Mata Hari's Last Dance

Michelle Moran

Mata Hari's Last Dance

Mata Hari's Last Dance

  • Title: Mata Hari's Last Dance
  • Author: Michelle Moran
  • ISBN: 9781476716398
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover

From the international bestselling author of Rebel Queen and Nefertiti comes a captivating novel about the infamous Mata Hari, exotic dancer, adored courtesan, and, possibly, relentless spy.Paris, 1917 The notorious dancer Mata Hari sits in a cold cell awaiting freedom or death Alone and despondent, Mata Hari is as confused as the rest of the world about the charges she From the international bestselling author of Rebel Queen and Nefertiti comes a captivating novel about the infamous Mata Hari, exotic dancer, adored courtesan, and, possibly, relentless spy.Paris, 1917 The notorious dancer Mata Hari sits in a cold cell awaiting freedom or death Alone and despondent, Mata Hari is as confused as the rest of the world about the charges she s been arrested on treason leading to the deaths of thousands of French soldiers.As Mata Hari waits for her fate to be decided, she relays the story of her life to a reporter who is allowed to visit her in prison Beginning with her carefree childhood, Mata Hari recounts her father s cruel abandonment of her family as well her calamitous marriage to a military officer Taken to the island of Java, Mata Hari refuses to be ruled by her abusive husband and instead learns to dance, paving the way to her stardom as Europe s most infamous dancer.From exotic Indian temples and glamorous Parisian theatres to stark German barracks in war torn Europe, international bestselling author Michelle Moran who expertly balances fact and fiction Associated Press brings to vibrant life the famed world of Mata Hari dancer, courtesan, and possibly, spy.

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2.5 Knew little besides the basics about Mata Hari before reading this novel. Really felt this book could have used more depth, didn't ever get the feeling I knew anything about this women besides the surface facts of her life, never felt I knew what made her tick. Historical context would have perhaps added more depth as would more of her tragic back story which was only occasionally alluded to, in short blurbs. The epilogue was the best part but on the whole I finished disappointed.

I read this book -- on the slim side at 272 pages -- on the flights to-and-from my work conference at the end of June.A first person biographical novel of the infamous dancer-slash-spy, this splashy story has it all: winsome heroine, Paris, love affairs, rags-to-riches, a tearjerker of an end.My only complaint is that I just wanted more; and given the many inaccuracies and mysteries about the woman known as Mata Hari, I'm surprised Moran didn't go deeper (or, hell, longer!) with her story. Inste [...]

This was my sixth Michelle Moran book and unfortunately, it was my least favorite. All others were 4 or 5 star books. So what didn’t work this time? The selection of Mata Hari was definitely a great choice - famous and exotic, she was accused of being a spy for the Germans and was sentenced and executed by a firing squad. What didn’t work was the writing style. It was simplistic, basic and uninspiring - wow, is this the same author who wrote Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution, [...]

I wanted to like this book so much more than I did. Michelle Moran is one of my favorite authors and I was really excited to read her newest book about a character I knew next to nothing about. I was extremely disappointed! The book was on the slim side so the story never really ended up going anywhere. The book basically turned into a list of officers Mata Hari had slept with. And if that's what you want to do with your life, you do you buddy. My problem was that everything else in the novel be [...]

5 Words: Fame, fortune, propaganda, war, family.This book pretty much delves straight into the life of Mata Hari as she desperately tries to survive having come to Paris. Starting this book, I knew little about her life, only that she was executed for espionage in World War One. Throughout the story, her past is slowly revealed, information is drip fed, and my own feelings and attitude towards the character changed completely.By the end of this book, I felt a little empty, I was a little numb wi [...]

* 1.1 *Posting this in lieu of remaining silent in hopes of warning others. By page 55, the last vestige of hope had gone for this work and the only remaining hope was that it might burst into flames and self-destruct.Epitomizes the worst trends in HF beginning with a nearly-headless female on the cover, the image out of focus but if it were Mata Hari one wouldn't know it. A shame, because she was an interesting-looking creature especially decked out in her dancing costumes. Back to the horror s [...]

3. 5 stars. I have always been fascinated with the mystery behind Mata Hari. I knew very little about her and she appeaes to have slipped into the cracks of some parts of history. Was she a loyal patriot that had been misunderstood by history? Certainly women often are. Or was she only out to make her life more comfortable with little feeling to others?Michelle Moran sets out to answer these historical riddles focusing much of her story on the experiences of the adult life of this notorious woma [...]

Since I read Moran's Nefertiti many years ago she has remained one of my go-to historical fiction authors. She has a knack for bringing strong female leaders from history to the forefront telling their stories with vivid detail and heart. Historical women such as Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Madame Tussaud, Josaphine Boneparte and India's Queen Lakshmi have had their stories shared by Moran and I've enjoyed them all.Going into this book all I knew about Mata Hari was that she was a beautiful, seductive [...]

Mata Hari was a really strange book from Michelle Moran. I do think that Mata Hari would make an interesting subject for a novel, but the execution is so odd. The book is short, and I mean really short. I took me between 3 and 4 hours maximum to read, and feels much shorter than any other novel from Moran. And yet it’s not marketed as a novella – I checked, wondering if I’d missed something.The attention to historical detail is, as others have pointed out, absent. That is to say, Moran doe [...]

"Now I understand the truth: I confused the order of things. I created pain; I danced to my own destruction." Mata Hari, the archetype of seductive female spies, is a controversial figure in history. Supporters consistently attempt to get the French government to re-open her case to determine if the military tribunal sentencing her to death had any evidence to support their claims or if the entire trial was a sham, a propaganda stunt by the French to deflect failings in the war effort. The menti [...]

Find my review on my blog too!The Back Porch ReviewEveryone has those authors that are "auto-buy" authors. For me, Michelle Moran is one of those authors. She always manages to seamlessly blend history and fiction. When I saw her latest endeavor at the bookstore -- Mata Hari's Last Dance -- I had to pick it up. No questions asked.In Mata Hari's Last Dance we follow the famous exotic dancer/courtesan/spy through the start of her career up through her tragic end. The story is told by Mata Hari her [...]

In this latest tale inspired by Mata Hari, Michelle Moran brings to life the infamous and enigmatic dancer, courtesan and suspected spy. In the narrative we follow Margaretha Zelle MacLeod “M’greet” better known as Mata Hari rise to fame as a dancer and courtesan to the decline of her career and finally her fall from grace as she is accused of espionage. Michelle Moran is one of my favourite historical fiction writers, this time she brings to the forefront the lives of strong, independent [...]

All my reviews can be found on my blog at whatsbetterthanbooks.This is a fascinating and engaging story about the life of Mata Hari, the famous dancer, courtesan, who was tried and convicted by the French for being a double agent during WWI, and was subsequently executed for treason by firing squad in 1917.It is told in first-person narration, and it takes us through a life filled with abandonment, abuse, poverty, riches, love, loss, and wartime.Mata Hari lived in a time when respectable woman w [...]

I admit I knew next to nothing about Mata Hari. The beauty of historical fiction is you learn about history in such an interesting way. I really enjoyed learning about her life and her struggles. I was sobbing at the end of the book. Life is so unfair especially to women throughout history. A novel like this really brings home how lucky I am to be a woman in the 21st century.

An unfortunate tale of a woman who was playing games in war she knew nothing about. A famous exotic dancer turned spy (for a rather brief period of time) just sounds like it'll end badly. As usual, Moran painted the picture of a woman's life I was quite unacquainted with. I had thought Mata Hari was Indian but, surprise, she was Dutch and had claimed to be born in India in order to add to her mystique. She brought dances she had been taught in Java over to Europe and gained fame for its sensuous [...]

Oh, my beloved Michelle Moran I have missed you. It has been two years since I have read one of her books and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them.Beyond name recognition I knew nothing of Mata Hari. I thought, like most people, that she was Indian and I expected the book to take place in India. When the story started in Europe I was confused but things were quickly explained. Mata Hari led a colorful life. She invented herself out of what appears to be a horrible childhood and marriage. She me [...]

It is 1904 when Margaretha Zelle MacLeod leaves her abusive husband in Java and becomes the famous Mata Hari in France. She had to leave her daughter, Non behind due to threats from her husband and has always regretted that.As Mata Hari becomes more and more famous she takes up many different lovers and enlists a couple of them to help her get her daughter back. After careful planning an attempt was made.During World War I Mata Hari travel over a good part of Europe seeking information to help F [...]

First ImpressionsMy knowledge of Mara Hari extended to her profession as an exotic dancer. It seemed a bit one-dimensional at first. Although, Michelle Moran always excels at expanding the lives of historical figures. Thus plowed right in, preparing myself for Fantine's "I dreamed a dream".Impressions While ReadingI need not have worried. Margaretha Zelle was so much more than a scantily clad girl and the author showcased that in vivid colors. I felt as if I were in the audience during her perfo [...]

2.5 starsI am so disappointed. I love Michelle Moran, she's a favourite author of mine and I've been looking forward to this book for ages. So what is wrong? We are told that Mata Hari is telling the story of her life to a journalist before her execution for (possible) spying. But it's written in first person present! If you were telling someone about something that happened would you say, for instance, 'We are sitting in the restaurant of the Hotel de Crillon.' No, you'd say 'We were sitting et [...]

Moran is a great writer, and for that reason I did wish that the book had been longer. As it stood now it did not even reach 300 pages. Which is sad cos she does brings life into her rl characters. I always wonder who she will write about next.I can't say I knew a lot about Mata Hari except how she died and that she created this persona . In this book we follows her from her start in Paris and to her end. The book is heavy on her beginning and honestly how did people buy all those lies? Silly pe [...]

3.5 starsMichelle Moran is one of my favorite authors and I have read all her books. She has a flair of unraveling the stories of strong women personalities lost in history. I was waiting to grab this book since it came out. Again, a fabulous subject- "Mata Hari", an exotic dancer turned spy during the WWI.Though the story is engrossing and runs fast, I felt that Mata Hari's account was a little shallow. I would have liked to know more about her time before she became the world-renowned dancer. [...]

3.5/5I've never read Michelle Moran before, but I certainly won't shy away from her books ever again. She is a great historical fiction author.Everyone's heard of Mata Hari, they must have! However, history only knows her as a seductress, a courtesan and a spy who has been caught and executed . Michelle Moran paints a far more complicated reality.She starts with Mata Hari's arrival to Paris and her reinvention of herself as an exotic Indian temple dancer. She is noticed by Eduard Clunet who beco [...]

Even though she was executed by firing squad by the French military almost exactly one hundred years ago, the name Mata Hari still carries a certain mystique among amateur historians and others interest in the period. The big question, one that lends itself to all kinds of conspiracy theories, is whether or not Mata Hari was actually spying or only pretending to spy when she was arrested by French authorities. And if she was really spying, was she spying on France or on Germany? Or was she simpl [...]

This review originally appeared on my blog, Leeanna.==I’ve read Michelle Moran’s novels set in Ancient Egypt several times, so I was interested to try something of hers set in a different time period. Mata Hari is one of those names I’ve always known without knowing much about the actual person. The book starts with a news article detailing Hari’s conviction as a spy and death by firing squad in 1917. I think that’s what everyone knows about her, so it makes sense to start there. Then [...]

I have to admit that I did not know a lot about Mata Hari prior to reading this book, however I was intrigued by the tagline ‘Dancer. Lover. Spy’ and knew I had to read it. I am so glad I did!Mata Hari led an extremely interesting life! Michelle admits at the end of the book that the truth about her is questionable as she told so many tales, Mata Hari appeared to be an accomplished liar and a fantastic story teller. This makes the tale more fascinating. Written in first person narrative I lo [...]

Mata Hari's Last Dance by Michelle Moran was such a surprising read for me. I enjoyed it more than I was expecting. It was a pretty quick read but didn't take away how much I liked this book. Before reading this book I wasn't really well known with the life of Mata Hari. But this book? It just makes me want to know more about her life. It's also clear this book was well-researched. That's a big deal to me with historical fictions.The book is set in the 1900's and a part of the book takes place d [...]

I loved the book. The author has a very special way of introducing historical characters and making you want to know even more than what is present in the book. I thought the book was very nicely presented and I was engrossed from the very start. Ms. Moran has never disappointed me and has actually helped expand my historical knowledge. I always go find additional books on the characters she explores.Mata Hari even in life was a work of fiction. She created a persona and I am fairly certain over [...]

I have been reading everything about Mata Hari that I could get my hands on for years. So I actually know quite a bit about her life, but that didn't prevent me from leaping at the chance to get a review copy of Mata Hari's Last Dance by Michelle Moran. I requested it on both Net Galley and Edelweiss in an excess of enthusiasm. Both came through. So I would like to thank the publisher for approving me twice for this book in return for this honest review.I wish I could say that I loved the book. [...]

Mata Hari danced her way to fame in Paris prior to WWI. Abandoned as a child, broke and running away from a failed marriage, she invented an identity as an exotic dancer. For over a decade she makes a living provocatively dancing before packed theaters and sleeping with what seems like half of Europe. As with her previous novels, Moran has written a captivating story weaving the known and the imagined. We know from the opening lines of the book that Mata Hari has been arrested for espionage and [...]

I've always been fascinated by Mata Hari's story. And this book was a good starting point to know more about her. Although it was an enjoyable read, i felt like Moran could have elaborated more about the espionage charges and the trial. There was also a certain lack of depth to the characters. All in all, it was a good read though, and I would recommend it to anyone who is into historical fiction, and would like to know more about Mata Hari.

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