The Man of Legends

Kenneth C. Johnson

The Man of Legends

The Man of Legends

  • Title: The Man of Legends
  • Author: Kenneth C. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781477819685
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback

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Johnson takes a big gamble by telling such a complex tale invoking every genre imaginable while juggling distinct and deep characterizations The bet pays off, resulting in a story that will be popular with book clubs and fun to discuss Associated PressNew York City, New Year s weekend, 2001 Jillian Guthrie, a troubled young journalist, stumbles onto a tantalizing mys Johnson takes a big gamble by telling such a complex tale invoking every genre imaginable while juggling distinct and deep characterizations The bet pays off, resulting in a story that will be popular with book clubs and fun to discuss Associated PressNew York City, New Year s weekend, 2001 Jillian Guthrie, a troubled young journalist, stumbles onto a tantalizing mystery the same man, unaged, stands alongside Ulysses S Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, and Gandhi in three different photographs spanning eighty five years of history.In another part of town, Will an enigmatic thirty three year old of immense charm, wit, and intelligence looks forward to the new year with hope and trepidation Haunted by his secret past and shadowed by a dangerous stranger, he finds himself the object of an intense manhunt spearheaded by an ambitious Vatican emissary and an elderly former UN envoy named Hanna.During the next forty eight hours, a catastrophic event unites Will, Jillian, and Hanna and puts them in the crosshairs of a centuries old international conspiracy Together, the three must unravel an ancient curse that stretches back two millennia and beyond, and face a primal evil that threatens their lives and thousands .Award winning science fiction mastermind Kenneth Johnson blends epic adventure, romance, and evocative drama into an intense supernatural thriller rooted in one of the great untold legends of human history.

Recent Comments "The Man of Legends"

Finished up to 73% in the book. Up to approx 60% I was only interested in the narrative of Will and glanced through the other characters. At first I was getting a bit annoyed about how he had influenced everyone--mark twain, Levi Strauss, the locomotive, Mary Shelley and Thoreau to name a few of the amazing things he had done--Come on enough already. Then the author decided to talk about his opinion of Christianity and how it should be an ethic not a religion because teachings and gospel have be [...]

What an interesting book that would have been infinitely better were it at least 100 pages shorter. This is definitely one of those situations where addition by subtraction would have helped. Too many unnecessary perspectives. We get it, WJ/JW helped a lot of people. His influence was wide. But we don't need a blurb from every person he touched in the past 2000 years or so. The jumping around through time and from person to person was confusing at first and for entirely too long. Once it clicked [...]

When I first began this book I wasn't sure whether I really hated it or if it was intriguing enough to continue. So I kept going. It was intriguing. Not the sort of story I normally would stick with because it was a little too Armageddon-y but the main character was interesting. But then I started noticing something that is a huge pit-fall for authors who deal with time slips or immortality. SPOILER ALERT If you have a character who is either a time traveler or someone who is apparently immort [...]

Thanks to Kenneth Johnson, 47North, and Netgalley for the free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.Before I started this book I checked the reviews of others and was stunned by what I saw. Now that I have read the book I can address those reviewers: you weren’t smart enough for this book! Johnson wrote a deep, meaningful story full of cultural and intellectual references. It was the perfect length to tell this tortured soul’s story. I watched his life unfold through the citi [...]

Loved it!Best book I've read in a while! Very cool premise to weave in history with fantasy. I highly recommend it!

The Man of Legends is an adventure. I know it might seem a bit far-fetched in some areas, but, I found it to be a bit tongue-in-cheek in some areas and had a good laugh at all the things he inspired throughout history. I also found the way the mystery of his life was written engaging and the big reveal for why he was cursed was very well done and I even let out a big gasp when I read it as it was not what I was expecting. I had in my mind how things happened and I was close but, at the same time [...]

A Brilliant Read! I completely lost myself in this book. Fact and fiction, history and legend, all coming together seamlessly into a truly memorable adventure. I shan't go into the plot at all, as to do so runs a huge risk of spoiling the fun for you. If you like the Dan Brown type of story, this will knock your socks off, it's about 10 times deeper and more profound! The author's prose may be a little too flowery for some but to me, it just added to the whole atmosphere and themes of the book. [...]

A SIMPLE MAN'S REVIEW:A story about a man, living through the centuries, all while being hunted? No, it is not a reboot of Highlander, although that would have been sweet. This, instead, is the story of a cursed man and the lives he shaped.First the good: I really liked the idea for the book. It reminded me of The Man from Earth in its attempt to describe what a person might do if they were basically immortal. What would you do and learn?But, now the bad: The style of the book is written from va [...]

3 Stars The Man of Legends by Kenneth C. Johnson is a case of being just a little too ambitious. I loved parts of this story about a man who lives through out our history. There was some very good story telling and twists using history and historical figures as the backdrop. My problem was there was simply too much and too many which meant that I really lost all interest.I skimmed through the last quarter of this book. I wanted it to be about more and have a better conclusion but it did not.Disa [...]

You know what, never mind. This had an interesting start, and the writing didn't make me immediately reach for my editorial red pencil of doom, but the incessant head-hopping wore me out, the titular legendary guy was eye-rollingly perfect, and THEN we had (of course) an Eeeeeeevul Catholic Priest, and the first of I suspect many digs against organized religion. So, I'm done. Thanks but no thanks.

Great concept, lots of potential, perfect grist for a big budget movie or a viral mini-series, but not as good a book as it should/could have been. If you're of the generation that was riveted by the iconic TV series, V, you probably need to read this, just to satisfy your curiosity. (That was plenty for me to vault this straight to the top of my reading list.)As for the story line, Forest Gump meets The Bible,, with shades of the Vampire Lestat, Cloud Atlas, and Tuck Everlasting thrown in? No, [...]

This review is a spoiler. Don't read it unless you want to see an outline of the plot of The Man of Legends.This is an imaginative novel (I read the Kindle edition) based on a denial of Christ's divinity (the Arian heresy). In the book, Christ is a good guy, not divine, but good enough that he is a "conduit" for an unnamed higher supernatural power.Will, a Roman military officer in Pilate's service, witnesses Christ carrying his cross to Golgotha and strikes him when he embarrasses Will by colla [...]

I really enjoyed this book. It was not great literature or written in beautiful language. However, I found it to be a hopeful story about the influence one humble person can have in the world. I found the mystery of Will to be intriguing, although I had a pretty good idea where Johnson was going with that aspect. I expected the book to end in a big bang showdown between good and evil. There was a little showdown, but it really was more on a human scale, not world shaking. I don't really get why [...]

This Author wrote this book to keep it a page turner and me wanting more. I do not believe in organized religion and that gained my interest to where I could relate to Will and his beliefs. The different characters he was personally involved with beginning with the drowning event were very interesting people that were influential and able to help him when he was discouraged near the end of the book. Him giving ideas to people who became famous throughout time did not bother me as some reviewers [...]

Unique travel through historyComplex story full of wonderful characters & unique views of world history. It is at once a mystery / adventure with supernatural overturns & romance & compassion. Hated to put it down or see it end. My kind of story , loved it

Fantastic readI enjoyed this book as it had a very intriguing plot and many twists. I liked the historical aspects of the story, as well as the bit of supernatural. It makes you think about how small acts of kindness can truly make a difference.

I'm often forgiving of books - I'm not sure I've given a 1 star review ever. However, this book definitely falls under the "how the heck is it getting rated so highly?!" category. It is *by far* the worst book I've read not only in 2017, but in years. Spoilers aheadLike a trite country song that overplays the hook 100 times too many, this book absolutely wears out the "wise immortal man miraculously appearing as the real power behind nearly every major human advancement in an aw-shucks kind of w [...]

My three stars is a bit stingy. 3.5 would be more accurate.Kenneth C. Johnson is well known for some the films and TV he has written and produced. He is largely responsible for things that were popular in the 1980s like The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. And most relevant for this review, The Incredible Hulk.Will, the protagonist in this book, immediately brought David (Bruce) Banner to mind while I was reading. (One character literally says "Don't make me angry; you wouldn't like [...]

A provocative literary workMy general rule is to read a book before scanning the reviews. By page 100 I found my self unable to focus on the book. I thought I might've been finished at that time so I stopped and checked out the reviews. After reading the scathing 2star review I realized I was approaching the read in the wrong frame of mind. After another hour of reading I was totally caught up in the story and enjoyed the read immensely.I believe the writing is weak n the beginning but with pers [...]

Wow! Words cannot describe how good this novel actually was. I haven't read something this well done in quite a long time. I mean, other novels are fabulous reads as well, but this one was a unique literary piece of magic. I absolutely loved the multiple POVs. I loved the unique voice of each and every character, and I loved the subject matter. The author was able to weave the entire masterpiece together into a tight-knit bow. I laughed, I cried, and I sat shocked, at times - literally - on the [...]

Extraordinary concept for an amazing storyFew books touch our souls and cause us to consider our purpose. Mr. Johnson wove magic throughout this tale and yet left us facing reality. The characters are as real as people I know. The emotions build to the final crescendo and leave you breathless. I feel like I've been on a journey through time but with a completely different perspective and the future is very brilliant.

Dear god. This book was not good.Like, pretty much on any level. Except if the main character the book is about were real, that would be cool, I guess. The writing is not good. And the fact the author chooses to write ethnic characters with weird stereotypical slang and accents felt really gross. So, that's a thing I read so you don't have to.

Amazing book. I first thought it was a time-traveling novel, but realized it is the story of an immortal! Warning: it is very critical of the Catholic Church. This didn't bother me, as I am a recovering Catholic. Reader will enjoy the history and the supernatural and spiritual messages!!

3.5 stars

The premise of this book was interesting, but the delivery, UGH! The story is basically about a man that is cursed to wander the earth as an immortal. The first few decades he is just figuring out the "rules" of his curse - he can stay in a place 3 days before moving on. Later when he figures out the reason he was cursed in the first place, he dedicates himself to trying to do penance for his crime. He wanders for centuries helping people to be better people. At the end of each millennium, he ho [...]

It has become a huge pet peeve of mine when authors try to do different POVs but only have the poor and/or minority characters speaking in slang. Rich white people have linguistic differences too. Also, I don't know how old Kenneth Johnson is, but I have never heard anyone younger that 60 use the phrase "ditty bag." I don't see a street tagger--even a "mixed race" one, as the Intro so helpfully tells us--saying he left his "shiv" in his "ditty bag". The gimmick was interesting in the beginning, [...]

A difficult book to describe. A very easy read. Most importantly it makes you think. For anyone brought up (even marginally) within the Judaeo/Christian religion this book will carry a tremendous impact. For others it can be read I suppose in a more generalist philosophical way but personally I found it very moving. Of course the premise of an individual doomed to live forever is not a new idea but in this book there are no samurai swords, no lightning from the sky and windows exploding. There i [...]

Starting off, I was loving this book. I was excited. It was captivating and mysterious. And then suddenly, about two-thirds in, I was like, “WTF just happened?!” What started off as fantastic and intelligent writing became kitschy, overtly theatrical and just plain terrible. It felt almost like a new author had jumped in. I pulled through till the end, hoping for a conclusion to Will’s story, and got nothing but one of the biggest literary disappointments in my life. I gave it 3 stars beca [...]

Throw Forest Gump into the History Channel . Throw Forest Gump into the History ChannelThis is my first introduction into the mind of Kenneth Johnson. Upon reading the acknowledgements at the end of this amazing work of literary fiction, I found out who Mr. Johnson was. I've watched the series V, and followed Steve Austin through television's Six Million Dollar Man, just two of the many sites this man has dreamt up. He's also produced films such as the adorable children's film, Short Circuit. Th [...]

I am not very good at writing reviews. This book was engaging and thought provoking. I would not recommend it to any staunch Catholics because it is very anti-organized religion. I like how the history was intertwined throughout. I couldn’t wait to get back to it at the end of every work day to see what happened next.

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