The Fox and the Ghost King

Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman

The Fox and the Ghost King

The Fox and the Ghost King

  • Title: The Fox and the Ghost King
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
  • ISBN: 9780008215774
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover

A delightful tale of victory against all odds from master storyteller, Michael Morpurgo, lavishly illustrated by Michael Foreman Every fox in the whole town, in the whole country just about, is a football fan And we all have an impossible dream In a cosy den under a garden shed lives a family of foxes They love to watch football all foxes do But their favourite teamA delightful tale of victory against all odds from master storyteller, Michael Morpurgo, lavishly illustrated by Michael Foreman Every fox in the whole town, in the whole country just about, is a football fan And we all have an impossible dream In a cosy den under a garden shed lives a family of foxes They love to watch football all foxes do But their favourite team keeps losing and losing, and it seems like things will never look up.That is, until Daddy Fox finds the ghost of a king, buried underneath a car park A king who wishes only to be free Release me, says the Ghost King, and I can do anything Just tell me your greatest wish For these football loving foxes, might everything be about to change

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This book is a riveting read and wonderful at engaging football mad kids into reading. The story is really gripping and brilliantly moulded into manageable sized chapters. The plot is fast moving and keeps you wanting to read on. It also cleverly grabs your attention to want to find out more about this period in history. The story of the ghost king found under the car park is gripping for adults and children alike. Michael Morpurgo expertly uses animals, in this case a family of foxes to weave a [...]

BLOG: bookaapi.wordpressI knew Michael Morpurgo writes for children. It will be unfair if I say that the book is so childish because it is a kid's book.But Michael blends the myth, rumours, reality, history and assumption into a simple story.

I read this in one day and it was brilliant. it will be a classic

Another gem from Michael Morpurgo.

What a treat for me, a new story from the finest storyteller of them all, Michael Morpurgo, and with a ‘local to me’ setting, with familiar places to slot this fantastic story into. This charming book for young children is about a pair of foxes and their four cubs: one a feisty dog-fox and the three cute little vixens. Their den is under a garden shed quite near to the City football ground, but also on the route there and back is the car park made famous when the body of Richard 111 was disc [...]

Foxes love football, especially Leicester City FC! It’s a known fact that all foxes support Leicester City! Unfortunately, only those living near the stadium can watch their matches. Why? Because Leicester City FC is known as The Foxes!This is the story of a little cub who is not only the eldest of the litter but also the peskiest who nags his father into letting him accompany him to the matches (his father never misses one). One night, returning home from a match they decide that their hunger [...]

If you have a young football fan in your life who can tell you that Football + Foxes = Leicester City, then this might be the read for them. Even if they aren’t a big fan of football, this fun tale combines foxes with sport, history and even a touch of Shakespeare as it provides a supernatural reason for why the underdogs won the Premiere League last season.It’s a quick read, wonderfully illustrated throughout by Michael Foreman, where a young and plucky fox goes to a football match with his [...]

Now, I am a little older than the intended readership of this book, but I can imagine that any 6 year old, especially a football-mad 6 year old, and especially especially one who supports Leicester City, would really enjoy this little book. Over one hundred years after they were formed, and against 5000 to 1 odds, Leicester City won the football league. How did this happen? Might it have something to do with a ghostly king and a family of foxes? Michael Morpugo is a great author and this is a lo [...]

I love Michael Morpurgo's books, and the Foxes are kind of an institution in our house (thanks grandad), so I was pretty excited to find this book! While it's a cute story, I was pretty disappointed with the simplicity of it. The font is huge and the margins are wider than the text; the whole thing took me about ten minutes to read, without exaggeration. I know it is a book for children, obviously, but come on this could have been marketed as a picture book rather than a chapter book. I hope th [...]

Reviews can also be found on my blog Escapades of a Bookworm This was a beautiful clever story that impeccably ties up two of the biggest stories of Leicester in 2016 – the finding of Richard III and winning the football.Michael Morpurgo captures the imagination and in a short space of time creates a curiosity to find out more about foxes, Richard III and archaeology. And maybe, just maybe gain an interest in football? The possibilities are endless.A clever story that shows that anything is po [...]

A cute little fairytale for football fans and animal lovers, especially those from Leicester. As someone who's lived just down the road from Richard III's famous car park, I loved to read about his 'involvement' in Leicester City's unforgettable championship.I took one star off because the appendix includes incorrect information about the Wars of the Roses - e.g. Richard's title, he was Duke of Gloucester, not Duke of York - and due to the fact that the book could have been much longer. I read i [...]

Man, this book was SOOOO short. Dis is a children's book but it shouldn't be. I LOVE this book, it's so short and spiffy and it gets to the point. It's kind of like a fairy tale but it also teaches history. Really, really good book. I'm surprised this isn't like a really famous tale like Cinderella or the 3 little pigs.

A typically well-told tale from Morpurgo - prompted by theories concerning the co-incidence of Richard III's car-park resurrection and the spectacular success of Leicester City FC.A brief novella, charmingly illustrated by Michael Foreman.

A very nicely written book for early readers. I would have given it a higher grade but it niggled a bit that he messed around with some facts to fit his story.

This is one of my favourite Michael Morpurgo books. Also, when I saw I thought it was gonna be boring but when I read it I started liking it. So I hope you guys read this book because it's amazing.

i love his book becase I it so amzing book I have see in my life

Another enjoyable book by the wonderful Michael Morpurgo.

11 year old reviewI liked t g at it was easy to read and a good story which had foxes and football in it

interesting, cool!

True story. ;-)

Review Taken From The Pewter WolfFoxes are football fans. And they follow, of course, the Foxes (aka Leicester City FC). But the team keep losing games. A bit annoying for the Foxes but when Daddy Fox and his kid hear a voice of a ghost king, buried under a car park, wanting to be free, that could all changeThis was fun. It was a fast middle-grade read for me that mixed Leicester City FC's rise to victory in the 2015-2016 Premier League and the discovery of King Richard III's remains under a car [...]

after a football match the foxes go onto the pitch. the foxes make a hole. my favourite character was the ghost king because he got found under the ground.

Charming. Delightful. And, maybe, true???? Who knows!!!! But this is a lovely retelling of the wonderful fairy tale that was Leicester City's Premiership winning season. Of course all foxes support 'The Foxes'! And the magnificent coincidence of Richard III's discovery and burial just as the team begins to win matches and move towards the most improbable triumph in team sport for many, many years adds to the captivating allure of the story. It is undemanding; clearly aimed at young readers. But [...]

A delightful book aimed at readers aged 7-9 I would suggest. My 9 year old read it and rated it 5 stars. My 12 year old and I then read it, he didn't love it, but I think that was because it was aimed at a younger audience, I thought it was terrific.A story about Leicester City's meteoric win of the premiership. The club is nicknamed The Foxes and this is about a family of foxes who live at the King Power stadium and are avid Leicester fans - as all foxes are! When the ghost king - Richard 3 who [...]

I loved this book. The tale of two foxes who support Leicester City Football Club (nickname The Foxes) and go to all their home games but, sadly, the team are not doing very well. On the way home from a match they hear a voice asking them to get them out and it's the voice of Richard III. Leicester City's fortunes improve and the impossible happens. Coincidence? You don't have to be a footie fan, a Leicester City fan to or even a child to enjoy this. Another lovely tale from Mr Morpurgo and I th [...]

A wonderful tale from the talented team of Morpurgo and Foreman. It's a mix of fox, football, a royal ghost and a little Shakespeare for good measure. These foxes love football and the local team believes this fox family bring them good luck. But when they hear the voice of a king long gone, they help their favourite footy team even more!

A lovely quick read (and the 6 year old I read it too had me do it in one sitting) about a king, and a Fox.Need nicely on fact,but weaving in a few foxes, this is a charming read for the younger kids, especially those who like a bit of football.Saying that,I don't like a bit of football,but even I knew about Leicester!

great short story

Enjoyable read would recommended this book This book was an enjoyable and easy reading anyone how reads this will enjoy children will enjoy this book anytime

ANother lovely book from the awesome Michael Morpurgo. Great for newly independent readers, boys and girls.

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