is a story of corruption [...]

Adam Vine has a way with words. Specifically dialog. I was quickly drawn in by the natural, native-like flow of the characters. Having been a student at the same school at the same time Lurk takes place, I felt like I was right there with these guys. Drew, Bea, and the rest of their crew are just like the people I used to know and hang out with. Adam Vine is a guy that I want to read more of now that I've seen what he can do. Lots of cool local places and name dropping going on if you are famili [...]

This book was such a pleasant surprise. The cover intrigued me so I got a copy and at first I was like, what kind of shallow, vapid frat bro party is this. but I kept reading because the writing was superb which made me think twice about putting it down, t gere had to something good here. While every character was for the most part unlikable, that became a key part of the story. It seemed to drag on until it didn't and everything turned topsy turvy and suspenseful. Then it slowly creeped into ho [...]

Creepy BookThis one was hard to put down. The characters were great you want them to overcome the threat. You want them to find the right clues I really enjoyed this book. It's been a long time since I read anything in this genre WOW what a book to bring me back! Highly recommend

This is a wonderfully strange book that slowly unfolds as you progress, there’s a lot going on here and Adam Vine manages to bring it all together with some impressive writing.I really enjoyed this; it’s contemporary and inventive with a plot which keeps you guessing throughout and a good mix of characters. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of Adam’s work in the future.

WowWow this is a must read this will keep you reading to find out what happens next the only thing is it does seem to go on and on at the end kind of skipped over but it is really good

Hated for it to end. Very few times have I really wanted to keep reading but dreaded the book to end. This guy "killed it (pun intended)" and I want to read more things he has written.

This is the first time of me reading of Adam Vine. And he has me hooked. But I did not care for the f bombs or the gd words. This is just me. I feel good horror story's can do without. I also know that is what sells. Keep up the good work.😊

Is King writing under a pseudonym again?This is the best book I've read in a few years. I have never rated a writer up there with Stephen King. Don't get me wrong, no one is ever going to top the king of horror, but Adam Vine definitely needs to write more novels of this genre.

Different-fascinating.You will find this story is like no other-it's different in a huge way and in subtle ways than other haunted house tales. Very creative and very creepy. A great read.

Seriously twisted.

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