The Billionaire and His Castaway

Alexa Riley

The Billionaire and His Castaway

The Billionaire and His Castaway

  • Title: The Billionaire and His Castaway
  • Author: Alexa Riley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Kenton Monroe has wanted her for far too long But Madeline Caldwell isn t giving him the time of day Madeline is looking to break out of her innocent shell, but Kenton definitely isn t the guy to experiment with She needs a nice guy, not one who makes her lady business glitter like diamonds Kenton has been patient for months, but she won t bend Getting her alone on aKenton Monroe has wanted her for far too long But Madeline Caldwell isn t giving him the time of day Madeline is looking to break out of her innocent shell, but Kenton definitely isn t the guy to experiment with She needs a nice guy, not one who makes her lady business glitter like diamonds Kenton has been patient for months, but she won t bend Getting her alone on a deserted island is the only way Keeping her stranded and all to himself will make her see reason Right Warning If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain then maybe this dirty summer read is just for you If you like making love at midnight, put this book down and wake your partner up

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4 Smut Scale StarsWhenever I'm searching my kindle feedWhen I'm feeling the needFor a smutty readHave no fear. The answer is ALWAYS clear***And it's Alexa Riley. So look no furtherOr do It's up to youLOLZ.jay kay. Be a hoe. Cause I am. What I am NOT - obviously - is a fucking poet. But I was going for painful and I think I succeeded lol. Seriously though, I really enjoyed this one. In fact, I think this is one of my favorite AR series to date. The H was a burly billionaire and was all:And the h [...]

It's one sweet reading, probably one of the most sweet and less erotic by Alexa Riley. And I enjoyed it from the first page to the last. Actually to be precise from the blurb and the warning.Twenty-two year old Madeline had enough of being a cute little sister of her four brothers. She wants to be a woman, but under their watchful eyes is not going to happen. When opportunity comes and she "wins" a trip to the paradise, she packs up and starts the adventure.Kenton Monroe is one rich bastard. He [...]

I liked it! I was very patient and waited for the release day and of course once it was live I bought it immediatelly! I knew what to expect, since it AR but there was one plot twist that I didn't see comming. At least not the way it did. “Is it always this dead around here?”And that sentence is probably the biggest lie. Since Madeline is finally free of her overprotective brothers she decides to simply relax and enjoy her time away on vacation that btw. is interupted by her long-term stalke [...]

Another fantastic little AR treat, with an equally amazing and obsessed H! Like I've said before, I adore this series, and the perfect little dose of HQ drama makes them just as PERFECT!!! <3 <3 <3

"4,5 Sweets stars""You are the only one. The only one I have or want."This was the dance I did when I got my ARC for this book!!!Embarrassing right?Well I don't give a shit because I was about to devour another AR's book. Thanks Alexa!!!"I'm all yours, sweets. Let me have all of you."This book was really sweet with two enjoyable characters and some hot scenes in an isolated island!A little paradise for the horny couple. And the best place to start creating lifeAlthough they got a little over boa [...]

Updated review June 29, 2o16:4 stars!After DNF'ing 6 out of the last 7 books I have read, I decided this book deserved a higher rating. So yes, the hero had sexual experience, but at least we didn't hear anything at all about other women and he wasn't a manwhore. That alone is worth a 4 star. :D Original review: 3.5 starsOverall, a sweet and sexy romance. AR fans will love it. Hero was a a great OTT alpha obsessive type I enjoy reading about! Unfortunately for me though, now that I have read so [...]

** 3 “wellte” STARS ** “You can fight all you want sweets, but one way or another, I’LL HAVE YOU.”A little bit on the romance side of the coin this time, than the erotica side.OVERALL:Nice, but not perfect. *sigh*

I loved this one. Super Sweet - Super Insta-Love - Super Sexy - All wrapped up with a fabulous epilogue

Innocent curvy naive virgin. Jealous sweet alpha . Instalove. Marriage. Babies. Rince repeat.It was going okay, I liked Kenton, but then we hit the cherry popping scene and my eyes were rolling so much that I now have eye strain. And AGAIN I had 'Come with Me Now' on loop in my head because they always have to orgasm together. Argh. These books are all the same basic story and I'm getting a bit bored of it every time. The same system can only work for so long without something having to be chang [...]

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA billionaire romance that is hot, sexy, and oh so sweet!!! Yes, please!!! The Billionaire and His Castaway by Alexa Riley was the perfect summer read to kick off the first day of summer. Not only was this book such a fun and sexy read but it made me want to go on an island vacation stat.Billionaire Kenton Monroe has everything and I mean everything including a beach resort and a private island. But what Kenton doesn’t have is Madeline Cal [...]

So, I think I am finally getting sick of the Alexa Riley formula. Sigh. I really wish they would branch out and try different tropes. This one follows the same formula they use a lot: instalove, possessive alpha male control freak who gets insanely jealous if another guy even looks at the girl, even though they only met once and he has spent zero time with her (but he has stalked her a bit, so technically, he knows more about her than he would have). Female who is younger, curvy, and has to be a [...]

A delicious read as always! Review to come

Absolutely #1 of the series for me. Kenton was everything I love about Alexa Riley heroes . Gone for her from first site Obsessed, possessive, crazy jealous and so sweet. I could have choked her brother but I really loved how he took it like a man. Madeline was the perfect balance of shy and sassy. These two definitely burned up the pages. I really loved this one from page one. Perfect All the way. #SafeRead #PerfectHero #AlexaRiley #AlphaAlert#oneclicknow #ItsLivetinyurl/BahcAR

Enjoyed this next installment of OTT alpha romance from the Alexa Riley duo. Kenton employs Madeline's brothers and when they bring her to an event, he is instantly smitten and doesn't know how to react. Unfortunately, it comes off as dislike to Maddie who is fighting her own attraction to the sexy billionaire. Soon, she "wins" a trip to an island and who does she run into but the mysterious Kenton. Shenanigans ensue. Misunderstandings are had. Sexy love made. One part's logistics had me a littl [...]

4.5 - "I always dream of you." Stars!ITs LIVE! US - amazon/Billionaire-Ca UK - amazon/Billionaire-Another sweet and sexy addition to the Alexa Riley Promises series that I absolutely devoured. The Billionaire’s Castaway is a firm tongue-in-cheek modern day take on some of the Harlequin Specials of the past, and the duo delivered it brilliantly.I loved Kenton, obsessed to the nth degree with Madeline, he literally ends up stranding them on a deserted island so he can have some one-on-one time w [...]

**4.5 Stars**Loved this one! My favorite of the series so far. Kenton was a wonderful hero. I love how he went after Maddie and planned to get her. Maddie was annoying me at first but she came around. I did want to strangle her brother though. It was totally OTT and unnecessary drama. Love the epilogue. My only complaint as usual, is I wish it was longer.

3.5* not Tom Hanks' Castaway STARS!I enjoyed Alexa Riley Promises #1 but dislike Alexa Riley Promises #2. Hmm As you can see, I'm back for liking this book. This series wasn't like her other filthy works. It's more focused with over-the-top happily ever after and I don't mind.Kenton Monroe has been eyeing for Madeline since their last meet at the party. Unfortunately, Madeline has four brothers who works for Kenton and he didn't feel comfortable. Because of his uncontrollable lust, Kenton prepar [...]

3.75 stars! sweet and sexy read.I loved the hero.heroine got on my nerves a bit in the beginning but I got over it.Loved the epilogues:)safety gang safeThe only thing that bothered me was if he used condoms before or not in his pasts sexcapadesthing was mentioned only that he is clean he gets tested and he hadn't been with a woman in a long time. usually Alexa confirms first time going bare so I was put off a bit. It's my own personal trigger.

YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSo good!Kenton. Hubba, hubba. I'll be stranded on an island with you any day. Reow. 4 shark-wrestling Stars

She's LIVE!

Sometimes you just need a little Alexa Riley.Check out my reviews here

I liked the hero in this one better then the last one in this series. Super sweet and hot :)

*Matthew McConaughey voice* Alright, alright, alright! Suspended reality for my OTT possessive alpha hero fix and all is well. This'n more than made up for the last book with all that hymen licking and breasts that might still have growing to do and drawing cum hearts on butt cheeks, etc. We have our standard issue, insanely possessive H who will stop at NOTHING to seduce, knock up and marry our sweet little innocent h. She thinks she won a free vacation by taking a 20 question survey but we're [...]

I loved this book! This is my favorite in the series and I can't wait for more. The story's so good! He's so obsess and I loved it!It's about Kenton and Madeline, 22. Nothing was mentioned about his age but I think he's older than her. Maybe a few years.Madeline just graduated three months ago. She had four overprotective brothers who own a security firm together and men aren't allowed to be near her. Kenton's one of the richest men in the world and he's close to her brothers. They're also worki [...]

Once again, I enjoyed this little novella by Alexa Riley. This is the third book in her Promises series and this series is my guilty pleasure. I don't know what it is, but I can't stop reading these books. They are short and full of insta-love relationships which I usually don't like, but there's just something about these that I enjoy. Madeline is the youngest of five kids, with her four older brothers being very over protective. When Madeline wins a vacation, she's super excited. It's just wha [...]

I think there's nothing left to say. AR always brings us the save and sweet things. I really enjoyed this one, too. :D

This book was so perfect! You won't believe the lengths that Kenton went to get Madeline alone! I loved every minute of it.

This is the first time I will ever call anything that is written by Alexa Riley is bland but what can I say??First time for everythingI never knew she could write with such innocence, I guess my dirty mind is used to her smut filled over the top escape. Don't get me wrong, this book is over the top however there is an element of sweetness and plot is written in a concievably tame manner for AR's usual style. I still enjoyed this sweet read as always.

Yep, I got everything from this book that the author promised and I inhaled it with gusto!

Fun, sweet, low angst novella about a billionaire H going to extreme lengths chasing a sheltered and inexperienced h. 3.75 stars!This 'Promises' series by AR is about bringing their own spin to existing romance tropes. Their spin is refreshing and healthy - there is clear communication btw MCs, respect for the other's feelings and of course no other romantic partners involved. In comparison to most older category romances where there are shades of misogyny, slut-shaming, double standards, cheati [...]

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