A Mate's Escape

Hazel Gower

A Mate's Escape

A Mate's Escape

  • Title: A Mate's Escape
  • Author: Hazel Gower
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition

What if your soul mate had always been right in front of you, but you realized too late Can Alissa Maples forgive Dolton Brown for breaking her teenage heart Now older and wiser, she s not sure she believes Dolton when he tells her she s his mate Has Dolton blown his chance with her He hopes not, because he and his bear aren t willing to give up They ll do whatever itWhat if your soul mate had always been right in front of you, but you realized too late Can Alissa Maples forgive Dolton Brown for breaking her teenage heart Now older and wiser, she s not sure she believes Dolton when he tells her she s his mate Has Dolton blown his chance with her He hopes not, because he and his bear aren t willing to give up They ll do whatever it takes to get Alissa to see they were made for one another and belong together forever.

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This was a very short read. And a sweet one.Alissa's in love with her older brother's best friend, Dolton. He's a bear shifter and 12 years older than her. Before Dolton went back on his last deployment with the army, Alissa confessed her love for him only to be rejected. He told her that he couldn't commit to anyone but his mate. Her heart broke.After five years, she's 22 already and in a work christmas party. The chef there was Dolton. It's the first time she saw him again after 5 years. She t [...]

May Contain Spoilers!3.5 stars! I enjoyed this! This was a sweet short read. oh I loved how Dolton was super possessive and protective(yummy) and so sweet!Alissa was cute too and funny .Love the epilogue!safety: h loved H when she was a teenager(H is12 years older) she tells him she loves him and wants a chance but he tells her (nicely)that they can never be he could only ever love his mate(he didn't know she was his because her being human you don't find out till 21)during separation h and H ha [...]

It was just an okay read for me. A true mate story but nothing spectacular. I'm not sure how I feel about her being with others but being soooo in love with the Dolton even though he was the one to push her away. I guess it boils down to that I really just didn't buy the whole thing of them being soul mates. Because, obviously he was drawn to her at a very early age but he couldn't tell she was his mate?? And, she had been in love with him since puberty but was ready to move on?? Something was j [...]

3.5 stars

4 1/2 stars. This was a really great book, yes it's short but man is it good. The hero was amazing and the definition of over the top possessive. Dolton and Alissa have known each other since Alissa was little, and since she was little Alissa has loved Dolton. But Dolton is her older brothers best friend and a were-bear. When Alissa finally gets the nerve to tell Dolton how she feels she is heartbroken. Fast forward five years and Alissa has done her best to move on or so she though till she com [...]

Great Short Shifter Read!!!I love Hazel Gower's stories! They always contain an alpha male and I love that about her stories. Maybe SPOILERS!!!This one is about a bear shifter who doesn't recognize his mate until she turns of age 22. After she confessed her love for him at the age of 17 before he was deployed for his last tour he rejected her not realizing she was his mate. She goes on to school, moves finds a job and finally years later runs into him again. And the rest you will have to read fo [...]

BASICSLove triangle? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? (view spoiler)[ No. (hide spoiler)]HEA? (view spoiler)[ YES. (hide spoiler)]Any Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? Maybe, but not for now. Rating: 2 starsReviewA short and sweet but interesting read. The main reason for only 2 stars is that the grammar really needs an editor!

Was okayI loved the story line but it just seemed like it was rushed through the entire story.I would like to see this story edited and updated with less holes and rushed feeling!

Alissa and Dolton. In this world, Shifters have 'come out' to the public. As a young teen, Alissa confessed her love to her oldest brother's friend Dolton. He had kinda been leading her on by scaring away the interested boys, and taking her to the prom himself. So it blew big time to have him put her in her 'little sister' place just before he leaves. Five years later, she's finally has gotten away from her overbearing overly protective brothers to live on her own in the big city. She's enjoying [...]

I really enjoyed this short story. It was a short and sweet romance. I wish this story were a little longer and that there were more books like this in the series. I actually liked how fast Alissa forgave Dolton, they were clearly meant to be together. I loved how possessive Dolton was, and even though he didn’t want to at first, he let Alissa keep the job she loves. After confessing her love to her brother’s best friend and being rejected, Alissa is heartbroken. Five years later, just as sh [...]

Dolton was not an alpha, he was an assh%% and a bully. (view spoiler)[ Big no no - non con mating bite - he did not give Alissa a choice in becoming his mate. He scared off Alissa's dates in high school. He even scared off her ob/gyns. What kind of stupid is that? And Alissa went right along with all of Dolton's bad behavior. She didn't even make him grovel for falsely rejecting her. What a doormat. (hide spoiler)]

I loved Dolton from the start when he was always there for Alissa through her rough teen years. Although he is a big bad bear who is in the army he always treated her so sweetly. Alissa was such a sweet young girl until her heart was broken and then she decided to grow up. Who knew a chance meeting between the two years later would change everything. The story is a short one but Alissa and Dolton are great characters that I enjoyed along with there story. A must read!

When Dolton Brown rejected Alissa Maples feelings he didn't realize that five years later she would be his mate. A female doesn't scent until turning twenty one and Dolton had not seen her in five years. Now he has to explain to Alissa that she is his mate and claim her as his own.This was good but so short. Wish there was more to this story and delved in a bit more to the characters. Really good basis and if you enjoy quick reads this is one to pick up.

What happens when your mate turns out to be the one woman you pushed away?This is a short and very sweet story. After years apart and broken heart, can Dolton convince Alissa she's his mate, his forever, his wife?**"I found my mate. She's been under my nose the whole time."**Dolton is a very alpha male and over the top protective of his mate. My favorite kind =)

I liked this story but I really wish she would have made him grovel some as I think he should have had to yes sure she loves him and they are mates still he needed to do some groveling lol still a fun short read ;)

QI liked the idea behind the book, and what it could have been. It was to short, and too instant. He didn't have to work hard enough for her, and it all should have been stretched out. It has a lot of potential to be awesome, but currently is just a cute insta read.

SweetThis was sweet romance!! I love the shifters and how they know their mate and go a bit crazy over them

Not bad. I loved that she sorta of found herself after that heartbreak. That even though she was down she got back up. She found her strength. She could have gone and gotten better sex though.

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