Billionaire Unknown ~ Blake

J.S. Scott

Billionaire Unknown ~ Blake

Billionaire Unknown ~ Blake

  • Title: Billionaire Unknown ~ Blake
  • Author: J.S. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook

Billionaire Unknown The Billionaire s Obsession Blake Harper I was perfectly content with my life My career was booming I traveled I did as much charity work as I possibly could for the homeless, and I was perfectly happy with the choices I d made At leastI was until my sister, Dani, came up missing As an international correspondent, she traveled to war torn couBillionaire Unknown The Billionaire s Obsession Blake Harper I was perfectly content with my life My career was booming I traveled I did as much charity work as I possibly could for the homeless, and I was perfectly happy with the choices I d made At leastI was until my sister, Dani, came up missing As an international correspondent, she traveled to war torn countries, and she d stepped a little too far over the line With my sibling kidnapped and running out of time, I had no option except to approach Marcus Colter for help Seeing Marcus again after having him break my heart over a decade ago wasn t easy, but to my relief, the old feelings I thought I might still harbor for him were completely gone He was like a stranger to me After meeting with him, my only emotion was gratitude that he was going to try to rescue my sister Before I could relax about feeling nothing for Marcus, I met Blake Colter, and realized every emotion I thought I d have for Marcus was suddenly present for the gorgeous US senator It was ridiculous I hadn t seen Blake since we were kids How could I have given myself to Marcus so many years ago, yet have these feelings for his twin brother, Blake The time I spent with Blake, waiting for my sister to be rescued, the confused I became about my attraction to him Then, my entire world came crashing down when I found out that everything I thought was true for over a decade wasn t the truth at all What happens when a woman finds out that a man she d both loved and hated for over a decade never really existed at all The Billionaire s Obsession Series The Billionaire s Obsession The Complete Collection Simon Heart Of The Billionaire Sam The Billionaire s Salvation Max The Billionaire s Game Kade Billionaire Undone Travis Billionaire Unmasked Jason Billionaire Untamed Tate Billionaire Unbound Chloe Billionaire Undaunted Zane Billionaire Unknown Blake Billionaire Unveiled Marcus

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Another amazing book in J.S. Scott's Billionaire's Obsession series. This is Blake Colter's story and it's wonderful. Twelve years ago Blake had an incredible weekend with a woman he's never been able to forget. He's known Harper his whole life but they weekend changed both of them. He never understood what happened after that weekend but she refused his calls and he hasn't seen her since. Now she needs his family's help and he plans on finding out what went wrong.Wonderfully written and great c [...]

I was given an ARC for an honest review.This is one of J.S. Scott's best novels. It was an interesting story with lots of emotion and some suspense, with the kidnapping of Harper's sister by terrorists. The mistaken identity of the hero and the miscommunication between Blake and Harper was well written. There are steamy sex scenes but they are all appropriate for the story line. Very enjoyable read.

I Love Love Love!! J.S.Scott Books . The Billionaire Obsession series has a very special place in my heart and I get so excited whenever a new book in this series comes out.So you can just imagine how excited I was when I found out about The Billionaire Unknown. The minute this book appeared up on my kindle I read it and I loved every single minute of it !In this book we follow Blake and Harper and after reading the The Billionaire Christmas Virgin ( Its free ! I put the buying links below) I wa [...]

I freaking love their story. First off, the prelude/prologue sets up this book nicely. Then the flow of their story was incredible. I always enjoy reading books by JS Scott but she absolutely nailed this one. The way everything unfolded and how it all came together was perfect. Of course, she once again threw in real life problems in there.This book is fantastic and I HIGHLY recommend it. If you've read her books and enjoy her writing then be prepared to be amazed and if she's new to you or if y [...]

Jan 17, 2017Loved this beautiful steamy romanceI was given an ARC for an honest review.I am a J.S. Scott fan girl, she never lets me down. I could not stop reading this book. Blake and Harper are fascinating characters. I am hoping that we will hear more on some of the secondary characters. This is one of the best Obsession series books and I have read them all! :) Thank you Jan for introducing me to the Colters! This book will release on 1/31 but you can preorder it now!

Well, I loved it! I loved both the leads. It was hot, clever, sweet, romantic. Blake was a fantastic & unusual alpha male and so kind. I was totally in the mood to read something like this & it was great. Probably one of my favs from this whole series. I don't want to give this book away since the first part is a twist that leads to a second chance but it's clever! Recommend.

Holy Blake. Blake colter has been the brother that has been around in the back ground. Marcus' twin that you never really saw a lot of until now. For 12 years he has held out hope that he will one day get back the one woman that got away and wonder what happened to make her run. And when he finally has her in his arms again and in his bed he has no plans of letting her go. Harper Lawson has no idea that it wasn't Marcus colter that rescued her and gave her the very best night of her life and the [...]

Another spectacular book by J.S. Scott!!! This book is the love story of Blake Colter and Harper Lawson. When these two got together years earlier, when they were younger, there was a misunderstanding that caused them to distant them selfs. In the present, Harper finds out her sister, who is a field reporter, has been kidnapped by terrorists. The only one she thinks can save her is Blake's brother Marcus. With Marcus in danger looking for Danica, Blake takes Harper to his ranch to protect her fr [...]

this book was fantastic. I love how Author Js pulls u in to her books and this is no different. U will be amazed and fall in love with Julian . He is so yummy u just want to eat him up. How would u handle taking the virginity of someone then not seeing them again for years. Hmm to find out how Julian handles this then u must read this book. lol yes it get intense and will have u laughing. Thank u again Author js for another fantastic 5 star book. I can't wait to get my hands on Xanders dook. He [...]

Blake and Harper make such a great couple. Their love story was super sweet and I was thrilled that they got their HEA, even if it took 12+ years. Great read and looking forward to Marcus and (hopefully) Dani's story next!

“I love you, Harper. It’s always been just you.” J.S. Scott continues to astound me!! Time after time, she pens sizzling hot, swooningly romantic, REFRESHINGLY UNIQUE, billionaire tales that never fail to ignite my heart and electrify my soul!!!! And her current hero, the oh-so-sexy Senator Blake, gives all the billionaire bbf's that came before him a serious run for their money!BILLIONAIRE UNKNOWN, the tenth installment in the wildly popular Billionaire Obsession series, is a spellbinding [...]

It's not a secret that I'm a huge J.S. Scott fan. In my eyes she is the unquestioned queen of all billionaire books. Her stories are like a cure for my heart. Whenever I feel down I make sure to pick a book from her to lift my spirits. Billionaire Unknown is book #10 in the The Billionaire's Obsession series and is the story about Blake Colter and Harper Lawson.At the age of eighteen Harper learned an important lesson the hard way. Growing up in a rich family, she lived a priviled life she took [...]

SPOILERS AHEAD>>>>>>>OK, so I liked that book. I did. I really enjoyed both main characters. I love love LOVE that neither of them had sex after they were with each other 12 years ago. Blake was just the perfect man in my eyes. He just fiercely loved her after just meeting for one nightd he was set. No need to loose himself in other women when he found the one he was destined to be with. I loved Harper because she used to be this spoiled little brat and she corrected herself [...]

Billionaire Unknown is part of The Billionaires Obsession and is the story of Blake Colter and Harper Lawson. They have known of each other most of their lives and they had a brief sexual interlude twelve years earlier that never went anywhere, mostly because of mistaken identities and failure to communicate. But now Harper needs the help of Marcus Colter, Blake's twin brother, to help her find her missing sister, Dani. Twelve years apart has done nothing to cool the passion between these two, t [...]

We've been watching as each member of the Colter family finds love in this series. After the teaser Ms. Scott released around Christmas I've been looking forward to Blake's story.Being a twin can be hard when you look just like each other. Especially when you find a person you feel is your ever after and she mistakes you for him! Then when it takes 12 years to we them again and only then does she learn the truth it can be down right painful.I really enjoyed the emotions I was given in this book. [...]

5 Candi Kisses and a HUGE MisunderstandingBlake and Harper had one night. One night that changed them both. When she sees "him" the next day with another woman, all kinds of things go wrong.Fast forward 12 years and a sibling in danger and they reunited for a sizzling reunion and regret aplenty. I can not get enough for this series, JS writes it like you are there and feel like you are a part of the story. You just can't help being so engrossed your husband has to remind you to eat and shower. L [...]

Just before christmas i downloaded the free teaser book The Billionaire's Christmas Virgin and i was hooked. i pre ordered Billionaire unknown and i read it in one go today. once i started to read i couldnt put it down. I love this series and the story of Blake is J.S. Scott at her best. Filled with love, romance, hot steamy sex and characters you fall in love with and root for from start to finish. Blake is every bit a colter. Strong, charming and alpha just like all of JS male leads. He has a [...]

Book 10 Blake and Harper story by J. S. ScottBlake and Harper have a decade old history then holds both them back until Dani Harper sister is kidnapped and she needs Colters help. I really like that besides Dani’s drama it’s all about Blake and Harper figuring out if they have a relationship worth starting again after a misunderstanding 10yrs previously. Other characters are included in this book and pop in and out which I loved. Absolutely love this author, always a pre-order author for me. [...]

This is the tenth book in this wonderful series of Harper and Blake. J.S. Scott always bring the stream with a great storyline and awesome characters, sexual tension, and sex scenes. Just like the rest of the books in this series, this was a great book and I didn't want to put it down. This was an awesome reads.

This is the story of Blake Colter and Harper Lawson. I loved this story, Jan, and I couldn't put it down Harper and Blake knew each other growing up. Blake thinks Harper is a spoiled rich girl. Blake is also a twin, his brother Marcus and he look very much alike. Harper runs away on Christmas Eve on her eighteenth birthday and Blake is asked by his mom to search for her. His mother and Mrs. Lawson are best friends. A brief encounter of the two results in a passionate night. Twelve years later th [...]

5 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadI would hate to spend my life not in the know. Not knowing I slept with an identical twin thinking it was the other. Then spend my life mourning the loss of love when I could have had it the whole time.One word. melancholy.

Good but too many detailsThis story was good hence the three stars. There was too much info regarding the PRO group Marcus fights for within the CIA but if u like j.s. Scott books, u will like this one as well.

Sigh!! Only in Author J.S. Scott’s books do I ever fantasize about having my very own Billionaire to love me. It’s not about the money, I mean obviously it doesn’t hurt to be spoiled every now and then. It’s more the passion, love, protectiveness and yes even the possessiveness. I mean it’s one complete hot package. Whenever I read a book in this series, I can’t help but smile. It just warms me up inside. Then when things become intense and sexually charged, I do declare I am no long [...]

I'm a big fan of J.S. Scott's novels and I'm excited that she has another book for me to devour. Billionaire Unknown is full of passion, suspense and discovering love. Blake and Marcus are identical twins, but Blake tends to take over for Marcus when the need arises. Blake is a Senator, while Marcus works for the CIA and did rescue missions on the side. Twelve years ago Blake had to find a friend of the family's daughter (Harper) as she ran away after being cut out finically from her parents. Bl [...]

I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary and honest review. In this book we get Blake Colter's story and we are introduced to Harper Lawson. When this book opens up Blake is out looking for Harper after she has run away from home. Both her parents and Blake's mother is worried about her and want her home for Christmas. Blake never expected to feel anything but the disgust that he has felt for Harper for years. However something sparks between them that neither of them expect. This leads to [...]

I absolutely love this series

J. S. Scott Perfection J. S. Scott is one of my all time favorite authors and has been for awhile. I can't get enough of her books. Each time she releases a new one it is my favorite till the next one comes out. I have to say though Billionaire Unknown: Blake, really is her best one yet. Blake and Harper have known each other almost all their lives but never really spent much time together till Harper was 18 and Blake was 22. Harper ran away from home and Blake found her and brought her home. Th [...]

I was waiting patiently for the release of this book. I had read the prequel and I just new this was going to be another 5 star read. Author J.S. Scott has once again delivered a solid and epically romantic story, where true Love stands the test of Time. Harper and Blake are another match made in heaven, although they must overcome some obstacles in order for their relationship to fully blossom.I feel there is a huge twist in the plot so I wouldn't like to spoil the enjoyment for readers by sayi [...]

I'm not going to lieI devoured this book, I figured out pretty much what Harper's hang ups were as well as called what was revealed in the Epilogue. You never see a male character like Blake in books and I love how he was written. J. S. Scott is an amazing writer and one of my go to authors and this book is a prime example why.Not only did we get Harper and Blake's story but we also got to see what's in store for Marcus, I have no doubts Marcus will end up with Harper's sister Danieir chemistry [...]

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