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Fern Michaels

Wish List

Wish List

  • Title: Wish List
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780821773635
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback

From New York Times bestselling Fern Michaels comes the poignant, passionate story of a woman at a crossroads in her life Now she has just been given the chance to have the love she has always wanted All she has to do is reach for it And this time, the sky s the limit A brilliant career, two adoring husbands none of it is enough to erase the memory of Ariel Hart s onFrom New York Times bestselling Fern Michaels comes the poignant, passionate story of a woman at a crossroads in her life Now she has just been given the chance to have the love she has always wanted All she has to do is reach for it And this time, the sky s the limit A brilliant career, two adoring husbands none of it is enough to erase the memory of Ariel Hart s one true love Back when she was plain, starry eyed Aggie Bixby, a dark eyed boy touched her hearten vanished from her life So she does something shocking and outrageous She sells her house and leaves Hollywood for Chula Vista There she meets Lex Sanders, a wealthy rancher and breeder of Arabian horses There s something familiar about those smoldering eyesmething that triggers long buried memories of a passion so pure and so perfect it couldn t possibly last.

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This book could have been a little better. Slow to begin and anti-climactic at the end. After the big climax, it trailed on and on. The center of the book was fine and I enjoyed the interplay among the characters, but the beginning and end both need work.

I really liked this heartwarming story about lost loves and second chances, hope and fear, dreams and wishes. After reading Malice, I needed a light read with less heavy of a topic and I found it in Michaels' Wish List. From page one, I was drawn in by the honesty and sincere portrayal of the main character Ariel hart who is fed up with Hollywood and the false leads that go with it. In the voice of Ariel Hart and her maid/friend Dolly, women's issues are addressed with honesty and candor. Issues [...]

The story was ok, but I didn’t enjoy reading about a syrupy, sweet heroine who solves everything with her perky, positive waysVIEWER’S OPINION:The heroine is cloying. She reminded me of a Disney classic heroine (think Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) She’s beautiful, rich, and solves all her problems with her lovely ways, lovely friends, and positive thinking. It made me think of women in the movies prior to 1950. I felt the same way with another Fern Michaels book “Weekend Warriors. [...]

Ok here were my comments as i went along:06/01 - "Just started the book, so i'm not sure whether this is significant, but what sort of deadly disease did Aggie/Ariel think she had with symptoms like a face full of pimples?!?!?! I really don't get it" 06/01 - "Trucking company?!?!?!?! Is this a joke?!!? Why would a Hollywood actress do THAT?!!?!? What moron manager would do this?!" 06/05 - "What is it with these books and portraying people as allowing dogs to dictate their lives?! Ariel can't go [...]

Wish List by Fern MichaelsAriel is just about 50 when she realizes Hollywood has done its best for her and time to move on-the medical scare doesn't help her move on.She buys a trucking company along with her lifetime maid and they proceed to educate themselves how to run it.Men come into their lives and the relationships are interesting to hear about. Love the rescue dog that adopts her. Trucking business doesn't like having female bosses that they learn about firsthand.Glimpses of her past lif [...]

This review is only for "I will."It was amazing feeling the scorching heat between the characters in this tiny story. If I was rating only on the smut, I probably would have given this a 4 star. But there were two things that I did had issues with: the hero was far more immature than Lisa's usual heroes. Given time he probably would have grown into one Lisa's hot alpha males we all love to read about but he isn't quite there yet in this story. And going with this nuance is the imbalance of power [...]

Usually I can read her books in a day or two, but this one was just Not her usual. The conversations were hard to follow in places as it seemed to ramble on and they made thought leaps that seemed unnatural. The Heroine seems bi-polar, switching between maudlin longing for her lost love/ lost beauty and hyper "get it done" over-exuberance. That said, the plot was interesting enough and the tension between the lovers was well written enough to keep me plowing through. The last time I was this exc [...]

Happy endings do exist! This one was the most adorable ending I've ever read, and because of it, I am willing to overlook the occasional stupidity of the main characters when they wanted to feed the dog hot chocolate (which is lethal to canines), when they gave the dog beer, making her drunk, and when Dolly took a bite of a dog bone and proclaimed it disgusting. Thank goodness this was only fiction.

Caution old bad rehash of a 20 year old book!!I usually love this author. This was a terribly edited story of vain and shallow people in dumb love distress. Written over 20 years ago and posted as if new. Does not hold up and probably an early novel when she was not at her best. Dialogue was ridiculous and storyline even worse. Could not follow the story due to terrible choppy transitions but didn't care enough to try. Avoid your time and money spent on this one.

Cute book! Of course Fern Michaels never seems to bore me. An older woman finds her once true love amongst having dama involved. Some parts reminded me of the sisterhood series. Not as treacherous though. lol

Not very well written. Jumps from one scene to next a few times without making the reader aware it is a different scene until you realize it doesn't make sense to be the same scene. Plus the story is kind of ridiculous.

Wish ListI really loved the book, Wish List. One thing I wish is the curse words could be eliminated. Doing this would in no away take away from the novel; in fact, for those of us offended by cursing, especially by taking the Lord's name in vain, this would enhance the book.

WISH LISTThis is a very fun, silly read. The characters are great, the dog is precious. The only thing I didn't like was giving the dog hot chocolate and mushrooms, two things a dog should not eat.

Another fun read by Fern Michaels. It was a bit hard to follow at first but definitely had some intrigue that kept me reading. I enjoyed the storyline and always enjoy a good ending. Some crude moments and bedroom details.Some unbelievable things happen but it is still fun to read.

I know this is an older book by Fern Michaels, but since I am a huge fan of her this didn't make that much of a positive impression for me. It was just ok, nothing spectacular

Wish ListThank you for writing a wonderful book like this. It gives older women, like me, hope of finding romance. You have always been one of my favorite authors.

3.5 stars

A fluff piece that felt rushed in writing with some sentences missing and punctuation errors that created some rereads of sections. The age of the writing showed how much times have changed.

listened to this while driving to and from work.Typical but enjoyable

Another good read by Fern Michaels!

Did not finish. Characters were uninteresting. Plot dragged. Unbelievable that she wouldn't recognize her first love-who she married as a teenager- when she meets him again when she is fifty.

Once again what a excellent love story by Fern Michaels. I loved how Aggie (Airla) and Felix (Lex) found each other again after all those years apart, and picked up like it was only yesterday.

Easy read. Kind of a silly story, especially toward the end. I needed to read about something other than vampires for once! :)

It took me forever to finish this book. It wasn't a bad story, just predictable.

Typical FM Movie star meets old boyfriend.

Another great read I am a sucker for romance and this book is a good one. Just showed me that true love never ends

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