Trophy Son

Douglas Brunt

Trophy Son

Trophy Son

  • Title: Trophy Son
  • Author: Douglas Brunt
  • ISBN: 9781250114808
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover

A Dickens loving tennis prodigy finds himself the hero of his father s plot in Douglas Brunt s Trophy Son, which convincingly renders a pro sports fishbowl peopled by drug enhanced, endorsement emblazoned warriors and the attempts of one weary soldier to escape with his soul Vogue Keenly observed and provocative Trophy Son follows prodigy Anton Stratis from an A Dickens loving tennis prodigy finds himself the hero of his father s plot in Douglas Brunt s Trophy Son, which convincingly renders a pro sports fishbowl peopled by drug enhanced, endorsement emblazoned warriors and the attempts of one weary soldier to escape with his soul Vogue Keenly observed and provocative Trophy Son follows prodigy Anton Stratis from an isolated childhood of grueling practice under the eye of his overbearing father to his dramatic rise through the competitive world of professional tennis Sports Illustrated Trophy Son brings Conroy s The Great Santini and Malamud s The Natural into the present dayA terrific book Harlan CobenPrivate lessons Professional coaches Specialized camps for sports, math, music, and other fields Today s children are pushed to achieve excellence or else But at what cost New York Times bestselling author Douglas Brunt s third novel, Trophy Son, tells the story of a tennis prodigy, from young childhood to the finals of the US Open, Wimbledon, and other tournaments around the world.Growing up in the wealthy suburbs of Philadelphia, Anton Stratis is groomed to be one thing only the 1 tennis player in the world Trained relentlessly by his obsessive father, a former athlete who plans every minute of his son s life, Anton both aspires to greatness and resents its all consuming demands Lonely and isolated removed from school and socialization to focus on tennis Anton explodes from nowhere onto the professional scene and soon becomes one of the top ranked players in the world, with a coach, a trainer, and an entourage.But as Anton struggles to find a balance between stardom and family, he begins to make compromises first with himself, then with his health, and finally with the rules of tennis, a mix that will threaten to destroy everything he has worked for.Trophy Son offers an inside look at the dangers of extraordinary pressure to achieve, whether in sports or any field, through the eyes of a young man defying his parents ambitions as he seeks a life of his own.

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"An elite athlete must have a willingness to suffer. There's the endurance training through thresholds a physical pain. There's also the mental and emotional sacrifice to narrow the world. A willingness to suffer is either born in us or beaten in early". It helps to like TENNIS if you choose to read this book ---which I do!!!!!To say there is not descriptions about 'tennis' itself - intensive training- matches -and tournaments -etc. would be misleading. A tennis tour is brutal. December is the o [...]

In this well written novel, Douglas Brunt captures the pressures faced by Anton Stratis, whose life is almost a mirror image of that of Andre Agassi. Both came from Greek heritage and had fathers who failed in their own attempts at competition in other sports, seeking glory through their sons who they drive relentlessly from a very young age to be the best in the world. As with Agassi, who in his own autobiography written in collaboration with the excellent J. R. Moehringer, Anton hates tennis b [...]

As I was reading I had the distinct impression Trophy Son was autobiographical rather than a work of fiction it felt so authentic. Not being a tennis fan I could easily have been convinced Anton Stratis the protagonist was a former world number one reflecting on his life growing up and being coached by his obsessive father, of the isolation and loneliness of being a teen up and coming player on the tennis circuit, of the physical and mental challenges he faced along the way, and the health risks [...]

Wow, Trophy Son was so good! This book was a well-written story that felt so authentic, I would've believed it if it was non-fiction too. "An elite athlete must have a willingness to suffer." Anton Stratis is a tennis prodigy who must endure many pressures - competitive ones like opponents and rigorous schedules that many top athletes must face, as well as loneliness, internal pressures and battles, and most notably, his demanding and overbearing father. The book chronicles Anton's journey from [...]

This book came along to me at the perfect time. I am recovering from a surgery and wanted to read something different than I usually do (historical fiction). The author tells a story of a child tennis prodigy whose driven, narcissistic father pushes his son so hard that the boy knows nothing of life outside of brutal trainings and playing tournaments. He is taken out of school so he can concentrate on nothing but tennis. All through his childhood and teen years he has neither friends nor social [...]

From the author of The Means and Ghosts of Manhattan Douglas Brunt turns to the world of sports with this latest: TROPHY SON – a compelling yet haunting glimpse into the lives of professional athletes; the burdens and sacrifices they bear.Written with an insider knowledge of the tennis circuit, TROPHY SONexplores a young man striving to find balance in his life, navigating moral compromises, performance-enhancing drugs, and the elusive lure of wealth and celebrity. From Wimbledon and the U.S. [...]

An intriguing story a young man whose entire life has revolved around a domineering father and the sport of tennisMMARY Anton never got to choose tennis, it was his father's plan for him from the moment he was born. His dad had been an Olympic athlete, and wanted fame and glory for his son. Anton left school after eight grade to play tennis full time. He'd spend seven hours a day on their backyard court in Radnor, Pennsylvania, with dad slamming tennis balls at him. That would be followed by hou [...]

I found Trophy Son to be a quick and pleasant read. It is a novel about living a life filled with expectations, both self-imposed and those that are thrust upon us by others. The story takes place in the world of competitive tennis and is predominantly a tale about a young man and his attempts at finding himself while being pushed mentally, physically, and ethically to his limits. It is a story that I think anyone can relate to in some way and it was certainly an eye-opener for me into the world [...]

Super - lots of descriptions of a 16-year-old girl who loves to perform oral sex acts on our young hero. Male fantasy time. Personally I prefer books that treat young girls as human beings rather than underclad sex toys. Call me old-fashioned. Or decent. Whichever you prefer.Abandoned at 19%.

Anton Stratis grew up in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia. But his childhood was anything but beautiful. A gifted tennis player, his light began to shine at six years old. When his brother Panos did not fill the shoes their controlling father desired, the attention turned to Anton and the spotlight never left him, not for one moment. Anton stopped attending school after 8th grade and trained night and day, as his father calculated his rise in the tennis world. It is not until much later in [...]

A well written story about elite athletes. Through the eyes of a rising tennis star and his father.

Loved this book it's the perfect summer read! It's sexy, it's sad,and it's triumphant. If you have ever wondered what life must be like for prodigies this novel will give you a glimpse into the daily grind of practice and self sacrifice. Win at all cost is a running theme throughout the book. Loved every minute of it.

Dad (Mr. Stratis) loved to run. He was a sprinter & met his future wife (Mrs. Stratis) to be. She was a 1984 Olympic downhill skier. Anton Stratis (son) soon came along.Coach, mentor, & later a fan Anton’s dad had his eyes set on his son’s future as a tennis pro & 1 day winning the Wimbledon or the US Open. Anton’s day/day life growing up. The ups/downs, struggles, & success/failures. Will he 1 day meet dad’s expectations? I can relate to this book, as a coach, & form [...]

When Sarah (of Sarah's Book Shelves) tells me to read a book, I do; I'm so thankful to her for this recommendation because I'm not sure whether I would have discovered it on my own. A fictional, yet very realistic, account of a young man who is thrust into the world of professional tennis through the expectations of his father; an eye-opening perspective, even for those who are not fans of the sport. Highly recommend!

This is a quick read about a young boy who becomes a tennis pro.He finds normal relationships hard to forge because mostly he is focused on this tennis.The story tells us whats it like to grow up a child prodigy.A solid read.Thank you netgalley the Author and publisher for a copy of this book for an honest review.

You can find all my reviews at itsbooktalkThis book came along at the perfect time as I wanted and needed a break from the mystery/thriller genre after being so disappointed in 3 of my recent reads. To say I'm surprised I liked this as much as I did would be an understatement because I actually really loved this book! I read it in 2 sittings only because I read late into the night when I started it and finally had to go to sleep. I think some people may read the blurb and disregard this book bec [...]

Disclaimer: I’d like to disclose that I received a free copy in order to write this review.Overall thoughtsI’d like to start off by saying that I’m incredibly surprised by how much I enjoyed Trophy Son. While I don’t know much about the sport myself, besides playing a couple of times when I was younger, I have little understanding of how the pro circuit works. Thankfully, the author has written this novel in a marvelous way that allows readers (even those with no knowledge like myself) t [...]

Trophy SonByDouglas BruntWhat it's all aboutThis was a really addictive book about a family who just happened to have a son who was a champion tennis player. The problem with this situation was that the father in this family would do anything to get his son to the ranking of number one. He took his son out of school and forced his son to live eat and breathe tennis. Nothing was too much or too over the top. Not screaming, not drugs, not even tricks would prevent him from forcing his son into tha [...]

Thank you Net Galley for the free ARC. This is exactly what I have pictured the upbringing of a phenom to be. A zealous parent, much resentment, but then eventual success and an acceptance of the sacrifice. Maybe that is how it has to be in order to reach the top ranks in tennis or gymnastics. Fast read.

Warts and all behind-the-scenes of a tennis prodigy's life and love-hate relationship with the gameThe synopsis made me think 'Lizzie's story from Wimbledon' (the film), and several times through the book I was seeing similarities, thinking of Kirsten Dunst's character and wondering if she and real-life tennis professionals have lives like Anton's.Coached by an ex-Olympic father from a young age, Anton knows he will be a champion - he has to be. He has natural talent but is worked hard. "Our tra [...]

I won a free copy of this book through Giveaways.I thought this was a biography before I realized it was a work of fiction. This book was a pleasant surprise. Anton Stratis is a young boy whose parents used to be Olympic level athletes. His well to do father has retired from a finance career in order to begin coaching him in tennis, the rich man's sport.The book is split in three parts. The first deals with Anton's wasted childhood, an introspective look into his life where he has no friends to [...]

But a person is happy in his life only if he finds meaning in it, and meaning in life is positively correlated with choice in life. While I wasn't conscious of that fact then, I suffered from it unknowingly.A well written prose in the realm of tennis and an over bearing father, a son Anton Stratis who struggles to be the hero of his own story and to find connection with others. His father saw in his son, his potential to be a #1 tennis player when Anton was a young boy. Taken out of school to fu [...]

As the author of BREAKING AND HOLDING, which has a collegiate tennis player as a major character and tennis as an extended metaphor, I'm always eager to read other novels about tennis. This year, I've read three: THE SINGLES GAME, which I couldn't even finish (unimaginative writing, lots of surface, little substance); BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, which began to read like a YA novel halfway through, and now TROPHY SON. While I felt sympathy for protagonist Anton Stratis, the young player whose father merci [...]

Anton is the golden boy. His father, a retired hedge fund director, has decided that Anton will be a tennis great. As such, he directs all of Anton's time towards practice and matches. Anton, however, has always hated tennis despite his great talent. Pulled out of school before he graduates high school, Anton's life is solely tennis. Panos, his brother is given a Porsche to drive, their father's way of trying to make things even.This novel examines the life of a prodigy, pushed to give up everyt [...]

It was very hard to tell what was non-fiction and when fiction took over. It read like a true story as many of the characters mentioned are real people! I know zip about tennis but really enjoyed the book. It is a shame to see parents trying to live vicariously through their children - especially when they are wealthy and overbearing!! It is way to common in these days of affluence - their is a great lesson to be learned from this story.

Wow! Hard to believe how much I liked this book. I have never played a game of tennis in my life, attended a tournament or watched on television yet the story kept me engaged and turning the pages. The first person voice felt so authentic that 50 pages in I had to check that this was a novel and not an autobiography.

This was good! I played tennis growing up so I'm trying to work out if it would be as interesting to people who have no interest in the sport. I think so. It reads like a true story of a prodigy turned pro player and the loneliness and isolation that comes from it. It was a quick read that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

First half of this book was great. There was one too many will-she-or-won't-she scenes. OCD treated a little too lightly as though it was just something one could get rid of with a good head-clearing walk on the beach. But all in all, this is a great summer beach read.

Interesting, but didn't wow me. Worth the time for sure!

This was a fascinating look at the competitive world of sports when tennis prodigy, Anton is pushed by his father to succeed, often at the expense of everything else. Finding balance when he is focused on only tennis is difficult and "normal" relationships are hard to forge. We witness his wins and his losses, his steroid use and its complications, and his rise and fall in competition. When he meets the beautiful young actress, Ana his life becomes even more complicated as he recognizes her as h [...]

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