Franklin's Blanket

Paulette Bourgeois

Franklin's Blanket

Franklin's Blanket

  • Title: Franklin's Blanket
  • Author: Paulette Bourgeois
  • ISBN: 9781550742787
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

In this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero can t go to sleep without his favorite blue blanket One night he can t find his tattered old blanket and must try to get along without it.

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OH MY GOSH!!!! I absolutely love everything Franklin the Turtle!!! Anything Franklin the Turtle is obviously worth the read and I would recommend any of these books to absolutely anyone!!!

Cute story about Franklin the turtle. He lost his blanket, and goes several days without it. Then remembers where he put it. He tidies up the messes he makes.

As a 30-something who still sleeps with a blanket from time to time. This was awesome!!Franklin looses his blanket. He can't remember where he put it and sleeping without it is just super hard. His parents help him look. The next day he goes over to his friends' house to see if he forgot it there. He can't find it! His Dad loans him his old hatchling blanket and Beaver lets Franklin borrow her teddy bear.It just goes to show Franklin that at one point or another, everybody has had a comfort item [...]

I'm sure many people could relate with this book. Whether it is a blanket, stuffed animal or favorite toy you grew up with, we all have sentimental items that are difficult to let go. In this particular story, its Franklin's blanket. With each year, Franklin’s blanket gets smaller and smaller, and there comes a point where Franklin can no longer find the blanket. Of course, no other blanket or stuffed animal can replace it. After looking in multiple places including his friends’ houses, his [...]

The wonderful pictures are by Brenda Clark. Franklin the turtle's blue blanket gets smaller every year. One day the blanket is missing. Franklin goes to the homes of his friends -- bear, fox, beaver. No one knows where the blanket is. The blanket appears under Franklin's chair. It is filled with brussels sprouts. Franklin washes his blanket.

I really loved this book. It does a great job at expressing the feelings a child has about a beloved object, even if it's tattered and worn. It could be appropriate to read this book in a Pre-K or Kindergarten class or to any child that loves a favorite object unconditionally.

Franklin deals with another issue of childhood - the loss of a treasured blankie. He searches everywhere and finally finds it. The point of this little tale was in Franklin's household there's room for old, treasured items.Typical Franklin illustrations.

Ill always remember this book and this was also my favorite Franklin book by far. I loved the book so much that my mum brought me the exact same blue blanket like Franklin had. I still have it today.


No wonder my daughter loves this book: she can relate to Frankling perfectly in it, even down to the vegetables he does and does not like.

Funny little story.

My favourite Franklin book!! So sweet and full of coziness.

We love Franklin and this one is my kids' favorite, because they each have their favorite blankets that they cannot sleep without.

My son loves this one because Franklin has a blue "buddy" just like he does. My little guy (thankfully) has yet to use his as a hiding place for brussels sprouts.

i love the boook

Haha I would have hidden my brusselsprouts too :D

Can be used to help students with sequencing and semantic cueing in a supported reading lesson.

Great book to teach students about growing up. I would probably use this in a younger grades classroom. However, some students could see it as saying it is okay to lie to parents.

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Haha!! Love it! Him and his blanket are too cute.

franklin loses his blanket when he hides his brussel sprouts in it at the table.

the connections children have to special items

Nederlandse titel "Sam en zijn dekentje"

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