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  • Title: Winterwode
  • Author: J. Tullos Hennig
  • ISBN: 9781632167941
  • Page: 366
  • Format: ebook

Robyn Hood is the undisputed ruler of the wild, green Wode Reunited with his sister Marion and his lover Gamelyn, Robyn and his band of outlaws seek to raise the Ceugant the magical trine of the Old Religion against the tyranny of Church and Crown Yet their forest kingdom is roiling with conflict Marion has been made welcome, but old shackles and new fears hamper her trRobyn Hood is the undisputed ruler of the wild, green Wode Reunited with his sister Marion and his lover Gamelyn, Robyn and his band of outlaws seek to raise the Ceugant the magical trine of the Old Religion against the tyranny of Church and Crown Yet their forest kingdom is roiling with conflict Marion has been made welcome, but old shackles and new fears hamper her true promise Gamelyn is torn between oaths of heart and head and the outlaws never let him forget he was but recently Guy of Gisbourne, defrocked Templar and Robyn s fiercest enemy.When a lone traveler is waylaid on the road, a common occurrence quickly proves uncommon Knight and Maiden, Archer and Men, all are conscripted to aid a Queen s and ultimately a King s ransom For beneath winter s chill is awakening the deepest of magics, and there are those who seek the power of Robyn Hood and his Shire Wode for their own ends.

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I’ll never be able to adequately express the effect these books have had on me. This is my absolute favorite kind of reading experience. The kind where you are totally sucked in, totally immersed in this other world and it’s actually unsettling to surface from where you’ve been and reenter the real world.There’s nothing I love more than a book that requires my full attention. There is lovely rich language and a complicated story here and I was gleefully looking up Welsh phrases, words be [...]

As this series has progressed, it has developed more and more of its own history and rules. The world J Tullos Hennig is building has become, at least in my mind, more of an alternate history with events and consequences all of its own. While some things like the church and the country’s political rulers are pretty similar to what we know of history, others are very different. Magic is very real here, and the spiritual lore around the Lord of the Forest plays an increasingly important role in [...]

WinterwodeBy J. Tullos HennigFive starsI bought this book because I assumed it was the terminal volume of a trilogy; but apparently it is the beginning of a trilogy. I gave the first two books of this seriesShirewode and Greenwode…four stars, possibly because of the turmoil they put me through. As a pair of books, they created a remarkable world, a fantasy based in historical fact and legend, that was captivating and compelling. These are not romances, any more than Ken Follett’s celebrated [...]

This series continues to impress. Just to be upfront - this series isn't a romance. Yes, there's a love story but the focus is really on Robyn and Marion's fight against the various forces that would see an end to their pagan way of life. Completing the trifecta is Gamelyn, Summer lord to Robyn's Winter. While Robyn's quest is pretty straightforward, the complications come from Gamelyn's inner turmoil and doubts and Marion's continued recovery from her ordeals in the previous book. They're both [...]

the first two were on Kindle Unlimited but this one isn't and i have no money, what the fuck kind of cruel and unusual punishment IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: I've now read this a third time, and it's still utterly superb. Superb. This is the amazing third book of J. Tullos Hennig's epic historical fantasy series concerning the adventures of Robyn Hood and Co and it does not stand alone. These books are very special to me and it's hard to know what to say at this point other than "this series is spectacularly good and I love it so much." It's an amazing reading experience and completely immersive. This story is complex and vivid and full of emoti [...]

Excellent. What can I say? It's bloody brilliant and you need to read the whole series. That's what I can say, come to think of it.For some unknown reason I have a hard time writing reviews about books that I really adore (which is probably the reason I rated the other two other books in the series 5 stars but didn't write a review. I get tongue-tied.). I guess that pointing out what went wrong comes easier to me than pointing out what went right. Sorry about that.So, what went right (for the wh [...]

Another magical, wonderful installment. From the first page I was pulled right back into this beautifully vivid world of Robyn, Gamelyn and Marion.And I'm beyond excited to hear that this is merely the start of another trilogy.The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is that it did in fact feel a bit like laying the groundwork for an even more exciting book.I just wish a bit more had happened in 'Winterwode' and Robyn and Gamelyn had gotten more time together.I loved the rich mythology that un [...]

Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsWinterwode is the third book in a series which must be read in order.This book – indeed this series- is a marvel of writing. Every time I was forced to break from reading it I had to shake myself. My living room is a far cry from Robyn’s mystical Wode you see – and his Wode is exactly where I was transported to every moment I was reading.So much is special about this book. The research involved in, the loving care with which the language, s [...]

I tried to read this book slowly and at first I succeeded but then i just needed to know what happened to my boys! I can't believe I finished this book Ive been waiting for it obsessively for over a year and I had no idea what to expect from it! But I was not disappointed (view spoiler)[ tiny thing only I wish Robyn had been there to look after Gamelyn when he was sick, this would have made me so happy! (hide spoiler)]I have only just finished it so my thoughts are still muddled and it definitel [...]

Book 3: WinterwodePOV: 3rd person, multi-characterPages: 370Star rating: ★★☆☆☆Okay, you have to excuse me, because I'm writing this immediately after finishing the book and I'm angry.1 – this is advertised as a “series”, only for me to discover in the Author's Note that it's actually two trilogies. Although, how it can be called that when the author claims “Winterwode is, as the beginning of a new trilogy and the third book in the overall series” when it takes three books to [...]

****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****Winterwode is book three in the Wode series, but is the beginning of a new trilogy starring Gamelyn, Robyn, and Marion as they come into their own in the magic of the shire. It is essential that you read the first two books as these are not stand alone novels.I was unsure what to expect from this book. I had hoped for more of the magic the other two had, and wasn’t disappointed. There is plenty of mysticism and evolvement of the Horned Lord and his Lad [...]

Call me shallow, but sex scenes fading to black are quite disappointing. On the other hand, with mentions of threesome that sprang (at least on me) from nowhere, may be it is better that way. I am not a fan of threesomes and would have appreciated a warning on the publisher's website. I also did not like hints at potential M/F between two main characters and could only hope that I misunderstood and it will not "come to pass". This book definitely laid foundations to the future story and, therefo [...]

Well, I do love gay!Celtic fantasy Robin Hood. And I did finish the book. Eventually. Not entirely sure what happened all the time. Needed serious editing.Also, seriously, in the 12th c. people were not speaking: modern English (of any painfully spelled out dialect), modern French, modern German, or modern Welsh. The word "modern" is in front of those for a reason. :(

There's this blog where I follow kitten litters. Sometimes, the woman that writes it plays this game called "Meet yer new partner" when an orphan kitten is brought to the litter to be raised by Cat momma and/or get siblings. I've been thinking about this game througout this whole book: Robyn has been playing his own version "Meet yer new lover" with John and Gamelyn. There was no discussion whatsoever, we are to believe they were thrown together just like that orphan kitten and after some sniffi [...]

Aaaaand I completely lost interest in this series. Can't get through this one. I need to get better about putting down books I'm not into; that feature on my Kindle that tells me how many hours I have left is really helpful with that. Makes me realize I could be spending those four and a half hours doing something I enjoy instead of reading something I don't.

Another lovely installment to the Wode series. This one had a bit slower pace and a bit less tension than Shirewode, but I think that actually worked quite well--I needed a bit of a breather after the previous book! I love all of the character development that happened in this book, and am intrigued by the developing plot. Can't wait to read the next book.

If Robyn is so in love with Gamelyn then why does he cheat on him with John?

Robyn's band is all back together. His sister, Marion, is back at his side. And he's recovered the lost love of his youth, Gamelyn. Except Gamelyn isn't just Gamelyn anymore. Guy of Gisborne, Templar, still resides in there somewhere. It's an identity that can't easily be shed. But Robyn is patient, and Gamelyn sometimes seems willing to try.When a traveling minstrel informs the Shire Wode outlaws that the Queen Mother is essentially being held prisoner by Prince John, their relatively happy rev [...]

While the third book of the Wode series took a bit longer than the previous books to set the stage, it was still well worth the read. One of my favourite things about the book was Gamelyn's struggle with his identity, and if he could truly return to being Sir Guy. And while I feel like his identity crisis is far from over, the book left him at a very satisfying place. I also need to mention how much I loved the healthy polyamoury between Gamelyn, Robyn, and John. It's so refreshing to see such a [...]

4 and 1/2 stars.Third novel in the series but the first of a planned trilogyThis series continues to impress its humour and characterization spot on. Occasionally I just want to reach into the pages and grab Gamelyn/Guy and shake him and ask him "What the fuck are you doing?"Gamelyn is the summerlord and Robyn the winterlord - reversal of the usual roles if one puts any store in the 'mythic' construction of RH. Recommended.

3.5 stars

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