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Lauren Blakely

Full Package

Full Package

  • Title: Full Package
  • Author: Lauren Blakely
  • ISBN: 9781536855081
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback

The 1 New York Times Bestseller A hot and hilarious new romance from the author of smash hits MISTER O and BIG ROCK I ve been told I have quite a gift Hey, I don t just mean in my pants I ve got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included Life is smooth sailing Until I find myself stuck betweenThe 1 New York Times Bestseller A hot and hilarious new romance from the author of smash hits MISTER O and BIG ROCK I ve been told I have quite a gift Hey, I don t just mean in my pants I ve got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included Life is smooth sailing Until I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate, which makes for one very hardace Because scoring an apartment in this city is harder than finding true love So even if I have to shack up with my buddy s smoking hot and incredibly amazing little sister, a man s got to do what a man s got to do I can resist Josie I m disciplined, I m focused, and I keep my hands to myself, even in the mere five hundred square feet we share Until the one night she insists on sliding under the covers with me It ll help her sleep after what happened that day, she says Spoiler neither one of us sleeps Did I mention she s also one of my best friends That she s brilliant, beautiful and a total firecracker Guess that makes her the full package too What s a man stuck in a hard place to do FULL PACKAGE is a standalone friends to lovers rom com

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Full Package. I need me a house call. Another hot romance brought to us by no other than Lauren Blakely. Just when you think you found your favourite couple she manages to introduce you to yet anotherMeet Dr. Chase. Handsome, charming and oh so sexy. Finding himself without a place to live the offer from long time friend Josie to move in with him as her new roommate comes at the right time. But soon enough he finds out that being around her in such close proximity proves to be more difficult tha [...]

5 Swedish fish stars!!!!Paging Dr. McHottie to the ER stat! This girl is about to faint :) :)SQUEEEEEZE! I just finished the sweetest, most beautiful, swoony, delicious friends turned lover romance. I especially love the hero in this book but I am a little biased because my hubby is an ER doctor and I have to brag – he is sweet, handsome, and sexy to me . But seriously, everything Lauren described is spot-on: the doctor porn, the peculiar things that get stuck in different orifices – I kept [...]

Recipe for a Bestselling Book: 1 hot doctor with a sexy, dirty mouth1 sassy baker full of passion2 bags of Swedish fish (you know you’ll eat one bag as you read)Years of friendship2 cups simmering desire1 600 sq. foot apartmentCombine above with clever, witty, sexy writing from Lauren Blakely= Instant BestsellerIt’s no secret that I’ve been chomping at the bit for a chance to read Full Package. This book was full of things I LOVE-friends who become lovers, a sassy heroine (bonus that she [...]

Sexy and romantic to the fucking core! I don't know how the hell she does it, but Lauren Blakely melts my heart over and over and OVER AGAIN with each new release! No one brings me to my happy place quite like Ms. Blakely. It's like she has this superpower that puts the BIGGEST SMILES on romance readers faces. Whatever this author is dishing out, it's an ADDICTION and it's a high I NEVER want to get down from.Her kiss is cupcake and frosting, sex and love. It's everything that turns me on, and e [...]

Full Package is just what the doctor ordered. A prescription, no, a recipe in which your ingredients are:* Friendship* Delectable sweets* Humor* Sexual chemistryAnd you mix all that with love. What do you think you're going to bake? A story that is sultry, sexy, and seductive. Chase and Josie raise an important question. Can friends be lovers? Or, can you go back to being friends after being lovers? Ahhh, you're going to need to read Full Package and see what Chase and Josie find out. This roman [...]

5 Pillow-Phile Stars!I can’t even describe how excited I was when this book showed up on my Kindle. Dude, is it Christmas yet? Because, and the shame is on me, I’ve unpacked the package. And I’ve devoured it. Let’s face it: when you read a book written by this insanely talented lady, called Lauren Blakely, time flies. It’s almost like paradise. (Hey, where’s my cocktail, Pedro?) Lauren’s created a brand new world. And, I think, it’s my real home.I do not like big words. I hate wh [...]

Full Package by Lauren Blakely is her newest hit. It's Fresh, funny and sexy. Lauren has mastered the male point of view and I'm loving the view from Chase's eyes. He's the sexy doctor we met in Well Hung also known as Wyatt's best friend and Josie is the little sister of the Hammer twins, Nick and Wyatt. Can you say friends to lovers AND best friend's little sister? YES! Chase is back from doctors without borders and he needs to find a place to live. He's crashing with his brother, Max (yum!), [...]

Full Package by Lauren Blakely Oh this book!!!!! Loved it sooooo much! Look, it's no secret that this series is one of my absolute favorites. I've loved every book with varying degrees but Big Rock had a very special place in my nerdy little heart and while all the others were way up there with all sorts of awesomeness, they didn't quite get to Big Rock levels. Until now. Full Package is the perfect recipe for a friends to lovers slash roommates to lovers slash oldest friends sister. We have eme [...]

I devoured this romantic, funny, flirty, page turner and so will you! Lauren Blakely yet again delivers a tale that could not be put down! I am obsessed with her ability to create relatable stories with characters that are unforgettable! Josie and Chase will become your new, favorite book couple! Laced with heat, reality, truth and a bit of angstFull Pacakge was true to its title in oh so many ways !

Her kiss is cupcake and frosting, sex and love. It’s everything that turns me on, and everything I need to be happy. Books like Full Package are everything *I* need to be happy. Books that are funny, lighthearted, cute, sexy and flirty. Books that make me smile. Books that leave my heart feeling like it's just fallen in love. Again. Ahh, I'm so in love with Doctor McHottie. And Ms. Hammer, the sweet sweet-maker. It always seems to be this way at the end of a book by Lauren Blakely, because it [...]

It's LIIIIVE! ➦Who's ready to meet Dr. McHottie? If I ever met him IRL I would probably trip all over myself and act all graceful afterwards. ➦This guy here, he's a full package - he's smart, funny, sexy, super handsome aaaaaaand a doctor. He's got it all. Except, may be a place to crash. ➦Aw, what's the matter, Dr. McHottie? Your landlord told you to move out and you have trouble finding another place to rent in Manhattan? NO PROBLEM! You can totally crash at my place. :) I'm only like, 2 [...]

I FLOVED this book! Chase and Josie have been friends for years, and I love how Lauren writes this friends-to-lovers story between them. When he finds himself lusting after his best friend's sister, Chase does what he's done all his life: compartmentalize his dirty thoughts and keep them separate from his friendship w/Josie. When circumstances have them sharing a 600 square foot apartment, separation turns out not to be so easy for Chase.Josie owns her own bakery, and is a whiz in the kitchen. S [...]

This is my absolute favorite of this rom-com series! The story is sensational, well-written, hilarious, and SO FLIPPING HOT. I think Chase and Josie are the HOTTEST couple so far. I seriously felt my Kindle burning up as I read. Their chemistry has so many feels and it's a living breathing part of the story. I could not stop turning the pages to see what would happen next. They're so fun and I think you'll be raving about it just like I am.

Woohoo! The Kindle preorder for FULL PACKAGE is now live! Lots of readers have asked for it, and here it is!✦ US ✦ amzn/2j7v4zZ✦ UK ➜ amzn/2j6xezI✦ CA➜ amzn/2iBofnf✦ AU➜ amzn/2iN7SDDOther retailer links can be found here! laurenblakely/fullpackageCan't wait for you all to fall in love with this sexy man!

*** I received an advanced copy and chose to review it ***(100% spoiler-free review)Sexy Chase Summers, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.you are hot, you are sexy, you have a filthy mouth, you are smart, you are romantic, you are an amazing friend, you are funny and you are most definitely the full package! Lauren Blakely's newest rom-com is everything readers have come to love from this fabulous author and so much more. Told from Chase's POV (and Josie's in small snippets throughout), [...]

I don't think I could love a book more than I love Full Package! It was absolute perfection with a cherry on top! There was just the right amount of everything - sexual chemistry, humor, angst, family, and friendship. I am a huge fan of the friends to lovers trope and Full Package did not disappoint!Chase and Josie are deliciously amazing - both individually and together. I loved how strong and independent Josie was, but also vulnerable and sweet at the same time. She is unapologetically honest [...]

The best relationships begin as friendships.When fire meets friendship, burning with the flames of desire, that friendship ignites and goes BOOM! Friends to lovers, is there any more perfect match? My perfect match was Lauren Blakely’s latest romance: Full Package. A chemistry-clad friends-to-lovers story full of heat and heart, Full Package will have you swooning and smoldering from beginning to end. I fell in INSTA-LOVE with Full Package, a story that seduced every ounce of me from the very [...]

I love every book in this series and Full Package is another winner! Full Package is a friends to lovers feel-good story. It's a sweet, humorous story with a heart warming Aha moment that will make you happily misty eyed. 'Amazing humor-producing, big-hearted, glorious-chested, kitchen-taleted' Josie Hammer needs a roommate. Doctor McHottie Chase Summers needs a place to live. The rental market is tough in Manhattan and Chase is having no luck. When the best friends decide to move into together [...]

5 'Perfect blend' Stars!ARC provided by the author via Ink Slinger PR in exchange for an honest review.Lauren Blakely never fails. Never. She continues giving her readers books that warm our hearts, make us laugh out loud and squirm in our seats with all the sexiness! Full Package is the first release in a year that will be full of goodness (I mean, have you seen her 2017 lineup? 7 books, guys! Seven!!!) and as always, this one ticked all my boxes!Full Package is a standalone novel (even though [...]

This was my 501st book of 2016!Chase is a sexy doctor that is the full package, sans a place to lay his head at night. Josie is his best friend's little sis and the woman he can't get out of said head. When Josie is in need of a roommate, it was only right that Chase help her out. The story has the trademark Blakely wit and humor told from a male POV. I love the comradery Chase and Josie share. The friendship allowed for a more believable relationship. However, there is plenty of sexual tension [...]

Is it possible for friends to have their brownie and eat it too?Lauren Blakely has mastered the recipe for delightful and delicious, it's called Full Package. I can't find words to tell you how much I enjoyed this friends to lovers romance with enough sweet to melt in your mouth and enough spice to melt your panties. I loved it so much that I checked the favorites box for this one. ✅ FAVORITE!Chase is a sexy ER doctor that his bestie, Josie, jokingly calls Dr. McHottie. He's mastered the art o [...]

4.5 Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Stars**** 1/2Spoiler Free It's Live!!!This is the first sentence of the blurb: "I’ve been told I have quite a gift".Well, I am adjusting it to say Lauren Blakely has quite a giftShe takes Double Entendres to a whole other level with all of her stand alone yet friend connected books. Blakely takes people who are out there living their lives, puts them in realistic situations and elevates them to a romantic intensity we all gobble up as soon as they are published. In Ful [...]

Every girl in the world prays for the FULL PACKAGE. We dream of that perfect lover that will come our way and will encompass our ideal of the FULL PACKAGE ~ Professional, stable, hunky gorgeous, sweet as pie, a girl's best friend, and a passionate lover who knows all the ins and outs of our bodies with the stamina to last the whole night long! Lauren Blakely has given us this fine specimen of man in this story named the FULL PACKAGE.Chase is our new Dr. McHottie. He is really a great guy! He sav [...]

5.0 starsTitle: Full-PackageAuthor: Lauren BlakelyRelease date: 1/9Standalone/no cliffhanger!My Full-Package Recipe: Add two best friends.Share one small apartment. Stir in a bunch of laughs & sexual chemistry.Blend in a huge cup of emotions.Serves a delicious, hot and sweet friends-to-lovers romance. This book is a full-package of perfection.This review appears on kindlecrack, facebook/kindlecrack, , , Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the aut [...]

Full Package by Lauren Blakely - 5 McHottie starsChase Summers is dedicated to his work, to help and save every life he possibly can.He puts the pieces back together and heal the wounded but who is going to help him?Who is going to heal his own heart from the greatest danger and breaks known to humankind called love? Will he be able to continue compartmentalizing his feelings or will he finally breakdown and lay it all on the line to his absolute best friend Josie Hammer and admit for them both [...]

Side note: why isn't 6 Stars an option, ???Lauren Blakely and romantic comedies go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. In other words, completely and perfectly. This lady is single-handedly responsible for several of my top favorite reads of the year and, her next rom-com, Full Package, just might be my favorite of them all. I realize I’ve said this before but I loved Full Package so much, I had to give it 6 Stars because it’s the type of boo [...]

Full Package is The Full Package! If someone would have told me last year that I'd be hooked on romance as a preferred genre, I would have laughed in their face. But, once I stumbled upon the writings of Lauren Blakely, life for my reading palette changed for the better.I've never been disappointed with anything that Blakely has written. Her characters are full of life and character, you can't help but get involved with the story. What I love most about Full Package, and the preceding novels, is [...]

Four stars for Dr. McHottie!!!!!I love a friends to lovers story. Chase and Josie were the cutest. The chemistry between these two lovebirds was so cute and perfect. Chase is a perfect boyfriend with his fun personality, sexiness and he's a doctor. Total package. Josie was the cutest thing. Her personality was just as fun as Chase. When Chase needs a place to crash after his landlord makes him move out, he moves in with his best friend Josie, whom he is very attractive to but he knows he needs t [...]

Chase Summers is an ER Doctor in need of a place to live. His good friend, Josie Hammer, just happens to be in need of a new room mate. They've been friends for years and she is his best friend Wyatt's little sister. They are both attractive and they have a flirty banter, but they've never acted on anything. What could possibly go wrong if they start sharing a small apartment?A whole helluva lotJosie is sassy, outgoing, bright, and a bit quirky. She wants the full package and an all inclusive ha [...]

I have a lot of problems with this book. I didn't enjoy it.Not that I'm slamming Ms. Blakely. Actually, I thought her Well Hung and Big Rock and I'm sure there was a third one, a third funny one Oh, well. ANYWAY, I'm just saying that I don't hesitate to purchase her books and I have enjoyed them in the past. They're usually cute.*However, this book drove me up a wall. I was rolling my eyes and gagging half the time. Here are some problems:1.) No plot. Josie and Doctor (I can't remember his name [...]

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