James Bond, Vol. 2: Eidolon

Warren Ellis Jason Masters

James Bond, Vol. 2: Eidolon

James Bond, Vol. 2: Eidolon

  • Title: James Bond, Vol. 2: Eidolon
  • Author: Warren Ellis Jason Masters
  • ISBN: 9781524102722
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover

James Bond is trapped in Los Angeles, under fire alongside another MI6 agent with a foreign intelligence service or perhaps than just one trying to put them in body bags Things may not be any safer in Britain, with bodies dropping and ghosts moving in the political mist Collecting issues 7 12 of the ongoing James Bond comic book series written by Warren Ellis, tJames Bond is trapped in Los Angeles, under fire alongside another MI6 agent with a foreign intelligence service or perhaps than just one trying to put them in body bags Things may not be any safer in Britain, with bodies dropping and ghosts moving in the political mist Collecting issues 7 12 of the ongoing James Bond comic book series written by Warren Ellis, the New York Times bestselling author of Gun Machine and critically acclaimed comic book writer Iron Man, Planetary, Astonishing X Men, and featuring artwork by Jason Masters Wolverine, Batman Incorporated.

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Vast amounts of dirty money is being laundered through MI5 at the same time MI6 - Bond’s division - has been disarmed. Eidolon has infiltrated the highest levels of British intelligence. Eidolon: another word for ghost… or spectreWarren Ellis and Jason Masters’ James Bond series gets better with their second book, Eidolon! The story features almost everything you’d expect from a Bond adventure: sex, guns, car chases, Q - though no fancy gadgets unfortunately. Ellis’ dialogue is as biti [...]

2.5 to 3 starsI am still having a hard time getting into this new Bond graphic novel series. I am glad the next few collections have different authors and artists, because Ellis and Masters really are not doing it for me.The story itself was pretty good. I liked the action, the intrigue, and the resolution was fairly decent. However, as with the first collection, the snappy humor and suave nature of 007 felt silly and forced. Speaking of 007, he really seemed like more of a supporting character [...]

An improvement on the also Warren Ellis-written and Jason Masters-drawn first volume, Vargr, because the story and dialogue are even better; it’s a better blend of original Bond world and modernization. The Bond in this graphic novel has more connections to the original novels than the movies—the action is grittier, more violent, there’s even a short torture scene (that is more Ellis than Bond, maybe). So, he’s Bond as blunt instrument but also smooth operator with the expected high-qual [...]

Even better than the first volume. While this felt more like Greg Rucka's Queen and Country series more than James Bond, it's still a great spy thriller. Ellis writes snappy, snarky dialogue and as always takes some shots at us Yanks. The art is action packed. That ending was brutal; classic literary Bond. There's not really a big, bad Bond villain here and that's OK. What we do get is a high octane, espionage book. Highly recommended.Received an advance copy from Dynamite and NetGalley in excha [...]

EIDOLON is a James Bond tale with a title Fleming would've loved. It's a gritty story Fleming would've liked too, lots of characters take some serious lumps. Bond is depicted as Fleming's monochrome Eisenhower-era spy however his co-workers are from the new millennium movies; putting a slight twist in 007's milieu. This graphic novel is maximum art with minimal dialogue, but both mediums urge the story forward. Femme fatales and mayhem and everything in between is drawn realistically and well.In [...]

The new, really violent, Bond is back in volume two of Warren Ellis' wonderful take on James Bond.Eidolon is the name of a project wherein MI-5 has been penetrated by SPECTRE operatives. Bond and MI-6 struggle to operate on English soil due to the Hard Rule (where English Foreign Intel Services may not carry weapons inside England) while trying to find the moles. More than that I will not say.It is violent and fun. It has the basic elan of a Bond story. The artwork is also quite good and telegra [...]

Now this is the book I was hoping for with Ellis' first outing, VARGR. Eidolon has a much better story--SPECTRE has been defeated, but it has left behind small, rogue cells in a number of the world's intelligence services, including MI5, the CIA, and the Turkish service, MIT. These cells have been discovered through the careful auditing of accounts by a British agent housed in the Turkish embassy in Los Angeles and in response, a kill team has been dispatched. Luckily, James Bond gets there just [...]

I received this from Netgalley and Dynamite in exchange for an honest review. Not much to say about this one. It's James Bond, with the typical twists and turns, surprise evil-doers, and him stopping them, violently. I did enjoy this one more than the first story arc, though. The plotting is well-written, if somewhat sparse. You can't get as much detail into a comic as a movie or book, but there's enough here to keep the story moving forward. I'm looking forward to the next arc, Hammerhead.

The James Bond Franchise lends itself perfectly to the comic book medium:1. Episodic adventures!2. Larger than life villains!3. Gadgets!4. Sex!5. Sexy Gadgets! (Okay, I made up this last one, but a boy can dream.Great stuff!

I think Ellis does a much better job story wise with his second Bond TPB. The story is much more to my taste, not that I have anything against Bond's tendencies to solve problems with violence more often than trade craft. The man is meant to be MI6's blunt instrument.That doesn't mean a writer can't move the story forward in the canon. Ellis pulls from some of Fleming's work and creates a intelligence novel that fits more in the 21st century than the 1960s (which is where I think many spy novel [...]

Así sí. Guión con más sustancia y mucho más equilibrado que en el primer arco. El dibujo flojea una mijita, pero las escenas de acción son de quitarse el sombrero.

3,5*There's something rotten inside MI5 and it's up to 007 to put an end to Spectre's nefarious schemes.All-action plot where Bond lives up to his rep' and uses abundantly his license to kill. It's a real pleasure to read Ellis' densely packed story. It would be as good with another operative but this particular operative being Bond enhances the experience.Jason Marsters still uses some original storytelling and draws readable action scenes but his characters are still stiff and it diminishes gr [...]

If this writer/artist pairing did James Bond comics forever, I would not be opposed to it. The action scenes are brutal and effective, easily one of the high points thanks in great deal to the artwork. The humor and espionage are also quite well-written: a great translation of what makes the 007 movies great while maintaining its own unique identity - much the same way each actor brings something different to the role. This volume has a much stronger emphasis on the supporting cast. This isn't a [...]

Warren Ellis offers up another strong James Bond comic. The spycraft feels authentic and has a strong foundation, unlike the glossy, glammy movies. We get not just MI6, but MI5 as well. The characters are interesting, including several kick-ass female spies. The action sequences are beautifully scripted and beautifully executed. Overall, a fun Bond comic, so it's a shame this marks the end of Ellis' run and the beginning of a random assortment of disconnected authors.

I enjoy these Bond comics, but I’m not sure the experience of reading them can replace the novels. That being said, I enjoyed Eidolon a lot more than Vargr. A great throwback to a legendary Bond villain and an interesting new story about the rivalry between Britain’s spy agencies.

I honestly truly think that Warren Ellis's James Bond is my absolute favorite James Bond and I really, really hope with all my heart they allow Ellis to pen the next film because I would die. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! The artist also really likes drawing Bond with a lazy eye, just sayin'.

Very entertaining, brutal in places, funny in others.

Warren Ellis does his second James Bond book.I guess I should start with a disclaimer: I've never been a fan of James Bond. I enjoyed Casino Royale, but the other movies I only watch for the bits of action. I have no intelligence for understanding spy-espionage thrillers. I'm always just lost and I have no idea what is going on most of the time. That being said, I do try on occasion. I enjoyed the first volume of this series because Warren Ellis did such a good job redefining the character of Bo [...]

Full disclosure: I was given a free ARC of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review.006 out of 10 (I couldn't give it 7 just to make the pun work).Warren Ellis and Jason Masters nail two of the Bond staples: the action scenes (the rapid succession of panels burns through pages but gets across an impressive sense of speed and brutality) and the wit ("You're going to leave a loaded gun in a bin?" "It's America. I don't have time to give it to a child or a mentally ill person, so I'm [...]

I really enjoyed the first volume so was looking forward to this volume and was not disappointed. This Bond is both a current one and the classic one. This is the Bond die-hard fans love. He's a cold-blooded killer, a lady's man playboy with a sense of humour but damn serious about his work. This story brings back SPECTRE (in a way) involving rogue MI5 agents. Lots of car chases and shoot outs. A great story and great characters.

Rogue agents within multiple security services converge on a forensic accountant who's uncovered their network, and 007 has to protect her despite MI6 being disarmed within the UK. The balance of Bond-ness with real world espionage remains much more satisfactory than in the recent films, but the ultraviolence is rather compromised by that ridiculous old comics colouring convention of black blood rather than red.(Netgalley ARC)

I really do loveWarren Ellis's take on James Bond. WhileVARGR was a solid entry into the modern canon of Bond,Eidolon was a much stronger entry overall. We've stronger female characters, and Ms. Moneypenny finally gets to show her stuff. In addition we also have a strong continuation of the SPECTRE plots of the originalIan Fleming canon. This feels like a very natural extension of the stories, and even Mr. Leiter makes an entrance into the foray. Well done, Ellis. I wish you'd more than two arcs [...]

Classic Bond, But With An Updated SensibilityThis is Volume 2 of the Warren Ellis/Jason Masters interpretation of the James Bond canon. Volume 1 was titled "VARGR". It collected the first six issues of the comic book series and was a complete story. This volume 2 collects issues 7 through 12 and is, again, a complete stand-alone story. )(There is a third Volume set for release a few months after this one, but that set of episodes has a different writer.)Here we have a tale of moles and double ag [...]

This is marked as volume 2, meaning that it's the second volume of Warren Ellis writing for James Bond, and also points up the tension/ease of serializing an iconic hero, like James Bond. That is, James Bond -- like Sherlock Holmes and Conan -- isn't a dramatic hero who gets changed by his adventures, but simply imposes himself on the world, again and again. So Robert E. Howard can write Conan stories out of order because the core of the character is separate from the character's history. ("Here [...]

This is the second volume of Ellis' Bond series and (unfortunately) probably the last. Just a great James Bond story - nothing more and nothing less. Not much point going over the plot but rest assured there are bad guys and James has to help save the day. This is even better than the first volume (IMO) because James seemed even more competent than last time. I like it when my hero is a) heroic and drives the plot instead of being a spectator and b) feels like he is a trained hero (or spy in thi [...]

I was very impressed with this collected edition of the latest James Bond series arc from creators Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. While the last edition (Vargr) was excellent, this volume feels like Ellis and Masters are truly at home with the characters. In this story, the stakes are not world domination, but a more personal threat to the British intelligence community. This truly feels like a crackling spy thriller that deals with the ins and outs of MI6, yet is easily accessible to those wit [...]

Bond ends up under attack from multiple intelligence services while escorting a fellow MI6 agent with information about massive dirty money transfers home from LA, and things get worse once they land in London. MI5 has successfully lobbied to disarm MI6 while they are in the UK leaving Bond feeling vulnerable as a hidden threat rises close to home. A great mix of the Bond from the Fleming novels and a modern sensibility resulting in a story that feels both nostalgic and new. The art does a parti [...]

Bond is sent to the US to extract an accountant that has found some questionable transactions made by people inside MIT, the Turkish secret service. Of course, she has a funny name, Cadence Birdwhistle, so Bond makes fun of it, and is hot, so Bond sleeps with her. Ha! Typical Bond! The CIA and MI5 are also involved in hunting a group that intends to bomb the British Parliament because of a personal vendetta.The whole story revolves around Eidolon, a splinter group from the criminal organization [...]

ellis' bond lacks a lot of what i look for in a bond series, which is complex clockwork plots set against international landscapes with elements of science fiction that heighten reality beyond strict realism; what we get here is a story of dark money being laundered internationally to fund a coup d'etat within the UK at the behest of a soldier, whose motive is that he was never properly honored by his country for his sacrifices. it skews realistic and more than realistic, trends toward the hyper [...]

There's an unsettling torture scene in the middle of Eidolon. It's made all the more so because 007 does the torturing. I'm having trouble subscribing to Ellis's vicious interpretation of Bond, not because it doesn't fit, but because I don't want it to fit. But I suppose any story that makes me rethink as familiar a character as James Bond is doing something right. It gets other things right to, including an engrossing plot and some genuinely exciting action, until it stumbles over its climax. S [...]

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