Tank's Pearl

G.M. Scherbert

Tank's Pearl

Tank's Pearl

  • Title: Tank's Pearl
  • Author: G.M. Scherbert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Pearl My husband committed suicide two years ago Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn t get worse Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together.Tank The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her WPearl My husband committed suicide two years ago Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn t get worse Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together.Tank The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her What I was not ready for, was her fighting against this attraction we have I want her, I don t care that she has kids, or that she doesn t know shit about the type of life I have She thinks that the fact that she s ten years older than me is an issue its not But the biggest thing she s mistaken on is the fact that she thinks this thing between us is just a casual thing She will be mine and there is almost nothing that could happen to come between us.Or is there DISCLAIMER THIS BOOK CONTAINS CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR SOME READERS IT CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND EXTREME SEXUAL SITUATIONS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES 18

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So I'm not gonna lie I skimmed this piece of shit book! The heroine is a doormat and the H is a piece of shit in like 65% of the book the H take her to a BDSM club where he "teach her a lesson" makes her have sex with I think like 3 or 4 guys and he gets a blowjob seeing her being teach this "lesson" the guys cum on all her body he tells her that since she treated him like a cum bucket he's treating her just like that mind you I didn't read anything about her treating like that at that point i w [...]

self note: Hell no!! This hero(devil is right) is a piece of shit! too many triggers and Definitely not safe! ugh I'm disgusted:/

SELF NOTE: This is not a review but an explanation why this would not work for meI hope to god heroine will end up with someone else other than the scumbag Hero!/review/show

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THAT FUCKING ENDING ! I WANNA STAB SOMEONE ! I don't think I've ever been this mad after finishing a book & at this point I don't even want to read the next one. I don't mind cliffhangers that's not what has me pissed I'm mad because the way Tank acted at the end does not go with the way he acted through the whole book it seems the author threw it in to shock everyone & have them on the edge of their seats. Tank is Vice President of the Devil's Iron MC, he [...]

Piece of shit male MCSelf note:/review/show

H punishes h by having her have sex with 3-4 different men while he has a blowjob! EeewwwwH walks away as h is about to get raped. WTF

Not a fanNot sure why this book had so many 4 and 5 star reviews. The blurb about the book in no way indicated it was a book about bdsm. True a motorcycle club was involved but in my opinion it was all about bdsm which I do not care to read about. Had I not bought the books months ago I would have returned for a refund. Tank the H was so domineering that he was cruel in my opinion. The writer went overboard when trying to make him alpha. They also have sweet and caring sides to them but I only s [...]

I liked the premise of this book but the delivery didn't work for me.Book struggled to find and keep a voice. It was touted as a MC book but they also ran and were Doms in a BDSM club. In addition to this they owned several bars and ran security detail for them. My head was spinning on too my cliches the book had. I also didn't like Tank's personality. He often seemed like a big bully. While I found Pearl to be wishy washy. The authors writing style was but bit off for me as well. The use of exc [...]

Self note:/review/showThis book is really something else

This book is words. I will give full review when I finish the second one. Oh, and when I mean no words, I mean I cannot believe people gave this 4 and 5 stars.I has so many LOL moments that it was actually no longer a hot romance for me but, a fictitious spoof of the Biker BSDM romance novel (first I have ever read of the kind btw). Then there's a damn asshole cliffhanger!! So I am going to grab some Pinot (Like whomever edited this book), and read the second one too because I have to see what t [...]

Nice start wish I knew it was a cliff hanger. The writing was different from what I'm use to I didn't feel I got to know the characters really well. The one thing I do know is I thought Tank was a real jerk and then the scene at the club when he taught Pearl a lesson turned me off, I thought it was gross and if I was Pearl I would be done with Tank, but she stayed with him and the ending what happened I didn't see that coming, Tank is no hero to me he left and didn't say anything, my hope for th [...]

Cliffhanger. I hate when I don't know at the beginning. Older woman/younger man. Dom/sub relationship. Tank falls for Pearl who is a single Mom reluctant to get into a relationship. Sex abounds in this lovely little ditty; but I don't see the connection between Pearl and Tank. He just seems like a big bully who wants what he wants but is unable to communicate to a grown woman. But I guess that is because Pearl is spineless ninny. I might be interested in the next book in the series just to figur [...]

Pearl had suffered such a loss when her husband took his own life and left her to raise their children. She had closed her heart with huge walls until Tank comes and breaks them down. I really liked him at first, but then he changed by the end of the book. I really didn't like him then. My heart broke for Pearl at the end. I am very intrigued by Blaze and his feelings for Pearl. Is it just an attraction? Or is he in love with her? I can't wait to read what happens next.I give Tank's Pearl 4 hear [...]

Cliffhanger alert!The heroine is weak and looks like a puppet in the hands of men.The scene in which the supposed hero punishes her by making her have sex with several different men while he gets a blow job and all of them ejaculating on her in the end was very disgusting.And when she is being raped and he just leaves her there and leaves. Oh my god!What the fuck is this?

Tank's Pearl was the first book I've read in this genre, and I'm hooked! It was steamy, definitely a book for grown ups! It's pretty much got everything you could want, a sexy, dominant guy, a strong-willed mama, motorcycles, bondagehighly recommended!

yeah hell no/review/show

Bloody awful! DNF @ 30%

No just, no./review/show

Josie's ReviewFor this being this author’s debut novel, I think she did a really good job. I love my MC books, so naturally after reading the title and blurb I jumped at this opportunity. Tank’s Pearl is not a long read and some readers might find certain topics the author broached upon offensive and inappropriate. However for me, I enjoyed it. It fit the story line the author was bringing to readers. The couple in Tank’s Pearl come from different circles of life, but somehow a chance enco [...]

I'm seeing a lot of reviews that are negative and rude . Easy solution it has a warning before you read it consider that . I personally didn't think this book was very graphic it could of gotten into a whole lot more detail which I'm sure would of upset some of these sensitive people . You can not please everyone !! Now I will be reading the follow up book . Although I could not understand why anyone would be in a relationship like they have (way to controlling) to each their own I love reading [...]

Tank's Pearl : The Devil's Iron MC # 1 - GM Scherbert ( 5 Stars)* Gifted a copy by Author at a Book Release Party.Thank you GM!!Wow, Tank & Pearl's Story packed a Devastating , emotional Gut - Punch !!!My amazon Review link Below .on/review/R1ONP3X

Started reading it. if u want all sex no a biker who never does anything but have sex than u might like it. Theres not a lot of verbs or adverbs or discribing things either. I stopped 4b half done n we to another book.

Will rate if/when book #2 read.

Great debut novel! Wonderful fully fleshed characters. Hot hot hot smexy scenes! Tank is a badass in the extreme, and Pearl certainly knows how to handle him! Recommend this one folks!!

WOW!!I don't even know where to start. First off Pearl, she's a beautiful mother and widow and she teaches special needs children. Tank however is a gorgeous bad ass alpha biker who doesn't take no for an answer. His Dominant side was at times hard for me to take. The writing for his character at times did not fit. It was kind of robotic and it was at times too proper for a bad ass biker who is a master at BDSM. And I really hated it when he called Pearl's pussy a cum canal. That was so stupid. [...]

G.M. Sherbert is a new author to me, she came recommended by another author that I love and respect her work so I thought I would give her a try. I can tell you I was not disappointed at all. When world's collide, Pearl seemed like the girl next door with a desire that no one knew. Tank was a young, much younger HOT biker she was not planning on meeting as she is out with her girlfriends for a night out, one that doesn't happen often since her husband committed suicide and she is left alone to r [...]

Ummm wow!!First off this is my first time reading this author and let me tell you it was amazing. This book does contain BDSM which BTW is not usually my thing but she does it really well so this is the exception for me to read. I couldn't put my kindle down. I love Pearl's character she is so strong. heart wept for her at the end of this book. And Tank well to myself he is a little b****!! Pearl wouldn't of had that done to her if it wasn't for him and then to bail wtf!!This book has hot AF sex [...]

This is the first book I've read by GM Scherbert and it won't be the last! I'm really into MC books and this is another awesome read! Pearl is a widow with 2 young daughters to raise. She meets Tank and is sucked into his world, they are opposites but have chemistry off the charts! Tank walked away when Pearl needed him most, destroying the trust that was hard to give in the first place! The ending was rough and now I have to read book 2 to find out what happens next!

Nope!I'm sorry,but I just couldn't read any further. I am a huge MC fan and read all MC books, however I just couldn't stand to read anymore. The story could have been good, but the way the characters talk was just not normal. People don't talk like that! I HAD TO STOP AT ABOUT 15%. Its kinda sad too because I was looking forward to this series since it had high reviews.

Tanks Pearl Book 1 Devil's Iron MVI'm not sure how I feel about this book. Was a lot of drama throughout the whole storyline. At this moment I hate Tank!! After the ending of this book I don't think I could ever like him again. I will read the next book to see what happens next.

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