Very Married: Field Notes on Love and Fidelity

Katherine Willis Pershey

Very Married: Field Notes on Love and Fidelity

Very Married: Field Notes on Love and Fidelity

  • Title: Very Married: Field Notes on Love and Fidelity
  • Author: Katherine Willis Pershey
  • ISBN: 9781513800172
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback

Katherine Willis Pershey has never slept with the mailman or kissed an ex boyfriend Good thing, since she s married But simply not committing adultery does not give you the keys to happily ever after, as Pershey has come to find out in her own marriage and in her work as a pastor What is this sacred covenant that binds one person to another, and what elements of faithKatherine Willis Pershey has never slept with the mailman or kissed an ex boyfriend Good thing, since she s married But simply not committing adultery does not give you the keys to happily ever after, as Pershey has come to find out in her own marriage and in her work as a pastor What is this sacred covenant that binds one person to another, and what elements of faith and fidelity sustain it In Very Married Field Notes on Love and Fidelity, Pershey opens the book on all things marital With equal parts humor and intelligence, Pershey speaks frankly about the challenges and consolations of modern marriage As she shares her own tales of bliss and blunder, temptation and deliverance, Pershey invites readers to commit once again to the joyful and difficult work of cherishing another person For better or worse For life.

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Any book that can pull together quotes from the Gospels, Brene Brown, and Mindy Kaling while making beautiful points about the joy and insanity of marriage and life together is well worth the time to read. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to take an honest, yet grace-filled look at marriage. Read it. Then read it again. It's that good!

I received an early copy of this in exchange for an honest review! I will honestly tell you that my sister is an exceedingly good writer : ) It's out everywhere now, too, so you can go get your hands on a copy as well. This book tackles the bits of marriage that many don't speak about in memoir: how simultaneously rewarding and challenging it is to stay very married, just like Audrey Hepburn dreamed of. A dangerous crush, the stresses of parenting well, the little snits over peanut butter—she [...]

As a pastor, I oftenly look for books to read to strengthen my understanding of marriage both for my own relationship and in guiding others. I enjoyed Very Married by Katherine Willis Pershey. Pershey writes in a very open and honest manner about her insights, experiences and understanding of marriage. While some books on marriage focus most on one factor or another i.e. communication, conflict resolution etc; Pershey incorporates and intersperses many different aspects of marriage into this wor [...]

"The hallmark of a healthy relationship is kindness. Practicing kindness isn't easy at all. It's work. It's hard work. It's listening when you don't feel like listening. It's compromising when you'd really rather have your way. It's relentlessly considering the well-being and desires of someone other than yourself and resisting the inherent impulse we human beings have toward selfishness."

All the blurbs on the cover of the book are right - this is a challenging, refreshing, encouraging reflection on what marriage is and what it can be. I am particularly grateful for her chapter about her decisions about sexuality before and after marriage. I

Such an honest and beautiful book about marriage, both its joys and struggles, from the gentle Christian perspective of a pastor who's "been there."

There are those who say that marriage is an archaic institution. While it is true that people are delaying marriage and divorce is commonplace, at least for a goodly number of people marriage remains an important, even sacred, institution. In many ways the push to legalize same-gender marriage bears witness to this embrace of marriage as a social, even human, good. There are numerous books on the market that speak of marriage. I've written my own, a bible study guide titled Marriage in Interesti [...]

PopSugar '16 #13--Self improvement book (stretching for this one)***based on an ARC; final printing may be slightly different. I'm very much enjoying this book right now. When the book was given to me, I thought it was a marriage advice book, which is sort of what I was looking for. My marriage is good, nearly 16 years strong, and has weathered some rough waters, but as we enter new phases in parenting, I thought it would be good to sort of do a check-in. What ways could we connect with each oth [...]

This is the best book on marriage I have ever read, and I have read quite a few in my twenty years of married life. I want to give Very Married to newly engaged couples, and I feel sure that even those with decades of fidelity behind them would be encouraged and refreshed by the honest wisdom of this friendly and engaging book. By sharing (but never oversharing) the story of her own marriage and the stories of other marriages she has witnessed in her work as a clergywoman, Pershey accomplishes s [...]

Honest, Candid, Real. These are only some of the adjectives that I would use to describe Katherine Willis Pershey's book. In her poetic prose, she guides us vulnerably through the intricacies of life together, the challenges and opportunities that come from living in and through an institution such as marriage.Unlike many religious leaders, she wades through the waters in humility, honesty, and openness. She does not claim perfection instead she invites us to think deeply about what marriage mea [...]

Note: I received an e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.Katherine Willis Pershey describes herself as an "apologist for marriage" writes about marriage and fidelity from many angles: difficult times, the goodness of family life, the loveliness and the challenges of marital intimacy, the temptation of infidelity, the good and the bad of divorce, life with in-laws, learning to live together well, and what marriage looks like as a lifelong commitment. She writes in detail about h [...]

I'm sure you can already tell by reading the title, but this book is a beautiful affirmation of marriage. Not just the author's marriage, but marriage as a concept, as an institution, as a way of life. One of my favorite quotes is something she repeats in various forms throughout the book: "There's no shame in needing a covenant to live." The first time she mentions this concept of the importance of the covenant-ness of marriage is when she's recounting a "what if" conversation she and her husba [...]

"Very Married" is the kind of intimate memoir that may have a reader squirming at times -- but this is why it will be helpful to many. Pershey describes her intimate marital experiences, which are common to many marriages, especially when one or both partners have been raised in the church. There are scriptural considerations woven into the text, so chapters could be good springboards for discussion, especially with newlywed couples. It is a beautifully written book (marred only by a certain coy [...]

Written in an engaging and relatable first person format, Willis Pershey is once again at her best with this book that delves into the ups and downs of marriage. While offering her perspective, she is never judgmental or restricting. Rather, this book offers a distinctly Christian vision for marriage that is both realistic and joyful. Weaving her masterful prose (that was already established in her first book, Any Day a Beautiful Change) with pastoral wisdom, Willis Pershey has given us a gift o [...]

For a pastor counseling the soon-to-be-married, the newly-married, the long-time-troubled, and the very-married, this book is a breath of fresh air and a wealth of ideas and theological insights. For a wife (and mother of small children), it's a relief to read something so beautifully and poignantly written on the side of fidelity. I'm inspired and renewed and immediately want to read it again. Thank you!

Easily 4.5. One of the best books on marriage I've read; Pershey's considers marriage through the narrative frame of her own life experiences. Interesting, insightful, inclusive, and honest, Pershey shows the ways marriage is both beautiful and difficult.

I heard Tsh Oxenreider interview Katherine Pershey about this book on her podcast and was intrigued by its premise. Rather than being a theological deep dive or "how to" manual, it is a marriage memoir from a person of faith. I was also excited to read it based on the profuse praise from Eugene Peterson who wrote the forward. Unfortunately, this book really did not work for me and I probably could have put it down partway through. Though I found Pershey really pleasant in her interview, her cons [...]

I am not a fan of marriage books on a mission to explain God's plan for marriage based on gender roles created by humans. Nor do I appreciate books that look at every marital issue through the distorted lens of these culturally created roles. Thankfully, this is not one of those books. Katherine goes into the cracks and crevices that most writers would not consider exploring. She looks at fidelity—its beauty and the threats to it—in the most honest of ways. She is a truth teller who is gifte [...]

Pershey and I certainly don't agree theologically, yet, I appreciated reading this book. First, it's nice to read someone's honest stories about life and marriage. It's not going to be all sunshine and roses, but is the person you're married to the one you most want to work with through life? (Yes.) I also appreciated how much research Pershey did for this book: sociological and theological, from people she both agreed and disagreed with. It's refreshing to read someone acknowledge the other sid [...]

Very Married by Katherine Willis Pershey is a playful collection of stories that talk about the challenges of love and fidelity in a marriage between two human beings. Some of the stories were tremendously meaningful, artfully woven insights into marriage while others seemed to miss (miss me at least). Pershey shares a perspective that is real and relatable, honest and hopeful. If you are devoted to the institution of marriage, if you find it beautiful and difficult at the same time, then there [...]

WE loved this book so much we asked Katherine Pershey to hold a seminar in Nov. of 2017 (and we just don't do that). She is warm, chatty, honest, vulnerable and fearless about unpacking the troubles we face being married -- especially as Christians, and as Christians who care about something. Healthy marriages tend to keep the necessity of building the marriage on the relational table. Reading a book like this helps. -- Rod

How many adjectives am I allowed to use to wholeheartedly endorse this marvelous book? Witty, engaging, honest, thoughtful, funny, wise, nuanced, gracious. I could go on. I will read this book more than once. I will give it to many friends. And I will be forever grateful to Katherine Willis Pershey for her honest and hopeful reflection on the complex, conflicted, and glorious institution of marriage.

So appreciate Pershey's writing and her perspective on marriage. While we may not interpret Scripture exactly the same way, we do agree that marriage is worth the work. See more on my site: dorothygreco/6-books-y

An open and honest account about marriage. Would be an excellent book to use during premarital counseling

Easy and enjoyable to read, but not a lot that I expect will stick with me. Might be more eye-opening and/or useful to newlyweds or engaged couples.

Pershey offers an engaging look at the gifts of marriage through the lens of faith. The book is well-researched but not overly scholarly, and she presents an overwhelmingly positive look at a tradition about which many have become cynical. Her willingness to share stories and insights from her own marriage made me think deeply about my own.

Warm writing, thoughtful reflection, and so very honest. A treasure and a treat.

This book is a must for people who have made a marital covenant to another person. Katherine masterfully takes on issues that most of us face as we walk the nuptial journey. Her personal stories and commentary of how she and her husband met, courted, married and endured. She displays unrepentant honesty and hope in every chapter. The candid recollection of the joys, fears, temptations, and learnings that she and Ben have experienced are modern parables to be savored and remembered. Most of all, [...]

I resonated with so much that the author shared in this book. And it got a great blurb from Eugene Peterson. Im proud that Herald Press, a publisher affiliated with the Mennonites, published this book about both the ideals that marriage aspires to and to the realities that make the ideal have flesh. Humorous and serious, theological and pop culture savvy, the chapters revolve around both the story of her and her husband's life together but alsoso many of the issues that are being worked out in m [...]

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