Vaqueros and Vigilance

Bailey Bradford

Vaqueros and Vigilance

Vaqueros and Vigilance

  • Title: Vaqueros and Vigilance
  • Author: Bailey Bradford
  • ISBN: 9781784308865
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook

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What starts out as a one night stand ends up changing two men forever.Joaquin Almodovar has been disowned by his family and shot by a mad man To say that he s had a few bad months would be an understatement When he finds out he can t be the vaquero he s always been due to the extent of his injuries, Joaquin is even lost than ever.He might be the best lookin man atWhat starts out as a one night stand ends up changing two men forever.Joaquin Almodovar has been disowned by his family and shot by a mad man To say that he s had a few bad months would be an understatement When he finds out he can t be the vaquero he s always been due to the extent of his injuries, Joaquin is even lost than ever.He might be the best lookin man at the Mossy Glenn, according to Hector and the others, but that doesn t make Joaquin a man at all Not when he can t cowboy up like he used to Learning that there s to him than the job he s always loved isn t easy, and Joaquin s not a hundred percent certain he s up to the task In fact, he s lost so much faith in himself that he doesn t know what or who to believe in any.Time heals all wounds, the saying goes, but it sure doesn t seem to be doing much to heal Joaquin It ll take the help of a man he shouldn t trust to learn that there s to himself than how well he sits a saddle, and how good he is with a rope.Reader Advisory This book contains references to domestic abuse and child abuse, and the backstory involves kidnapping and enslavement.General Release Date 1st December 2015

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After happily reading 'Hay & Heartbreak' I jumped right into this one. I was hoping for Joaquin's story and that's what I got and now I'm remembering some old clichés. Things like 'look before you leap' and 'be careful what you wish for' are coming to mind.Joaquin is another one of the cowboys who works at Mossy Glenn Ranch and we saw the beginnings of his story in 'Hay & Heartbreak' and I liked what I saw. In 'Hay & Heartbreak' Joaquin started off on the wrong foot with me and with [...]

I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 4 Stars Genre: MM Romance | Cowboys | heat level: erotic | Bailey Bradford is a new-to-me author, so I jumped at the chance to read and review, not realizing Vaqueros & Vigilance was book #8 in a long-standing series. Warning: I'd suggest not reading this as a standalone. While books in a series where each book is narrated by different characters, only having a common thread by the same cast of characters, can be read as a s [...]

A shot of Bailey Bradford is exactly what I needed, and revisiting the Mossy Glenn Ranch with so many well-loved characters was exactly the place I wanted to be. 'Vaqueros & Vigilance' is the eighth book in this series and I'm sure not tired of them yet. I was excited to read Joaquin's story, especially after all the trouble he suffered at the end of the previous book.Joaquin was shot by the man who'd been holding a man as a slave for the past five years. The shot messed up Joaquin's right a [...]

~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is a series which needs reading in order - whilst it mostly deals with different pairings each time, the story-lines definitely build on through the series. The story of Seb is most definitely started in the previous book, so at least go that far back. It will make the experience all the richer. The guys benefit from living in a supportive community, but that doesn't mean that the ways they have been treated in the [...]

This is book 8 of the Mossy Glenn series. Some of them stand alone pretty well but it is best if you read them in order. For this one I at least suggest you read Hay bales and Heartache Mossy Glenn 7.Vaqueros and Vigilance picks up with Joaquim recovering from getting shot. The doctors say he will not gain full use of his arm but he is determined to prove them wrong. Staying at a hotel and being bored he goes to the gay bar and meets Everett. He is a cute little twink but there is something abou [...]

It still amazes me that even after all the books by Bradford that I have read, I am still drawn into the characters and can’t wait for them to get their HEA’s.My heart has totally went out for Joaquin in this book! After everything that poor man has gone through, and is still going through, I just couldn’t turn the pages quick enough because I wanted to make sure he didn’t have any more suffering. But, like with typical Bradford style, everything that Joaquin went through just made that [...]

With this book we get Joaquin who was shot trying to save a man. The injury is very painful for him and also may cause him a lifetime of not being able to do what he has before. So he goes to PT to try and get back into the shape he was before the shooting but little does he know that he has a stalker following him around. Someone who feels truly bad for what Joaquin has had happened to him due to the shooting. I will not say the other MC's name due to not wanting to spoil this book for anyone e [...]

I enjoyed reading this since we got Sebastian's full story, and I loved the passion, chemistry, and smokin' hotness between him and Joaquin. Things moved super fast for them, but it just kinda worked for me. You definitely want to read book 7 to really get the backstory before heading into starting this one. My one issue is that there were a few typos (like, I remember seeing "oUt" as one) and then the biggest one was that Seb gave his middle name, Everett, when he first meets Joaquin, but Joaqu [...]

Likeable. Typical for the seriesAs I've said before, Bailey Bradford writes a good story, just not quite in the great category for me. She does use somewhat unique situations for each but they follow similar patterns. In this case, Seb's actions were too implausible for me to take seriously. Sex happened way too fast and they were both thinking love and commitment within a few days. It's instalove, even if the characters don't use the words right away. Why Will has to be inserted into every book [...]

Love this series.

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