3 Breaths

L.K. Collins

3 Breaths

3 Breaths

  • Title: 3 Breaths
  • Author: L.K. Collins
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A standalone novel from bestselling author, LK Collins 3 Breaths will make your heart skip a beat while falling for the bad boy that you know you shouldn t.Synopsis Slumped on the floor of the New York City subway, I watched my fianc e take her final 3 breaths.In that moment, everything changed The Krane Hensley I d become because of Zo vanished.My life instantly shatteA standalone novel from bestselling author, LK Collins 3 Breaths will make your heart skip a beat while falling for the bad boy that you know you shouldn t.Synopsis Slumped on the floor of the New York City subway, I watched my fianc e take her final 3 breaths.In that moment, everything changed The Krane Hensley I d become because of Zo vanished.My life instantly shattered to pieces.Now, I live on a mission to survive each day and it s become my greatest struggle.I take my vengeance out in the cage, fighting anyone and everyone that will stand up to me It gives me fleeting relief, but soon the pain crashes back down around me So I ve turned to Ivy, my salvation from the agony that is my life The problem Ivy is Zo s sister Can Ivy and I move past the heartache that connects us to find a future together

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Nothing is guaranteed in life, everything could end tomorrow. This one quote has epitomized the essence of this book. That change, is ever constant and time waits for no one. 3 Breaths is an emotional tale of turmoil, rage and heartbreak. One that will have you fighting to survive yourself.After the untimely death of his fiance, Krane Hensley became a shell of a man. Fighting to survive, to breath, while surviving to Fight. His dreams became a brutal reality of inner war, that he unleashed upon [...]

༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author"L.K. Collins" in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: 3 BreathsAUTHOR: L.K. Collins GENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: 29th February, 2016MY RATINGA quick, Emotionally, Intense, Riveting Read“3 Breaths will make your heart skip a beat while falling for the bad boy that you know you shouldn't." 3 Breaths kicks off with Zoe taking her final 3 Breaths on the subway train home after a heavy night out drinking with friends, and cel [...]

I love so many things about this beautiful love story, 3 Breaths. First, the heartbreakingly accurate portrail of how the death of a loved one steals your own life away from you. Krane lost the love of his life, the person who was his very reason for living. The second is L.K. Collins awesome writing. She’s a talented storyteller. I love when an author can actually create an amazing storyline without doing what so many other authors do, and that is play off the miscommunication between the her [...]

4 stars****This is a powerful, emotional story of loss, recovery, hope and finding happiness at last. Most of all, it is a story about life. Two broken people healing each other one step at the time. I was hooked from the prologue, and read it one sitting.

This book was perfection!!!

Aren't there anymore women that you have to sleep with your dead fiancé sister or Aren't there more storylines that authors can't write about anything else

You know the books that get your heart pumping faster and faster with each turn of the page? The kind of read that hits every one of your emotional buttons? The kind of book that makes everything else around you disappear? Well, 3 BREATHS by LK Collins was that book for me. We are metaphorically slapped in the face with immense love and adoration and then punched in the gut with complete fucking heartbreak. This is an absolute gut wrenching romance about two broken souls healing each other one d [...]

Durante los primeros capítulos me recordó mucho ‘The Air he breaths’ de Britainny C. Cherry, por ese aura lujubre y autodestructiva en el que se encuentra sumido Krane y las erradas formas de gestionar su dolor, igualmente por la extraña relacion que sostiene con Ivy, donde pese a que el esta hecho una piltrafa por la perdida de Zoe logra infundir en ella una fortaleza y un deseo de superación que ni el mismo siente. Lo mismo pasa con Ivy, quien logra sacar a Krane de sus estados de depr [...]

💝FREE on today (2/14/2018)!💝Blurb:Slumped on the floor of the New York City subway, I watched my fiancée take her final 3 breaths. In that moment, everything changed. The Krane Hensley I’d become because of Zoë vanished. My life instantly shattered to pieces. Now, I live on a mission to survive each day and it’s become my greatest struggle. I take my vengeance out in the cage, fighting anyone and everyone that will stand up to me. It gives me fleeting relief, but soon the pain crash [...]

This was my first ever LK Collins book um why didn't you all tell me I should have read her stories a long time ago? First off, I don't know how many of you pay attention to book titles or if this impacts whether or not you will read something but I love this title. So much significance to the story-- not just from the beginning situation but throughout the entire story. 3 is such a significant number for so many things in life and it fits perfectly for this story.I enjoyed how Collins set the p [...]

Wow This was an emotional rollercoaster. I won't lie. I was worried about Krane for a large portion of this book. The broken hearted man was lost after tragically losing his fiancee on their way home after engagement celebration. I know, it breaks your heart doesn't it? Ms. Collins will do that a lot with 3 breaths. Drinking, screwing, and self-sabotaging, Krane is sinking fast, save for the concern and care of Ivy, his deceased fiancee's sister. The two have forged a bond as they struggle to ge [...]

DNF 67%Que libro pa MAAAALO, Dioooos!!!De lo que pude leer me parecieron unos terribles protagonistas. el prota un GROSERO INSOPORTABLE INSUFRIBLE CON SU FAMILIA. MUY MUY IMBÉCIL!!y eso de que te metas con la hermana de tu prometida fallecida (a quien amabas demasiado y por la que estas tan mal "supuestamente") y de repente te sientes atraído por su hermana no lo compro. me parece algo de tan mal gusto. de verdad no me gusto la historia, los protagonistas, la forma de hablarse entre ellos. noo [...]

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** Poignant and powerful, 3 Breaths will have you hugging your loved ones close and deciding to live each day as it might be your last. Every single L.K. Collins novel I have read has been an emotional roller coaster for me and this read was no different. With the ability to shatter your heart and restore it by the conclusion, this brilliant Author takes you a journey with every turn of the page. Everyday is a struggle for Krane after the untime [...]

4 starI was pulled right into this story. The story is an emotional tug at your heart. It will break you down and heal your pieces back together. This is Ivy and Krane’s story. Krane lost the woman he loved months ago. He is just going through the emotions of living. Ivy is also trying to deal with the pain of losing her sister. She can see Krane’s pain and wants to help him. Ivy is torn as she wants Krane but knows he is forbidden to her. He belongs to her sister. What happens when the one [...]

I loved a beach scene that Ivy and Krane had it wasn't really anything important going on I just enjoyed the scene, “What’s that?” Ivy asks as I pull it up from the water. I hand her the perfectly round sand dollar and she stares at it like I just gave her a stack of cash. “You never find these intact and so…perfect,”she says." Ivy is a breath of fresh air, the girl is always honest, “no, I’m not. I’m tired. You woke my a** up in the middle of the night to eff, so I didn’t ge [...]

2 stars what can I say ??? at least it was free -):

4 Stars!This author isn't new to me. I have read her works before loved and devoured them. This book was different. It touched my heart and soul, broke me down then slowly put me back together. I devoured this standalone in just one sitting.This book was sexy, intense, passionate, and captivating. LK Collins takes her readers on an emotional journey that will leave readers hearts full of love. This is a second chance romance that was full of ups and downs, until the very last word. This is Krane [...]

Krane and Ivy share grief over the death of her sister, who was also Krane's fiance'. Both of them have leaned on each other for help through their grief. I really wanted to like this book but it moved too fast for me. From being destroyed by Zoe's death to finding love in a few short months together was hard to fathom. Krane's MMA fighting was part of the story but, most of the time, they were both aimlessly wandering around. Neither one of them were very reliable or showed the best common sens [...]

I expected a lot from this story and yet it failed me. I don't know what but it just felt all wrong. Their connection their chemistry just didn't seem all that convincing for me. I guess the beginning had you in the moment and then BAM it took me away from the feelings that I had on the Prologue. So for me this was a downer. I just felt that it was wrong and I kept on saying that I wished the author had taken time to really pushed their connection in a way that would have me like them together.

Beautiful. A must read. Tissues required. This book draws you in from the start. Krane and Ivy lose someone they love. Out of their loss and pain will Krane and Ivy find away to be together? Will they be able to breath heal and find Love again? You will have to find the answers in the pages.

Love the trailer for 3 Breathsk it out! You'll want to read this one too!youtube/watch?feature

This book definitely wasn't as angsty as I thought it wad going to be. It's a really sweet book.

Selama baca buku ini, pengen buru-buru cepet kelar aja bawaannya. Bukan karena penasaran atau bagus ceritanya, tapi lebih karena aku bosan bacanya. Bah Alurnya gampang banget ketebak, karakter utamanya ga ada yang berkesan.

3 Breaths by L.K. Collins is a moving story of love developed out of terrible circumstances but more powerful because of the way it started.Krane is a young man, who fell in love with Zoe and they were on their way home one night after their engagement dinner and at the subway station Zoe has a horrible seizure that takes her life! Krane was devastated by this and he went off on his own and just would not accept help from anyone. On top of that, Zoe's mother blamed Krane saying if they had not b [...]

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ FOUR-STAR ✩ REVIEW ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ⭐ ⭐ ARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review ⭐ ⭐ Judging a Book by it's Cover: Heavily tattooed male looking defeated and/or anguished. Synopsis SCREAMS "read me", therefore, I must! Looking Deeper: First person POV, Krane's perspective.The book opens upon Krane and Zoe celebrating their engagement with friends. But tragedy strikes on the way home. The story continues several months later as Krane is still reeling from h [...]

"Every breath is brutal, my life really has zero purpose now, and it’s hard to find a point to opening my eyes when I wake up each day""3 Breaths" it's the first book of this writer that I read, and it was a pleasure. I read it in one sitting and was quite an experience with many emotions along the wayStarting with pain and grief to discover love in unexpected person."I laugh sadistically to myself.I feel nothing. Everything that I used to be is fucking gone now.I’m empty."Krane and Ivy are [...]

Heartbreak affects everyone in different ways and sometimes we don’t know how to get past it. In this new novel by LK Collins, we are given a powerful rendition of what "Live your life as if today is your last day" really means. Krane has lost his girlfriend Zoe, the woman he considered the love of his life, and depression completely consumes him. Collins gives a realistic depiction of the toll losing someone we love can have on a person. Krane doesn’t know what to do with himself and his re [...]

Everything in his life was perfect, until is wasn't. One fateful night changed Krane and not in a good way. Watching the love of his life slip away became an unbearable nightmare for him. Lost to himself he went through the motions of being but not living. Krane was an emotional wreck and watching him struggle was a painful journey.The only person who kept his somewhat grounded was Zoë’s sister, Ivy. Ivy lost to her own grief leaned on Krane to help her through this tragedy. He became her roc [...]

A Review of 3 Breaths by L.K. CollinsAMAZING storyline - 5+++++ stars!!LK has come up with a brand new storyline, dealing with heartbreaking loss and how it can affect people and the ramifications of how they deal with it - or not. Krane and Zoe were celebrating their engagement with friends and having a great time. Once the party was over, they headed home on the subway. Zoe had done quite a bit of drinking, so he thought nothing of it when she leaned against him as they rode along. When she st [...]

After reading the Prologue I had to put my kindle down. Then I looked at my boyfriend with tears in my eyes and told him the short few pages that I just readd we both said wow!Wow is an understatement. This book will definitely pull at your heartstrings. Let's just say that I was an emotional wreak. I cried so many times reading this book. Hell all I wanted to do was crawl in my man's lap and never let him go. Yupt ready because this book will do that to you. I wanted to be by Krane's side wipin [...]

Review of 3 Breaths by L.K. CollinsReview done for Hooked on Books & CherryOBlossoms Promotions4 out of 5 starsKrane Hensley has suffered a devastating loss: his fiancé died in his arms. Now he is consumed by his grief. He feels like he has nothing to live for.The only person who seems to understand him and is able to help him is his fiancé’s sister Ivy. Sick of the booze and now the lonely sex, Krane decides he is going to try to be a better man. He is going to try to be the man that Iv [...]

ERIN'S REVIEW4 STARSThis story is packed full of emotion and will have you crying right along with the main character, Krane. The intro to this story left me breathless. I cannot imagine going through that. Krane struggles throughout the story. With his loss, with his newfound feelings, with getting up in the mornings. He is on auto-pilot. His one saving grace is Ivy. Ivy is a very strong and loveable character. She is also struggling with the loss. Krane and Ivy become each other’s rocks and [...]

4 Stars!"Both of us experience the world’s greatest pleasure, brought together by the most horrific grief, and for some strange reason we’ve found an acceptance within the boundaries of our relationship. A blessing from Zoë rings in my mind, as her words replay like a broken record, again and again. Everything happens for a reason."I don't know why I keep doing this to myself! Reading stories like 3 Breaths gets me every time! This was an emotional read for me. Although I have a hard time r [...]

***ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***HEARTBREAKING, BEAUTIFUL & SEXY!Three words that pretty much sum up this book for me. Krane and Ivy are both beautiful characters. Bringing each other comfort, when no one else could. Their story is one that is emotional, sexy, and proves you can find love after great lose. I loved reading this book. This also was the first book I have read by L.K. Collins, and with the storyline, the writing, and POV sucking me in, I was able to finish this [...]

3 Breaths has got to be my favorite book by LK to date. Krane is lost after losing his fiancé Zoë. Depressed, and turning to alcohol every chance he gets. 3 Breaths is all told by Kranes POV and it's beautiful but you can feel his pain, you feel how emotionally he is torn.Wiping the tears from my eyes, I tell myself that I have to make a change, I have to try to move past all of this the best I can and somehow find the man that I am supposed to be. Because the man that I was died when Zoë too [...]

Sadly I Almost DNF this one. I continued hoping it would get better and for me it didn't. After losing your fiancé I couldn't wrap my head around quickly finding love again in her sister. Lots of things take place so fast. Just felt unrealistic and yes I know it's fiction. I just felt the characters moved way too fast and the underground fighting - I would have liked to have seen more of that.

This story made me feel so much. So many sad moments mixed in with tender and sweet ones and majorly HOT ones. Krane was a man on a mission to drink himself into oblivion. Ivy was a woman on a mission to sleep away the rest of her existence. They were both hurting so badly over their loss. But when together they could get through the day in a sort of peace that they couldn't do when apart. Their story broke my heart at times and had me looking for a fan in others. I loved how they couldn't cope [...]

Good Read!!I liked this book e story was intriguing and drew me in.I could feel Ivy and Krane's struggle with the loss of Zoee way they were brought together made sense and was gradual I'd recommend this one!

Omg!!! LK never disappoints! Her writing is so full of heart & raw passion, that I never get enough. I'm so in love with Krane And my heart broke for him. Amazing how sometimes bad things that happen, turn into something beautiful!

Seconds chances in life, new opportunities! Maybe a chance to Redemption? Nice story!

Krane Hensley held his fiance, Zoe Winslow, has she had her final 3 breaths and he has not let go of the pain since that night that he has been feeling. He has escaped into a world where he has left behind everyone who cares about him except Zoe's sister, Ivy.Ivy is also struggling with the death of her sister and gets by with the help of Krane but the two are not always there for each other. When Krane tries to deal with the pain by himself with women and booze, he loses his friendship with Ivy [...]

4 out of 5 starsKrane Hensley has suffered a devastating loss: his fiancé died in his arms. Now he is consumed by his grief. He feels like he has nothing to live for.The only person who seems to understand him and is able to help him is his fiancé’s sister Ivy. Sick of the booze and now the lonely sex, Krane decides he is going to try to be a better man. He is going to try to be the man that Ivy needs.They didn’t intend to fall in love and at first it felt a little wrong. The heart however [...]

TITLE: 3 BreathsAUTHOR: L.K. Collins GENRE: Contemporary Romance5*****3 Breaths is a must read! Emotional, Intense, Sexy, and powerful read!!!Krane Hensley met his soulmate, his one and only Zoe. When Zoe is in the room she is the only one he sees, nothing else matters-only the beautiful fiancé before him. Celebrating their engagement party surrounded by friends and family is supposed to be the best night of Krane’s life, instead he finds himself watching her take her last breath all alone in [...]

I love this author's writing, and with no book of hers ever similar, I wasn't sure what to expect with 3 Breaths. It blew me away. Krane Hensley had the perfect life; his fighting career is taking off, and he had the love if his life. After celebrating with their friends one night, Krane watches his love take her last 3 breaths on the subway floor and he's forever altered. Now 6 months later, he's just trying to survive with the bottle, in his crappy apartment. He's cut his friends and family ou [...]

This book is very disjointed and did not flow very well at all. He is completely heartbroken over the loss of his fiancée Zoe in one scene. In a scene not too long after, he is hooking up with the sister of an ex-girlfriend at a party where she shows up with the guy she left him for (if he is so heartbroken, why is he doing the whole revenge-f**k with the sister to piss the ex off?) Later on, the fiancée’s sister Ivy confronts him about what is going on between them (he refers to her as his [...]

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