Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend

Robert James Waller

Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend

Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend

  • Title: Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend
  • Author: Robert James Waller
  • ISBN: 9780749317645
  • Page: 437
  • Format: None

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The author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Bridges of Madison County once again brings characters and situations with his special blend of lyricism and magic This is a bittersweet story about two good people who discover that true love, when it comes, is rarely fair, or right or without pain.

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Tan suave como besar Sí, algo así, casi como una caricia que no ya esperas recibir; íntima y sensual, delicada. Y digo que ya no esperas recibir porque esta clase de historias son como pequeñas mariposas que sólo se dejan ver en días nublados; cuando vas a la biblioteca en busca de una historia que logre distraerte y cae en tus manos una pequeña joya, revoltosa, efímera quizá, que te atrapa y ya no deja ir.

A friend of mine recommended this to me shortly after she finished it. She particularly enjoyed it, but unfortunately, I couldn't really get into it. I realized about halfway through that I didn't really care about the characters any more. Plus, it's quite predictable and stereotypical. Even though it is quite short at 197 pages, but it still felt like very little action happened.

Life is a messy business, full of bad choices and I-wish-I-could-take-it-backs, but that's life.Slow Waltz In Cedar Bendis about a man named Michael who finds himself drawn to his co-worker and friend's wife. Chaos insues.(Now I feel I must say that I am what they call a serial monogamist. You make a choice and stick with it or you don't and you get out. Harsh, it's true, but I believe it. That being said that is my belief and just as I don't think you should push religious beliefs on others the [...]

As a book hoarder, I have collected and read way too many novels. This is the first one that I put in the goodwill bin. It was so incredibly bad. The writing was cliche, the plot predictable, the sex references disjointed and sloppy, the whole love affair in general uninspired. Plot holes showed up throughout, and the characters were simply blah. I only finished it because it was mercilessly short, and I'm a bit hardheaded about finishing books. I read and enjoyed Bridges of Madison County when [...]

Boring in so many ways oh my god. The story was a cliché, the characters didn't have any personality or whatsoever, the plot was predictable. And those times when there was some subtle sex were boring and mood breaking. I mean I was reading "she couldn't stop thinking about him" and then BAM "and how much she'd like to press her bare breasts against him". Oh please! I read it fast because I didn't wanted to sacrifice more of my time with this.

This book was arguably the worst book I've ever read. The main character was an arrogant misogynist who is going through a mid-life crisis by showing off his ridiculous machismo. He's got a motorcycle which he keeps in his living room if I remember correctly. He steals the wife of a colleague, but it's okay because he is obviously the better man.He hates every woman that he knows except for the ones that he's slept with. With those women he has a sort of wink-wink nudge-nudge relationship with. [...]

I'm making an effort to read some of the books that I've accumulated from other people over the years, things that I wouldn't normally read. This was one of those books. There were several things to dislike about it, for me.First, it's a romance about adultery. What is Waller's deal with this? I don't get it. Why does he keep trying to make adultery okay? Jimmy Braden was kind of boring but, it's not like he was abusive or an a-hole.Second, what attracted these two people to each other? I never [...]

When evaluated and weighed deeply after completing it, Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend is surprisingly forgettable. This is a very average book that honestly offers little except for a few manipulative moments that grasp at the reader's emotions. It is almost coldly produced; a book targeting a specific demographic with the intention of "gosh, they'll love this" that is far too obvious to be effective.Forbidden love, middle-aged cowboy/professor, heavy handed romantic settings, a deep, dark secret, a r [...]

First book from this author, I was not fussed on this book. Apart from the fact I found it hard to delve into, I just didn't overly enjoy the read. I think from curiosity I will read The Bridges of Madison County though.

Yawn. Bridges of Madison County with different characters. And what is it with this guy who finds such passion in writing about marital affairs?? Move on

4.0 Not what I normally read, but enjoyed it. Long story short Professor falls in love with a married woman. She has a bit of a troubled past, but feels the same way about him. She leaves for India (where her troubled past comes from) and he follows and love ensues. Could have ended book sooner, but then it does go on for about 20 more pages of their story, which was ok, but not needed. Well written and easy to read.

Another winner from author Robert James WallerEvery since I read Bridges of Madison Countyby this author and fell completely in love with his writing style and the delivery and reality of his characters I've been itching to read more. He's written quite a few books and I didn't care which I picked up, I just wanted to read them all. I happened to run across this during one of many bookstore raids. I practically snatched it off the shelf and held it to my chest as if securing it from the envious [...]

Michael Tillman wasn't a foolish young man, rushing off in pursuit of intangible dreams. He was a down-to-earth, middle-aged, maverick economics professor who still rode a motorcycle that he'd had since he was a teenager. He also never believed in love at first sight, or at least he hadn't until he laid eyes on here woman of his dreams.Her name was Jellie Braden and she was the wife of one of Michael's colleagues, someone who he met at a university in Cedar Bend, Iowa. It was actually mutual att [...]

A "fluff" romance compared to the more complex books I've been reading.A mid-western Professor falls hard for the wife of one of his colleagues. She falls hard for him too. They fight it; they give in to passion. She goes far, far away. Her husband says he can't go find her because of his teaching schedule. Her would be partner follows her to India. Michael guesses where she might be and starts looking for her among India's dense population. Guess he'll probably find her. He has to or this book [...]

Well, who didn't love the movie Brides of Madison County? I certainly did. So, when I saw this was a novel by the same author, I snatched it up hoping for the same feel of that first romance of Waller's. Unfortunately, no such luck. These characters, as much as they were made to seem multi-layered, came off as hurried, one dimensional characters that somehow, we, as readers, were expected to fall in love with immediately. I had the most difficult time even picturing these characters which seemed [...]

This book could have been better. There were too many stereotypical characters. A college professor who doesn't quite fit in with his colleauges falls in love with the wife of one of those colleagues. The wife is a free spirit with a secret in her past that few know.I think the ending killed it for me. Spoiler alert!!If you're going to go stereotypical give it a happy ending. Not a melancholy "they had a few good years together, but then reality set in, they grew apart, she left him but didn't l [...]

A solid enough romantic novel. Unlike Waller's Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, which finds itself part way through and ends with strength, Slow Waltz starts decently, then suddenly finds itself talking about the difficulties of travel in India, and stumbles home trying to find a justifiable ending for the characters. The first 2/3 or so is a steadily built-up intimate story about passionate love. The last third bafflingly zips through a decade of life-changing decisions, eroticism, near-death experienc [...]

mmm i thought, since The Bridge of Madison County earned an Oscar, this could lead into something similar, but I found it quite boring from the 2/3 till the end. it's so typical a cheesy love story, I think? and then again, the Oscar went to Meryll Streep for her acts, not the story, or is it not?

I have read this book and listened to this book so many times. I try to reconnect to it at least once a year as I have a great fondness for the way Robert James Waller puts words together on a page. Others may find him too descriptive, but I like to be able to feel that kiss on the back of my neck. . . It's not just smut, there is a good storyline, too.

What is it with infidelity that makes us want to read about it. I was unsuccessful in reading this book because I quickly grew weary of the main character lusting after another man's wife.

Loved how he incorporated Robert Kincaide. Great story.

This book was lying around years ago, I picked it thinking what the heckI ended up loving it! Sweet little romance!

Love RJW's writing style, very descriptive, economic bend to it, along with some romance and travel to India . Perfect book for me!

Overall, just a stupid book.

Loved it, the setting was different, India and america but it was rich in description and strong on characters.

Bien escrito, pero la historia es bastante plana, nada destacable.

ahhh RJW - love the writing and atmosphere

The fact that it took me as long as it did to get through this relatively short book speaks volumes. If a story is well written, it normally wouldn't take me so long. I'm a bit stubborn about finishing books once I've started them, particularly when trying to read something outside my "norm". I've never been a fan about stories centered around adultery but I was willing to keep plugging away at it and see if there was something else in the storyline that was redeeming. Sadly, there was not. I've [...]

I enjoyed this book, more than I thought it would, I wouldn't think in "real life" the secret she kept could be that well kept, her parents would have said something or someone would have said something , I don't buy thatbut I liked the story so like most things I don't understand about stuff, I just put that in the back of my mind and continued along. I think it kind of mirrored his other book "Bridges of Madison County" in the form of the age -older- of the people involved. I didn't really lik [...]

Interesting concept, but going all the way to India and traveling all those backroads to find your true love, instead of waiting for her to come back was a little silly. Didn't he have anything better to do? And why wasn't Jellie surprised to see him there? Didn't SHE know they would always be together? Love will triumph? Nah.

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