An Isolated Incident

Susan R. Sloan

An Isolated Incident

An Isolated Incident

  • Title: An Isolated Incident
  • Author: Susan R. Sloan
  • ISBN: 9780446519489
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover

In her blockbuster first novel, Guilt by Association, Susan R Sloan not only penned a story filled with suspense and psychological insight, but, through the telling of one woman s searing personal odyssey, dramatised one of the most important social issues on the American scene Now, in her latest work, Sloan again jolts readers with her inimitable sense of suspense to exIn her blockbuster first novel, Guilt by Association, Susan R Sloan not only penned a story filled with suspense and psychological insight, but, through the telling of one woman s searing personal odyssey, dramatised one of the most important social issues on the American scene Now, in her latest work, Sloan again jolts readers with her inimitable sense of suspense to expose the vulnerable heart of the American psycheWith its towering evergreens and breathtaking mountain views, Seward Island is a lovely, quiet community in the heart of Puget Sound But while a rustic sign welcomes travellers with the motto A good place to visit a great place to raise a family, Seward has suffered an inexplicable tragedy A fifteen year old girl from the Island s most prominent family has been found brutally slain.It is a case that turns Seward into a place of suspicion, innuendo, rumour, and fear And it is a case that will start longtime resident Ginger Earley, a young, earnest detective, on a complex journey that will challenge her professionalism and her conscience.For Ginger and the police department, led by Ruben Martinez a battle weary, Mexican born chief, the murder is baffling and frustrating After months of exploring the life and death of Tara Breckenridge, Ginger and Ruben finally get what they need most a suspect He is an outspoken, liberal high school teacher who came to Seward from the East He is also and this is rare for Seward a Jew.While building the case against Jerry Frankel, Ginger begins a relationship with Ruben that is at once forbidden and exhilarating And as her personal life collides with her job as a detective, Ginger begins to have serious doubts about the work she is doing on the Breckenridge murder Is she the heroine of Seward Island or part of a terrible rush to judgement What is important to follow the explicit and implicit rules of a police officer or to obey the dictates of conscience she feels as a human being And when and how does a community gather so much momentum against one man that the truth can be totally obscured AN ISOLATED INCIDENT is a story of secrets within families, relationships, and communities It is a story of prejudice, blindness, and the kind of evil that honest men and women help, unwittingly, to protect A novel of depth and insight, this extraordinary achievement from former trial lawyer Susan R Sloan captivates and challenges from its very first page, and doesn t let go until its shocking end.

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Awesome!! Kept me guessing until the last page. Really gripping reading!

Excellent book kept me hooked from the first chapter till the end. I had a hard time putting this book downwas up a couple of night till 2am. reading it. If you love a great mystery/crime book you have to give the book a read.iles.

On an island with a small population of 12,000, 14 year old Tara's body is found in the dumpster. The start of a serial killer's rampage or an isolated incident???This is one of the better murder mystery novels I have read in a while.

An Isolated Incident. Susan R Sloan. 1998. Warner Books. 470 pages. ISBN 0446606456.An Isolated Incident falls into its own unique category, adding a spice of literary content to its fictional and suspense elements. The novel explores racism and discrimination of inhabitants on a small island off the Washington coast after the teenage daughter of a prominent banker is murdered.An Isolated Incident begins with the murder of Tara Breckenridge, and soon introduces us to detective Ginger Earley, pol [...]

On a small island in Puget Sound, a 15-year-old girl, daughter of one of the area's prominent families, is stabbed to death. Suspicion falls on a high school history teacher, Jewish, who had tutored and befriended her. Did I mention he was Jewish? Jewish, he was.Everything in this book is just a little bit off. At no point did I think to myself: "That's exactly how 15-year old girls talk: like 55-year olds. This is how neo-Nazis would hold meetings. This man would likely burst into Yiddish right [...]

Not only a great thriller/mystery, but a chilling look at how insular a small community can become, looking at "us" and "them." People can sneer and say that these sorts of things don't really happen, but I grew up in a town just like this and it is true - if someone with darker skin, or the "wrong" religion showed up, they were an outsider and not accepted and treated with suspicion. Ms. Sloan showed how difficult it was for the few sympathetic townsfolk to stand up for the "outsiders," as well [...]

The vicious murder of a 15-year-old girl shakes the residents of Seward Island, Washington to their very souls. The victim is wealthy, beautiful, and of the sweetest disposition imaginable, and absolutely no one in the tranquil community of Seward Island can imagine the lovely teenager has any enemies who would do her any harm. As the police begin the arduous search for suspects, the murder takes the people of Seward Island somewhere else: into the realm of their darkest prejudices and worst fea [...]

I really like this author and started loving this suspenseful detective book. Unfortunately, I hated the ending and felt like the book was incomplete. I read the whole book looking for closure and it never happened

Susan Sloan is not well known, but does an excellent mystery. Try her.

Interesting book about a close knit community with it's first murder. Had everything-bigotry-small mindness-judging the victim-prejudging the suspect. It did tend to drag in a few places.

I am of two minds about this book. I liked the fact that the author took her time to build the story and present the dynamics of a small isolated town. The downside for me was that I think she rushed the end. She presents the killer and then the book ends leaving various situations unresolved after having spent over 400 pages setting up the story. It is a reasonable thriller with a good presentation of life in small insulated community but I was disappointed in how the book ended, it felt too ab [...]

(c)1998 Crime. Suspense. Set on a small island where everyone seems to know everyone and murder is something that is so unexpected. Fingers are pointed and family and friends become divided after a 15 year old female is murdered. Just when you as the reader think you know who the killer is new evidence comes along. The ending will really take you by surprise.

Absolutely Awesome, +++++ This book definitely keeps you guessing till the end and what a Shocker!!!

While the criminal case and following manhunt are truly suspenseful, almost even more exciting was it to see how the public opinion - cleverly displayed through letters to the editor of the local newspaper - was formed, changed, and finally closed in on a suspect over the course of time. Another reviewer of this book finds it very unlikely that there is a community that would behave like the ppl on Seward Island portrayed here. I do believe that something like this can happen anytime, in any com [...]

Inhoud:Op Seward Island in de staat Washington wordt de 15-jarige Tara gevonden. Ze is om het leven gebracht door talloze messteken. Tara is de dochter van een vooraanstaande zakenman. Ze was geliefd, maar als blijkt dat ze zwanger was, is de schok voor haar ouders en de eilandbewoners nog groter.De grote vraag is wie begaat zo'n monsterlijke misdaad en is het een van henzelf? De plaatselijke politiechef Ruben Martinez en zijn vrouwelijke collega Ginger doen er alles aan om snel resultaat te boe [...]

I only picked this book up because it takes place in Washington on an island in the Sound. I didn't think I would get into it cause its a murder mystery and I usually don't read that kind of thing. I was wrong, this book kept me glued to it and I finished it within a couple of days. It was very exciting and as soon as you think you have it figured out, something changes the way you were thinking. I did see one part of the end coming but the final reveal was a shocker. It made me so made at one p [...]

I had really wanted to read this book for a while. I love a good mystery and also used to live in the Northwest. I found it very amateurish and definitely not for a reader with any degree of sophistication. The identity of the killer was so completely obvious in the first 30 pages that I actually thought I had been tossed a red herring and waited for a stunning plot twist (which never came)! The characters were one dimensional and cartoonish. Stereotypes abounded throughout the book. I also didn [...]

on an isolated state of WA island a first ever murder of a pregnant teenager from wealthy parents occurs; naturally, what appears to be an “open/shut case” is not (definitely not). I found myself reading this halfway thru the night or going to bed on time then reading for an hour midway through the night: that should be all you need to know about this books intensity. 1998 hardback via Madison County Public Library, Berea, based on my spouse recommendation (she volunteers at the…Library); [...]

This is a story of a young girl that is murdered on a small island and the affects that is on the whole community. I found the story to be true to life in the way people react with prejudice and suspicion against neighbors that they once called friends. A crime like things can bring out the worst and people and those are the traits that are highlighted in this story. Although most of the characters are very unlikeable for their thoughts and actions, there are some genuinely nice characters as we [...]

Ed Asner did a great job on this book. Young boy, a 30 year old woman, father, older man - he did them all really well. I had the villains narrowed down to two and ended up picking the wrong one. As the book finishes, you know that there's still a DNA test to come so maybe the villain doesn't get away with it and hopefully the person who saw him at the end stops him. Cryptic but I don't want to give it away.

I'm really enjoying Ms. Sloan's books. Just like Guilt by Association, there was quite a twist at the end. After reading her debut, I knew what to expect, and knew who the perp was in the opening chapters. I have a horrible habit of looking ahead once I've made my guess at the outcome. I almost put the book down after reading that I was correct, but I'm so glad that I didn't. The storyline carries you quickly to the end. Set aside a nice chunk of time to read this in as few sittings as possible. [...]

I believe that the reason that I loved this book so much was not because of it's literary value (although it WAS good), but because of what it teaches us about ourselves. Every one of us has the capacity to make judgements on others, no matter how detrimental those judgements might be. Our actions can have a huge impact on others, but most of the time we are so wrapped up on our own personal "philosophy" that nothing else matters. But we are wrong. This book presents the most elequent reason for [...]

Abridged and read by Ed Asner.Great story, a good abridgement, and Ed Asner does a fabulous job as the narrator (like that is any surprise!) The murder of a well liked local teen from a prominent family shakes up close knit Seward Island. The police chief and new detective recently returned to her home town begin a romantic relationship as the circumstantial evidence piles up against a well liked history teacher. Lots of interesting, suspicious characters and lots of suspense. At only 3 hours lo [...]

This was a fairly good murder mystery with enough going on to keep up the interest. I really liked the sheriff. I thought the romance was a bit contrived. I thought the addition of Nazis along with the anti-Semitic activities and attitudes to be a bit much. There was an awful lot of coincidences in the story, and I'm not sure why the real perpetrator was never really looked at seriously. I'd probably give the author another try, but I would expect more.

I don't generally read mystery novels but this one had my attention from the beginning. It has a little bit of everything, mystery, romance, and social aspects of a small town. Although, the town as a whole seems to be very unlikeable, they still manage pull out emotions from you. There were times I found myself yelling at these fictional people. As for the mystery, I kept guessing all the way through to the very last sentence, then I yelled some more.

Good character development and suspenseful but a bit lengthy 3/4's the way through the novel. Tragic developments along the way. I guessed who it was very early on in the book and was furious upon completion of the book. Good 'ole boy network, no matter how disgusting and vile, is alive and well. Ugh!!

On a trendy, close knit fictional island about a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle, the body of a popular teenage girl is found in a dumpster. Ginger Early is a native of the island and a member of the small police force. Ruben Martinez is the police chief. Together they discover how this tiny island's community came to suffer this tragedy.

My all time favorite book! So much so that I have read it twice and listened to it on audio cd. Love the suspense and the love story that is very different from most other love stories. Was fascinated by the author's depiction of how easily good people can do bad things for good reasons and how easily we are blinded by our own sense of right and wrong.

This was a great book! The twists and turns kept you going right up until the last sentence. I was kept guessing at the "who dunnit" :) the story contained some typical characters but not so typical that they took away from the story. The sub plot of racism in a tiny community was poignent yets not overpowering throughtout. I'll look for more of this author.

I remember being slight disappointed that this book did not wrap everything up nicely, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I was in Jr. High than anything else. However, a decade later I remember quite a bit of it and parts have stuck with me, so there had to have been something to it.

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