Prussian Blue

Philip Kerr

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue

  • Title: Prussian Blue
  • Author: Philip Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780698413139
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook

From New York Times bestselling author Philip Kerr, the much anticipated return of Bernie Gunther, our compromised former Berlin bull and unwilling SS officer With his cover blown, he is waiting for the next move in the cat and mouse game that, even a decade after Germany s defeat, continues to shadow his life The French Riviera, 1956 The invitation to dinner was not unFrom New York Times bestselling author Philip Kerr, the much anticipated return of Bernie Gunther, our compromised former Berlin bull and unwilling SS officer With his cover blown, he is waiting for the next move in the cat and mouse game that, even a decade after Germany s defeat, continues to shadow his life The French Riviera, 1956 The invitation to dinner was not unexpected, though neither was it welcome Ernst Mielke, deputy head of the East German Stasi, has turned up in Nice, and he s not on holiday An old and dangerous adversary, Mielke is calling in a debt He intends that Bernie go to London and, with the vial of Thallium he now pushes across the table, poison a female agent they both have had dealings with But chance intervenes in the form of Friedrich Korsch, an old Kripo comrade now working for Stasi and probably there to make sure Bernie gets the job done Bernie bolts for the German border Traveling by night, holed up during the day, Bernie has plenty of down time to recall the last time Korsch and he worked together It was the summer of 1939 At Hitler s mountaintop retreat in Obersalzberg, the body of a low level bureaucrat has been found murdered Bernie and Korsch are selected to run the case They have one week to solve the murder Hitler is due back then to celebrate his fiftieth birthday Lucky Bernie it s his reward for being Kripo s best homicide detective He knows what a box he s in millions have been spent to secure Obersalzberg It would be a disaster if Hitler were to discover a shocking murder had been committed on the terrace of his own home But the mountaintop is home to an elite Nazi community It would be an even bigger disaster for Bernie if one of them was the murderer.1939 and 1956 two different eras, seventeen years apart And yet, not really apart, as the stunning climax will show when the two converge explosively.

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With Philip Kerr on his twelfth Bernie Gunther book, you might think that this is a series that should by now be running out of steam. Not a bit of it. This is superb and atmospheric reading with two concurrent storylines from different eras separated by seventeen years. Yet, in essence, so little has changed. It begins in 1956 with the charmless Deputy Head of the Stasi, General Erich Meilke, an old foe, cornering Bernie into a meeting at the French Riviera. He wants Bernie to poison an agent h [...]

A new Bernie Gunther novel is really an event – I have read every book in the series since “March Violets,” and they never lose their appeal. This is the twelfth in the series and takes place in both 1956 and 1939. We begin in 1956 and Bernie is still working at the Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat on the Riviera, as he was in the last book, “The Other Side of Silence.” It is winter – a Nice winter and not quite the same as Berlin, but the Riviera is quiet and Bernie has time on his hands. How [...]

P-review (ie, Preview)Never heard of the author until a couple days ago, this book (and the whole series of twelve of which it's the latest) was tantalizingly reviewed in the New Yorker by Jane Kramer. I see many friends of mine who have got into this series. Very tempting!newyorker/magazine/201. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Previous review: Timetables of HistoryRandom review: The Sense of an EndingNext review: The KingdomPrevious library review: Basil Street BluesNext library review: Th [...]

Prussian Blue is #12 in a series of which I have not previously read any. Does that make it difficult to follow what is happening, or work out who the characters are? Not at all. Bernie Gunther, a German detective, is a strong character, and the book works well as a stand alone. The novel is set over two timelines, 1939 and 1956. I admit to struggling with this concept somewhat to begin with, hence only 4 instead of 5 stars, but in the end you can see why the author wrote in this way. It is quit [...]

It is a grand time of the year when a new Bernie Gunther is released, this 12th installment continues delivering quality as one expects from this series. While the original series started with the infamous Berlin Noir trilogy, which I found well written but unnecessary crude and misogynistic, I found the continuation by its original writer 15 years later a lot better and actually more interesting.Prussian Blue is the 12th book and once again we meet Bernie Gunther at the French Riviera in Oktobe [...]

Review can also be found in Chill and read“Prussian Blue” is the twelfth book in the “Bernie Gunther series”, yet again, it can be read as stand alone.This book finds Bernie in the French Riviera, working on a hotel, as he receives a dinner invitation from his wife. It sounds rather strange to him, as it would be a little difficult for her to be there at the time, but he accepts the offer. When he arrives at the date, he founds himself having dinner with the head of Stasi police. It is 1 [...]

From mid-October 2016 through to early January 2017 I read all eleven of the Bernie Gunther series. Helpfully (in March 2017) a new, 12th instalment in the Bernie Gunther series - 'Prussian Blue' - has just arrived to help with my withdrawal symptoms. Whilst there are rich rewards for any reader who has followed Bernie throughout the 12 novels, 'Prussian Blue' can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. 'Prussian Blue' picks up, in 1956, exactly where previous novel 'The Other Side of Silence' l [...]

As Nate Heller is to American P.I. noir; as Arkady Renko is to Russian P.I. noir; Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther is to Nazi-era P.I. noir.Here is how one of the characters sees Gunther: “Your trouble is that you’re the worst kind of detective there is. A German detective. No, it’s worse than that; you’re a Prussian detective. You don’t just believe in your competence and efficiency, you make a damn fetish out of it. You think your devotion to the job is a virtue, but it’s not. With y [...]

If allowed a 4.5 rating, that would be more accuraterhaps even 4.75. Yes, it was that good. Bernie Gunther and Philip Kerr at their best. And if I'm not mistaken this is the closest yet that our hero has come to actually coming face-to-face with Hitler, as he goes to Berchtesgaden at Heydrich's request to investigate a murder at the Berghof, Hitler's retreat in the Bavarian Alps. Although Gunther doesn't actually meet the Fuhrer in this book, he's tasked with finding out who shot one of Martin [...]

A book you try to savour, but end up devouring. Prussian Blue features the author’s brilliant Bernie Gunther, and is set in 1956 with considerable sections set back in 1939. In 1956 Bernie is asked to murder someone by the East German Police and decides to go on the run. As Bernie tries to get to somewhere safe, he is reminded of the events of 1939…In 1939, before the Germans invade Poland, Germany is full of the Nazi’s that have risen to power and the arrogance, greed and cruelty underpin [...]

Bernie Gunther in the pay of the StasiAnother great outing for Bernie Gunther and keeping up the high standard of Philip Kerr’s previous works.This time Bernie falls out with Stasi Chief Erich Meilke, not the best of things to do. Kerr continues his rich grasp of period detail as his anti-hero moves into the 1950s. I found the final sequences were somewhat implausible, but overall a very entertaining return for this great literary character.

Book# 12, in the Bernie Gunther MysteriesThis story moves back and forth between Nazi Germany in 1939 and the French Riviera in 1956. We follow Gunther match wits with German officials in two suspenseful stories that at first seemed to go their own ways but meshes nicely by the end. Mr. Kerr brings once again a renewed life to the monsters of the Nazi era and at the same time gives us a thrilling adventure, a deadly cat and mouse game in the French countryside….Nothing is more frustrating for [...]

I am somewhat puzzled that I seem to forget about this series since this is only the third Bernie Gunther book I have read out of the 12 published and I really liked the other two as well. Anyway, this book is excellent. Gunther is called in to investigate a murder on Hitler's "mountain" because he is not a party member and they supposedly want to find the culprit to make all secure before Hitler arrives for his 50th birthday celebration. The narrative goes between the mid 1950's and the late 19 [...]

I received a free e-ARC from the publisher, via Netgalley.I can’t believe it’s been 28 years since I read the first Bernie Gunther novel, March Violets. If you’re a fan of this series, you know that Philip Kerr wrote a trilogy from 1989-1991 (March Violets, The Pale Criminal and A German Requiem, known collectively as Berlin Noir) and didn’t return to the series for 15 years. But since he brought Bernie back in 2006, he’s come out with a new novel in the series every year or two, which [...]

It’s 1939 at the Berghof. A Nazi apparatchik just got shot – on the terrace where Hitler takes his tea! The action starts in 1956, but the heart of this story is set back at the beginning of WW2. As ever, the cynical and snarky Berlin detective must balance the demands of his fascist masters with his increasingly dangerous compulsion to do the right thing. As ever, Bernie is steered by his own moral compass to stay just about on the side of the righteous, although the compromises he must mak [...]

In this latest addition to the adventures of Bernie Gunther, Bernie finds himself in 1956 hunted through France by a gang of murderous East German Stasi agents, led by a former colleague from Berlin Kripo days. The link character reminds Bernie of a dramatic case from 1939 when an architect was shot dead on the balcony of Hitler’s Berghaus in Obersalzberg. Afraid that a sniper could just as easily shoot the Leader himself, Bernie is ordered by Heydrich to investigate and solve the case as quic [...]

Good historical detective novel. Gunther seems like a likeable character and his other adventures now seem appealing. However I found this just a tad too long in its telling. Probably could've been 100-150 pages shorter.

The title of Philip Kerr’s latest Bernie Gunther novel, the 12th in the series is PRUSSIAN BLUE, a title that is either the antidote for a nasty odorless and colorless poison or the color of Prussian Army coats worn during the Great War. The novel that includes the usual array of Nazi historical figures takes places rotating between Nazi Germany in October, 1939 and France during April, 1956. Kerr deftly moves back and forth between the two time periods as Gunther must weave his way among Hitl [...]

Excellent escapist post second world war novel with lots of insights and cleverly written

Masterful!Like a rat on a treadmill Bernie Gunther is once more caught up in the games of those from his past. It's 1956 and Erich Mielke, deputy head of the dreaded Stasi, has invited Gumther to dinner to put a proposition to him. Gunther refuses. That defiance comes at a price--his life. Now Gunther is on the run. Chased from Nice to Germany, pursued by a former Kripo associate, Gunther recalls the last time he saw Friedrich Korsch.1939 a mountaintop village in Obersalzberg--Hitler's retreat. [...]

Unlike the earlier books in this series which were relatively short and sharp, this is loose, baggy and protracted: there's a framing story set in 1956 which picks up from the previous book, The Other Side of Silence; then, when Gunther goes on the run, his memory flips back to 1939 and we have another story which is more interesting. In the 1939 story Gunther is sent to The Berghof, Hitler's private home, after a man is shot on the terrace there: as well as finding the murderer, Gunther is set [...]

I liked this considerably better than the last several Bernie Gunther novels. Another tale told in two parallel chronologies of the meanest streets of all, where evil is even more of a relative abstraction than in most romans noir. As always, Kerr's research is stunning (though there is a silly slip when a character in 1956 refers to Disney's Wonderful World of Color) and the locales come to unsettling life. The mystery at the heart of the 1939 story, set in and around Berchtesgaden on the eve o [...]

Enjoyable entry in the Bernie Gunther series which finds Bernie alternatively in 1939 investigating the murder of Karl Flex and in 1956 on the run from fellow Germans who want him to carry out the murder of a woman from Bernie's recent past. A bit too long in the telling but the historical aspect is fascinating and Bernie's sense of humor shines through as always. Not the best in the series but still a worthy tale. 3.5 stars.

The twelfth in Philip Kerr's BERNIE GUNTHER SERIES is another tightly plotted historical thriller masterpiece split between two equally tense timeframes that sees the cynical but honest cop reflect on an investigation that pitched him into the heart of the Nazi elite where he was forced to choose between finding the truth and saving his own life.

c2017. The hunter becomes the hunted. A tale within a tale. Thoroughly enjoyed Bernie's most recent outing. Pacing and characterisation are as good as ever. Made me chuckle and gasp within a couple of pages. Definitely recommended to the normal crew.

Erg goed geschreven triller met veel echt gebeurde elementen rond en na de Tweede Wereldoorlog afspelend in Duitsland en Frankrijk.

Prussian Blue is the twelfth instalment of the Bernie Gunther series. As with the last few outings the story is split into related threads, one set in 1956, the other in 1939. In 1956 Bernie is on the run from the East Germany Stasi who want him to murder a rogue agent and the French police who want him for murder. While fleeing from the French Riviera towards West Germany, Bernie remembers the last case he worked with the man now in pursuit of him. That involved him searching for the murderer o [...]

An interesting and incredibly well-researched mystery featuring Bernie Gunther, a police detective working for the Nazis during WWII. He's a pretty hard-boiled character, trying for justice in an immoral society. In this novel he's called to Berchtesgaden to try and solve a murder that took place in 1939 at Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler's mountain retreat. Hitler is expected in a week for his birthday so Gunther must discover the murderer before then. The problem is that in this society everyone lies, a [...]

I've read everyone of Philip Kerr's, Bernie Gunther series of which this is the twelfth and although Bernie's getting on a bit in years now, there is still plenty of life left in the old dog yet !It's 1956 and we find Bernie, living under an assumed name and identity, on the French Riviera, working in a local hotel when he is entrapped by an old adversary in the form of Erich Meikle, now head of the East German Stasi. Meikle forces Bernie, under the threat of death, to accompanny him and his 'go [...]

It has been a long time since I read a Bernie Gunther novel. Prussian Blue must be one of his best. It clocks in at 528 pages but the reader never yawns waiting for the ending. The novel is really two stories that intertwine and come together at the end. The book tracks Bernie in 1939 and subsequently in 1956. The early story is set in Berchtesgarten, the mountain home of Adolph Hitler. A man has been shot on a balcony at Berchtesgarten and Bernie is assigned to solve the crime before the Fuehre [...]

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