The Composer Is Dead

Lemony Snicket Nathaniel Stookey Carson Ellis

The Composer Is Dead

The Composer Is Dead

  • Title: The Composer Is Dead
  • Author: Lemony Snicket Nathaniel Stookey Carson Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780061236273
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover

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There s dreadful news from the symphony hall the composer is dead If you have ever heard an orchestra play, then you know that musicians are most certainly guilty of something Where exactly were the violins on the night in question Did anyone see the harp Is the trumpet protesting a bit too boisterously In this perplexing murder mystery, everyone seems to have a motive,There s dreadful news from the symphony hall the composer is dead If you have ever heard an orchestra play, then you know that musicians are most certainly guilty of something Where exactly were the violins on the night in question Did anyone see the harp Is the trumpet protesting a bit too boisterously In this perplexing murder mystery, everyone seems to have a motive, everyone has an alibi, and nearly everyone is a musical instrument But the composer is still dead.Perhaps you can solve the crime yourself Join the Inspector as he interrogates all the unusual suspects Then listen to the accompanying audio recording featuring Lemony Snicket and the music of Nathaniel Stookey performed by the San Francisco Symphony Hear for yourself exactly what took place on that fateful, well orchestrated evening.

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A wonderful, sweet book, which the music compliments very nicely. I enjoyed it very much :)

Oh, WOW! I LOVED this book!!!! I love the entire creation--the words, the illustrations, the music. It is AMAZING! First of all, it is so very, very FUNNY! Humor is always so subjective but this just absolutely clicked with me. OMG! Witty stuff here. I love the personalities that Snicket assigns to the various instruments. For example, the "The violin section is divided inot the First Violins, who have the trickier parts to play, and the Second Violins, who are more fun at parties." The inspecto [...]

Yesterday I played the CD of this to my fourth class and showed them the illustrations (from the F&G I got at last week's HarperCollins' spring preview). It is terrific! When I told the kids we were going to listen to something by Lemony Snicket several announced that they'd HATED the Unfortunate Event books. But of course --- these are fall fourth graders, after all, and I suspect those that disliked the books only picked them up (as 3rd or even 2nd graders) because friends were liking them [...]

I was incredibly disappointed with this book, and I surprisingly seem to be in the minority here. I bought this book knowing that it is targeted at children, as are most, if not all, of Lemony Snicket's books. I did not, however, realize that those children had to be between the ages of 4 and 6. This book is very small, 10 pages at most, with every page barely containing more than 2 or 3 lines. I admit, the premise of the murder mystery is extremely interesting, and the way it was executed was s [...]

Remember the days when kids would learn about the different instruments of the orchestra by attending mandatory orchestral performances of Peter and the Wolf? Well, go to bed, old man! Kids today don’t have time for stories of wolves and boys and lucky/unlucky duckys. Not them. No, these days to grasp a child’s attention fully it takes nothing short of murder. Cold-blooded, tastefully adapted, deeply illustrated murrrrderrrrr (roll them r’s about your tongue). A shot has been cast across t [...]

The Composer Is Dead by Lemony Snicket is a dark, clever, and hilarious piece by piece introduction to the orchestra wrapped around a mystery. Pure musical brilliance!As the Inpsector investigates the composer’s death, readers are witness and privy to all sorts of entertaining musical lessons and history. Each instrument comes to life with sound, background, and an alibi. From the “wimpy” flutes to the “arrogant” trumpets, the voices and attitudes of the instruments will have readers l [...]

This is so cute and so funny and very creative. It reminds me of the Peter and the Wolf recording I had as a preschooler, where I learned all the instruments and began my lifelong love of the oboe. But this story is so much better. There is a hardcover edition of a picture book that takes about 30 minutes to read and view because of the included CD. The CD pretty much reads the story on the pages and has some extra words and slight deviations from the printed page. Really, I don’t recommend on [...]

So funny and so very cleaver. That's the best thing about all of Lemony Snicket's aka Daniel Handler's books, how cleaver they are. I enjoyed everything about this book, the pictures, the humor, and the included audio recording with music!

Originally posted at Libri Ago.★★★★★★★*The moment I saw Lemony Snicket's name on the cover of The Composer Is Dead at the library the other day, I knew I had to read it. I knew it would be funny; what I wasn't expecting was this musical masterpiece.The story is somewhat basic: a composer has been murdered, and the detective must sound out the man, er, instrument who committed the crime. The text, however, isn't what makes this book so amazing.This isn't just a picture book, nor is [...]

I am excited for the day when I have the opportunity to play The Composer is Dead in my own classroom. The entire idea of staging a murder investigation in an orchestra setting was unique and delightful - exactly what I have come to expect from Lemony Snicket. As a proud former band geek, I so enjoyed the personification of the various instruments throughout the Inspector's interviews. As an alibi, the flutes claim to be "much too wimpy and high-pitched for murder!" and the tuba is a "confirmed [...]

Opening exerpt:"The Composer is Dead."Composer" is a word which here means "a person who sits in a room, muttering and humming and figuring out what notes the orchestra is going to play." This is called composing. But last night, the Composer was not muttering. He was not humming. He was not moving, or even breathing.This is called decomposing."Nicely illustrated by Carson Ellis. Comes with an audio CD (reading + music) too!

Rereading this favourite of mine after quite a few years. Snicket is known for his dark humour and this book is no exception, but it's done in such a way that I think even those who didn't like A Series of Unfortunate Events could appreciate it. While technically written for kids, it's very intelligent and I still find it hilarious. The audio CD that accompanies the book is even better, and I've just discovered that the whole thing is on YouTube, so check it out!

This was tremendously entertaining, with some added amusement that was unintended by the author. The book involves the investigation of an orchestra by a detective who is trying to discover why "the composer is dead." It contains a lot of funny digs at different orchestral stereotypes, including a number of veiled inside jokes and puns, as the detective interviews each section of the orchestra as suspects in the murder case. What makes it really shine, though, is that it is also an audiobook: ea [...]

What a fun book! This is a great introduction to musical instruments and their positions within an orchestra. The plot is that a composer has died, so the detective interrogates various instruments, from the violins to the cellos, to the drums and the horns. It’s quite amusing to read the personality descriptions that Snicket has been assigned to the instruments. The end is quite amusing (though the word-play and irony may be lost on some young children). I’m afraid I did not listen to the a [...]

It's like "Peter and The Wolf" except, Lemony Snicket. (I was going to say "better", but I realized that I actually like Peter and The Wolf".)It's very clever, and the lady who illustrated the liner notes for most of The Decemberists albums illustrated this.

I loved this book, it’s perfect for an introduction to the orchestra world, in the middle of an assassination the detective tries to find out what happened y interrogating the different types of instruments. This one is a mixture of an audio and normal books, you can only use the CD but you’ll be missing the illustrations, you could read the book alone but it’ll be lame, but when you combine them it’s a wonderful thing, a little bit too long for the instrument parts but still quite enjoy [...]

Well, this is the perfect book to introduce children to the musical world. It tells you all about the different instruments that compose an orchestra, and since it has a CD, you can also hear them out, one by one, and then as a whole ensemble. It's really good, although for me as an adult it was rather slow. I have a lot of problems following audio books because I'm easily distracted, so it didn't really help me. But I see how great this can be for younger kids. And the story is fantastic! Lemon [...]

Fun story for children (and adults) who want to know something about orchestras, delivered in an interesting way.

This is right up there with A Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra and Peter and the Wolf, as an introduction to orchestras. I laughed out loud on nearly every page. So fun.

Broke out the CD player for this one. I thought it was mostly clever. But it was confusing (at the end) to my daughter, who is 11, despite her love of everything Lemony Snicket. My favorite part is when the narrator calls out the names of dead composers. The CD did make it fun and suspenseful.

Yes! A thousand times, yes! Such a clever book to teach kids about the orchestra, yet adults who have had experience in orchestras will catch the little inside jokes. The theme music played each time Lemony Snicket says "the composer is dead" is so delightfully dreadful that I wish it could be a soundtrack that plays every time my classroom door swings open. This is the only Lemony Snicket book I've experienced thus far, but I'm so impressed with it I feel I must get my hands on more.

oh, god, how i love lemony snicket.

The first time I ever heard of Lemony Snicket's The Composer is Dead, was before this book was ever published. Mr. Snicket and his dear old friend, and composer, Nathaniel Stookey, had been commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony to create a theatrical orchestral piece to encourage youth to become more involved with classical music. A sort of Peter and the Wolf for modern children.This piece landed at the LA Phil (laphil) and I promptly took my budding cellist of a daughter to see it. Delight [...]

Lemony Snicket has struck again.he is a geniusGENIUS, I say! Many you know that I loved The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicketd I recently blogged my review of his book, The Lump of Coal, which I loved,as well. I may venture to say that this is my favorite one of his books yet. It is a picture book that includes a free cd (if you happen to check this out at the library, be certain that the cd is there inside the front cover!!!). I read the book in a matter of minutes and instantly lo [...]

Reviewed first at Brunner's BookshelfI'm a fan of Lemony Snicket. I really liked the Series of Unfortunate Events books and had no idea that he did a children's picture book. A good Blogging friend of mine, Angie at Angela's Anxious Life, did a post called the Top Ten Most Unique Books and this was on it. I just got this from the library, CD and all and we loved this. The story is about a dead composer and the very handsome inspector is on the case. The CD that comes with this has accompanying c [...]

The Composer is Dead is a fascinating book that seamlessly weaves together narrative, illustrations, and sound. Lemony Snicket is, as previously demonstrated in his middle grade Series of Unfortunate Events books, incredibly clever and great at building tension. Like his novels, this book is hilarious but with an underlying hint of darkness that adds to the reading experience. Carson Ellis's watercolor illustrations are beautiful, sweeping works of art that evoke and complement the accompanying [...]

“Composer” is a word which here means “a person who sits in a room, muttering and humming and figuring out what notes the orchestra is going to play.” This is called composing. But last night, the Composer was not muttering. He was not humming. He was not moving, or even breathing. This is called decomposing.”The book combines simple, but perfectly fitting illustrations, witty and humorous text, amazing music and narration and a funny mystery. Officially this has become one of my favou [...]

When the shocking discovery is made that the composer is dead, it's up to the dashing and fashionable Inspector to question the entire orchestra and identify the culprit.This is one of the obscure Lemony Snicket books that I had actually heard of, but still never had a chance to read until now. I thought this was a fun book. It was a cursory introduction to the various members of the standard orchestra, from strings to woodwinds to brass to percussion and beyond. Each instrument had a distinct c [...]

Ok, I will admit that I got through only four books in the Series of Unfortunate Events because I just couldn't take all the terrible stuff those poor Baudelaire orphans had to deal with! Even though I couldn't finish the series, I did like Lemony Snickett's humor, so I was eager to pick up this new picture book.The Composer Is Dead is lots of fun and it had me laughing. I thought maybe I appreciated some of the jokes because my mom is a music teacher and I've grown up around classical music and [...]

I've had Lemony Snicket's The Composer Is Dead on my to-read list for a while, only familiar with bits and pieces of it. My library got it in for me via interlibrary loan, and now I know I must purchase a copy to have at the house.Although this musical murder mystery can be read on its own as a picture book, I feel The Composer Is Dead really needs to be experienced as a complete package: audio and book. Set aside time (30 minutes) to really listen, take in and enjoy the music that occurs around [...]

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