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  • Title: Sunshine
  • Author: Melissa Lee-Houghton
  • ISBN: 9781908058386
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback

Sunshine is the new collection from Next Generation Poet Melissa Lee Houghton A writer of startling confession, her poems inhabit the lonely hotel rooms, psych wards and deserted lanes of austerity Britain.Sunshine combines acute social observation with a dark, surreal humour born of first hand experience Abuse, addiction and mental health are all subject to Lee HoughtonSunshine is the new collection from Next Generation Poet Melissa Lee Houghton A writer of startling confession, her poems inhabit the lonely hotel rooms, psych wards and deserted lanes of austerity Britain.Sunshine combines acute social observation with a dark, surreal humour born of first hand experience Abuse, addiction and mental health are all subject to Lee Houghton s poetic eye But these are also poems of extravagance, hope and desire, that stake new ground for the Romantic lyric in an age of social media and internet porn In this new book of poems, Melissa Lee Houghton shines a light on human ecstasy and sadness with blinding precision.Includes i am very precious Shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem 2016.

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3/10 'Hatred of Poetry' module. Oh man, this was a sex-repulsed person's worst nightmare.

A received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Melissa Lee-Houghton, and the publisher, Penned in the Margins, for this opportunity.It really saddens me to give any book just one star, but poetry even more so due to its personal nature. It is not that these were bad poems (especially considering it was shortlisted for the Costa Poetry Prize and Ted Hughes Award) but the poems here did not resonate with me like they should have.The poems were of an extre [...]

4/10 Contemporary Poetry module

'Sunshine' isn’t always easy to read and not for those who are easily shocked . It is confessional poetry drifting through sordid scenes of mental hospitals and seedy hotel rooms with a subject matter that is always so personal and in words that are so direct and totally in your face. It’s brutal poetry about the pain and suffering of being human, of living on, of being wanted, of surviving in an unforgiving world. Lee-Houghton writes poetry that oozes immediacy.

"I was the wife who didn't care and her lover.I was the protagonist and his impending death.I was the little girl and her green shit.I was the house on fire.I was the much-lauded play.I was the world's only fat junkie"From the poem "Videos".SunshinePoems by Melissa Lee-Houghton.Melissa Lee-Houghton is a Next Generation Poet. This book mainly contains her poems on mental health, abuse, addiction and of hope & desires. Definitely not an easy read for me. The book is 88 pages but very raw. Took [...]

I found it a very uneven book - some poems were so fantastically wonderful, and some were a bit less interesting and original and felt too "Tumblr"-ish for me. But overall, these poems were beautiful and relatable and interesting - I loved most of what I have read.


Uggggh, how do I give my reaction to this book of poetry without coming off as a complete asshole? Maybe my ambivalence to this book reveals my asshole-dom. My priviledged male, non-addict, relatively happy life free from sexual abuse and just the general fucked-upness of the world. A book like this which seems to list the litanties of misery, mental, physical, social and political, makes me realize just how priviledged and clueless I am of others in the world. So that is in its favour - its jus [...]

If I hadn't been reading this for a ReadAThon, I probably would have DNF'ed it.This poetry collection really wasn't for me. I hate criticising poetry, because I feel like the poet has been so open and honest and it's almost like criticising what they have been through, but it's not like I'm saying the poems are awful and nobody should read it. I'm just saying that the style and content isn't personally the kind of thing that interests me or that I particularly enjoy reading.I kept hoping that th [...]

This was such a goddamn disappointment and it's making me sad. My problem - for a deeply introspective and confessional collection, the writing felt sterile. It felt forced at times and empty in a boring way. I just couldn't care about anything it was talking about. Which again, disappointing because the potential, oh, the potential. It wasn't 100% bad. I think the first poem is excellent and there are a few beautiful phrases, but that's about it. I think my favourite bit was: God descaled my he [...]

A well thought-out and engrossing book of poetry by Melissa-Lee Houghton. I loved it, but it may have been that I'm in the right headspace for it at the moment.

They were some lines in here that I loved and this collection definitely made me think, but on the whole, most of the poems didn't resonate with me.

Extraordinary - gripping - heartbreaking - real

I don't know quite where to start with these. I read them half-heartedly until I reached 'i am very precious' about halfway in and then I tore through them to the end.It's an inconsistent collection, I think, with some standout poems and some knockout lines; I wish that I'd had the task of working with her to edit the collection: if nothing else, I'd have taken one of the later poems and put them out up front for a window, a door into the rest.

I picked this up because author Jen Campbell discussed it on her YouTube channel and it was shortlisted for the Costa Book Prize for poetry and it's a genre I want to start exploring more. Contrary to the title, this collection is not a happy one with themes of mental illness among the many covered.I just don't think this was the right collection for me. I found it too graphic at times for what I like in poetry and that is no fault of the poet. Melissa is very open about her topics and there's n [...]

Favourite poems from the collection: Z,Letter to doctor Ali concerning our suicide pack,Love-smitten heart.

Take a good long look at that cover. Think back to when you were little, hell, even last summer maybe at the beach and you lost that cool, beautiful technicolor puff of cream and sugar that seemed so rock solid against your tongue a moment before. Think of the shock, the panic and the ultimate pang of hollow disappointment and sadness as you took in the loss before you melting across the sand, the asphalt, the grey, grimey sea-salted slats of the boardwalk beneath bare feet. There's that mental [...]

Sunshine - by Melissa Lee-Houghton was a wonderful book of poetry which I found to be enjoyable and relatable in many places. Don't let the name fool you, this is not an easy breezy read but in fact tackles some difficult issues. I didn't hugely connect to this book, which is why I only gave it 3 stars, I also struggled to empathise with the writer at many points. But as pointed out, poetry is your heart and soul on paper for which I have great respect for this poet for sharing her thoughts and [...]

If you are going to read a poetry collection in one sitting to mark National Poetry Day, it might as well be something as wild, hot and real as this; made my eyes flip, my brain bleed and my fingers tingle from the touching of it. Read it again!

this was great and sad👻

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