A Christmas Caroline: A Novel


A Christmas Caroline: A Novel

A Christmas Caroline: A Novel

  • Title: A Christmas Caroline: A Novel
  • Author: KyleSmith
  • ISBN: 9780061119873
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover

Caroline is a perfect size 0 with the best blond hair money can buy, a wit as sharp as her stilettos, and a job at the center of the fashion universe she s the accessories editor for a shopping magazine Every day Gucci and Herm s send her their latest items, free, begging her to try them Which is why Christmas, to Caroline, is such a bore not only does she keep gettingCaroline is a perfect size 0 with the best blond hair money can buy, a wit as sharp as her stilettos, and a job at the center of the fashion universe she s the accessories editor for a shopping magazine Every day Gucci and Herm s send her their latest items, free, begging her to try them Which is why Christmas, to Caroline, is such a bore not only does she keep getting accosted by creepy sidewalk Santas and bombarded by kitschy holiday tunes, but it s the one day when everyone else gets presents.This Christmas Eve, she s stuck in Manhattan, embarrassingly boyfriendless, while her fabulous designer mother jets off to a mysterious place called Branson But things are about to get even worse, thanks to a hideous pair of furry boots, a conniving redheaded assistant named Ursula Heep, and a totally random visit from the ghost of her ex roommate, Carly Carly s ghost warns that three spirits are on the way If Caroline doesn t make things right with all the people she s sneered at on her way to the top, she could wind up facing a fate worse than an outfit from the Salvation Army.The Devil Wears Prada meets Charles Dickens in this holiday treat a hilariously hip, delightfully irreverent take on a classic tale.

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Two words: vapid drivel. Three more words: Waste of time.

Everyday seems like Christmas to Caroline. She’s a beautiful, young, editor at a shopping magazine. Write what you know, right? And although Caroline has may seem to have it all, including the latest from all the top designers, she’s missing quite a bit. She is constantly fighting with her mom, her love life is extinct, minus the dimwitted football player who is fawning over her, she never knew her dad and she still can’t get over the death of her best friend.But time may be running out fo [...]

Wow, the majority of the reviews for this book are quite harsh. I feel like there must be something wrong with me for liking this story especially since I would throw it another half star for such cynical quotes as this gem:Don't even get me started on the red and green Christmas card with the adorable photos of gap-toothed toddlers. Am I supposed to congratulate people because they reproduced? How much skill does that take? People should send out photos of themselves hooking up digital cable. T [...]

Author Kyle Smith, who is a guy, writes this chick lit homage to Charles Dickens. A send-up of A Christmas Carol, this story stars Caroline, a misanthropic fashionista in New York City. Her supporting cast, sporting such names as Ursula Heep and Nic Nickleby, do their own bits to help the story along, but on the whole, I found it inadequate and tedious.Caroline is plenty self-centered, and her Christmas Eve is wholly disastrous, but more for herself than anyone else. Her three ghostly visitors a [...]

This book was awful. The writing was strange, the characters were the most unlikable characters ever, which I suppose was the point, but I think the author went to far especially with the mother character La. The take on the Christmas carol was a good effort but it didn't fully work and many of the story lines were just random. Like the roommate story on the black box huh was that suppose to be funny? Seriously, it was just bad. I wanted to give up but since I read fast it was really only a wast [...]

A complete waste of time

Quick read - though I struggled a few parts

So, with all retakes of the original "Christmas Carol" I knew what this book was going to do a person with bad/non thoughtful actions who hates Christmas gets visited by a ghost who is an old friend who is just like them and is now suffering for all eternity because of their actions. BUT, of course, the main character has a chance at redemption and will be visited by three ghosts- past, present, and future- and of course that will teach her the error of her ways and make her like Christmas as we [...]

This is a fun, fluffy, and totally snarky book about a b**ch named Caroline, who basically can't stand anyone but herself. In true Scrooge form, she hates on cripples, foreigners, servants, the lower classes and those who aren't as well-dressed as herself (pretty much everyone.) She is visited by the ghost of a former roommate, the ill-fated Carly Jacobs (get it??) and then the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. While learning more about herself, she also learns about her mom, her da [...]

I always want to read a Christmas book when the Christmas season comes, and this was the most interesting one that I could find. As the jacket says 'It's The Devil Wears Prada meets A Christmas Carol', which discribes it perfectly. Its about a stuck up snobby girl who is the modern day Scrooge, and she gets visited by 3 ghosts who make her realize that she needs to start thinking about others and doing good deeds. The ending was cheesey, but it's a good book to read when you feel like you've bee [...]

This was a really slow book. An interesting blend of the stories "The Devil Wears Prada" and " A Christmas Carol," I suppose, but it was really dry to me. The 'humor' that the author used wasn't really humorous, and none of the characters were the least bit likeable to me. The ending picked the story up a little bit and gave it that 'Christmas inspirational' quality, but that was its only redeeming quality, in my opinion.

It had its moments. The first few chapters are great and hilarious and hook you in expecting a great, hilarious fashionista read. Which you do get partially, but it slides slightly downhill from there and the ending is pretty horrible. Still a nice read for Christmas and fashion lovers alike if you have extra time on your hands. Like, sitting in an airport on Christmas Eve with a delayed flight, or no date on New Year's.

I'm not sure why I keep trying to read this kind of book. I really don't care for the "chick-lit" genre, but it's Christmas and my mom recommended it. So here I am. Two stars instead of one because there are some funny bits about Diet Coke. I suppose it could suddenly become awesome in the last 100 pages, but let's just say I hope there's a better use for a Christmas miracle.

An interesting take on the classic Christmas time story by Dickens. Set in a fashion magazine, Caroline is used to gifts from every fashion house and designer. She treats every worker and service person very badly. Caroline is forced to meet her demons on Christmas Eve.

I didn't really start liking this book till I was at least 1/2 way through. Once I made it to that point it started to get enjoyable. Definitely a different take on the typical Christmas Carol story.

I started reading this a long time ago. Finally gave up. I wanted to like it, but something just seemed off. I have never met someone as rude as Caroline and I wanted to hope for a change in her. But I began to not care and sadly put the book down.

What I learned from this book was that you should never mess with a classic like the Christmas Carol. This book showed promise I thought, and kept me interested until the last quarter of the book. It then seemed that the author just gave up. I won't be reading this again.

I was not very impressed with the author's take on the visit's of the "ghosts of christmas." I was not very enjoyable reading about someone who was so obviously thinking only of herself. Would not recommend this book.

I know this book didn't get the greatest reviews, but I actually enjoyed it for the most part. I found it to be humorous and a fun little twist on the storyline from A Christmas Carol. Maybe it was just that I appreciated the Christmas storyline because of the time of year, but I liked it.

A retelling of a Christmas Carol, with a shopaholic sort of twist. Although, the main character was not at all likeable, so much so that I didn't even care if she changed. The change, then, after the ghosts, was a little too abrupt and not really believable. However, it wasn't a terrible read.

The title character reminds you why certain types of people carry stereotypes, right or wrong. The writing made you want to hate her and the book. Truthfully, the only reason I finished the book is because I was hopeful that Caroline didn't have a happy ending.

A portrait of a modern Christmas Carol. It was a cute Christmas story with an obnoxious self centered main character.

For those who love chick literature and the song, "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer."

This book was cute and easy to read. It's a chick lit take on A Christmas Carol

Really cute take on A Christmas Carol. If your looking for a story with a cute happy ending this is a good one.

A quick holiday read.

This was a cute modern day retelling of a Christmas Carol. It took a little while to get into it, but it redeemed itself in the end.

A modern day take on A Christmas Carol. Predictable and silly. The main character is over-the-top phoney. I wouldn't recommend. Red Bird Christmas by Fannie Flagg is a much better Christmas read.


Modern retelling of Dickens classic, with enough twists and updates to make it not completely predictable. A whole lot of modern day Christmas-isms as well as references to other Dickens' stories.

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