Alone on the Wall

Alex Honnold David Roberts

Alone on the Wall

Alone on the Wall

  • Title: Alone on the Wall
  • Author: Alex Honnold David Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780393353174
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback

Free solo climbing is a high stakes sport if you fall, you die Expert free soloist Alex Honnold isn t afraid to push the limit one of the most famous adventure athletes in the world, he has pioneered new routes, won awards, and shattered records Alone on the Wall recounts the seven most astonishing achievements of Honnold s extraordinary life and career, brimming withFree solo climbing is a high stakes sport if you fall, you die Expert free soloist Alex Honnold isn t afraid to push the limit one of the most famous adventure athletes in the world, he has pioneered new routes, won awards, and shattered records Alone on the Wall recounts the seven most astonishing achievements of Honnold s extraordinary life and career, brimming with lessons on living fearlessly, taking risks, and maintaining focus even in the face of extreme danger.

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It's tricky to separate the book from the person, as Alex has been one of my closest friends for the past 13 years, the kind of friend I call family. I appreciated that much of it was written by Alex, and his voice in those parts was true. Stylistically, it was a little difficult to read because those parts were all in italics, and it's strange to read most of a novel in italics. I've also learned over the years that, without realizing it, climbers speak a language of terms that non-climbers don [...]

I don't quite know how to rate this one properly. I got mixed feelings upon mixed terrain and mixed writing. Some bits of the book were definitely in the 5 stars range whereas some others just barely made it into the 2's. There are great portrayals of some of Alex's most extraordinary feats, quite a few interesting insights of his, quite a few quotes that you'd want to keep close to your heart in your own private booklet for glimpses of truth, and all in all it's a pretty good bio of the young e [...]

In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade, or maybe more aptly for a book about the climbing world, in case you HAVEN'T been living under a rock, Alex Honnold is a famous rock climber who free solos. That is to say he climbs impossibly tall slabs of granite. Without a rope. For fun. Alex literally takes his life into his hands each time he climbs, facing the ultimate consequences for even the tiniest mistake. A climbing enthusiast myself, albeit of the sturdily-anchored and h [...]

Alex Honnold is a free climber with unparalleled skill, grace, and speed. He says, "Half way up I'm pretty empty. I'm not really thinking about anything. It's like asking a gymnast what they're thinking about while they're executing a perfect routine." He comes across as a reserved guy who isn't at all full of himself. If you are interested in what motivates the guy who does the most death-defying climbs at record speed, read this book. At the end, you'll be left wondering how much longer he can [...]

I really like this endurance athlete genre and this one by the world's best(?) free solo climber was interesting and inspiring but super technical climbing talk made it hard to follow. Pretty funny to hear him talk about base jumpers like they're crazy when he climbs 2,000-foot walls without ropes. I liked this quote referenced in the book: National Geographic Adventure: “If you don’t believe in God or an after-life, doesn’t that make this life all the more precious?”Alex Honnold: “I s [...]

I'm conflicted about this book. It's written well and can be appreciated by both rock climbers and non-climbers. Honnold is both an astounding climber and a very thoughtful, philosophical person, and that shines through in the book's stories - in much more depth than in the interviews or videos of him I've watched previously. I like hearing what he has to say. But I had to put the book down after reading about 2/3 of it, and come back to it later, because it was just making me anxious. I guess I [...]

I loved this book. But I should say that not everyone might feel the same. I am a begineer-intermediate level climber myself. This helped appreciate the context. And there is a lot of context. In much of the book, climbs are described in some detail with quite some terminology. So an appreciation of that helps.Book is fast paced. Not too long. Goes from one scenario to next rather quickly. Then there are moments when things went wrong and how Alex or in some cases other people's action, that mad [...]

Ok, this may be sacrilegious in the climbing community (of which, I am a part), but this book made me dislike a climber I thought I would actually like. There is no doubt that Honnold is an extremely gifted athlete who dares to do things with rock that even the plates and all of their tectonics wouldn't have imagined, but the narrative makes him come off as a snooty, advantaged Cali brat with really problematic and limited perspectives of people not like him.There is a lot of sexism in the book [...]

“There is no adrenaline rush. If I get an adrenaline rush, it means that something has gone horribly wrong.” -Alex Honnold Alone on the Wall is a phenomenal book from a phenomenal adventurer. I first learned of Alex Honnold's feats of climbing through the short film by the same name as this book. This book provides a deeper look into the journey that brought him to the public spotlight and the epic feats of adventuring he has completed since.It's incredibly inspiring to read in detail these [...]

Pollice verso per Alex Honnold. Un grande atleta, per carità ma una persona – e un libro - che non lasciano alcun segno. Ragazzo timido e arrogante allo stesso tempo, finto modesto ma altamente autocelebrativo, è un maniaco ossessivo che, cuffiette in testa che gli sparano Eminen (Eminem) a manetta onde evitare le seccanti e sciocche domande degli astanti, che lo distraggono dai suoi exploits, domande come: “Ma non è pericoloso?”, “Ma sei sicuro?”, Alex ha sviluppato i suoi decisame [...]

So this is a book about a young man who climbs huge rocks for fun, without any equipment and barely any chalk for his hand holds. I found it a bit jarring that the parts in his voice have a lot of "Yeah, man, it was a majorly sick climb and then I was chillin' after in the van I live in." Sort of like a 15 year old surfer, very casually nonchalant about how dangerous his hobby/now career/life is. But there's no doubt he's traveled to lots of amazing mountains and sights around the world, and sca [...]

I wanted this to be epic - but sadly it was not. I think Alex's experiences and accomplishments are 10/5. However, I feel like the book itself was more of a show-and-tell timeline. There were points where you could feel the pulse of what was driving the story - but got lost in facts when it could have been an opportunity for some beautiful description. However, it did give some insight into what drives him and his need for a simplistic life, his actions, and desire to help others through his fou [...]

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It covers 9 of Honnold’s greatest climbs / adventures, some transformative (like his trip to Chad), some a little reckless (like his climbs in Vegas in the midst of a break up), and all pretty darn unbelievable. You will read this book with your mouth wide open in amazement while you wipe your sweaty palms on your pants. Honnold is someone that’s easy to write off - and therefore easily misunderstood - because his actions are so polarizing. Climbing without a ro [...]

Coming into the book, I thought Alex Honnold was a pretty amazing person not just for his climbing ability but for his storytelling, humor, modesty, philanthropy and indifference to fame but politeness to the enthusiastic fans who seek out selfies with him at events. But this book made me feel differently. The book spends quite a bit of time painting a picture of Alex's don't care attitude which - after hours of hearing about it (audiobook)- makes his seem cocky and irreverent. I had hoped it wo [...]

Good read, thought provoking.Great read on a topic I didn't consider myself too interested in. I found the discussion of pushing ones limits and mortality mindfulness enough of a pull to keep going. I'm in the camp of folks who'll take a much more safe path towards seeing just what I'm capable of. No clue why, no excuses, no apologies.

Love Alex and Dave Roberts but, evidently, writing about climbing isn't that easy. Reading pitch numbers isn't too descriptive for anyone other than climbers and even then you don't really get a picture of the places that Alex goes.The personal information makes the book a worthwhile read and Alex is a fascinating dude.

Great climbing book - very descriptive and 'gripping'. I was hoping for it to be more philosophical since Honald lives so close to the edge, but he seems to be in denial or just ambivalent about the prospect. I also found him to be a bit 'bro-y', which was a bit off putting. Nonetheless, never read anything like this before and very glad I read it.

Just amazing!Gives you and inside peak of what went on during the iconic climbs by Alex Honnald. Very well written and definitely a page turner. Must read for newbie climbers like me :)

While I enjoyed some parts of the book, I find it hard to believe that it was Honnold’s idea to write it in the first place. What I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty sure Alex’s life is much more interesting than it is portrayed in his book. Or maybe he’s just taking the Alex no-big-deal Honnold too literally for my taste.

Vill du försöka förstå vad en klättrare tänker eller kanske till och med försöka förstå de extrema klättrare som frisoloklättrar. Här finns en manual.

Loved it!

This seems like something that would be a much better movie/documentary. I typically never say that about books but this needs the visual aspect. Still an interesting read but not the best

only a couple things to say1) is the writing earth-shattering?? no but alex honnold isn’t a writer so i don’t really care2) alex honnold is a badass3) #vanlife

Honnold's book is important for the climbing history it covers in the opening of the 21st century. The past 15 years have seen a revolution in big-route free climbing tactics, methods and expectations and Honnold has been at the center of this revolution since 2008. While this period has—fortunately for us weekend warriors and armchair climbers—been exhaustively documented in film and magazines, this book is the first to cover this period in its entirety, in a single resource. Along with the [...]

This book offers a fascinating insight into the life of Alex Honnold and helps you understand why he does what he does (free solo climb insanely high rocks). I really enjoyed the way the book was written by David Roberts (experienced climber in his own right and author of articles related to the outdoors) as well as Alex Honnold himself. David provided the factual and historical side of climbing, while Alex provided the description and emotion of each climb. A fascinating read for climbers and n [...]

Fascinating and inspiring glimpse into the life of Alex Honnold, a man who is famous for completing world-class climbing routes without any protective equipment. The book includes a wealth of information about climbing techniques, the routes themselves, and the history of climbing. It felt a bit jarring to me to hear Alex's real voice and attitude, but then again that's part of what makes this book great: seeing his perspective on it all. I'm drawn to pursuits involving pushing the human body to [...]

A good read! I am not a climber, and I'm sure I'm not the only non-climber who reads a lot of books about climbers, mountaineers, etc. This is written in tandem by Alex Honnold, an impressive guy, and Dave Roberts, one of my favorite adventure and outdoors writers. Well-written and worth reading.I have seen some films with Alex in them, including Valley Uprising. I'm not certain I could see some of the climbing footage, it's pretty scary. That said, I applaud Alex for pursuing his free-soloing c [...]

I first learned about Alex Honnold, the guy who climbs large mountains without protective gear (ropes, harnesses, hardware) on 60 minutes. My climbing coworkers are obessed with him, so when I saw this book at the library I thought I would pick it up. I admire the physical strength and craft Alex displays when he is climbing, but outside that this book was just plain dull. Some of the narrative is play by play of his films, and I felt I would have been better served to watch them then read about [...]

"I've done a lot of thinking about fear. For me the crucial question is not how to climb without fear-that's impossible- but how to deal with it when it creeps into your nerve endings. " - HonnoldAnother book that I listened to with Frank. I definitely have admiration for Alex, and it has piqued my curiosity for rock climbing past that of which I do in my gym. I have googled a bunch and have watched some of the movies that were mentioned in the book and I am in complete awe. I can't decide if Al [...]

I have become quite interested and fascinated with climbing, reading articles, watching movies and following various climbers on social media. Truth be told, I don't climb (yet), but my son does. I'm in awe with what climbers can do and this book fed my interest. I heard Alex talk about this book and his voice rings true in the writing. I recommend the book, it provides insight into a world/community that is built on passion and love of the outdoors and pushing oneself.

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