Kävelyn filosofiaa

Frédéric Gros

Kävelyn filosofiaa

Kävelyn filosofiaa

  • Title: Kävelyn filosofiaa
  • Author: Frédéric Gros
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
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Kaikki ideat, joilla on mit n merkityst , olen saanut k velless ni Nietzsche Ranskalaisen bestseller kirjailijan ja filosofin Frederic Grosin K velyn filosofiasta on oivaltava katsaus k velemiseen Ei ole samanteke v taivaltaako pyhiinvaelluksella vai mielenosoituksessa, sill erilaiset tavat edet kertovat my s ihmisest itsest n Oppinut ja viihdytt v teos k si Kaikki ideat, joilla on mit n merkityst , olen saanut k velless ni Nietzsche Ranskalaisen bestseller kirjailijan ja filosofin Frederic Grosin K velyn filosofiasta on oivaltava katsaus k velemiseen Ei ole samanteke v taivaltaako pyhiinvaelluksella vai mielenosoituksessa, sill erilaiset tavat edet kertovat my s ihmisest itsest n Oppinut ja viihdytt v teos k sittelee my s kuuluisien ajattelijoiden ja taiteilijoiden tapoja k vell Rimbaud k veli raivon vallassa, kun taas Rousseau hakeutui k velylle ajattelemaan ja Nietzsche kirjoittamaan Kant puolestaan k veli kotikaupunkinsa l pi joka p iv paetakseen pakkoajatuksiaan ja tismalleen samalla kellonly m ll Teos onkin t ynn uusia, kiinnostavia kulttuurihistoriallisia l ht kohtia ja sattumuksia.

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I was almost born on the autobahn. Had it not been for my dad being pulled over by the Polizei, and the officer seeing my mother in labor, Dad would have been stuck in traffic about the time I came on the scene. The officer, on assessing the situation, thought it better to give my dad an escort to Wiesbaden, rather than helping deliver me on the road.Since then, I've wandered. I was born to wander. My father's job with the US Air Force facilitated, nay, forced this. We moved from Germany to Texa [...]

A Philosophy of Walking by Frederic Gros is an enlightening look into the most basic form of human transportation. Gros is a French philosopher who specializes in Michel Foucault. He is a professor of political philosophy at the University of Paris XII and the Institute of Political Studies of Paris. Walking one of the simplest acts a person can complete. We depend on it and rarely think of it. Gros argues it is more than just a form of transport; it, in a way, defines us. Today, we think of wal [...]

Başıma bir şey gelmeyecekse yürümeyi sevmiyorum, daha doğurusu eskisi kadar sevmiyorum diyeyim. Eskiden -kim bilir belki de daha çok vaktim vardı- yürümek için bahane ararken özellikle son yıllarda yürümemek için ne gerekiyorsa yapıyorum. Sanırım bunda gündelik hayatın yoğunluğu ve vakit kaybetmek istemenin boğucu baskısının etkisi büyük.Bu kitabı da sesli kitap olarak dinledim. Birçok değerli düşünürün hem hayatını hem de yürümenin bu kişilerin hayatın [...]

While I love to read non fiction, and read on average three books per week (we don't have a tv), its rare that I find a book that draws me back over and over, to re-read. This is one of those rare books.Love walking myself, but never stopped to consider how it effected my way of thinking. Now I do. Kant,Nietzsche, Thoreau, Jesus, Gandhi and many others are in this book. Some walked with others like Gandhi and Jesus, but many preferred to walk alone. Some with a walking stick, some with their han [...]

Upon reading the back and inside jacket, I was expecting an intellectually rigourous examination of the role walking played in the work of assorted philosophers, as well as some consideration of different kinds of walking as political or philosophical acts. I was disappointed.The ghost of that book is hidden in this one, but at almost every opportunity Gros ruins that potential by universalizing his own experiences of walking or by denigrating communities and academic conversations. Indeed, one [...]

An Achilles tendon injury has put paid to me pounding the treadmill in the gym. I could keep doing it, but there is a risk something very bad might happen beyond just waking-up with a limp the next morning. I miss my endorphin rush, but in the quest to maintain some level of fitness and the overwhelming need to take breaks from my homeworking environment I have rediscovered the pleasure and benefits of regular walking. So after lunch each day I now head out from my home for an hour of brisk pera [...]

Meh. Have read better books about walking. I disliked his preachy, old-fashioned, highfalutin style. Read Rebecca Solnit’s book on walking, Wanderlust; I found it immensely more engaging and relatable.

Να σκέφτεσαι ενώ περπατάς, να περπατάς ενώ σκέφτεσαι και η γραφή να είναι μονάχα μια σύντομη παύση, ακριβώς όπως στο βάδισμα το σώμα αναπαύεται ατενίζοντας τον ανοιχτό ορίζοντα.

Multiple essays on different aspects of walking.Presented a few ideas with which I disagreed, but they were thought-provoking nevertheless. I walk. No car. By choice.

11 ve 12. yüzyılda İslam dünyası bilimin bayrağını taşırken bu kültürün en önemli kurumu olan medreseler hoca ve öğrencinin saatlerce yürüyebileceği bahçelere sahip olacak şekilde tasarlanılırmış. Öğrenim sınıflarda oturmaktan ziyade hocayla yapılan bu yürüyüşlerle sağlanırmış.Fırsat buldukça yürüyüşler yapan birisi olarak böyle bir modelin neden benimsendiğini çok iyi anlıyorum. Bir arkadaşımla kafede, barda oturmaktan ziyade yürümeyi her zama [...]

“Il paesaggio è una mole di sapori, di colori, di odori, in cui il corpo è in infusione”Piccola parentesi fra le letture di narrativa per affrontare un saggio su un argomento (camminare, pedalare…) che mi intriga ma che, sulle pagine di un testo, mi lascia ogni volta un po’ così…, anche se a giustificazione degli autori, devo ammettere che io stesso non so bene cosa cercare o cosa aspettarmi da una lettura del genere (l’ultimo giro, ricordo, l’ho fatto con Wu Ming 2…).Questo l [...]

A Philosophy of Walking brings together biography and an exploration of the history and meanings of the simple act of taking a walk. Gros pulls together an interesting selection of philosophers, writers, and leaders who all used walking to stimulate ideas and some even to push for social change.On a personal level, I really do love taking walks through different cities, and that is what drew me to this book to begin with. Being able to spend the entire day just exploring, crossing bridges over a [...]

Decent as just a history of walking as it relates to the history of philosophical thought, sure. I imagine Joseph Amada's History of Walking, cited in the bibliography (here I think misprinted as "biography"?), probably accomplishes that without all the transcendental gobldigook. This book cites what it believes are the great "enlightened" thinkers who benefited from walking. Said thinkers? Nietzsche, Kerouac, Rimbaud - all famously manic narcissists who died horribly after falling into total in [...]

A wonderful, inspiring little book. The word "philosophy" means many different things - in the title of this book it means the authors way of looking at the apparently simple act of walking. But on top of this, the book contains mini-biographies of several of the worlds great thinkers (including Rimbaud, Rousseau, Thoreau and Nietzsche). An unusual an interesting combination of a book. Intellectual, but always accessible. Well written and inspiring. I suspect the book will not suit everyone, but [...]

I cannot say enough good things about this book! There is usually a book I go wild for each year and this is this year's book. It will be given to friends who will appreciate and wind up adoring this book. Granted, this is not a book for everyone though.This is truly a philosophy book and it says it right in the title. This is a book about the essence of walking, the experience of walking, the disdain of walking, and famous walking philosophers. Due to this, it is not a mass market book.I am a c [...]

This from Biblioklept:"In A Philosophy of Walking, Frédéric Gros charts the many different ways we get from A to B—the pilgrimage, the promenade, the protest march, the nature ramble—and shows what it tells us about ourselves. He draws attention to other thinkers who also saw walking as a central part of their practice, and ponders over things like why Henry David Thoreau entered Walden Woods in pursuit of the wilderness; the reason Rimbaud walked in a fury while Nerval rambled to cure his [...]

Väga hästi läbimõeldud ja struktureeritud raamat. Vaatluse all pole mitte vaid autori enda filosoofia kõndimise kohta (mida saab küll ridade vahelt välja lugeda), vaid erinevate filosoofide ja kirjanike seosed kõndimise kui harrastuse ning vajadusega. Filosoofide biograafiad ei ammendanud, vaid pigem täiendasid sisu. Ristviited religioonile, erinevatele ajaperioodidele, sotsiaalsetele ja kultuurilistele eripäradele, kommetele ja eelkõige poeetilistele mõtisklustele olid meeldivateks [...]

Veya sadece yürümek

Once on his feet, though, man does not stay where he is. I love walking. I love, love, love walking. Walking cities, neighborhoods, churches, trails, I love it all. My eyes already touch the sunny hill.going far ahead of the road I have begun.So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;it has inner light, even from a distance-and charges us, even if we do not reach it,into something else, which, hardly sensing it,we already are; a gesture waves us onanswering our own wavebut what we feel is the wi [...]

Walking is one of those taken for granted things, we almost all do it – and anyone watching an infant’s delight at first walking and then at their increasing speed around the house, to the alarm of their parents and, at times, distress of their siblings will know that walking is a great marker of autonomy, of our freedom and independence. We take ‘Long Walks to Freedom’ and short walks to the shop – the sublime and banal, the transformative and the mundane – and I expect for many of [...]

See on minu jaoks usutavasti üks kõige mõjusamaid ja õigel hetkel tulnud raamatuid üle aastate. Kui sinus on kübetki huvi reisimise ja elu vastu, mis on igapäevarutiinist suurem, ja ERITI kui sulle meeldib kõndida, tasub see raamat kindlasti ette võtta. Peagi leiad end aukartust äratavalt ägedast mõttekaaslaste seltskonnast, kust ei puudu Antiik-Kreeka filosoofid, prantsuse luuletajad, pühadused ega kaasaegsemad teadlasedki. Kõigil neil üks ühine joon: vajadus kõndida.

As the title says, this is a collection of philosophical essays about walking. Some are devoted to different types of walking (in the city, pilgrimages, hiking through the countryside) and some are mini-biographies of various writers and philosophers who were more or less obsessed with walking.Very absorbing read (just a couple of the essays were weak), lots of interesting history, stories and ideas. Only occasionally lapses into the French intellectual's habit of forced naivety and excessive su [...]

Alternating between meditations on walking as a way to achieve psychological and mental liberty, and poignant stories about famous walkers (Rousseau, Kant, Rambeau, Nieztsche, Thoreau, etc.), Frédéric Gros provides a lightly worn erudite version of the old Zeppelin injunction to "Ramble On." Gros clearly favors the experience of extra-urban walking, most preferably in solitude, as providing a space for clarity of thinking. What he loves about walking is precisely that it is monotonous: "But th [...]

Critica della camminata pura (ossia senza ragione).Noi non siamo di quelli che riescono a pensare solo in mezzo ai libri, sotto la scossa di libri - e' nostra consuetudine pensare all'aria aperta, camminando, saltando, salendo, danzando, preferibilmente su monti solitari o sulla riva del mare, laddove sono le vie stesse a farsi meditabonde. Nietzsche (23)Andiamo, cappello, mantella, i pugni in tasca e usciamo.Avanti, forza!Andiamo!Rimbaud (51)Spesso l'uomo che incontro m'insegna meno del silenzi [...]

My very thoughtful wife found this book at the local library and borrowed it for me. We had just made plans to try to hike the section of the Appalachian Trail that is in New Jersey within about the next year and a half. (We have to do it in stages and mostly as day hikes.) So walking has been on our minds. The notion of a philosophy of walking is interesting and this book does not disappoint in supplying material to feed that interest.I was particularly taken by Chapter 11 wherein the author di [...]

This was a nice well written book. It is in part the author's own philosophical musing on the act of walking and part a history of some great minds (philosophers, poets, authors and activists) who were avid walkers and used this activity as a part of their work. It is written in an accessible manner, you don't have to have a philosophy degree to understand and enjoy this book. I would recommend this to both those who enjoy a nice walk as well of those with an interest in philosophy.

I really liked any part where the author was telling a story (the life of a poet or writer). When the story stopped and the philosophical discussion began, I was lost. I think my brain is too small. Fortunately, the previous reader had marked the more important bits in pencil, so in the end it was all good :D

This rating/review is based on an ARC from netgalley2.5 stars.This started off interesting, but then just kept going and going and going and going and going. So boring. Gros' presented his views as the be-all-end-all of philosophic thought on walking, and I really disagreed with a lot of his points. He seems like a snooty jerk.

This is the perfect book for anyone interested in the history and philosophy of walking. The Kantian daily walk, the Baudelairian saunter, the Situationist driftere is much to absorb here. I am very inspired and touched by the sincerity of this book. It will inspire the flaneur and the hiker alike.

Rather esoteric but an interesting set of essays on walking, including specific explanations of many great thinkers who were walkers (Thoreau, Gandhi, Nietzsche, etc), and how walking informed their thought and ultimately their writing, art, politics, and such.

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