The Unfur-tunate Valentine's Scam

Alannah Rogers

The Unfur-tunate Valentine's Scam

The Unfur-tunate Valentine's Scam

  • Title: The Unfur-tunate Valentine's Scam
  • Author: Alannah Rogers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition

When Abigail Freedman, Beatrice Young s sworn rival, approaches her with a case she s too curious not to take it on As it turns out, Abby has a very modern romantic conundrum her Internet boyfriend may be the love of her life or a scammer who wants to suck her bank account dry It s up to the 62 year old Cozy Cat Cafe owner and her three crime solving cats to find thWhen Abigail Freedman, Beatrice Young s sworn rival, approaches her with a case she s too curious not to take it on As it turns out, Abby has a very modern romantic conundrum her Internet boyfriend may be the love of her life or a scammer who wants to suck her bank account dry It s up to the 62 year old Cozy Cat Cafe owner and her three crime solving cats to find this Romeo s identity Too bad Hamish, Petunia, and Lucky can t help Bee with an even bigger problem how to sort out her new feelings for ex husband and best friend Matthew No matter what happens, things are about to get romantic in Ashbrook, New Hampshire This book will be 50% longer than previous Beatrice Young mysteries The Unfur tunate Valentine s Scam is the sixth book in the Beatrice Young cozy cat mystery series These books can be read in any order but are extra delightful when enjoyed in sequence.

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Adorable! This is the first book I have read by this author but it won't be the last. This the 6th book in the series but I had no problems understanding the characters, relationships or the back story. Alannah includes enough of the past to make it comfortable for new readers. This is a very cute cozy with cats, gossip, small town quirkiness and romance. I enjoyed it very much.

I am a HUGE fan of this series, and this story does not disappoint. I love Beatrice and her cats, as well as the other people around town. Beatrice is a very independent woman who pours most of her life into her cafe, her cats, and her sleuthing. She is beginning to have romantic feelings toward her ex-husband, but she's not sure what, if anything, she wants to do about them at her age. With Valentine's Day looming, she does some major soul-searching throughout this book.Aside from her personal [...]

JkThese are fun stories with cats You can't go wrong. Nice clean story line I recommend for everyone to enjoy

I nice book about the adventure of an a mature sleuths and her three cats,with a touch of humour.The funniest part is when she jumps out of the washroom window along with the three cats to escape talking with her ex husband.The book is about her rival cafe owner approaching her to solve the mystery about her new friend on an online dating site.The story progresses well, the mystery is solved satisfactorily.The characters are well written.On the whole,an enjoyable read.

FIVE STARS. Like all of the other books in the series that I have red so far this one was also s five star read. And I like the fact that this has no faul language or swear words in it. The books are a little short however I don’t mind that as it ghas me looking forward to the next one. Five stars highly recommended especially if u love cats

Truly enjoyableThis is the kind of book that you can relate to. Life and people can be a good or bad experience. Plus who doesn't have doubts. I really loved the three cats. They make sure you enjoy it.

Cute story - Older Ladies -enemies become friends as they look for a scammer on the internet

This was a very good read. I had a hard time putting the book down. Lots of fun! I really like all of the main characters and usually get a good chuckle during each of these books.

Beatrice Young is a sleuth I could see spending a lot more time with. Recommended.

I really like these Beatrice Young cozy mysteries! They are fun, quick reads that leave me feeling content. This time Bee and her cats try to catch an internet scammer who romances older, successful women before hitting them up for money. How can she possibly catch him?!

Excellent! I like Beatrice , Matthew, the sheriff and the cats. Not having read the earlier books I do not know what part the cats play other than they love Beatrice. The mystery was well written and touches on a subject very prevalent in society today. Kind of let the buyer beware but there is help out there for people being scammed. Romance , well Happy Valentine's Day. Read this book and learn about the complexity of relationships and the fear of commitments. I hope you enjoy this as much as [...]

Not impressed. Couldn't get past worrying about tomcat left to fend for self in frigid weather.

The Beatrice Young Cozy Mystery series is a GREAT series to read. As these stories are very short, they are easy to read. However, even though they are shorter than other cozy books, there is nothing missing from them. They still have an amazing group of characters you will fall in love with. There are 3 cats that are extremely involved in the story The main character, Beatrice, owns her own cafe, has a sort of love interest, and works closely with the Sheriff who is also a friend.In The Unfur-t [...]

The desire to be loved knows no age limits. And while the love of one's cats is about the best anyone could desire, there is still room for some human caring feelings in everyone's life. That includes friendship which might surprise you.Like it or despise it, online dating is probably here to stay. Beatrice Young discovers online dating while trying to investigate a potential scam for her cafe rival Abigail Freedman. The descriptions of men's profiles had me laughing out loud. The cats also deal [...]

I picked up this book because it's set in New Hampshire (my birthplace) and has cats and it was a Valentine's story on Valentine's day It's cozy mystery light, short at 98 pp as much romance as it is mystery, and nary a murder to be solved--usually death knells for me--and yet I enjoyed it very much.

Be My ValentineI really enjoyed this cute little Valentine story.Beatrice is one of a kind and love how she treats her cats, Hammish, Petunia and Lucky. They each have their own personality and it lends to the telling of the story.You would never dream that such a quaint, little town could have all this drama. I love all the characters who live there, as well.I've never seen Beatrice so flustered as she is with Matthew this Valentines day. I hope she can work it all out :)

This is short but sweet story about a private investigator Beatrice Young who is asked to discover a possible dating scam. I adored this story especially the cats. Being a cat lover myself those are my favorite parts. You should definitely check this out if you like cozy fast mystery stories. Or cats.4/5 starsHappy Reading, Ashley

If you are looking for a short cozy to read, and love cats, then this novella may be just the thing.Beatrice Young spends so much of her time solving local mysteries, in cahoots with her three cats and the local sheriff, that she is thinking of setting up office as a private investigator.This story is a cozy without a body, but there is still a serious theme: someone seems to be preying, via an internet dating site on lonely senior women, with the ultimate aim of asking them for money. Abigail F [...]

OMG GOOD!Valentine's Day just became a great mystery and who knows what else in book 6. The more of these books I read, the more in love with them I am.

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