One Heir...or Two?

Yvonne Lindsay

One Heir...or Two?

One Heir...or Two?

  • Title: One Heir...or Two?
  • Author: Yvonne Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9780373734931
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Will the billionaire dad wed the surrogate mom Find out with USA TODAY bestselling author Yvonne Lindsay Kayla Porter vowed to be a surrogate for her deceased sister s embryos She s already given birth to her niece Sienna But a clinic crisis means she s running out of time to fulfill her promise She needs Donovan Murphy s help if they can work around the explosive cWill the billionaire dad wed the surrogate mom Find out with USA TODAY bestselling author Yvonne Lindsay Kayla Porter vowed to be a surrogate for her deceased sister s embryos She s already given birth to her niece Sienna But a clinic crisis means she s running out of time to fulfill her promise She needs Donovan Murphy s help if they can work around the explosive chemistry that s reignited between them The tech tycoon agreed to be a sperm donor, not a father But that changes when he meets his baby daughter Sienna He will claim his little girl and her passionate, headstrong mother

Recent Comments "One Heir...or Two?"

This story has an intriguing plotline. And my fascination in seeing how things pan out makes for an absorbing read. This is such an emotionally stirring romance with an equally moving plot which I won't talk about on purpose. You'll have to read the book to know the finer details but I will talk about the characters from a reader's perspective. We experience sibling love and the strong bond between sisters. What Kayla has done for her now dead sister is remarkable. I cheered for her, cried for h [...]

Very good book with a somewhat unusual storyline. Van, Kayla and her sister grew up together. Van and her sister were best friends, while Kayla was a tagalong. Years later, Kayla's sister is diagnosed with cancer and asks Van to be sperm donor for her so she can have children after her treatment. But she died, leaving the eggs to Kayla, who swore she would have the babies her sister couldn't. Five years later she's already given birth to one, but there are two left. The clinic is about to close [...]

I really liked this story about a man who didn't want a family who, through a decision made years ago, suddenly finds himself with not one, but two children.Van starts off a bit unlikeable, proposing a workmanlike marriage to a person not the heroine. When Kayla turns up with the news that the sperm he donated years ago for her sister Sienna had been used he is less than pleased. He'd thought with Sienna's death five years ago that was the end of the story. And the end of his connection with Kay [...]

Loved the storyline and the characters. Would recommend it !!!!

One Heir…Or Two is Yvonne Lindsay’s contribution to Harlequin Desire’s Billionaire’s and Babes series. I absolutely loved this book. I couldn’t put it down! This was one of those stories that you have to wonder if the plot has actually happened in real life. And, I’m sure it has to some extent. I loved how Ms. Lindsay weaved the plot between Kayla and Donovan. Donovan was Kayla’s sister’s best friend. He did what many would not do— he offered Sienna, Kayla’s sister, the oppor [...]

Kayla Porter loved her sister and so proceeded to be a surrogate for her embryos.  Have her sisters name sake Sienna was just the beginning as there were more embryos but the clinic was closing and her time was short and money was shorter.  Her only choice was to go to Donovan "van" Murphy and ask his financial help.  A tech tycoon with lots or money but a past that haunts him daily.  What happens next is something that will keep all romance readers glued to the book.  Watch how what we per [...]

I did not want to put this book down. While a surrogate heroine is not new, the way Yvonne Lindsay has approached it for this story is not something I have come across before. I appreciated that throughout the story it was possible to identify which Sienna was which through context - often in these books I have to go back and reread a page or section to make sense of the who.While there were parts of the story that cut close to home for me having been raised in a lower income, sole parent home, [...]

This is by far one of Yvonne Lindsays best books and one of the best Billionaire and Babies books. This story is about two friends from the past that meet again under unusual circumstances. Van was a donor for Sienna so she could have children, her sister Kayla has given birth to one child and now a problem has risen that forces her to contact Van. Lots of story lines, action, tension and two people trying to avoid the inevitable falling in love! Of course you throw in the nasty female and you g [...]

With an intriguing story line and interesting characters made this a book that was hard to put down.Sienna Porter and Donavan Murphy were best friends growing up, with the Porter house and family becoming somewhat of a safe haven for Van. When, as adults, Sienna was diagnosed with cancer, Van agreed to become her sperm donor, so she could still have a family after the treatments. When Sienna loses the battle, Van and Sienna's little sister, Kayla, spend a grief and alcohol-fueled night of passio [...]

This was a good book. Kayla has a huge heart. Her sister died of cancer. Before she died, Kayla promised her sister, that she would have her babies. Kayla's sister had frozen her eggs, and asked Van to donate his sperm. Her sister knew time was running out, but always dreamed of being a mom. Kayla had Sienna, and named her after her beautiful sister. Kayla wanted to space out the children, so she would have money to raise them, and give the kids everything they would need. The sperm bank was clo [...]

This is the 2nd book I read by Yvonne Lindsay. I loved this book's story line. Some parts of this story was sad. I loved Kayla's character. I loved Van's character. I loved the scenes with Van & Sienna. I didn't like Dani. I loved the ending. Awesome job Ms. Lindsay.

One Heir Or Two is guaranteed to tear at your heartstrings a little. Donovan Murphy has built a hard shell around himself after leaving the army and building a lucrative security business. Wealthy and successful, he doesn't think he has the time or the inclination to become emotionally involved with either a woman or a child. When his former childhood friend Kayla Porter arrives in his office carrying a child that looks remarkably like him and begging for help, the last thing he wants to do is [...]

I received this book in response for an honest reviewThe synopsis for this book intrigued me, while not something I'd normally go for, it had enough going for it that I wanted to read it. This book was a lot 'lighter' than some of the other Yvonne Lindsay books I have read before, so makes for an easy, if somewhat disappointing read. While I know M&B books aren't supposed to be full blown, in depth novels, I do like the books I read to have a little depths. There was so much history and back [...]

received 5 stars @ harlequin (as of 12/10/16). To view reviews, go HERE> harlequin/storeitemMiniseries: Billionaires and Babies

Didn't like the hero or his actions. Ending was abrupt and an epilogue would have been nice.

3 stars

Plot: 3/5 (predictable plot despite the interesting backstory)Characterisation: 5/5 Prose: 4/5How much I like it: 4/5

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