Up In Smoke

Katie MacAlister

Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke

  • Title: Up In Smoke
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9780451225283
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

Where there s smoke, there s one hot New York Times bestselling author.Though May Northcott s heart belongs to Gabriel, leader of the silver dragons, being stuck in Abaddon has significantly cooled down her love life Especially since a demon lord is trying to woo her Looks like May will have to barter to gain her freedom and fulfill her destiny by Gabriel s side

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If someone asked me why I like Katie MacAlister's 'Aisling Grey/Dragon' series, it would be hard to come up with just one reason. There's hot dragon sex, there's comedy, humor and silliness, there's a demon masquerading as a Newfoundland dog, there's mystery and treachery, and did I mention the hot dragon sex?Mayling is a doppelganger. She was created by a pact between her 'sister' the naiad Cyrene and the Demon Lord Magoth. Cyrene sacrificed her common sense (and boy does she give airhead a new [...]

Up In Smoke is technically book 2 in the Silver Dragon series. However, the series works a lot better if you read the 4-part Aisling Grey series first as Aisling and her mate, Drake show up a TON in the Silver Dragon series.I liked Up In Smoke, but much less than previous books. It might be that I just don't like May (the "heroine") as much as I liked Aisling from the first series. But, since I very much enjoy the world, I shall continue reading it.I've learned from the author's website that the [...]

Argh. I don't know what is going on with Katie MacAlister but I once again got to the end of her book and turned the last page - realized the story was ending and said WTF? I think my issue here is that this book really can't be read alone and honestly - there is no resolutions here - just a furthering of the plot. I suspect the next book will have more meat in the story - but as for this one - it was all filler - building for the next book. I am not sure why that bothers me - I think it's been [...]

While this second book didn't grab me like the first one did, it was still enjoyable. May's life is way more screwed up than Aisling's ever was - it's kinda fun to see what MacAlister can come up with :) She ends up being Magoth's consort in order to get out of Abbadon and back to Gabriel, along with Magoth whose powers are minimal in our world, but Magoth is just a side plot that doesn't pop up again until the very end. The real story here is about the dragon heart shards that are housed in phy [...]

This second of MacAlister's Silver Dragon series is a delightful continuation of the first book. This story picks up one month after the last book finished on a cliffhanger.May, the doppelganger mate of the Silver dragon's leader Gabriel, has been stuck in Abaddon (Hell) with Magoth, the demon lord, for almost 6 weeks trying to keep from becoming his Consort. She is in this mess because she disobeyed a direct order from Magoth to keep from giving a Silver dragon valued treasure to him thus being [...]

As always Katie you were brilliant !!! I did a 13 hour cover to cover read.HEADS-UP THIS POST HAS SERIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD BEWARNED!!!!!.The scenes that made me snort with laughter…Aisling in the kitchen after getting a muscle cramp. Gabriel prodding her belly convinced she’s going into labor. Drake roaring at him to keep his damn hands off his mate. The whole house in a uproar with Istvàn wanting to boil water and Pàl bolting out of the house to get the midwife. All the while Aisling trying [...]

I want so badly to like Katie MacAllister's world, but for some reason, this story and Playing with Fire both fell short. Every plot point seemed to need further development. The story-telling strikes me as shallow with respect to details. And the jealousy that exists between the dragons gets very tiresome. A little show of testosterone is great, but MacAllister makes it a major plot point. The fact that no one seems to respect a couple's pairing only serves to undermine the idea that the couple [...]

May has been trapped as a demon lord's consort in Abaddon, striving to win her freedom to return to Gabriel. When they are finally reunited, a mysterious dragon who can enter the shadow world along with intrigues in the blue and red septs threaten any chance for a happily ever after.So close to a happy ending, but then one last twist has to crop up I suppose I'm definitely not used to these story arcs with multiple issues coming up before we get a happily ever after, but I think I do find them a [...]

MacAlister's books are always fun. May gets sprung from Abaddon, and as always has plenty to keep her busy. Her twin has decided she is the mate to Gabriel's slightly evil brother, the battle for the blue dragons is still going on, the wyvern of the red dragons is being held prisoner in Abaddon, and May winds up with one of five shards of the original dragon heart using her as its vessel. But as with the last one, the ending seems abrupt, like the whole Silver Dragon series was written in one ch [...]

Up to her usual standards, a quick and fun read. I took a writing seminar once where the instructor said that one way that you have a great story is to ask yourself if your characters would want to hurt you if they came to life and met you. I honestly think that in MacAlister's case, May would definitely want to do her bodily harm. Plot twist after plot twist occurs. More about the world is revealed. Jim the demon in Newfoundland form is in the book.Good solid read, but read the Aisling Grey and [...]

May and Gabriel, the doppelganger and dragon duo, are back with problems from a demon lord and several dragons. I think it comes down to my not liking May and Gabriel as much as Aisling and Drake. A & D make a few cameos, which reminded me that I'd like to be reading this from their p.o.v. I had read about half before thanksgiving break and left it at my apartment for the week; that says it all. I will say that there is a hilarious bit with Pal. Also - Cyrene wasn't so annoying this time aro [...]

For those of you who read, Katie MacAlister, you won't be disappointed. I think I like May and Gabriel better than Aisling and Drake. I like both series a lot but May is less whiney than Aisling was. It is okay to complain and be bitchy occasionaly but honestly a herione that just constantly does that even in "funny" manner gets boring after a while. I like this world too and am looking forward to the rest of the series.

Per usual, this book is hysterical. I love that MacAlister can be funny and still have a serious plot. I've enjoyed all these books since the beginning of the Aisling Grey series, and this was no exception. Her characters are believable, the plots are intriguing, and the conversations will make you laugh.

This book has fun, quirky characters and tons of action. If I had one complaint it might be that there was almost TOO MUCH action, and not enough character development. Overall, an enjoyable, escapist read.

While not my favorite book in the Sept Series, I am still delighted in the turmoil and upheaval that consumes May's life! Hot scenes, frustratingly stubborn dragons, and demon lords of all calibers. What a trip!

3.5 forgot I was reading this book so finished it quickly. I still liked the others in this series. was a slower read yet still ok.

One thing I liked about this book, was the humor. Jim is (probably) my favorite character.

3.5 stars

I'm giving this one less star, due to convoluted nature of the plot. We open on a consort/marriage-ish ceremony between Magoth and May, and this turns into a loophole for her to be with her mate, Gabriel. I was SO happy that Ms. MacAlister didn't do that dreaded second book trope where the lovers are separated for a majority of the book, so it turns into a brooding "wish you were here" b.s. Cy got on my nerves even more in this book (she and Sally are a tie) and she wasn't even in it half the ti [...]

Somehow too much and too little at the same time. Plot twists are all good and dandy, and constant action is mighty fine too, and yet humor is stale, with exception of the cursed penis. That's just atrocious. Even demon dog Jim is fails. But I shall persevere.

I only read these for Jim.

I like this better than the first one. Full of action and a lot of things happened.

3,5 Sterne, zwei Charactere haben einfach zu sehr genervt. Aber ich liebe Gabriel.

So the saga continues.

4,4 von 5 Sternen*Inhalt:*(Inhaltsangabe von der LYX Homepage)WER EINEN DRACHEN LIEBT, RISKIERT SICH ZU VERBRENNENDie Doppelgängerin May ist die Seelengefährtin des Silberdrachen Gabriel. Doch auch der attraktive Dämon Magoth gibt sich die größte Mühe, May für sich zu gewinnen. Und dieser fällt es immer schwerer, seinen Verführungsversuchen zu widerstehen. Umso erschütterter ist sie, als Gabriel sie bittet, dem Werben des Dämons nachzugeben. Was führt der Drache im Schilde?"*Wie kam [...]

3.0There is something strange about this book, something I can't put my finger on.Okay, for starters, I'll clarify that I do NOT think this book is predictable. All the obstacles that have been put into it for the main characters are fairly interesting and I never thought about them before. There's just something unsurprising about it. Like every curve ball the author threw -- which, were quite a few I must add -- was foreseen. It's just that you know all along that things for Gabriel and May ar [...]

Nun denn, habe ich es endlich mal geschafft den zweiten Band zu lesen. ;)Die Gestaltung des Covers wurde an den Vorgänger angepasst. Dadurch entsteht ein gewisser Wiedererkennungswert. Und neben bei sind die Bücher richtig toll anzusehen.Der Schreibstil der Autorin gefällt mir sehr gut. Er trieft nur so vor Sarkasmus und Humor. Gut Romantik ist auch dabei, aber das ist für mich nur eine Art Nebenprodukt. Zwischendurch hatte ich echt Tränen in den Augen, weil ich Lachen musste.Und dennoch wu [...]

Darum geht es:May Northcott ist die Gefährtin des Silberdrachen Gabriel. Doch sie ist an den Dämonenfürsten Magoth gebunden und der hält sie in Abbadon fest und will sie zu seiner Gemahlin machen. Mit Aislings Hilfe tüftelt Gabriel einen Plan aus, May aus Abbadon zu befreien. Doch dazu muss sie Magoths Werben nachgeben. Der Plan gelingt. May ist endlich zurück in der Welt der Sterblichen und damit zurück bei ihrem geliebten Drachen. Als kleiner Nebeneffekt taucht auch Magoth dort auf. Er [...]

This review was posted at Under the CoversGabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. *sigh* I may have had this weird picture in my head while reading this book that Gabriel looked like Jason Momoa in this picture.And you girls might know of my love and fascination with that man. So that coupled with the fact that Gabriel is just smooth and sexy and Oh.My.Gawd.HAWT certainly made me tingnle and just want to get some of his fire!But as much as I thought I was going to love Gabriel and May as a couple, they sort [...]

May and Gabriel's life continuesBecause May did not turn over the phalactry to Magoth, she is imprisoned in Abadon (hell) she is 6 weeks there, and Magoth decided her best punishment for him to make her his consort - for a demon lord, he sure follows nice rules though - he doesn't come into her room unless she invites him, he doesn't force her to share a bed - but keeps trying to seduce her hmmm 6 weeks pass, and finally Gabriel is able to make contact and they agree that she should formally bec [...]

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