Late for Fate

Lori M. Jones

Late for Fate

Late for Fate

  • Title: Late for Fate
  • Author: Lori M. Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition

D.C paralegal Jezebel Stone s tardiness often gets her in trouble, but this time it leads to meeting her dream man Her choice of metro seats places her on track for finding love again But when their ride ends in a fiery crash, their separation sends her on a mission of reuniting with him and finishing their fateful trip But instead, it entangles Jezebel in the twistedD.C paralegal Jezebel Stone s tardiness often gets her in trouble, but this time it leads to meeting her dream man Her choice of metro seats places her on track for finding love again But when their ride ends in a fiery crash, their separation sends her on a mission of reuniting with him and finishing their fateful trip But instead, it entangles Jezebel in the twisted lives of those determined to destroy each other This prickly path also holds the potential of leading Jezebel to an unlikely place of joy Finding joy seems impossible when life is literally exploding all around her.

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An intriguing story line about how a near death experience can shape events in your life. When Jezebel is involved in a train crash and pulled out of the wreckage by a mystery man her whole life is turned upside down and to fulfil her hearts desire she has to find him regardless of the outcome. The author takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions and along with it the trial and tribulations of love and the secrets that it holds.The story is an easy one to follow with short chapters which I a [...]

Well written but the ending sucked. It just ended. Kirk goes from saying she means the world to him (and that he would sleep on concrete for her) to saying that the baby probably isn't even his? Kirk takes Nicole back? Jezebel might end up with Justin or Evan or the new guy on the plane? Which has mechanical trouble, goes back to the gate, then what? I think the ending was not very tidy. But then again, life isn't very tidy. This is just a very different book than Renaissance of the Heart, which [...]

“Late for Fate” by Lori M Jones tells the story of Jezebel Stone, a klutzy paralegal. She is rarely on time for anything and that includes work. This penchant for always being late led to her meeting a handsome stranger while travelling on the metro. They had a connection or so it seems but then fate stepped in and the train crashed and since then Jezebel’s life became the ultimate train wreck.This story had everything to keep me entertained. It had drama, romance, and suspense. It reads l [...]

Late for Fate is the first book I've read from Lori M Jones. I loved the premise of the book and thought the writing was great. The absolute knowledge of the Washington, DC Metro helped with the book. I've been to DC twice recently and always use the Metro when in town. I do not like driving in cities, especially ones I am not familiar with, at all. I am almost to the point where I do not need to constantly look at a map to know where I'm going on the Metro but that has taken many concentrated t [...]

“Late for Fate” is a fast-paced, romantic, and wild ride! Lori M. Jones’ latest novel was a page-turner from the start full of plenty of action and twists and turns. Jezebel is hoping to meet a nice guy, and her Magic 8-Ball tells her that she will. As she boards the Metro on her way home from work, she meets the handsome Kirk and they immediately start into polite chit-chat. Suddenly the Metro crashes, everything is chaos, but she is saved by a mysterious stranger and luckily only has som [...]

A paralegal on a train that crashes falls for the man sitting next to her. The man next to her has ulterior motives to starting a relationship with her. Sounds like a twisted story right? Late for Fate is exactly that. The twists, the turns, and the story keeps going, taking turns that the reader can never see coming. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen or how someone was going to react Lori M. Jones throws a curve ball and sends the book in a different direction.Jezebel is hurti [...]

Late For Fate by Lori M JonesMeeting the perfect person for you is tricky. Out of the 10 bazillion people in the world, how are you sure to meet “The ONE”? Lori M Jones tells a story of one lady’s struggle to meet her perfect someone in Late for Fate.When your name is Jezebel you get lots of looks and questions. But, does her name fit her? Is that why she hasn’t met her one and only? Jezebel is out looking for her perfect match, however, it just hasn’t happened yet. When she is in a te [...]

Jezebel should have been names Calamity. She just could not seem to catch a break--first the Metro train she was on collided with another--luckily someone helped her escape death--and as luck would have it she also met the man of her dreams--but then lost him! He found her--but----his ulterior motive was not in her best interests. Her friends kept trying to tell her--but would she listen--NO. Plenty of red flags which she decided to ignore---listen to your intuition people!!! Like me--she was a [...]

Reviewed on behalf of Readers' FavoriteLate for Fate by Lori M. Jones is a women’s fiction novel surrounding the eventful life of Jezebel Stone. Jezebel is working as a paralegal when she’s involved in a serious crash on the Metro, just after meeting who she considers to be the man of her dreams. Having told this mystery man where she works, he manages to meet up with her. Kirk is in the middle of a messy separation, but he finds Jezebel fascinating. Their relationship grows, but Kirk has a [...]

Jezebel is perpetually running late, and she's rushing onto the Metro on a typical day. Suddenly the train crashes and her life is changed forever. While Jezebel thinks she is finding love, she's being tossed into a massive marital fight, legal trouble and scandals.Late for Fate is well written, and the story is heart breaking and fun all at the same time. I love the way that Ms. Jones changes who is telling the story for each chapter. Seeing the story through other character's eyes makes it so [...]

Late For Fate takes a simple premise - is destiny behind the choices we make? - and explores it in a highly enjoyable, suspense thriller. The story, of paralegal Jez's near brush with death on the Washington Metro and her romance with the man who survives alongside her develops deftly into a tale of love and revenge with Jones' feisty female lead being carried along without a clue that she is a pawn in a game she knows nothing about.The reader finds themselves wanting Jezebel to wake up and take [...]

If you love a fast-paced novel that is full of action, you'll want to get your hands on Late for Fate! With all of the chaos that ensues in the life of Jezebel, you'll quickly discover how perfect of a name it is for her. She is a klutzy paralegal who ends up beside a charming, handsome man - one whom ends up practically stalking her after they survive a crash together. She quickly falls for his charms but Mr. Wonderful isn't quite what he seems. I caught myself screaming at Jezebel for being so [...]

Jezebel is met with an unusual fate, when in running late to meet her friend and her metro crashes and she is separated to a dreamy man she was having a conversation with. Since escaping death and being rescued by another stranger and fellow passenger, Jezebel has bot been able to ride the metro and is experiencing guilt not helping those around her. With the help of a professional and a surprise call from her metro stranger, Jezebel is a metro rider again. You will be taken on a ride with Jezeb [...]

This one has it all! LATE FOR FATE tells the story of a D.C. paralegal, Jezebel Stone, who is always late, but one fateful day, being late for the metro allows her to meet her dream man. Score! But is he her dream man? Her life is sent off track--literally--and in this "Sliding Door" type book, where fate plays a hand (or does it?), I was happy to take the ride along with her. Jez goes after her own happiness, but becomes entangled in the twisted lives behind a political scandal. Scene-stealing [...]

Late for Fate starts out quick with the ‘action’ which I really liked. There is nothing worse than a drawn out story line.But what you think is going to be a sweet story line of romance, really becomes a twisted scenario.This is one of those reads where you can see what the lead cannot (or will not) see. You know in horror movies where you hear the music and know the bad guy is coming and you start screaming for the actors to hear you and turn around and get out of there? You may find yourse [...]

Jezebel loved her job as a paralegal. She liked to work on her cases while riding the metro train to work. One day she met Kirk and they shared a connection, but the train crashes before they can learn much about each other. Two weeks later, Kirk calls Jezebel and they start seeing each other. Even though there are red flags galore, Jezebel ignores them and falls in love with Kirk, and soon discovers the train wreck her life has become.There was so much deceit going on that it made my head spin. [...]

Ms. Jones has perfectly captured how one moment in time can change a life for both good and bad. Excellent story with well written characters and a terrific (sometimes terrifying) theme. A great read. Highly recommended.

Late for Fate is a great mix of fun and seriousness. It has its light-hearted moments where you get lost in the joy of the story but is also thought out enough that there is a solid plot to pay attention to and follow. It is a great read that should be devoured.

A light read that will have you guessing! Twists and turns keep you interested. Another great read by Lo Mo Jo!!!

Excellent read Just wished for a happier ending.

So many great characters in this beautifully written story, you find yourself rooting for Jez, but if I'm going to honest Nicole was my favorite! Her crazy had me laughing out loud!!

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