• Title: White
  • Author: T.L.Smith
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Everything changes, in seconds, minutes, hours I know, it happened to me It wasn t for the better, it was for the worst I am broken, no that doesn t sound right, I am chipped Pieces of me have been chipped so bad that it s impossible to claim them back Even if I want to, even if it s for her.

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4.5 stars Review To FollowScratch That Its A 5 Star All The Way As I Write My ReviewIf You Lay Still Enough, You Can Feel it, Hear It Pump And Pump. One BeatTo Too Many Losses.Two BeatsTo Too Many Broken Hearts.Three BeatsTo Those That Suffer.Four BeatsTo Those That Lose Their Way Smith.Wow!!! Just Wow!! And Now The Story Is Complete And Now Its Told Where Do We Go. Now That The Dark Worlds Of Jake And Black Are Complete. I Want To Say A Huge Bravo To TL Smith For The Awesome And Complete Story [...]

3.5 STARSI'm saddened I couldn't rate this higher. I LOVE Black, I LOVE Rose and I LOVE Jake, but I had a very hard time connecting with Jake's story and Addy. :(With the cliffy from Red, I expected Jake's story to begin with a BANG! I expected a little action as Black swooped in to save the day. Unfortunately, that not what happened. It was over so quickly, I wasn't able to relish in Black's awesomeness. A good point is that it cemented more of the fact that Jake is a trooper. I'm surprised his [...]

Though this story is seperate to the others in the series, i feel like you would be better off reading the other books int he series as i feel it will give you the layout of the world better. It was good to see Jake get his story now and his interaction with Addy. No spoilers but these two are so different but bring out something so from inside each of them that brings them new life and also new dangers. A good read overall

"One beatTo too many losses.Two beatsTo too many broken hearts.Three beatsTo those that suffer.Four beatsTo those that lose their way."Jake is lost, drowning in alcohol to numb the pain he feels but cannot escape. Falling in love with his make believe life; with a woman he cannot have, a family that will never be his and a facade of normal that will never be real has left him crippled. Running from the scene of the massacre of his sanity he finds himself holed up in a seedy bar, isolated from hi [...]

5 Kink and Vanilla starsI was gifted this arc for an honest review, which I want to do spoiler free without revealing any plot. TL Smith fans you need to get anxious, White is bloody brilliant. I loved Black, I loved Red and now I am officially waving a black red and white flag of TL Smith surrendered to this jaw dropping read.Jake, a misunderstood, misinterpreted guy and as the plot grows so does you're understanding of this broken but hard man. I loved Jake, the man in Black's shadow but after [...]

#review #White #BlackSeries #TLSmith @LsmithTWhiteQueenZany 4.5 Star ReviewWhiteby T.L. Smith T.L. Smith fulfilled my dark romance fix with “White.” Yes she is one of writers I often seem to stalk!! I fell hard for this series with Black! That was the first book I read by Author T.L. Smith. I was captivated by these characters from the start! So I had to continue with this series. White truly show cases T.L. Smith’s growth as a writer. Her ability to a story like White! Which only became a [...]

3-3.5 STARS Recommended for Jake lovers only.In the first two books in this series we met Blake and Rose and their story was really amazing !!!During the books we got to know Jack and of course I really wanted to read about him. well it was nice book and a fast readingybe that was the problem, it was too fast and lack very important information.The start was good very promising actually, but from the middle of the book it was really fast, I felt as if I was missing out on chapters. It really bot [...]

FREAKING AmAZEBaLLS!!!!! My absolute FAVE book of the year!!!! More review to follow when I can calm myself down enough to get the words out so you all can understand the depths of my love for this Series and this phenomenal Author.

White (Black #3) by TL Smith surpassed my expectations. I didn't think it could get any better than Black and Rose but WOW! Jake is just GAWD! I loved him! He is my new favorite and the third book stole the number 1 spot. Move over Liam Black, it's Jake's turn to drive!Jake. Here is a man who has been through it all. Heartbreak. Pain. Torture. You name it, he's experienced it. Broken, that's what he calls himself. But I couldn't disagree more. I believe Jake is strong. He would have to be to be [...]

#JakeI loved the absolute shit out of this book, TL Smith has done it yet again, White is the story of Jake Hammer and is cleverly told from dual perspectives of both Jake and Addy. Cheers to you lady on yet again another Great Book. (Remind me to never piss you off) This books take you to a very dark place of Jakes inner soul and will explain why he is the way he is, at this point I'm really not sure weather to high five TL or run scared shitless though just sayin. Very early on you are transpo [...]

"I’m the ice that gives you frostbite, that will burn if you touch me long enough. I’m not the sun that shines brightly. I burn, even in the beauty.”Yes! She did it again! T.L. Smith has worked her magic once again! After Black and Rose's journey, now it's time for Jake and Addy's, and what a journey they had It is hard to write spoiler free reviews to T.L.'s books so here it is, hopefully spoiler free:After everything Jake went through, he drowns himself with alcohol and random f*ucks. He [...]

WOW. Broken doesn't even describe Jake with all that has happened to him from Black, to Red, to White. A soul so destructive seeing cracks of White could only come in his next lifetime. Killing comes naturally, hate is embedded deeply, love is a vision that will never be brought to life. Until Her! Until she chipped away slowly at the cracks, shinning White on the most darkest of men.

I have loved this series, lots of angst

I loved Jake. Not to crazy about Addy. I didn't like the fact the Jake gave up his "Kink" just to be with herReally????? That's not something you can just turn off and not crave and live happily ever after. So this is why I did not give this one a 5 star. I felt Jake gave up too much just to be with Addy.

** ARC received in exchange for an honest review **Wow!! I have no words, but wow!!!! White iseverything. Everything I could ever have imagined it would be plus more. What TL has delivered is justrfection!!Heart-breakingBreath-takingJustrfect!!!Raw, dark and intense. TL will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you breathless and your heart soaring. Jake could not have had a better story than what TL has delivered. We see Jake at his worse. In Black and Red we get a glimpse int [...]

Wow!!! Just Wow!! And Now The Story Is Complete And Now Its Told Where Do We Go. Now That The Dark Worlds Of Jake And Black Are Complete. I Want To Say A Huge Bravo To TL Smith For The Awesome And Complete Story That I Have Honestly Loved From Start To Finish. The Emotions Running Through Me As I Write This Review For White Is Quite Haunting Really And I Feel I Could Break And Not Stop For A While. I Loved This Book From The Beginning And I Loved The Last Part More Than Anything Else And That Is [...]

Had promiseIt's not a bad book, has an interest in plot. I just felt that a few things could have used some filling out because they were just kind of glossed over. *SPOILERS*- Her dad does not seem the type to just roll over and take being ousted out of his empire that he worked his entire life to build and maintain. - their connection just kind of went straight from don't touch me/I only want to f*** you to I'm addicted They didn't grow into it like Black and Rose. I feel like the way the auth [...]

Still speechless days later on this book. We got to see Jake's story in this book and wow I knew he had feelings for Rose, but was not expecting this story. He is a true man even with his dark sides to care for Rose and her kids while Black is gone for those few years.Addy love her, she gives him a run for his whiteness and how they each gave a little to get to the point of his dark side he craves and her soft side she deserves. Once again, T.L. kept those twist flying at us and has you on the e [...]

With every book T.L. writes she goes from strength to strength. Her storytelling is so in depth that once you start the journey she takes you on it's impossible to stop. Jake was always a character that held my interest. We knew there was something deeper to him. Something simmering under the surface. The attraction he feels towards Rose and her family is heart warming. He takes her family on as his own. Protecting them with everything he is. But when meets Addy everything is going to change. Ad [...]

Since the first book Black I have been hooked. Then Red I waited it felt like forever to get more of Black, Rose and Jake. So when White hit my kindle is dug in and I am so not disappointed with Jake and Addy story. We get the depth of Jake's demons he carries with him and they are just as dark as Black's. When Jake meets the only women to stir something inside him it's going to take him getting a hold of his demons so he doesn't scare Addy away. Addy is also dealing with secrets and it scares h [...]

Wow, what can I say other than she's only gone and done it again! Another absolutely phenomenal read by TL Smith. If you love Black and Red well this is not to be missed. It's raw, it's gritty and oh my gosh is it emotional? Yet again TL Smith managed to rip out my heart and somehow put it back together. I don't think I'll be the same after this series. Jake and Addy's story is a perfect conclusion to the series. You can't predict how you will feel reading this book, it takes you on a roller coa [...]

Another great story in this series…White (Black #3) is the third book in this series by T.L. Smith and is just as good as the first.This is the much-awaited story of Jake, a guy who is totally misunderstood and completely broken. Jake is always in Black’s shadow, but their friendship is honest and real.This read is dark, gritty and intense and also warm and enlightening. Without giving too much away and spoiling it, he really does come into his own as the story progresses.Black makes an appe [...]

After Black and Red I was looking forward to white and I was not disappointed.Jake and Addy made my heart ache with their stories. I was surprised by some of the elements that came out in the end. It was a roller coaster of a ride and Jake's life was more a surprise than I could have imagined. His endurance and survival levels were amazing. The drama of Addy was not exactly as I pictured and parts of it broke my heart and others I was in shock from. Their journey was not as exciting as Black and [...]

This is the third book in this series and is every bit as fantastic as 'Black' and 'Red'!'White' is fast paced, the story flows smoothly and continues from book 2 with ease.T.L Smith flawlessly weaves details to build character descriptions, situations and events. We, the reader, get to explore the characters from all angles as well as experience the plethora of emotions the characters go through. Yes, this author is that good you feel yourself immersed in the story.T.L Smith has once again prod [...]

I love the first two books and didn't think this series could get better because it was perfect however, Jake's story is my absolute favorite (that says a lot because I love Black!) I knew I wanted Jake's story and T.L. wrote a beautifully messed up take that is the cherry on top if the series. My heart feels raw but stitched back together. Addy completes Jake and I enjoyed reading their struggles, pains, and joys. Once again T.L. has created a world and characters that is unique and unlike any [...]

I have been waiting to read about Jake for a while now and T.L. Smith didn't disappoint me. Jake is a man who has feelings deeper than he lets on. I loved this broken man so much and I loved him and Addy together even more. They couldn't be any more different from each other but they work. I loved how he was very kinky in his sexual life before her but his feelings for Addy made him so much softer with her. This was a great addition to this series!

Love Jake what can I say the man is in his words 'broken' and drinking himself into oblivion! Enter Addy One last favour for a man he despises This book their love story was dark it was dangerous and a great ending to a fantastic series!! Totally recommend this whole series to anyone who enjoys a darker read with strong characters and a roller coaster storyline that will keep you guessing and feeling!!

I was looking forward to reading this book so bad but I was so so disappointed. I absolutely HATED Addy. I didn't like ANYTHING about her. She was no match for Jake. I didn't feel the chemistry at all. The ONLY reason I kelt reading was because of Jake, Black and Rose.Sorry but this one feel so off the mark fro mother other books. ☹️

I was looking forward to reading this book so bad but I was so so disappointed in this book. I absolutely HATED Addy. I didn't like ANYTHING about her. She was no match for Jake. I didn't feel the chemistry at all. The ONLY reason I kelt reading was because of Jake, Black and Rose.Sorry but this one feel so off the mark fro mother other books. ☹️

HOLY SHIT!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK I'M CLAIMING JAKE AS MINE!!! He's Kink and She's Vanilla. She's the Glue and hes the paper She will hold them together. UGH I could keep going but. FULL REVIEW TO COME!!! I'm still reeling from finishing this book SERIOUSLY, you all need to read this series as well as this book!!! <3

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