Mad for the Plaid

Karen Hawkins

Mad for the Plaid

Mad for the Plaid

  • Title: Mad for the Plaid
  • Author: Karen Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781476786100
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook

The third captivating, sizzling Scottish historical romance in New York Times bestseller Karen Hawkins s Princes of Oxenburg series Fans of Julia Quinn, Monica McCarty and Julie Garwood will be enchanted by this dazzling read.Prince Nikolai Romanovin is bored out of his bejeweled crown with London s society scene If he has to make inane small talk or dance with one The third captivating, sizzling Scottish historical romance in New York Times bestseller Karen Hawkins s Princes of Oxenburg series Fans of Julia Quinn, Monica McCarty and Julie Garwood will be enchanted by this dazzling read.Prince Nikolai Romanovin is bored out of his bejeweled crown with London s society scene If he has to make inane small talk or dance with one tongue tied virgin, he might actually run off So when he gets word his beloved grandmother might be in danger back in his homeland of Oxenburg, Nik is all too willing to rush to the estate she s been staying in in the snow capped mountains of Scotland Arriving in secret only to find his grandmother missing, Nik devises a plan to switch identities with a member of his honor guard so he can move around freely without the pomp and circumstance that comes with the Crown Prince title He relishes the freedom that comes with losing his title, until he spots herWhile her five older sisters all enjoyed seasons, got married to men of high station, and had children of their own, Ailsa, the baby of the family, was left at home to be raised by her absent father and her sharp witted, but ailing grandmother after losing her mother in childbirth Now twenty nine years old, the sole caretaker of her grandmother, and the entrenched mistress of the castle, Ailsa has resigned herself to living at the castle and enjoying the amusements offered spending time with her grandmother, copious amounts of reading, wild rides through the moors, and the occasional ball in the local town All in all, it s a satisfying, if sedate, life But when she meets a guard handsome, and far arrogant and sure of himself than any man she s ever met, she s determined to figure out his secrets, no matter the cost.Don t miss the previous sublime Princes of Oxenburg books The Prince Who Loved Me,The Prince And I and The Princess Wore Plaid And for umissable Scottish historical romance, catch her amazing Duchess Diaries series.

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3.5 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Ailsa has been given the heavy responsibility of running her family's estate while her father is in London. Her youth and gender are against her but through her wits and determination, she is winning the people over. When two guests of hers get kidnapped, she feels personally responsible and wants to lead the charge to get them back.Nik is a royal princ [...]

“She was a graceful woman, this Ailsa of Castle Leod. She moved in a way that made him wish to see her on the dance floor. And in his bed.”This was another new to me author that I thoroughly enjoyed. Mad for the plaid is the 3rd book in the Oxenburg Princes series. Ailsa is basically on the shelf, a spinster in the making. She manages her family home, while her father sees to his political agendas. All her sisters are married and the only person she has to worry about is her grandmother Lady [...]

I love the slow building romance in this book the best!It is a road romance, where the characters travel to save two kidnapped people (one is the grandmother of the hero).The hero, Nik, is the heir to the throne of Exenburg, while the heroine is the youngest daughter of a Scottish (I hope this is the correct term) Lord.Nik is world weary, while Lyssa is very unusual for her time: she's successfully managing her father's estate all by herself, she's thus strong willed, opinionated and very, very [...]

This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryPrince Nikolai is finding politics and social circumstances boring and dull. He is wanting for something more than what he has. When he receives word that his grandmother has been kidnapped he goes straight to the estate she had been staying at up in the Scotland mountains. Where he meets the unique and strong willed Lyssa. Lyssa has five sisters that enjoyed their own seasons, met their husbands, fell in love and have plenty of bab [...]

Cute historical romance with fairy tale prince. Funny read! :)

I received an ARC from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I'm not sure where to start. I feel like a list format would work best for this review.1. There was a lot of the improbable here, really past the point of me being able to suspend belief. I doubt very much that a 22-year-old young woman in the 1820's would be left to run a castle with her father still very much alive. I also doubt very much that she would be allowed to go on a mission to rescue abducted housegues [...]

I think Mad for the Plaid is my favorite of The Oxenburg Princes series (and a nice closure, since all the princes had had their happy-ever-afters now. At least that's my take). Overall I enjoyed the camaraderie and battle of wits between Lady Ailsa and Prince Nikolai, or even with other supporting characters. But what I really loved the most was the heroine character. Ailsa might not be a beauty, but she was a strong young lady who knew what she wanted and didn't sit around waiting for things t [...]

The premise of The Oxenburg Princes series always struck me as a bit unusual. Eastern European princes finding love with women from the Scottish Highlands is a strange mix of cultures and character types but somehow Karen Hawkins makes it all work. The final book, Mad for the Plaid, uses this same formula to the greatest effect by focusing on the dangerous political aspects of a prince’s life and just how strong a true love must be to overcome those challenges.Lady Alisa Mackenzie has been pla [...]

Este es uno de esos casos en los que la descripción de la historia no se corresponde con la historia en sí. Y aunque no le veo mucho sentido al asunto tampoco es algo que me haya importado. Pero quede dicho para quien pueda interesar.Cuando Nikolai recibe la tropecienta carta firmada por Ailsa esta vez diciéndole que su querida abuela ha sido extraviada y que se va a hacer lo posible para recuperarla y que en caso de que sus esfuerzos no sean suficientes se llamara a las autoridades pertinent [...]

*I received an e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*Oh my goodness!!! What a whizz-bang ending to a delightful series. I assume it is the ending of the series since all of the princes are now married. I will really miss Tata Natasha who is absolutely delightful and steals whatever scenes she is in! Maybe the author will decide to continue with a series where Tata Natasha marries off all of the bachelors in Oxenburg now that she has her grandsons married off -- she did state that [...]

'Mad for the Plaid' by Karen Hawkins is book three of "The Oxenburg Princes" series. This is the story of Prince Nikolai Romanovin and Ailsa. I read all the books in this series but I do think this is a standalone book.Ailsa has been writing a few letters back and forth to Nik at his grandmothers request for a trunk she left behind when leaving to visit Ailsa and her grandmother. So they have a kind of presumption of each other from those letters. When Nik Grandmother goes missing Ailsa has to l [...]

3.5 stars. The synopsis of this book is completely off, so it's a good thing I didn't pay any attention to it.This is a charming story even with the gaping holes. Our leads are enchanting and I really like how their relationship took some time to grow while traipsing across Scotland to rescue Tata Natasha and Lord Hamilton. Both, Nik and Ailsa are strong and capable and the supporting characters add a little more intrigue to the story. I was a little disappointed with the ending, it didn't quite [...]

As the lovely gif illustrates, Mad for the Plaid could be summed up in one word: BORING. So, very, very boring. I skipped ahead numerous times on account of the sluggish pace which was extremely difficult for me to do since I usually inhale Karen Hawkins’s books. This particular book however lacked any of the magic I’ve come to associate with the Oxenburg Princes series. Its deficiencies were especially obvious since it was the follow-up to The Prince and I, which was damn near perfect in my [...]

***I received this arc from Netgallery in exchanged for an honest review***I did not read the last book neither do I remember details from the first one but still I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed the bickering between Nik and Ailsa, some might find it annoying but reading about it is one of my guilty pleasure.It dragged a little at the middle. I love a good mystery as well as the next person but it got really tedious in this case. The camping went on forever, they were always camping. With [...]

This historical romance had a great beginning with lots of exciting action and both a hero and heroine with strong character but when their relationship heats up, the hero turned into a jerk seducing her and not supporting her in front of her clan then leaving her while she accepted it all. Prince Nikolai's grandmother is abducted while she is visiting Ailsa's estate in Scotland.

Book:Mad for the Plaid by Karen HawkinsReviewed by: Barb MassabrookHeat Rating: MildOverall Rating: five starsIn this story Prince Nikolai Romanovin, of Oxenburg finds London society life - dull tedious and boring. He is uninterested in politics and the social structures expected from him.These are forced upon him due to his royal title unfortunately for him! Of course his guise worked and got plenty of useful information from people thinking he was a useless empty headed flop who only care abou [...]

Before reading this book, I had never read a book by Karen Hawkins. Since finishingMad for the Plaid , I have decided that I need to read every book she has ever written. This book was witty, action packed, exciting, charming, romantic, steamy, and so much more. Everything I have ever wanted in a historical romance was granted to me with this book. It is safe to say that I throughly enjoyed this book. Right from the beginning, I was hooked to this book. The plot was just so addictive! Every time [...]

ARC REVIEW I have been waiting for Nikolai's story from the very beginning. I was not let down you get to see the many facets of Nik from his Prince Nikolai Romanovian of Oxenburg to just Nik. I love books that start of with letters between the two main characters. Nik and Ailsa are both headstrong and stubborn, Nik however is use to knowing when to argue his point and when to drop it for later. Ailsa is use to being in charge, her father gave her the job of manager of the house and grounds and [...]

Whenever you read a Karen Hawkins book you can count on being entertained by a witty, fast paced story that will capture your heart. Her words flow smoothly with lots of fun, laughter and a great sensual love story. This is the fourth book in The Oxenburg Princes. The first three were amazing (The Prince Who Loved Me, The Prince and I, and The Princess Word Plaid) and this one is no different.This story starts off with Prince Nikolai Romanovin of Oxenburg and Lady Alisa Mackenzie corresponding w [...]

This is an early review from NetGalley for release on August 30, 2016.Karen has written a good story that will go straight to your heart. She is one of my favorite authors. I have all of her books. This is a good series. Ailsa has been given the job of the Estate Manager. She is with her Grandmother and Cousin Gregor. They are hosting the Tata Natasha of Oxenburg. Then she leaves with no notice and gets kidnapped. Nicolai leaves to find his Grandmother. Major Spoiler! For those who have read the [...]

3.5 starsThis is the first book I have read ny Karen Hawkins. It definitely required suspension of disbelief as it did not seem historically accurate. That did not bother me. I don't mind a story that is barely believable.What bothered me (view spoiler)[ is that the hero seems to think the heroine is not a virgin. One minute he is telling her that she will be married in a year or two. The next minute he does not even hesitate a second to have sex with her. The next morning he is angry there is b [...]

reched like chewing gum, that sticks to the sole of your shoesually i like karen hawkins books very much and this series started out great and promising, but this story did nothing for meo much travelling, too little tata natasha !!!

Right recipe for great romance, but it just didn't work for me. Perhaps because I thought that Alisa was a great, strong character, but I wasn't so into Nik. Plus, their romantic situations seemed forced to me. But I do love this author and will continue to wait for more.

4.5 stars. It's fairly predictable, and there are some editing inconsistencies, but I liked it.

Another wonderful story from Karen Hawkins!! This is the first book in a new series and it promises to be amazing especially starting with the first story being about Conner Douglas! Conner and his three brothers travel to the home of their sister who is marred to a Duke. What they find is their sister has died giving birth and they are left with an inheritance from her that has stipulations! The brothers all have 4 months to wed in order to obtain those funds or they will go to another relative [...]

Close to 3.5* but doesn't merit 4* from me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. With the exception of one tiny error. While out on a long horseback riding trip, our heroine is in breeches to make the long ride easier. Yet at one point it says she stopped and smoothed her skirts. (page 179). Oops. Otherwise, loved the book and the series.

DNF at 50%I just couldn't get into this book. I really tried but at 50% I had to admit defeat and give up. If I had to sum this book up in one word I'd say boring. I came to expect more from Karen Hawkins book and I am very disappointed in this one.

*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review*I loved 90% of this book and I was in thrall until the very end.Grand Duchess Natasha has been abducted while visiting with Ailsa MacKenzie's grandmother at Castle Leod. Ailsa (I am not 100% sure what her name is going to end up as in the final product - on the heroine for this book is named Lyssa, in the blurb at the beginning of this book she is Mairi and in the actual story she is Ailsa - so tha [...]

This third installment of the Oxenburg Princes series has been much anticipated, as we are finally getting the story of the Crown Prince Nikolai Romanovin. This series has been a lot of fun and I'm a little sad that it's coming to an end. I would love to see more of Tata Natasha!Nikolai Romanovin, heir to the throne of Oxenburg, is a man of many faces. Nikolai must play these many roles by necessity, as he is surrounded by betrayers, hangers on and those who want something from him. He has caref [...]

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