Postwar Drifter (The Kellner Chronicles Book 1)

Horst Christian

Postwar Drifter (The Kellner Chronicles Book 1)

Postwar Drifter (The Kellner Chronicles Book 1)

  • Title: Postwar Drifter (The Kellner Chronicles Book 1)
  • Author: Horst Christian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Based on a true story.Spring 1948 It s been three years since the fall of Berlin and the end of the war for Germany, but a new war fraught with political and military tension is gripping the world A silent and deadly war that will last for decades and Harold Kellner finds himself smack in the middle of it in cold war Russia Born in Germany in 1930, Harold Kellner wasBased on a true story.Spring 1948 It s been three years since the fall of Berlin and the end of the war for Germany, but a new war fraught with political and military tension is gripping the world A silent and deadly war that will last for decades and Harold Kellner finds himself smack in the middle of it in cold war Russia Born in Germany in 1930, Harold Kellner was raised on Nazi propaganda and like all German boys his age, was forced to become a part of Hitler s war machine As the war raged on and the tides turned, Harold and his best friend, Karl Veth, became disillusioned with Hitler and his war and their loyalty to the Fatherland waned At fourteen years old, they saw no reason to fight to the death and planned a strategy to survive They narrowly escaped death as Berlin fell and were eventually arrested by a Russian Political Kommissar who planned to use them for his own gains They carried out secret missions for the Kommissar and over time he was not only impressed by their intelligence and resourcefulness he developed a fondness for them as well When Harold s dream of being reunited with his family was shattered, he accepted an offer by the Kommissar to be adopted and become his prot g.When Harold accepted the offer to be adopted, he knew of the Kommissar s political ambitions and that he would be expected to continue conducting clandestine operations for him In the Spring of 1948, Harold is sent on a number of missions that not only pull him deeper into the world of Soviet intelligence, but also involve eliminating one of the Kommissar s political rivals Armed with KGB credentials, his life is becoming dangerous than it was during the war in Germany.Adept at learning new languages, Harold is sent to stay with a Swiss banker and his family between missions to further his language studies The Kommissar has plans to infiltrate Stalin s ranks by sending Harold in as a translator, but Harold begins to develop plans of his own Languages are not the only thing Harold is learning during his time with the Swiss banker as he begins to understand how the political and financial worlds truly operate There are secrets the banker is willing to share with the prot g of a Russian Political Kommissar.Author s Note Harold Kellner s story began in the Degree series He was the best friend of Karl Veth, the main character in the books After World War II ended, their lives took off in two completely different directions Postwar Drifter is the first book in The Kellner Chronicles, a new series based on Harold s life And, as with Karl s story in the Degree books, The Kellner Chronicles are based on a true story Recommended reading order Children To A Degree Book 1Loyal To A Degree Book 2Trust To A Degree Book 3Partners To A Degree Book 4Postwar Drifter The Kellner Chronicles Book 1

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Another AMAZING Read!Horst Christian has done it again! This story chronicles the life and adventures of Harold Kellner, a Berlin teen after the conclusion of WWII. Harold accepts an offer of a Soviet KGB officer as a protege and continues his education at a military academy in Moscow. Harold has a knack for languages, as he becomes fluent in Russian and English. He is sent to Switzerland to continue his studies of foreign languages and to do missions for the Kommissar that has adopted him.An in [...]

I loved his other books but one was missing a bit. I loved the story's amazing what a 17 year old went through post WWII but the writing style was lacking. Hard to review this for me. Harold was/is a brilliant kid and what he did was beyond what any other 17 year old would do. But the writing was choppy and it was enough at times to stop my reading and have to reread.

Insight into developments of the relationship between Soviets and the USAs a first generation American, these books help explain the postwar history of my mother who, like many who came of age in WWII Germany preferred to remain silent.

Another great instalment by Mr. Christian I enjoyed the continuation of Harold's Story. If you read this don't forget to read Children to a Degree, Loyalty to a degree, and Partners to a degree first.

I have really liked all of this author's books.

GreatThis was a pretty good quick read. I enjoyed it. If you like historical WWII fiction, you'll enjoy this book. Some violence, but not distracting.

Wonderful seriesI have followed Harold and Karl from the beginning. I find their experiences riveting and enlightening. Their reactions to the war and postwar situations put me back in time. I especially enjoy the reactions to American and west European customs and riches. This is true of all of the books in the series. This book continues the story of Harold in his fascinating experience with Russian intrigue. I can't wait for the next book.

I have enjoyed all of the books Horst has written. This latest installment provided a different insight to the time immediately following the fall of Berlin, and the actions taken by Russia. Found it fascinating and it's driven me to research that time even more.

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