The Murder Game

Julie Apple Catherine McKenzie

The Murder Game

The Murder Game

  • Title: The Murder Game
  • Author: Julie Apple Catherine McKenzie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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For fans of The Secret History and How to Get Away With Murder comes an exciting new voice in suspense fiction.Ten years working as a prosecutor have left Meredith Delay jaded and unsure of what she wants out of life She s good at her job, but it haunts her Her boyfriend wants her to commit, but she keeps him at arm s length Then Meredith is assigned to a high profile pFor fans of The Secret History and How to Get Away With Murder comes an exciting new voice in suspense fiction.Ten years working as a prosecutor have left Meredith Delay jaded and unsure of what she wants out of life She s good at her job, but it haunts her Her boyfriend wants her to commit, but she keeps him at arm s length Then Meredith is assigned to a high profile prosecution involving the violent murder of a fallen hockey star At first, it appears to be just another case to work But when her old friend Julian is accused of the murder, it takes on a whole new dimension.Meredith, Julian, Jonathan, and Lily were a tight knit group in law school But now, Jonathan s defending Julian, and Lily s loyalties aren t clear And when Julian invokes a rare and risky defense, Meredith is forced to confront their past.Has something they played at as students finally been brought to death

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3.5 starsI had no idea when I started Fractured how addicting it would turn out to be or its connection to The Murder Game. In that story, Julie Apple is the bestselling author of THE MURDER GAME, a book that changed her entire life. A book that earned her a stalker and was rumored to be based on real events that took place when Julie was in law school. How clever that THE MURDER GAME is an actual book written by Catherine McKenzie and being released under the pen name of Julie Apple? Talk about [...]

Some novels work because of the pleasure of reading about the familiar. I'm not sure I would have liked The Murder Game as much if it wasn't set in Montreal depicting a group of former McGill law students. My childhood city, my alma mater and a familiar profession -- they all drew me in. Of course, it's not just the setting -- Julie Apple aka Catherine MacKenzie has written a tight very readable legal mystery/courtroom drama. The story is narrated by Meredith, going back and forth in time betwee [...]

On Sale NowI first met Julie Apple on the slopes of Mount Adams, one of Cincinnati’s seven hills.  Of course this was long after she had written The Murder Game, her best selling novel.In fact Julie is the main protagonist in Catherine McKenzie’s novel Fractured.  What a clever way to introduce a new book.I have to say I loved Fractured and was totally gripped, furiously turning the pages, glued to the words, anxiously awaiting  that final denouement.  Needless to say then,  that  I we [...]

This was a fun one! “One of these things is not like the other,” Julian McCarthy jokes to Meredith Delay as she introduces herself to her law school orientation group at McGill University in Montreal in 1995. This statement describes Meredith to a tee. She slowly integrates her way into Julian’s tight knit group of friends that consists of his best friend, Jonathan, and girlfriend, Lily. Although she rounds out their group to make it a foursome, Meredith is often at the edge of the group, [...]

I highly recommend it!

The Murder Game was written by Catherine McKenzie under the pseudonym of Julie Apple. Julie Apple is actually McKenzie's protagonist in Fractured, a totally gripping novel released last month, which is definitely worth reading. But these can be read independently. Having thoroughly enjoyed Fractured, I was really looking forward to this, and I actually ended up reading this in one sitting yesterday. So this is the story of 4 law students who meet at McGill University in Montreal in 1995. Julian, [...]

Meredith Delay has been working as a prosecutor for the past ten years. She's hard working and her life revolves around her work while her personal life has been a bit up in the air. When a high profile case crosses Meredith's desk she's in a bit of a shock to see that the defendant is an old law school friend of hers, Julian, and he's been accused of murder with a very rare and risky defense. Not only is the defendant an old friend but he is being represented by Meredith's ex-boyfriend, Jonatho [...]

3.5 starsI did it! I read the book written by a character in a book (that's so Inception!). That alone is reason enough for me to recommend The Murder Game. I only recommend that you first read Catherine McKenzie's Fractured. One of the main characters in Fractured is Julie Apple, the author of this book. And throughout the book people are constantly amazed and horrified of her imagination after reading her novel. So, she is constantly compared to the main character in Murder Game, Meredith.Ten [...]

ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Lawsome Books in exchange for an honest review.The blurb for this book really captured my interest and I was super excited to read this once I found out it was written by Catherine McKenzie, as Julie Apple. Catherine is a favourite go-to author of mine. I had the pleasure of reading Fractured in August and adored the story of neighbours, Julie and John. I didn’t make the connection between the character Julie from Fractured until I opened [...]

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher (and the wonderful Catherine McKenzie) for the free electronic ARC of this novel, received in exchange for an honest review. “The Murder Game” is a legal drama written by Catherine McKenzie, under the pseudonym of Julie Apple. Apple, for those of you familiar with McKenzie’s other works, is the protagonist in McKenzie’s novel, “Fractured”, due out in October. (See my review here: /review/show )So essentially, McKenzie wrote a book called “Fract [...]

By and large, I enjoyed this book. Now that I'm finished, though, I'm having a heck of a time coming to terms with what I read - but I'll give it the old college try. College, in fact, is a good place to start; that's where the four main characters - Meredith, Lilly, Jonathan and Julian - met as law students at McGill University in Toronto in the mid-1990s. Ten years later, they've graduated and, for the most part, have all grown up.Now a prosecuting attorney, Meredith gets assigned to a grisly [...]

The Murder Game written by Catherine McKenzie under the pseudonym of Julie Apple, is part legal thriller, part legal thriller. Julie Apple is actually McKenzie's protagonist in Fractured. I would suggest you read Fractured first. Having thoroughly enjoyed Fractured, I was anxious to read this book. The concept is brilliant! A perfect Planned MurderThis is the story of four law students who meet at McGill University in Montreal in 1995. (Julian, Lily, Jonathan grew up together and Meredith, Jonat [...]

The Murder Game is a legal/thriller novel written over ten years ago by Catherine McKenzie. Although it remained unpublished for all of those years, the book itself was featured in Catherine McKenzie's 2016 novel: Fractured and inspired much of the storyline. Shortly after the release of Fractured, Catherine McKenzie self-published The Murder Game under the pen name: Julie Apple (who was noted as the book's author in Fractured). If you are not familiar with either of these novels, I'm sure this [...]

First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Catherine McKenzie (writing as Julie Apple), and Lawsome Books for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.With Catherine McKenzie already having garnered much success in her literary career, she chose to put a spin on this story, writing under a pseudonym whose importance comes from another of her recent novels, Fractured. Julie Apple pens the story of protagonist Meredith Delay, a successful Crow [...]

I really enjoyed Fractured, written by Catherine Mackenzie. It’s a book about a bestselling author forced to move her family halfway across country to escape a stalker. In Fractured, Mackenzie goes into a fair amount of detail about the bestselling mystery, called The Murder Game. The entire time I was reading the book I kept thinking what a shame that The Murder Game wasn't an actual book. Well, it is. Turns out Mackenzie wrote The Murder Game first and then used it as the basis for the bests [...]

This novel is written by Catherine McKenzie who is writing under the pseudonym of Julie Apple who featured as a character in her book Fractured. The Murder Game is a courtroom drama that is a lighter than a typical John Grisham novel but nevertheless an entertaining read.The main character in the novel is Meredith Daley who after ten years working as a prosecutor have left her feeling tired and unsure what she wants from life. She is assigned to a high profile prosecution case that features the [...]

3.75 Stars - Netgalley Copy.

My first novel excited for you to meet it!Read the except on my blog and tell me what you think!

3.5 starsThe Murder Game is a companion novel to Catherine McKenzie’s excellent and highly-recommended Fractured. I am glad that I read Fractured first because, if I had read The Murder Game first, I may have passed on Fractured. While The Murder Game is a good read, it is not as accomplished or addicting as its predecessor. In Fractured, the central character, Julie (Apple) Prentice, has written a best-selling book (The Book as she refers to it) called The Murder Game, and has had to move her [...]

This review was done by KissinBlueKarenThis is such a fun idea! This book is written by the main character in Catherine McKenzie’s book Fractured. THE MURDER GAME is semi fictional account of a woman in law school and then ten years later that same woman called to prosecute a man she used to know. The defense attorney is her ex lover, the man accused is her ex lover’s best friend. In dual timelines we learn how Meredith knew Julian, the man who is now accused of murder. This story is semi fi [...]

The Murder Game is by Catherine McKenzie writing as Julie Apple, who is the protagonist in Catherine McKenzie's book Fractured.I really enjoyed Fractured and definitely recommend that you read it prior to The Murder Game, even though both books can stand alone. I didn't enjoy The Murder Game quite as much as Fractured. However, it is a quick read and I did like the premise. Putting aside some disbelief about the way a few things take place in this book, what bothered me was that I really didn't [...]

The Murder Game, written by Catherine McKenzie under the pseudonym Julie Apple, is based on the possibility of a perfect murder and inspired by the experiences of the author at McGill Law Faculty. This is quite a controversial topic but the moral dilemma is not addressed in the novel at all.We know from the very beginning who the murderer is and as the plot unfolds we learn the motive. The book also focuses on the relationships of a group of friends attending law school and the romantic affair b [...]

Julie Apple(AKA Catherine McKenzie)returns followingFractured(2016) where we met Julie Apple, with her bestselling novel--now featured in the clever twisty THE MURDER GAME,part legal drama, part thriller, and a perfect murder plan resurfaced. Confused? Don’t be. First, readFracturedthen circle back around and enjoy, TMG. EW"Why Fractured author Catherine McKenzie wrote an entire book within a book." Four friendsmake their way through law school, in the mid- nineties, learning the ins and outs [...]

Loved it!! When I first got The Murder Game from NetGalley, I had no idea that Catherine McKenzie was the author using the pseudonym of Julie Apple. Then I read Ms. McKenzie's book Fractured where the protagonist's name is Julie Apple and had written a book called The Murder Game. That's when it hit me that the two books were connected. I have to say that I think Ms. McKenzie came up with a brilliant idea to tie these two books together. The Murder Game really held my interest right from the beg [...]

The Murder Game by Julie AppleFour friends who are in law school together plan the perfect murder. Fast forward into the year 2007, Meredith is the lead prosecutor in a high profile murder case. She tells Charles her boss that she should withdraw from prosecuting Julian because he was one of her best friends in law school. Her on again, off again former boyfriend is the defense attorney.It is clearly a conflict of interest for Meredith.How does Lily, Julian's girlfriend fit in to all of this?The [...]

Let me start by saying that the premise behind this book is extremely fascinating! This book was written by Julie Apple, which is not just a pseudonym for Catherine McKenzie; Julie Apple is also a protagonist in Catherine's newest novel, Fractured. In the book Fractured, Julie is a writer who has written a best-seller titled The Murder Game, and this is the book she wrote! The Murder Game is a compelling crime novel about a group of lawyers who, as law students, try to devise a plan to literally [...]

So here is the thing. Catherine McKenzie wrote a book called Fractured. In Fractured the main protagonist Julie is in trouble because of a book she has written. That book is The Murder Game. So this book is a book from another book.You've got to love that.And also its a great story. Take a group of law students, friends, randomly tangled in relationships, learning criminal law and eventually moving on to various careers within that. Fast forward to a few years later, the friendships now somewhat [...]

Meredith Delaney is a Crown Prosecutor who has been assigned the murder case of well-known hockey player but the suspect is her old friend from college Julian. Defending the suspect is her on and off ex-boyfriend from law school Jonathan. Meredith, Jonathan , Lilly and Julian were a tight close knit group in law school. The book has alternating timelines from the present with Meredith fighting the case to the past where the group met for the first time.This is good legal drama story especially f [...]

I read Fractured after I won it from Good Reads. I thought it was clever and well written and gave it four stars. The main character in that book is an author, and The Murder Game is the book she wrote. I thought releasing this under the name of Julie Apple was a really neat idea and was excited to read it. I couldn't put it down once I started. They are very different books but both impressive. Prosecutor Meredith Delay is a bit of a workaholic. It's pretty much all she has. She keeps the man s [...]

Meredith Delay is a prosecutor. When she is asked to assigned to the murder case of a former hockey-player she is shocked to learn that the murderer is an old friend from law school. Julian has a history of extreme sleep walking. He does a lot of strange things then and he got even violent occasionally. And that’s how he committed the murder. He drove to this house, found an unlocked door, got inside, took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the sleeping man. Then he woke up and called to pol [...]

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