Darkest Knight

Cynthia Luhrs

Darkest Knight

Darkest Knight

  • Title: Darkest Knight
  • Author: Cynthia Luhrs
  • ISBN: 9781523695102
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback

A dark and stormy knightNo really It was stormingd rather dark in the Tower An unexpected trip to London was supposed to be the perfect distraction from Anna s stress filled life Minding her own business, drooling over so many jewels, Anna Waters winds up hopelessly lost and finds herself locked in the infamous tower Who knew an antique locket would lead her toA dark and stormy knightNo really It was stormingd rather dark in the Tower An unexpected trip to London was supposed to be the perfect distraction from Anna s stress filled life Minding her own business, drooling over so many jewels, Anna Waters winds up hopelessly lost and finds herself locked in the infamous tower Who knew an antique locket would lead her to a knight with a heart buried underneath thirty feet of stone Searching for a way out, she stumbles over an antique locket with half the picture missing Lightning strikes and when Anna wakese s still in the Tower of London700 years in the past She crossed an ocean of time for him Can she save them both before it s too late John Thornton almost lost his head and saw his family ruined all because of a woman Presumed dead, he became the infamous bandit of the wood Captured and awaiting execution in the Tower of London, a strange woman appears out of the darkness As they flee across England, John finds himself chipping away at the stone surrounding his heart And longing for a life with his mysterious rescuer No matter the cost.

Recent Comments "Darkest Knight"

The Medieval Era is a favorite time of mine. Thus, by choosing Cynthis Luhrs’ Darkest Knight (Thornton Brothers Time Travel #1), I was able to experience living during Medieval Period in England, one of my very favorite places. I met the Thornton brothers who I would very definitely like to be my friends. The author used some special twists to draw in the reader. What first grabbed me was where the story started - The Tower of London which I have seen about 5 times. I love going there. Anna, t [...]

John Thornton, is Lord Blackmoor and also known as The Bandit in the Woods, currently locked up in The Tower of London awaiting his death. John was betrayed by one of his own but won't let that stop him from repaying the betrayal in return. Anna Waters is taking her first vacation in five years to London. Anna is visiting famous tourist attractions such as The Tower of London. She gets hopelessly lost on her way out of The Tower of London. She finds a locket with a partial portrait in it while a [...]

This is a spin off from the Merriweather Sisters Time Travel series where we first met John as the Bandit. I liked him then, love him now! As usual in all of Cynthia Luhrs' books the men are hot and incredibly caring and the women are strong and feisty.The characters are well written, consistent and very likable. If I'm being picky there wasn't quite as much historical information in this book but little references that reminded me of the books before added to it. Although this is perfectly fine [...]

** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**'Darkest Knight' pulled me in from the beginning and didn't let go. I've been hooked on the historical time travel romance genre from the first book I read, 'A Knight to Remember' from 'A Merriweather Sisters Time Travel Series'. The storyline was well written and well thought out. The story was creative and full of descriptive scenery. The characters were great. Anna was fun. She was headstrong and feisty. John was a hot [...]

Absolutely wonderful!!!! I couldnt put it down!!!Held me captive to its pages from beginning to end! I love time travel romance and she always delivers a great, unforgettable story!

Who wouldn't want a Thornton brother after reading this book?! Highly entertaining & fast paced! I love all the characters & the time travel! These books are so addicting!

I finished the Merriweather sisters trilogy and charged right ahead with the Thornton brothers series,curious to read John Thornton's story. This book I would rate 2.5 and round it up to 3. Initially, it was refreshing to have a female lead who wasn't an . However, she seemed to have no talents at all. Even her sense of direction turned out to be untrue. Anna's self esteem was low and constantly talked about in Anna's self talk. Her looks were put down by others and by herself. It was all a cons [...]

I was so excited to start a new series with a lot of time traveling. It started OK-ish. Few chapters (5) in the story the heroine was not yet in the past but roaming the London tower. Once in the past I was excited for Anna to meet John and thenh. It was like boy meets girl but they are 5.John a the successor of Robin Hood and Anna, well, a woman. It felt like I am reading a disjointed full of wholes story.In the romance department, well, there was no romance. Both characters barely spent time t [...]

New Series of Only child Time-travelersCynthia really avoided boring her readers to death with this book as the first installment to the the Thornton brothers series that featured only child as the main female love interests. It's got a fresh start. Different from how the previous series started with all of the ladies found somewhere in the middle of the road without a chaperone. (view spoiler)[This time, the author brings Anna in the SAME room as the much awaited knight, John Thornton.(hide spo [...]

Must ReadCynthia writes great historical time travel books, great suspense and characters you will fall in love with. Start with the Merryweather sisters books first you will love them

The story-telling feels quite rushed. There could have been a lot more said and done. They seem to be in such a hurry to get to the end.

Great Story As always Cynthia Luhrs did not dipping with an other great Time Travel Romance . Thank you for the enjoyment of reading your Books.

This amazing book which spins of Merriweather Sister Time Travels series. I loved this most wonderful time enjoying it. This book, The Darkest Knight follows these books to make there own Thornton Brother books.In this book we meet Anna, who visits London from her home town in America. She arrives to do a tour of the Tower of London in these current time. Her tour group heads off leaving her behind in the dark to last a night alone and scared.I'm just so looking forward to enjoy this novel. I lo [...]

Started off greatI loved the synopsis, and couldn't wait to dive in. I love how the story started out and truly loved every minute of it for awhile. However, after awhile the story felt disjointed. I felt like I was missing pieces to the story, and I never felt a connection in the romance department. The author never let's the reader fully experience the couple together in flirty or romantic ways. Heck, at one point he had no idea she was missing for a full week from his castle. Anyway- the read [...]

Darkest KnightFive starsLove the series cannot wait for the next installment. Not sensual but romantic. Lots of Action, good connection regarding family.

A lovely read some exciting parts and good characters. If you liked the merryweather sisters series then you will like this series too.

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