Say No More

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Say No More

Say No More

  • Title: Say No More
  • Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780765385352
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover

Say No More The Thrilling Next Installment in Hank Phillippi Ryan s Award Winning Jane Ryland Series When Boston reporter Jane Ryland reports a hit and run, she soon learns she saw than a car crash she witnessed the collapse of an alibi Working on an expose of sexual assaults on college campuses for the station s new documentary unit, Jane s just convinced a date raSay No More The Thrilling Next Installment in Hank Phillippi Ryan s Award Winning Jane Ryland Series When Boston reporter Jane Ryland reports a hit and run, she soon learns she saw than a car crash she witnessed the collapse of an alibi Working on an expose of sexual assaults on college campuses for the station s new documentary unit, Jane s just convinced a date rape victim to reveal her heartbreaking experience on camera However, a disturbing anonymous message SAY NO MORE has Jane really and truly scared.Homicide detective Jake Brogan is on the hunt for the murderer of Avery Morgan, a hot shot Hollywood screenwriter Her year as a college guest lecturer just ended at the bottom of her swimming pool in the tight knit and tight lipped Boston community called The Reserve As Jake chips his way through a code of silence as shatterproof as any street gang, he ll learn that one newcomer to the neighborhood may have a secret of her own.A young woman faces a life changing decision should she go public about her assault Jane and Jake now semi secretly engaged and beginning to reveal their relationship to the world are both on a quest for answers as they try to balance the consequences of the truth.

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The fifth entry in the Jane Ryland mystery/crime series checks so many boxes on the exceptional novel check-list that Hank Phillippi Ryan might want to make room in her already jam-packed award cabinet. Every novel in this series imparts unsurpassed plotting and a timely theme threaded with reliability and consistency. Say No More starts its theme with its very title and infuses into every pivotal action the paralyzing effects of keeping quiet about a crime, even when it is a crime committed aga [...]

Another winner.Hank Philippi Ryan keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very last page. Jane and Jake are a formidable team.

Have enjoyed each and every one of Hank Phillippi Ryan's Jane Ryland books.A huge Jane/Jake fan! Not sure how I missed this one in 2016. Nice to catch up with the adventurous and talented duo. Xe Sandsdelivered another outstanding performance!Full review to follow.

When Jane witnesses a hit and run on her way to interview a source, she becomes embroiled in a case much bigger than she thinks she will be. Meanwhile, her story on campus rape is heating up. And her boyfriend, cop Jake Brogan, is working on the case of a suspicious death when an adjunct professor dies in a swimming pool.And once again we are off on a fantastic ride. We get the story from a total of five points of view, and it is always fun to switch back to other characters and see how they are [...]

I was somewhat disappointed in this latest book. Jane Ryland and her fiance Jake are once again in the midst of murder investigations. Although it seemed to have potential in the beginning, I felt it dragged along somewhat with none of the engrossing edge of your seat suspense I found in her other books. I probably will not purchase another hardcover from this author.

Another interesting story from Ms Ryan! There are quite a few characters introduced, along with a couple different plots, but in the end it is amazing how all the pieces come together. I love the chemistry between main characters, Jane Ryland and Jake Brogan, and look forward to their next adventure. 5 out of 10.

2.25 stars. Not bad. Way too many I should have told or done something, but made the inevitable decision to defer for questionable reasons, for my tastes. And the stage is simply too narrow- a couple in witness protection just happen to overlook a death scene of woman who was caught up in the same scandal prompting their flight from West Coast to East?! And the author felt the need to explain things to the reader rather than permit information to flow naturally from the text. Still pretty well d [...]

Full review to come soon.Quick thoughts: Jane Ryland is one of my fav characters. Quick smart and always looking for truth and justice- she's someone you can cheer for. In this book, especially, the characters need someone like Jane in their corner, because of the issue: rape on college campuses. It is VERY good!!

Another great thriller involving Jane and Jake. Interesting characters and plot twists make for a real page- turner.

I enjoy reading most genres, and sometimes I enjoy reading murder mysteries, and this is a good mystery, but, I have to confess, even though this author has won five Agatha Awards and a few other awards, I found this mystery way too wordy, as if filling empty spaces.I'm going to be way too complicated with this overview, so dismiss everything I have written.You can say there is a lot of character development, and you can say that people are complicated, and you can say that personalities are con [...]

From the publisher: When Boston television reporter Jane Ryland reports a hit-and-run, she soon learns she saw more than a cara crash - - she witnessed the collapse of an alibi. Working on an expose of sexual assaults on college campuses for the station’s new documentary unit, Jane has just convinced a date rape victim to reveal her heartbreaking experience on camera. However, a disturbing, anonymous message that arrives in her office mail - - SAY NO MORE - - has Jane really and truly scared. [...]

As soon as I finished reading Say No More, I had to go back to the beginning. True –- I had read it fast, wanting to know how it ended. Too much suspense for my poor heart! But as I read it for the second time, I realized that what had happened was that I could not be just a witness. I needed to get inside the story. Its power was too strong and would not leave me. So, I stopped and tried to analyze my feelings. What was it that made this particular story so powerful?It is not only the suspens [...]

It's kind of a trope - people say the latest book an author wrote is "the best ever."In Hank Phillip Ryan's case it happens to be true.Say No More starts with a seemingly innocent event. Reporter Jane Ryland witnesses a hit-and-run. Not all that dramaticor is it?At the same time, Detective Jake Brogan responds to a dead woman in a pool. Accidentor something more sinister?You meet a scheming college administrator, a woman who is definitely keeping secrets, and a young college girl with a heart-br [...]

Hank Phillippi Ryan has brought us another award winning Jane Ryland thriller! Taken from headline stories, Jane and Jake once again are once again facing death and injustice in their lives. Carefully crafted storylines start as separate threads, and Hank’s ability to weave them into a tense, riveting and fast moving thriller keep you turning the pages wondering what will happen next. Jane reports a hit and run, but soon learns the police want more than she may be willing to give. She is also [...]

I enjoyed this new Jane Ryland thriller.The disparate parts of the story were fast moving, thus keeping your interest in each storyline as it unfolded. And Ryan's deft touch in tying them together is always right.One part of the story I found fascinating was how the victim of a sexual assault ended up being able to prove that her attacker was not guilty of another crime he was accused of. You could feel the tension surrounding the decision whether to provide the alibi or not.All in all, Hank Phi [...]

I liked this latest addition to the Jane Ryland series quite a lot. There are several stories here. First, Jane is witness to a hit and run accident, then there is a possible murder, and finally the story of a rape at a college campus. It is interesting to see the way they all tie together. It is also interesting to see the growing relationship between Jane and Jake who are two very appealing protagonists.

Excellent. Hank Phillippi Ryan is one of my absolutely favorite authors and her books just keep getting better and better. I can't wait for the next one!

Hank has an amazing gift for juggling several characters with complex storylines that all fit together.Her fast-paced, immediate approach to the story has readers captured from page one.

My favorite of the series, so far -- stories interweave to the satisfying conclusion.

I’ve liked this series from the get-go. Say No More is a solid addition to it.A front cover blurb calls it ‘A rocket-paced thriller.’ I’d say it’s more like a long high-speed trip on the Interstate. I’m more partial to books like that anyway. I like stories that let me catch my breath every so often.Like every book in the series, this one has Jane and Jake pursuing separate investigations – Jane a story about rapes on college campuses, Jake the murder of a professor – that eventu [...]

Wow I didn't want to put this one down!This is my first Jane Ryland novel and it won't be my last. I have already purchased book one, The Other Woman. Starting with book 5, it wasn't difficult to follow.Jane is no longer working breaking news and her new producer Fiola Morello is new too. Jane witnesses an accident while on the way to interview Adams Bay College Dean of Students for their investigation of campus rapes. Jane finds herself investigating the same people her life partner Det. Jake B [...]

Jake and Jane continue to try to navigate their relationship and their careers. This time it's a question of who saw what, and whether they're obligated to say anything about it. Jane and Jake navigate multiple situations where the issue of what to say, and what a person is obligated to say, is key. Of course, all these situations prove to be tied together. At times I find Jane very annoying. I clearly don't think like a reporter. To me, there's an easy answer to all of Jane's questions and that [...]

This is another top-notch mystery. I enjoyed how Jake and Jane's cases came together and enjoyed watching them salve the crimes. The villains of the story were quite a bunch: the unfeeling, intimidating school administrator,the department chair, and the preppy college boy rapist. The tension the main characters felt about crossing the line in their police officer/journalist relationship was well done. The ending was ambiguous, so I am waiting to see how things turn out in the next volume of this [...]

Hank Phillippi Ryan is an investigative reporter out of Boston, and so it was with great excitement that I tucked into this, her latest, with great anticipation. Writers who live / observe their material craft fast reads, and this was true of SAY NO MORE. I flew through it, and then I had to go back and read it again. Multiple plot lines and characters drew me along because I love big stories that extract commitment. The subject matter is timely--the culture of silence surrounding rape--and Phil [...]

I like the interplay between the two protagonists in this series, one being a cop and one being a reporter. The writing is solid and the plot, if you can suspend belief about how they come to be involved in the same case, is good. Jane witnesses a hit and run, and gets a very good look at the driver, which makes her both a reporter and a witness.


Another great addition to the Jane Ryland series. With the deftness of a sushi chef, Ryan slices up the numerous plot lines and arranged them artistically on a platter for the reader to be in awe of. Fast paced, relentless and timely Say No More has a lot to say and we should listen!

I abandoned this because it was moving far too slow and I wasn't feeling a connection to any of the characters. I didn't know that this was the 5th part of a series; I may or may not try again from the first book.

I've never read this series before, but the story stands alone enough it doesn't effect your enjoyment if you haven't read the rest of the series. I did feel there was a lot of build up for a very predictable and quickly wrapped up resolution. I doubt I'll read more of this series.

she is fast becoming one of my favorite authors - this was a really good one

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