Faerie Wrath

Emma L. Adams

Faerie Wrath

Faerie Wrath

  • Title: Faerie Wrath
  • Author: Emma L. Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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When ghosts start appearing all over town, my witch friend Isabel and I are pulled in to help the necromancers exorcise the wayward spirits With the dead refusing to stay dead, it s easier said than done And there s something worse hiding on the wrong side of the grave As an old adversary puts a dangerous plan in motion, I m forced to learn about the magic I stoleWhen ghosts start appearing all over town, my witch friend Isabel and I are pulled in to help the necromancers exorcise the wayward spirits With the dead refusing to stay dead, it s easier said than done And there s something worse hiding on the wrong side of the grave As an old adversary puts a dangerous plan in motion, I m forced to learn about the magic I stole from Faerie s darkest corner But every step brings me closer to the veil, and if I m not careful, I ll be ripped away from the people I love and trapped in Death forever.

Recent Comments "Faerie Wrath"

I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAnother great read in the Changeling Chronicles series. In this book Ivy has another problem to solve, the dead are rising and the necromancers aren't much help. She thinks she knows what's going on, but ofcourse no one is listening to her. Except for Vance who always has her back. I disliked Lady Granville with how she so easily dismissed Ivy her warnings and ideas just because she wasn't a mage. She really rubbed me wrong. This book is again fi [...]

This is the fourth book in the series, and despite all of the adventures the main character, Ivy Lane, has faced so far, this book once again builds an exciting battle with new unknowns and a couple of fresh characters thrown in. With ghosts coming out of every corner, ones armed with magic to kill, Ivy has a lot on her plate. She might be a kick-ass fighter with some wicked magical skills, but these do little good against an enemy which doesn't really exist. Ivy's come a long way since the begi [...]

This is book four in this series. It is important to start with book one, or you'll be lost. Ivy Lane is a true fighter. She is enhanced by magical powers, that she has fought to the,death, to obtain. She helps the town, and the Mages, and even the Necromancers, who do not help much at all. She in in love with the head of the Mages. He is sexy, and strong, and has amazing powers himself. He also listens to her, and believes in her, and treats her with great respect. This book deals with ghosts, [...]

Overall HappyKept getting interrupted while reading this. However I liked the mysteries that Ivy and her friends solve. I like Ivy's relationship with Vance. What I didn't like was the constant bickering that goes on. So annoying. Hopefully that changes in the next book.

Another winner!Ivy can never catch a break. Calder may be a ghost but he is still stirring up trouble; planning to being the wild hunt into the human realm and destroy everything. Ivy and Vance are a great team and worn together to stop any threats that come their way. However Ivy makes a mistake that could cost them everything. Humor, action, romance and magic; this book has it all!

I want to like/love this series but it's always SSDD and no development. Some how it's always up to Ivy to save the day and no one else has the skills to do it. She always comes out by the skin of her teeth as she bumbled her way through everything. I'm not sure why her lover stays but for some reason her spastic recklessness is found charming. I don't mind it for a few books but after that work your skills, expand and learn some control. We'll see what the next book brings us.

AwesomeAwesome series. Great cast of characters fantastic storylines and very entertaining. Magic and mayhem in an urban fantasy world of supernatural and mythical creatures in people. Follow the adventures and see where they lead. You will not be disappointed

Not going to lie it took me a long time to continue the series with this book. However, I am not sure why it took so long since once I actually started it, it only took me a day and a half to actually finish it.

Can Ivy and Vance stop Calder and will the Mages help

Interesting ReadSo this book tied up several loose ends and opened up a new direction. Fun read and looking forward to what happens next.

Another great bookYou can't go wrong with this author! Love this author And this series do much! Read the first 4 in 4 days! On to the next one.

So much fighting it was almost constant through out the whole book. Even though the plot was great. I wish there was more than just fighting.

Yeah Skipping the rest. Somehow I purchased book 7 so I will read that one, but so done with this series.

Very fun readVery fun read. Enjoy her series they are well written. I look forward to the next book as soon as I'm done

The story keeps goingOn to book 5. The battle descriptions were quite good, a little too much at times. If you like magic stories then read this series.

The fourth book was just as strong as the 1stThis book finally pulls together and ends the story arc in a big free-for-all, so I highly recommend you don't start with Faerie Wrath. I have a love-hate relationship with Ivy, the main character. She is a tough ex-mercenary who has decided to protect the Mages and deal more fairly with the Necromancers. Her arch-nemesis, a half-faerie, has been plotting to return to life, and in this novel we see how he plans to do this. It is clever and complex (ev [...]

Another great read in the Changeling Chronicles series. In this book Ivy has another problem to solve, the dead are rising and the necromancers aren't much help. She thinks she knows what's going on, but of course no one is listening to her. This book was my all time favorite within Ivy's world. This book had lots of action, romance and ever a problem to solve, this time it was the necromancers and they aren't much help. This was a great book to read and reread. The sex scene's that were in this [...]

Good story but still too much left unexplained This book continues on in the same vein as its predecessors. Lots of action, end of the world, and Ivy and Vance are trying to head it off. It's a good story, but I'm feeling like it's too much of the same, the world is ending and Ivy the underdog inexplicably manages to not only survive but conquer the bad. There's only so many times Ivy can not understand her power and what is happening before it gets too confusing and pulls me out of the story. I [...]

HmI'm starting to get a little off with all the books havibg the same theme.ng the world and all that. I will read the next one, so I know that I've finished the series, but I do hope that something changes.

Best Fantasy Series I've read in a long time! This series had me had me turming the pages and lost in its world. All the characters came to life. I also like the snarky attitude of Ivy she definitely keeps the Lord Mage on his game !

Every time I pick up one of the Changeling Chronicles books, I never think they can get any more awesome. But Emma Adams proves me wrong every single time and I'll happily take it. I LOVE Ivy, her strength and wit, and her journey in this book is non-stop action. All the stars to Faerie Wrath!

Great readThis is the 4th book and it just keeps getting better. Lots if action with a great story and characters you will love. Make sure you read the first 3 book first as this is a continuing story

Another great book in this series!Book 4 is fantastic. Ivy and her Mage Lord are at it again! I am going to be keeping my eyes open for book 5. Another scary fae villain is coming for battle right after the undead fae is overcome. Lots to look forward to!

We learn more about the pasts of some of the characters, murder happens, she learns more about her powers, a new mystery appears and some of the power structure is changed. Well, I'm sold on buying the next book in this series!

Absolutely love this series! I cannot wait for the next book. One of my favorite new series!

Great book.This series was great. Lots of adventure and action. These people went through hell literally. It showed how closed mind people could be.

Great bookAll good.Easy to follow and really teased my imagination.The characters are believable and so is the story line.

Very well wow I love the story line and progression. Ms. Adams writes a very entertaining theme and i wish there was another book out now.

Rate the book!I love these books. I always hate for them to end. I love Ivy and Vance. They are both kickass characters.

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