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  • Title: Transgression
  • Author: Theo Fenraven
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  • Page: 156
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Zachary Fox can t sleep His acting career is taking off Public recognition is picking up Now than ever, he understands how key reputation is to his success But his relationship with his co star, Kris arranged around publicity rather than genuine feelings is suffocating him She once understood his needs, but her demands are beginning to grate with every shrill ordZachary Fox can t sleep His acting career is taking off Public recognition is picking up Now than ever, he understands how key reputation is to his success But his relationship with his co star, Kris arranged around publicity rather than genuine feelings is suffocating him She once understood his needs, but her demands are beginning to grate with every shrill order she gives.Zach has a secret The breakout star of a new medical series, he s been hiding his orientation from co stars, friends and family, the studio, and his fans.On the recommendation of a friend, Zach seeks out Sky Kelly, a well connected herbalist whose concoctions are natural magic, as is her stunning beauty On the surface, she has it all her own house, a thriving business, and good friends, but the things she had to do to get there are a time bomb ticking away, and when it goes off, she ll be teetering on the edge of a chasm that can put her right back where she started.Sky has secrets Like, she s got a Y chromosome and the original equipment to go with it Like being a highly paid escort Like, if Zach is seen with her in public, it could ruin his career Like someone becoming so obsessed with Sky, that obsession threatens them both Secrets everyone is hiding something, and instead of finding The One, it could be The End.

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July 2014Well, after what's transpired in terms of author/reader dynamics, I'm a little sorry that I took the time to explain why I didn't enjoy this book, when a "too stupid too live" would have sufficed. And where did the other negative reviews go all of a sudden?December 2013I do get why readers who are unfamiliar with/not personally invested in the realm of queer and quirky possibilities, view Transgression as a wholly unconventional romance. However, those who are no stranger to gender dyna [...]

Wow.Where to start? Maybe best with the technicalities? This book is impeccably edited, formatted and has a professional artistic cover. It was a relief reading Theo Fenraven's elegant and unobtrusive prose which--unlike a lot that I read recently--never tried to attract attention to itself or to the alleged cleverness of the author. Instead it was quite without pretentiousness and on the spot regarding the imagery it conjured. I was drawn into the story smoothly and couldn't stop reading.The st [...]

This was not your everyday romance story and I have to commend Mr. Fenraven for tackling the subject of gender fluidity with skill and integrity. Sky is a beautiful woman in everyone's eyes except her own. Zach is a budding television star who is keeping his bisexuality hidden. They meet through a friend of Zach's who knows Sky as an herbalist. Sky and Zach begin seeing each other socially and Sky is blown away that her being transgender is a non-issue with Zach. All hell breaks loose when the t [...]

This was a powerful and thought-provoking read from Theo. 4.5 stars and I've not read a book about a transgender person before, and so have made a new bookshelfhopefully this will not be the only book to be put on there. This one broke my heart. It's about a woman Sky who is in a man's body (MtF) but also has breasts and feminine features, who is not accepted for who she is, and the sometimes unpleasant decisions that she has to make and deal with, and the difficult struggle she faces to live he [...]

REVIEW:What a story! Oh boy do you all need to read this one! I was hesitant at the beginning, I can’t lie about that. I don’t have any attraction to reading transgender stories so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one. But knowing this specific novel was written by Author Theo Fenraven made me feel that I really wanted to try this story. I am very familiar with his writing I decided that if I ever wanted to try this subject that this was the time.And I didn’t regret it from the [...]

Ambitious but uneven. This story started out with five stars. Finally, I thought, here is the trans romance I've been wanting to read. I liked the characters, and their meeting and initial interactions were lovely. Then things turned soap opera-y. Lots of additional characters, lots of drama, and then the author yadda-yaddaed through some key moments. It felt rushed and over-the-top, and I really missed the subtlety and gentleness of the beginning. The character-driven parts of the plot worked f [...]

Secrets, what makes us have them? What makes us keep them and ultimately what makes us share them, give them up, show the world that part of ourselves that we were so willing to risk everything to keep hidden. Secrets, we all have them, guard them, do what we must to protect them, to keep them hidden away from the world and ironically we all want to know everyone else’s secrets.Transgressions is the story of what happens when secrets that have been kept and guarded from the world start to slip [...]

Before I start my review of this book I wanted to say this. I started writing about ‘Transgression’ last night, immediately after finishing it, and had to stop myself. It took about two paragraphs before my review turned into something resembling a political treatise. This book deals with an issue I have strong feelings about and I doubt that I’ll be able to keep those out of my review. I will however try to concentrate on the wonderful story and keep my personal feelings in the background [...]

I'm torn. I have no idea what to rate this. I'm gonna have to think about it for a while.************************************OK, I've thought about it and here is what I have to say.This story is good but it could have been so much better. Take the Hollywood angle out and make this a completely character driven story and it would have earned another star. I’m frustrated because I can see so much potential but it never delivered. What could have been a wholly unique tale was made into cookie-cu [...]

This is easily one of the greatest books I have ever read. Theo Fenraven tackled a controversial topic with such brilliance. You won't be able to hold back the tears as you plummet into Sky and Zach's stories. You will connect with at least one character in this story in someway and link yourself to that. My heart burst with the amount of love Zach and Sky share in this story. It's a very, open your eyes and really see the truth of the word, kind of story. I would rate it higher if I could! Outs [...]

Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews4.5 Hmmm, what to say about this book, Sky in particular, that will do it justice? It is a departure from the usual M/M romance in that the main characters, Sky and Zach, are transgender and bisexual respectively. Zach is well hidden in the closet, fearing that his rising career on a TV series would be lost if this came out (so to speak). He has a “girlfriend” in the form of his co-star, Kris, who supposedly understands the score. They use each other, Kris [...]

Please comment on Jules Lovestoread's 5 sweet pea, recommended book review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index.“…And what will you do if he behaves properly? Doesn’t sneer or spit at anyone and doesn’t say anything rude? What then, Sky?” She looked at Gus for a long moment. “I will keep him and never let him go.”I was so excited to read this book, since I had just read Theo Fenraven’s Blue River, and absolutely loved it; and I have to say that not only was I not disappointed, but I was [...]

I am a beta reader for this book as a more-than-willing favor to the author.At its heart Transgression is a story of acceptance. Acceptance of others but mostly acceptance of self, loving oneself with all the flaws, real or imagined, that entails. This is a magnificent story about people that have to overcome their own self-doubt to find love. There are secrets that once revealed might tear them apart but it might also finally allow them to live the life they are meant to lead. We get to watch Z [...]

What can I possibly say about this book that hasn't been said already? How to put into words in how many ways this story moved me? How to do it in an adaquate way? Honestly, I have no idea. All I can say is : this is an amazing book that will touch you and stay with you, that will make you think and think again about appearances, tolerance, acceptance, overcoming self-made limitations and finding the hidden strength deep down inside. And this book is much more, I want you to find out for yoursel [...]

This is a gorgeous book! I loved this story, so very different from so much I've read in the genre. I have to thank Steelwhisper for the rec for this one. It's a really sweet love story but it's so much more, too. There's crime, violence, a villain I detested and loathed with huge amounts of energy (he's truly vile), the hypocracy of Hollywood, great characters etc. But the person who really made this book for me was Sky. I loved her, a really wonderful character. It was a refreshing change to r [...]

It's been a while since I've read a story that had my stomach in tight knots and my heart aching the way this book did. It's a fantastic book and easily one for my favourite shelf. It's a wonderful lovestory, but yet so much more. To me it's about courage, public image, egomania turned dangerous, transphobia and self-acceptance. Others will undoubtedly add other elements. Oh, and I adored Sky and Zach.

So this book I can't even with how much I love it. The characters are AMAZING. Sky makes me want to wrap her up in a big ball of moosh and be her BFF forever. She's incredibly inspiring. And Zachary is so real and honest and perfect for her. I adore him. Theo managed to add an incredible back story with equally fantastic supporting characters in Liza and Ricky. Trust me You will love this book. And want more. And the subtle messages thw author includes are perfect. Love love love.

This is a brave story and brave stories often don’t quite work but this one did.I call this a brave story because there were so many opportunities for the author to avoid the difficult issues, when dealing with a transsexual character, but he didn’t. I have only read a couple of stories, which included trans women and it seems to be easier, to deal with trans women who have had total gender correction, in stories. They are then written as women and that’s it. Pre op trans women are either [...]

My normal choice of genre is M/M, but I wanted to read Transgression because it seemed so different from anything I'd ever read. I admit that I was a little uneasy about reading about a transgender person. I like to think I'm totally openminded, but, I'll be honest here, I wasn't sure I would enjoy this one. Now, having read it, it's still hard to say the word "enjoy" when tied to this story. I hurt for these characters so much that, while not being "enjoyable", it is a book that will stay with [...]

I can always rely on Theo Fenraven to provide me with a story that contains a compelling plot and likable, unique characters. Transgression takes the reader into the world of two very different MCs, Sky and Zachary, both of whom struggle to be accepted and loved for who they are. Sky, in particular, is engaging and magnetic, and I would love to see more characters like her drawn into the mainstream of romance stories. The secondary characters of Liza and Ricky are also rich and highly entertaini [...]

Okay this was a SOLID 5 star review up until more characters were introduced and the MCs got together. I loved the feeling of the beginning and how the characters were developed BUT THEN all these points of views came in and they were unnecessary. There were at least three other points of views BESIDES the two MCs. That's 5 POVs in one book that is less than 300 pages. And the end of the book didn't really match up to the beginning and the slow character development. It went from 0 to (view spoi [...]

Another really great read from Theo Fenraven, tackling an emotive subject with skill.This is a book where the story truly grows and grows as you read through, with lots of layers revealed as you go on. The writing really evokes all the emotions that all the characters go through, even the bad ones. Sky has done what's needed to survive and is just starting to get to a point in her life where she can leave the unsavoury bits behind. Zach's star is just starting to ascend in Hollywood. Instant at [...]

★★★☆☆This was a disappointing 3-star read. It started out promising enough but lost the promise. The sexin' wasn't even good enough to turn my head. And the dude-in-lingerie didn't really go anywhere. I had high hopes from the blurb and from a few friend's positive reviews but for me, I might as well have read a vanilla mf romance.I do have to give kudos for being perfectly edited and it flowed well but meh for me. Even though this book didn't do it for me, I'm happy it's out and avail [...]

I'm only giving this 5 stars because I can't give it more. This book is incredible and unique and SO well-written!! I highly recommend!! See my full review at: mrsconditreadsbooks/index.

To violate a law. To violate a command. To violate a moral code. To offend. To sin. To transgress.After reading the blurb for Transgression, I was intrigued by the premise of the book, although it is not a genre of romance that typically interests me. However, once I started reading, thinking about categories and genres was no longer important. Theo Fenraven is a masterful wordsmith and storyteller. He had me hooked in the first chapter of the book. Check out my review of this book on the Smooch [...]

I can't say if this is a good book in the meaning that it shows the problems of transgender persons and all what comes with that. Because frankly I know next to nothing about this topic. What I can say though it's that I adore this book as a romance between 2 people who always thought that they'll never find someone who not only fully accepts but also loves them. There's so much love in this book that it literally drizzled out of my ebook-reader. At some places it's a bit cheesy, which is the re [...]

I really enjoyed this one. It was well written and had enjoyable characters and story.I do wish that it had been longer and taken more time developing the relationship between Sky and Zach, I absolutely believe they were both smitten right away - maybe even love at first sight - but I guess I like more build-up to the "I love you's". But as one of the few books of its kind, I thought that overall, the romance was lovely and handled well.Definitely recommended for everyone.

Before I start my review of this book I wanted to say this. I started writing about ‘Transgression’ last night, immediately after finishing it, and had to stop myself. It took about two paragraphs before my review turned into something resembling a political treatise. This book deals with an issue I have strong feelings about and I doubt that I’ll be able to keep those out of my review. I will however try to concentrate on the wonderful story and keep my personal feelings in the background [...]

Very rarely do I find works that tell a piece of my story, so much so that they are a part of my own skin, but this was one of them. The main character is Zach, an actor. He’s not a big time actor, but he’s in a show that starting to become fairly popular. He’s also bisexual. Not, “hey, I’m in a MM Romance” bisexual, but actually bisexual. I love stories like this because the authors understand a wide variety of genders and sexualities, and they don’t shy away from writing about th [...]

I'm glad I found this story as it was such a heart warming although at times sad read. I absolutely loved the characters sky and Zach, Zach because he stood firm against hate and sky because she made it through such difficult and sad times. I just wanted to slap some people who was nasty and give the main characters a cuddle. I really wish that the author had not killed off a character as I think it would of been nice to see a relationship evolve with another character besides it making me cry. [...]

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