The Emperor Expects

Gav Thorpe

The Emperor Expects

The Emperor Expects

  • Title: The Emperor Expects
  • Author: Gav Thorpe
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  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover

Book 3 of The Beast ArisesThe Imperial Navy cuts through the chaos on Terra and strikes back against the ork invaders, in a daring plan that could turn the tide of war against the greenskins.As ork ships lay waste to world after world, heading inexorably towards Terra, Imperial citizens despair The High Lords become desperate to prove that victory is possible, no matter tBook 3 of The Beast ArisesThe Imperial Navy cuts through the chaos on Terra and strikes back against the ork invaders, in a daring plan that could turn the tide of war against the greenskins.As ork ships lay waste to world after world, heading inexorably towards Terra, Imperial citizens despair The High Lords become desperate to prove that victory is possible, no matter the cost A massive Navy fleet is assembled their mission to make a definitive strike against the orks at Port Sanctus, an area of enemy held space But when the Imperial armada arrives, they find themselves outclassed and outmanoeuvred can human courage and faith possibly prevail against such terrible odds It s the first attempt by the Imperium to make a definitive strike against the orks, and it creates a novel full of naval action, coupled with Inquisitorial action as a cadre of agents arrive on Terra to bring the High Lords into line

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Review also published hereThe Emperor Expects is the first book in the The Beast Arises series that I honestly enjoyed without that nagging feeling of something being off and somewhat unfulfilling about it. It did not blow me away, truth be told, but it made some solid steps towards progressing the series.The Emperor Expects had a sense of momentum that its two predecessors lacked. Things are moving more quickly and characters finally make their plays, rather than being stuck preparing. The Impe [...]

I would have never believed it, but if someone would have told me that I gonna totally immerse into the 'Beast Arises' cycle from BL, after the disappointing start with first book from Abnett and third book being written byGav Thorpe(very talented fella - but with him it is hit or miss) - I would have laughed about the total impossibility of that. Especially comparing to the interest in Horus Heresy. But guys, I don't know how, I don't know what happened - but the third book in the new 'The 'Bea [...]

By the gods what a book! Mr. Gav Thorpe wields the Imperial Navy better than any Lord High Admiral and plays politics on Terra with the best of the Grand Masters and Inquisitors. What a treat to read! The Emperor Expects was a fantastic installment in Black Library's newest Narrative Event "The Beast Arises" and it does NOT disappoint. While there are something that I definitely would have liked to see a little more of, namely our Space Marines we were introduced to in "Predator, Prey", The Empe [...]

Dang, i got a little behind in doing reviews. I blame the Expanse series. (so good)I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure what to expect, since the second volume was a little bit of a mixed bag but this one had a whole lot more of the political intrigue and plotting that i really really enjoyed about Abnett's first volume.And, did Gav Thorpe just acknowledge the first openly gay female inquisitor to the warhammer 40k universe? damn. well done sir! i wish it hadn't taken so long!A real stand o [...]

You can read the full review over at my blog:shadowhawksshade.wordpressThe first two novels in the Beast Arises series proved themselves to be a good introduction to an Imperium that is drawn into a massive galactic conflict against the resurgent Ork threat some 1500 years after the Heresy and after the Emperor broke the Orks in the Ullanor Crusade. With Dan Abnett’s I Am Slaughter we met a lot of the early players and with Rob Sanders’ Predator, Prey we saw their narratives develop even as [...]

Kudos to Gav Thorpe! This book was a breath of fresh air to this series. Not that the first two books were bad (and I mean no offense to their authors, Dan Abnett and Rob Sanders, who I think are talented authors whose works I enjoy) but they lacked something to make their stories epic and amazing as the event they were describing. I think that the naval battles, the upping the ante with the various political intrigues going on on Terra and the portrayal of Koorland's actions to invoke his Prima [...]


The Emperor Expects is the third book in The Beast Arises series and maintains the level of quality set in the first two entries in the series. I will say up front though, that the page count is still an issue for me; at two hundred and twenty two pages, it's even shorter than the previous book. The narrative moves between three different story threads. The Adeptus Mechanicus and the survivors of the events of book one, Vangorich and the continuing political machinations on Terra and Captain Kul [...]

This is the 3rd book in the year-long event known as The Beast Arises. The Orks are kicking the Imperium's ass across the galaxy, and Drakan Vangorich, master of the Officio Assassinorum, manipulates Admiral Lansung into finally leading a fleet to relieve Port Sanctus, an Imperial shipyard under threat by the Orks.The ironies are starting to get to me. We've got The Beast itself, and also Beast Krule. The Beast announces itself with "I am Slaughter!", and Koorland's wall name is Slaughter. What [...]

A step up from the second book in the series. Some story threads are starting to come together and some characters are hanging around long enough to actually develop an opinion about them. Still a bit wooden, superficial, and scatter shot. And there remain too many stories being told at once for the brevity of each entry.Thus far the series is entertaining and I'll continue to read it, but it's far from compelling and several leagues below the likes of Gaunt's Ghosts and the Honorverse, let alon [...]

This one delves into more of the Imperium's continuing drama and showcases the Imperial Navy, which we don't often get to see. I like the dynamics at work between the admirals and captains serving under them, although I wish there had been a little more battle action during the book. We do get to see some very interesting Inquisition-related and Assassin-related things going on though, which I am a huge fan of since Vangorich is my favorite character so far.

The third book in the series is one of the best so far. The majority of which deals with the imperial Navy's first major fight with the Ork incursion and the ongoing political intrigue on Terra. Gav has done an amazing job fleshing out characters previously introduced as well as bringing in his own. The space battles are well explained and exciting. This is the type of novel I was looking for in this series.

I really enjoyed this book. All sorts of awesome space battles with giant fleets. Reminded me a bit of Battlestar Galactica. I really enjoyed that and yet more political intrigue.Can't go wrong with Gav Thorpe.

Amazing how it got me into the imperial navy and made me respect them a lot more. The inquisition story line could be a little better though, for the Emperor's sake the are his will incarnate.

Wow and the hits just keep on coming!!!!

In “I Am Slaughter” and “Predator, Prey,” the first two novels in Black Library’s 12 part mega event “The Beast Arises” story for their Warhammer 40,000 line a massive threat was introduced to the Imperium of Man; the Orks. The story takes place after their “Horus Heresy” story line, but before their novels set in the 41st millenium. So it’s been years since the bestial but often comically unintelligent Orks have been seen. In these first two novels though they come roaring b [...]

I really like this series. It manages to bring to light a never touched period of the history and it does so with good characters,- Vangorich is a great creation and his interplay with Inquisitorial Representative Weinand is an ongoing highlight of the story. Although the dramatis personae continues to expand with each volume you don't get lost in it as you can with the Horus Heresy series.This particular volume continues to up the ante both militarily and in the nasty games of politics that bel [...]

"What this all means is that The Emperor Expects is first and foremost an Imperial Navy book (which I personally love, although individual tastes may vary). Thorpe makes the right decision in approaching this as "naval battles, just in space", yielding some fairly spectacular ship on ship combat. Or should I say ships on ships? There are a lot of ships involved.Those are the best scenes in the book. It should also be noted that apart from one scene (in my opinion, the best action sequence in thi [...]

This novel is the first one we get to see a bit more action in this case naval action. But Gav Thorpe is not in the same league as Jack Campbell depicting battle scenes.For the first time I thought things were moving forward. In the other two novels they were too concentrated on Ardamantua Or Terra but it seems no time had passed. Some of the political plays were finally resolve here (SOME) and others began. We see the Imperial Navy coming together in one massive armada to destroy ONE Death Star [...]

Az előző kötetben – mint egy próféta… – megjegyeztem, hogy az abban lévő akciórészek két regényre is elegendőek lettek volna. Mivel ebben a könyvben gyakorlatilag nincs semmi akció, ezért matematikailag mindjárt ki is jön egy elfogadható arány a két írásra vetítve. Akciórészen persze most kifejezetten a földön háborúskodó űrgárdistákra gondolok, hiszen a Sanctus Kikötő birtoklásáért/megmentéséért az ork és az ember űrhajók (és személyzete) kife [...]

The third book in The Beast Arises series does not disappoint. This book, written by what can only be described as a Warhammer Veteran, a Greybeard if you understand the reference, Mr. Gav Thorpe is amazing. If you are old enough then you remember the Games Workshop game, Battlefield Gothic. This book is interstellar warfare on a grand scale, The Imperium of Man versus the nigh unstoppable Ork forces of the Beast.This book is much more than just warfare. The officers, the loss of life and the ov [...]

Book three in Black Library’s The Beast Arises series, The Emperor Expects sees the reins handed over to Gav Thorpe for the first proper look at the Imperial Navy during this time of intense upheaval for the Imperium. The spotlight falls on Captain Rafal Kulik of the Colossus as he navigates the treacherous waters of naval politics, caught between two antagonistic fleet admirals as the Navy launches a desperate assault on an ork attack moon. Meanwhile the politicking continues amongst the High [...]

Three stars. Not a bad book, but not great either. I guess that the problem is with me - I do admit that I prefer to read about larger than life heroes like the Eldar and the Astartes and not about ordinary dudes from the fleet. The ending is a killer. However, unlike The Horus Heresy, which started with an awesome trilogy and continued strongly till "Legion", which had similar problems, this series begins limping very early.Review in Bulgarian:citadelata/the-emperor-exp

There were some slow spots but the author was able to keep the momentum moving though the 3 intersecting stories in the book. Though i felt the inclusion of Koorland was weak, it does set up the series well for the coming books and introduction of other Imperial Fists successor chapters. The naval battles in this were the first that I have read from a Warhammer 40k novel and I found myself to be sucked into them.

The series blends together so much that I can't even ballpark when this book started or ended. I summed up my thoughts on the series on the book where I gave up on it here: /review/show(Yes, this short version is copy-pasted into the books before the point of abandonment)

This book series is just getting better and better with each entry. Gab Thorpe here has introduced new character, fleshed out existing ones, and taken the story arc into a place we have no idea where it go go next. I await the next title hungrily.

Really enjoying this series of books. So much so I hammered through this book while appreciating how consistent all the different authors are with the same characters.I liked the twist at the end of this book too which compelled me to plunge straight into the next book.

Now that is a cliffhanger ending. Gav Thorpe did a great job and delivered the first great entry in this series.

This was fun. Plus I had never thought of gangers in the underhives of Terra.

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