Clear and Present Danger

Tom Clancy

Clear and Present Danger

Clear and Present Danger

  • Title: Clear and Present Danger
  • Author: Tom Clancy
  • ISBN: 9780425144374
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Clear and Present Danger film Clear and Present Danger is a American spy thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce and based on Tom Clancy s novel of the same name.It was preceded by the film The Hunt for Red October and the film Patriot Games, all three featuring Clancy s character Jack Ryan.It is the last film version of Clancy s novels to feature Harrison Ford as Ryan and James Earl Jones as Vice Admiral What is clear and present danger definition and meaning I should have taken better notice of the clear and present danger sign outside my apartment complex before going inside. Clear and Present Danger Third installment of the Agent Jack Ryan with lots of gun rattling action, suspense and intrigue Ryan is a high officer from CIA ,married Anne Archer and with sons A Clear and Present Danger Constitutional Rights Foundation A Clear and Present Danger After the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Americans pulled together But Americans still speak out voicing many different opinions The First Amendment of the U.S Constitution guarantees freedom of speech Clear and Present Danger Rotten Tomatoes Clear and Present Danger Critics Consensus Perfecting the formula established in earlier installments, Clear and Present Danger reunites its predecessor s creative core to solidly entertaining John Brennan agrees Trump is clear and present danger to U.S. Former CIA director John Brennan concurs with former senior Justice Department official David Laufman s conclusion that the president is a clear and present danger to the national security of Clear Card Access exclusive CLEARlanes at airport security checkpoints Bypass long lines and go straight to screening CLEAR automates the identity check process using biometrics. Former DOJ Counterintel Chief Trump is a Clear and Former DOJ Counterintel Chief Trump is a Clear and Present Danger to US National Security State s voting machines pose clear and present danger State s voting machines pose clear and present danger, warns Pennsylvania election security commission Senate report climate change is a clear and present Senate report climate change is a clear and present danger to Australia s security

At what point does crimanal activity threaten national security When can a nation respond to it as an enemy These are questions that Jack Ryan must consider whenn he hears the awful news Columbian drug lords, tired of being harrased by U.S law enforcement agents, have assassinated three high American officials, and thet is just the begining The message is clear LeaveAt what point does crimanal activity threaten national security When can a nation respond to it as an enemy These are questions that Jack Ryan must consider whenn he hears the awful news Columbian drug lords, tired of being harrased by U.S law enforcement agents, have assassinated three high American officials, and thet is just the begining The message is clear Leave us alone.But they have pushed too far Someone steps quietly over the line they have drawn, deploying covert action teams in Columbia At home, too, men armed with the most sophisticated tools their country can devise begin to take the fight to the real enemy But does anyone know eho the real enemy is, and how much action is too much Who is doing what Which line has been crossed Ryan and his dark side, a shadowy field officer known only as Mr Clark, must find out They expect danger from without but the danger from withiin may be the greatest of all.As Clancy takes us through the twists and turns of Clear and Present Danger, he blends the exceptional realism and authenticity that are his hallmarks with inticate plotting, kinfge edge suspense, and a remarkable cast of characters This is Clancy at his very best abd that is the best there is.

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There was a clear and present danger that I wasn't going to finish this.I don't watch soap operas. I used to. I'd get home and General Hospital would be on (Mom was heavily invested in the Luke & Laura saga,) so I got stuck with it. Consequently I know a soap opera when I see one and Clear and Present Danger is a soap opera. How so? It jumps from character to character, from scene to scene. Some of it's nearly as melodramatic as a soap, but I won't go that far in my analogy. Mainly the issue [...]

Just re-watched the movie last night, and I thought about the book. While Han Solo did pull off quite a few of Clancy's movies with great flair back in the early 90s, Clear and Present Danger notwithstanding, the book is still better. Mostly because it portrays Clark and Chavez in a more profound, emotional light than they are shown onscreen. As a techno thriller, it's relatively low on materiel details, but the action is still solid. It's also a beginning of The Fellowship of the Oval Ring, get [...]

A Jack Ryan in which we see quite little of Jack Ryan. It's about the US war on Colombian drugs and it's quite long. And honestly, that's about all I can remember about this particular one. Because this was one that I did not re-read and I'm guessing that also says something. As a recommendation to anyone who hasn't and wants to experience the Jack Ryan series, I'd say stop at book 8. For the non-completist I would say read The Hunt for Red October, The Cardinal of the Kremlin & The Sum of A [...]

4.0 to 4.5 stars. Excellent Tom Clancy novel in which Jack Ryan and the Mr. Clark take on the Columbian drug cartels. This was a terrific read from beginning to end and confirmed by opinion of Tom Clancy as a master of the political thriller.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME I FINISHED IT.Next time, someone tell me to just watch the movie.For the Pop Sugar Challenge, this was "a book you started but never finished."

Review to follow

I wanted to really like this book because I've heard such good things about it. Also, I like action and military stories, etc. So I went in very excited. But, I got a bit more than 200 pages into it when I just had to stop. I probably could have made it, had it not been for the massive amounts of swear words; specifically F-words. I really, REALLY hate swearing. Maybe it's the father in me, or the saint lurking somewhere within, but it just grates on me. I used to work in a factory making styrof [...]

Oh, I love this one! The movie too was fanfuckingtastic .

Εξαιρετικά λεπτομερείς περιγραφές σε εξοπλισμό και μιλιταριστικά techincalities. Αν καταφέρει κάποιος να ξεπεράσει με στωικότητα τις σελίδες αυτές αν δεν το ενδιαφέρουν όπως εμένα και καταφέρει να ξεχωρίσει ονόματα και θέσεις, ποιος διευθυντής, υποδιευθυντής, σε CIA, FBA και δε θυμ [...]

This is the last Tom Clancy novel I absolutely loved. With this one, I felt like he was at peak performance, generating a focused, plausible storyline that could stand on its own, rather than just being an installment in an increasingly outlandish saga. Clear and Present Danger is a grand techno-thriller, and a fine outing for Jack Ryan, Clancy’s all-American CIA analyst turned reluctant field operative. The story is lengthy, but moves at a brisk pace. There are a great mix of supporting chara [...]

Tom Clancy never disappoints. I have decided to go back and go through the Jack Ryan series in the Chronological order of the story's events, rather than the order they were released and it is like I am getting to know an old friend all over again.When Columbian Drug Lords assassinate the director of the FBI on the street of Bogota,the CIA and the president (without the knowledge of Acting CIA Intelligence Chief Ryan) decide to take extraordinary action. Chavez, Ryan and Clark take center stage [...]

Seven stars******* if I could. Exciting, big plot, some poetic justice due and received. A big plot where, the author knows everyone-they all have 'bios.' Many heroes and villains, John Clark being one of the main good guys, and my favorite, he walks the talk. The nice thing about 'discovering' Tom Clancy is his huge body of work, long involved novels. Looking forward to the next one. This is a favorite

I must confess, I am on the Clancy jazz now. Clear and Present Danger the novel blows away C&PD the movie just like a Pave Low lll helicopter firing miniguns on bad guys (scene from the book). Well perhaps not quite that dramatic as there are some fine correlations with the movie, yet there is so much more. The terrain is familiar to me as our heroes fly in and out of Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, and the Pensacola Naval Air Station…aring out over the white sands and emerald waters of the Gul [...]

Another good Clancy read, I would probably put this one right up there with Hunt for Red October, another page turner. I own the movie Clear and Present Danger which once again stars Harrison Ford as Ryan, and Willem Dafoe portrays John Clark. The movie was good but once again the book is better. This book is about the US government going to war against the Columbian drug cartels. Clancy's always very descriptive in his books and he always makes the story very realistic. I always tell myself tha [...]

I love this book. It was full of Clancy's trademark political and military knowledge. He certainly researched his books very well. I rated 4 stars because it was so steeped in tech language and jargon that it literally took me six months to read it. This one was a great thriller, though. Check it out!

This has to be among the Clancy classics. I recommend this to any military or political buff. Clancy definitely rocks the house with this one.

For Fear of Sounding like an Idiot! Well, I am in fear of it when I come to praise Tom Clancy’s book A Clear and Present Danger. I only read this door-stop (656 pages!!!!) because my son, an avid gamer, gave it to me for Christmas. I could have put it with all of the sweaters I have never received, and the ties I don’t get, but I thought, (internal complex reasoning), Jon, you write sci-fi thrillers with secret agents, armies, presidents, shit blowing up, assassinations, conspiracies, maybe [...]

This book is part of the Jack Ryan series but it can be read as a stand alone. A rape and murder is committed on a boat that is in the open seas. It is discovered and puts into motion a series of events that will find the United States initiating a strike against the drug cartel who is the opposition in the war on drugs.I loved the concept of this novel and I believe that everyone would too. Who cannot get behind the idea of a nation trying to protect its citizens and strike a blow against the d [...]

I read the first few of this series when I was in high school and thought I might return to it for some more mindless entertainment. Unfortunately, I forgot how mindless it really is.Clancy's reputation, as the blurb on any of his novels will tell you, is for writing "techno-thrillers". I guess it's true that there is a degree of military technology that he seems to have a good handle on, but the man really can't write a pleasing sentence to save his life, his characters don't have depth, and hi [...]

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It was my first time reading a Tom Clancy book. I can understand what others have said about his over-detailed style, but I didn't feel that it slowed the story down much. The first half was full of details that I thought might not have been completely necessary, but by the end it was fairly obvious that the author was just laying out all the pieces to the puzzle before he put them all together. The second half of the book definitely flowed better, and it became [...]

this is the second Tom Clancy book I read this year. as previously mentioned, I typically don't consume popular literature. but perhaps I've learned something important about my reading habits this year. The Clancy books are very easy to read -- and I mean that in a charitable way, not in a belittling way. I finished Of Mice and Men and literally went a month without feeling the urge to pick up a book. enter Tom Clancy. tore through it in a couple of weekse description is rather vivid and rather [...]

I don't recall a lot about the movie aside from some vehicles blowing up and William Dafoe walking across the screen in a gloss-over of the actions John Clark, so I didn't have a lot of competing ideas in my head for how the story should look.It's an entertaining story that does make you think somewhat about legal vs. illegal operations and perhaps what the right course of action would be given the story's circumstances (drugs from South America coupled with an assination of a governement offici [...]

Great, thick book. It got off to a very slow start - I'm sure lots of folks will like that slow, plodding march of soldiers through Latin American jungles. Just ain't my thing. The book covers the war on drugs with a bit (not a lot) more optimism than history has offered. By halfway through, though, the story really picks up. The main character, Jack Ryan, is great, but not very complicated, and he's not in the book much for the first half, but he comes to play a much bigger role, which probably [...]

If you've never read Tom Clancy, this could be a difficult book to get into, as it was in my case. however, once past trying to remember what person fit with what name it became the greatest book i've read in my entire life. i've read it twice just to make sure. this book makes you feel things you lead a somewhat bland existence. I actually raged at some of the characters because they were so human and so despicable in what they were capable of. from the ratings, you know it's a good book if the [...]

This installment adds a bit more action to the series without sacrificing any of the detail and realism that Clancy is known for. It makes the wise choice of showing a lot more viewpoints than just the eponymous Jack Ryan, whom I feel is not all that interesting as a character. Instead of just him, it follows everyone from a cartel spy looking to make a power play to US special ops trooper Domingo Chavez. It also focuses much more on my favorite character in the series, John Clark. The plot is f [...]

I'll do the same review for all Clancy's novels because they're all pretty much the same. Very long, very detailed, and after a while, very repetitive. If you stop after just a few of his books you'd probably give them 4 or 5 stars, but beyond that they start to grate. Especially where Jack Ryan is involved. I mean, Clancy spends hundreds of pages getting his details just right, the settings perfect etc then he has Ryan dodging more bullets than James Bond! I finally threw my hands up and surren [...]

Dit is een boek uit de Jack Ryan-serie, waarin we niet veel van Jack Ryan meemaken. In mijn ogen zijn de echte helden uit dit boek Clark en Chavez. Boek heeft een langzame start, maar dat is niet vervelend. Clancy besteed veel tijd om dingen en personen te beschrijven. In het verhaal proberen de VS om de import van drugs uit Colombia te bemoeilijken, en hiervoor gaan ze ver.De mannen die hun leven wagen om dit uit te voeren worden in de steek gelaten door de mensen die zij vertrouwden.

Why do i keep listening to Tom Clancy's works?I really enjoy the movie this inspired, I'd heard that this was rather dull by comparison but godWhy does everything Clancy wrote have to have a political message within it? I couldn't even make it half way because i just got tired of listening to the political crap and too make it worse, now everyone is a hypocrite. God, it's so boring

Ultimately, Clear and Present Danger is about good conscience, law, and politics, with Jack Ryan and CIA agent John Clark as its dual heroes. Ryan relentlessly pursues what he knows is right and legal, even if it means confronting the president of the United States. Clark is the perfect soldier, but a man who finally holds his men higher than the orders of any careless commander.

One of Clancy's best. A masterful combination of conspiracy, covert-ops action, and politics.10/10

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