The Omega's Pack

Dessa Lux

The Omega's Pack

The Omega's Pack

  • Title: The Omega's Pack
  • Author: Dessa Lux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Rusty and Sam are now alpha and omega werewolf mates, forming a pack along with Mike Every night brings the new pack closer to the full moon and Sam s first omega heat, but there s still someone missing Nick Bellici is scarred in body and mind from his time in the Marines, and now he s struggling alone with life after war He s driven away everyone who cares about him Rusty and Sam are now alpha and omega werewolf mates, forming a pack along with Mike Every night brings the new pack closer to the full moon and Sam s first omega heat, but there s still someone missing Nick Bellici is scarred in body and mind from his time in the Marines, and now he s struggling alone with life after war He s driven away everyone who cares about him except his best friend Rusty, who won t stop asking him to come to California and meet his new boyfriend Rusty Jamison is still learning what it means to have a mate and a pack to take care of as their alpha Teaching Sam and Mike to handle their new werewolf abilities and navigating the politics of the local werewolf packs keeps Rusty busy, but he can t let go of his hopes to bring his best friend Nick into the pack That s going to mean finally telling Nick the secret he s been keeping for years As the pack s omega, it s up to Sam Hurley to bring them all together Not so tough when there are only two other werewolves, but when it comes to adding in someone Sam s never met, who s been through things Sam can barely imagine, Sam s newfound abilities will be put to the test And all the time, Sam s first full moon heat is looming closer The Omega s Pack is a m m and m m m and m m m m werewolf romance featuring alpha and omega mates leading their pack to a happy ending with plenty of steamy action for everyone

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Let's just get one thing out of the way straight off: if you're at that point in your reading life where the sex just isn't that interesting anymore, and you find yourself bored or even skimming past the sex scenes, then this series definitely isn't for you. But if you're still a dirty birdie, and sticky hot sexy stories are your thang, then look no further than this series!This book picks up pretty much right where book 1 left off. It's a week later, and Rusty, Sam, and Mike are their own littl [...]

3.5 StarsThis is a serious KNOTTING fuckfest of epic proportions. It came with a side of snark that made it fun too and fun boning is the best boning.

It had more emotional connection than the previous book, but I didn't like some aspects of the shifter world. But I am still liking the plot. Let's wait to find out if there are more books.

3 stars because it did not compare to the first one for me although this was still awesome and super sexy.

Yes, I read this for the gangbang.

3.5 Stars

A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsI love shifters! I really love it when the shifters live in alpha/beta/omega packs. There is just something about a rough and tumble (but tender) Alpha falling for a smaller, meek (but scrappy) omega. In The Omega’s Pack, the second book in the Protection of the Pack series, we get that in spades. Throw in another Alpha and a damaged new beta, and I’m in shifter heaven.The four main characters are great. Rusty is a born wolf and a terrific leader. His care and g [...]

My favourite of the series - I love proper H/C and broken heroes (especially with military background), and if I can have that in an ABO shifters book I'm happy as a clam.

This is even better than the first book, probably because the conflict arc is character driven instead of some contrived external threat.We start with one of the hottest threesome scenes I have read in ages. Rusty and Sam are mates in an open relationship, and the dominant way Rusty leads the sex between Sam and Mike is just *melts**faps**melts some more*I love the addition of Nick, Rusty's best friend from the Marines. He starts the story as a human broken by an accident involving driving and a [...]

Better world building along with the sexThere's a ridiculous amount of sex in this book but unlike book one, there's also much more of an actual story to hang it on.In this the fledgling pack goes off to rescue Rusty's best mate and former Marine buddy Nick, who is alone and suffering from PTSD, aimless and floating in a sea of despondency.Rusty (and believe me I find it hard to take anyone seriously with that name) however won't give up on his friend and eventually brings him back to their Cali [...]

This sequel is way different from book one, it's a 4some.I don't mind that at all, however, I did mind the plot.Sam the Omega, have to have sex with all members of his pack because it keeps the pack together, once a month he gets into heat and needs all his members to make him happy and satisfied in bed at the same time.Poor plot, plenty sex, is like a porn movie really, if you like this kind of stories this is for you, I was yawning for most of the part of the sex scenes, it was a great remedy [...]

24Sep2017Re-read 4.0 StarsI'm keeping the stars at 4 and upping my own rating to that as well. I keep coming back to read this for the knotting & so much porny goodness, it deserved a re-rate.16Sep20163.6 StarsKinky dirtybadwrongfilthygood deliciousness. (view spoiler)[Knotting plus all kinds of nasty come swapping & ass-play (hide spoiler)]ssssssssh, thank you.Oh, and an unexpected side of emotional angst and protectiveness.

Nothing like gratuitous amounts of sex. The story isn't about that, it is about an Alpha making his pack and his home. He missteps a little and that adds a certain charm to it. The Alpha is not the hero of this tale. The sweet and brilliant Omega is. In the wake of PTSD and traumatic physical injuries, Sam is able to save a Beta with kindness, patience and friendship.

Book 2 was a much better read than book 1 I am glad we get to see rusty and Sam pack growth and the chemistry was good between the pack looking forward to the next book in the series

The Omega’s Pack is the second book in The Protection of the Pack series. Rusty, Sam and Mike return and there’s a new addition, Nick Bellici, who was badly injured while serving in the Marines. This story is told in third person in each of the MCs povs.(view spoiler)[Right away, we’re introduced to Nick when Rusty texts him and asks him to come to California. The author did a great job of letting the readers know immediately that Nick is not only physically hurt, he’s hurting mentally a [...]

3.5 stars This wasn't as good as the first book in this series. Rusty and Sam great together, and their pack are getting bigger with the addition of Nick. Great sexy scenes but i thought it was a bit slow on the storyline. Nick was best freinds with Rusty from their military days but Rusty lived California with his boyfriend Sam now.  Nick lived in Indiana and pretended he was okay to Rusty but he wasn't at all. Good days and bad days he coped, his service days played with him still. .Rusty hol [...]

I really love how Lux sinks her teeth (ha!) into werewolf sex and runs with it. There's enough sweetness and struggle to round out the story too.

Still just as sexy as book one but with some deep emotional/mental illness stuff. I continue to adore these characters and their love story. Un-put-down-able.

The Protection of the Pack series reviewAny author who can provoke a reader to giggles, sexy gasps, and the occasional choked-up tear in the course of the same book can write for me any day. Dessa Lux is one of these. Her MM paranormal werewolf series “The Protection of the Pack” is just too much fun to read. Fair warning: if a line like “But as far as Rusty was concerned, they might as well have been wearing matching varsity jackets and snapping their fingers in a menacingly synchronized [...]

Still Silly Fun This is number #2 in this series and the Pack has grown. It's messy, it's silly, fun and I'm lapping up the chronicles of these men. Lux continues to create a different kind of wolf world. The sex is not added as filler. It's a major part of the storyline and believe you me it's over-the-top and that's the way it's supposed to be. I really like the impact of Nick joining the pack.

RomanticI really like the continuation of rusty Sam and Mike's story. No big drama but lots of cuddling interspersed with lots and lots of sex. Looking forward to the next installment.

Total guilty pleasure read. Better than some, not as good as others. Free through Kindle Unlimited though, so I'll keep reading!

Good bookThese book are short and to the point . I really enjoyed this series. I am kinda of glad it is on unlimited though.

Great ReadThis pack is coming along nicely. The characters are well written and developed. I'm looking forward to the next story.

Pretty much what you'd expect. No real conclusion for Nick either, which I found a little disturbing since this book went to a great deal of trouble to emphasize his fragile mental state.

2.5 starsSlightly better than book 1 but only because I liked Nick and the angst that he brought into the story. Unfortunately, sex scenes are just annoying.

A werewolf packs bonds together by all "serving" the pack omega when he goes into heat after adding a Marine buddy of the Alpha's to the mix. The buddy has PTSD, and pack basically comes to rescue.

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