Holding Out for a Hero

Codi Gary

Holding Out for a Hero

Holding Out for a Hero

  • Title: Holding Out for a Hero
  • Author: Codi Gary
  • ISBN: 9780062441263
  • Page: 231
  • Format: ebook

He wasn t looking for loveTwo years after the death of his wife, Sergeant Blake Kline is still hurting He isn t ready to date, but whenever he stops by his local diner and sees the friendly smile of his favorite waitress, he feels a spark of true happiness again And when her life is unexpectedly threatened, Blake discovers his feelings for her might not be as platonicHe wasn t looking for loveTwo years after the death of his wife, Sergeant Blake Kline is still hurting He isn t ready to date, but whenever he stops by his local diner and sees the friendly smile of his favorite waitress, he feels a spark of true happiness again And when her life is unexpectedly threatened, Blake discovers his feelings for her might not be as platonic as he thought.She was holding out for the hero of her dreamsBookworm Hannah York has always been a hopeless romantic preferring book boyfriends to blind dates and she s been day dreaming about Blake since the moment he came into her diner She s convinced they ll never be than friends until Blake kisses her and weak in the knees becomes than just a line from her favorite romance novel The closer Blake and Hannah get, however, the harder he fights to keep her at a distance.But forever has a way of sneaking up on youWhen their blossoming relationship takes a complicated turn, Blake will have to face his past or risk losing Hannah forever.

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2.5 stars?I requested this book even though I struggled with one of the previous books in the series.I liked Hannah and Blake well enough. They're both good people. Hannah is sweet and she stands up for herself. Blake is loyal and hardworking. Together they're adorable.So, much like the other books, there was just a lot a lot a lot of drama and push and pull. Yes, Blake has some baggage, but he's pretty rude to anyone who brings up Jenny. Hannah included. And there was one plot point at the end [...]

This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsHolding Out for a Hero is a sweet story, but a little cheesy for my taste at times. I enjoyed Hannah and Blake, however, I felt like the book could have been slightly shorter and still told the full story. Story: Ex navy-SEAL and cute waitress dance around each other without much interactions outside of the café where Hannah works. Until one day when there's a hold-up at the café. And Hannah plays the hero. Bringing a lot of memori [...]

***ARC Provided by the Publisher and Edelweiss***I enjoyed this book. Blake and Hannah were perfect for one another and you definitely could relate to Blake's uncertainty with moving on, his feelings of guilt. I could also relate to Hannah, for the most part.There were a couple of points where I thought the characters acted in a way that made them seem a lot younger than they were, I was mostly able to ignore those moments and engage with the story. Which I was able to do.I liked the book, I lik [...]

‘Holding out for a hero’ seems a bit of a misnomer for a book that’s centred around a widower trying to live and love again and a shy, head-in-the-clouds woman who is insistent on seeing him as the hero he isn’t quite. But if I could appreciate the fact that Blake and Hannah are neither players nor people who flit from a partner to another, I did find myself struggling with their characterisation—more the latter than the former—that made them hard to connect with. As much as I could [...]

I’ve been waiting for Blake's story since I began reading the Men In Uniform series. Blake and Hannah's story is another winner when it comes to these gorgeous military guys that have started the Alpha Dog Training Program. I knew Blake's story was going to be a tearjerker. In the first two books reader find out that Blake's wife, Jenny, had died, and Blake's pain in last two books was tangible. I was so ready for him to find love again to heal his broken heart. And Hannah the romantic was def [...]

Codi Gary is a newer author for me. I've only started her for this series but I have to tell you that I'm really enjoying her stories. Holding Out for a Hero is number #3 in the series. There is also a novella that starts the series. Plenty of good reading here. I really enjoyed Blake & Hannah's story. Poor Blake has so much crap he needs to work out with his past. But he has his friends and Hannah to do it with. Of course it would help if he'd let them in just a little bit more. Hannah's li [...]

AMAZING! Loved the characters, loved the bookjust LOVED it all :)

Find this review and more at Ramblings From This ChickHolding Out for a hero is the third book in the Men in Uniform series by Codi Gary. Each book is a standalone story, so these can be read out of order if you haven't read the previous books. While I have enjoyed this series, I haven't loved it. I keep hoping with each new book that it will get back to what I love so much from Codi Gary, but I have to admit that these have just been okay for me rather than great. Two years after losing his wif [...]

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ARC Review Holding Out for a Hero (Men in Uniform) by Codi GaryHolding Out For A Hero is much more than the title. Hannah and Blake are two lonely hearts searching for a chance to be whole. Hannah is stuck in her fantasy of what a perfect man should be. Blake is living on heartbreaking memories of a love gone too soon. Basically, Hannah is leading with her heart and Blake his head. Problem is in order to stand a chance at building a future and finding happiness, they have to listen to both head [...]

Hannah is a part time kindergarten teacher & part time waitress at a diner. Blake is US army sergeant, who works with Alpha Dog Search & Rescue, and is a regular at said diner. They develop a friend & Hannah has a crush. However, Blake keeps sending mixed signals and Hannah is confused. Turns out that Blake's pregnant wife was killed 2 yrs prior in a shooting at Fort Hood & he is still dealing w guilt and grief. After Blake is forced to seek therapy, he and Hannah decide to offic [...]

I loved this story. I found these characters so incredibly real with all their flaws and demons. The story is an emotional roller coaster as Blake, 2 years after the death of his wife, is still struggling to let go of his guilt and move on with his life. Hannah was just the ray of sunshine Blake needed to really take a look at his life and deal with all the issues holding him back. Even when he tries to push her away she challenges him and shows him how wonderful life could really be if he would [...]

Oh my goodness! I can't believe this is the last book of the series. Hannah & Blake story was so moving. I love how open she was with Blake and that he appreciated her honesty. Blake on the other hand you can see he was still grieving his late wife. Hannah helped him more than she realized. I love how they took things slow and learned about one another. I'm glad that they got the happy ending they both deserved.

As usual Codi Gary knows how to draw me into a story! I loved Blake and Hannah's story! It was heartwarming to watch Blake fall in love and get over his past. Hannah was such a sweet, fun character. I could imagine being friends with her. I mean who doesn't love a girl with her head in a book? :) I would definitely recommend this book!

A sweet story, widower meets curvy Hannah who helps him get over the terrible loss of his childhood sweetheart who was brutally murderered.

He had too much baggagepoor Hannah

Cute romance story. Nothing new but still a fun read.

I received an ARC from Edelweiss. Have not read the first two books in the series, but I would go back and read them.

Holding Out for a Hero is a story which touches on many common issues in today's society: love, loss, guilt and depression. Issues in which makes the characters more personable. I am a big fan of novels by Codi Gary and love the 'Alpha Dog Military' romances a.k.a. the Men in Uniform series and this book was no different. Following the loss of his wife Jenny, Sergeant Blake Kline is transferred into the Alpha Dog Training program. Two years later, a black cloud still hangs over his head. The onl [...]

***I received this book for free from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review, which was first posted on book blog Will Read for Feels.There’s just something about book boyfriends for whom heroism isn’t just a state of being, it’s a full-on profession. So I think I was naturally predisposed to swoon over Blake Kline in Codi Gary’s Holding Out for a Hero, book 3 in her Men in Uniform series.Blake [...]

Hannah York spends the majority of her free time with her nose buried in a romance book or daydreaming about one of her book boyfriends coming to life and waltzing into the cafe to sweep her off of her feet and give her the happily ever after she longs for. She longs for a hero to give her the love her favorite heroines receive in her books, the forever kind of love, with the ring, marriage, and a future filled with babies and happiness, but so far her hero has been MIA. That is until the super [...]

This review was originally posted on Latte Nights Reviews.Blake knew what happiness and love were until it was gone. Now, he's a grumpy man who doesn't allow himself any form of happiness, not even the lovely waitress from the diner he frequents. It's not until one day that Hannah is in danger that he wants to protect her and feelings start to ignite. Unfortunately, Blake feels he doesn't deserve happiness and is always pushing Hannah away.This wasn't my favorite in the series. The characters we [...]

*ARC provided by Publisher*Holding Out for a Hero is the third book in author Codi Gary’s Men in Uniform series. But even if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, this book can be read as a standalone so don’t let the fact that it’s third in Men in Uniform series deter you by any means.In Holding Out for a Hero, Sgt. Blake Kline is still dealing with the unexpected loss of his wife two years ago, though he can’t deny a growing attraction to his favorite diner waitress, Han [...]

I give Holding Out for a Hero five stars! "Emotional, spellbinding and Sensual Rollercoaster ride!" Readers well love it!We already met Sgt. Dean Sparks and Violet Douglas in One Luck Hero; Danielle Hill and Tyler Best in Hero of Mine. We were introduced to Sgt. Blake Kline and the rest that made up Alpha Dog. Knowing a little about Blakes back story a little made me really curious about his story. I was ecstatic to read about Sgt. Kline and the heroine, Hannah York in Holding Out for a Hero by [...]

Great addition to an already great series. Blake was a bit frustrating at times but so worth it in the end. I also loved that Hannah was a plus size heroine but it wasn't a central issue. Can't wait for more!

Loved it! Great addition to an already great series. Blake was a bit frustrating at times but so worth it in the end. I also loved that Hannah was a plus size heroine but it wasn't a central issue. Can't wait for more!

Holding Out For A Hero by Codi Gary is the newest full length stand alone in the Men In Uniform series. This is a series that I have fallen for and it is no wonder. When you mix strong sassy heroines, hunky alpha males and an abundance of dogs how do you not fall in love.Holding Out For A Hero revolves around widower Blake and innocent bookworm Hannah. Blake is not the easiest man to love, he makes Hannah work for it constantly but she is relentless and never gives up on him and the possibility [...]

3.5 StarsThe story has laughs, secrets, pain and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstI Need a Hero (Men in Uniform, #0.5)One Lucky Hero (Men in Uniform, #1)Hero of Mine (Men in Uniform, #2)This is Hannah and Blake’s story. Blake is still a little broken from losing his wife. He carries a lot of guilt for that loss. His job is making him finally move on and finally settle down or he will be transferred. He sees Hannah every day at the diner. [...]

This was my first book by Codi Gary and the first in the series that I have read, and I'll definitely be coming back for more.Hannah York has had a crush on the handsome just sometimes broody Sgt. Blake Kline, who comes into the diner she works at, like clockwork. The two seem to have an easy going friendship until Kline saves Hannah from an attempted robbery and all of a sudden he's disappeared. Hannah is confused because she thought something was there between the two of them, at least she hop [...]

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