Twin Heirs to His Throne

Olivia Gates

Twin Heirs to His Throne

Twin Heirs to His Throne

  • Title: Twin Heirs to His Throne
  • Author: Olivia Gates
  • ISBN: 9780373734320
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Is the prince back for his twin babies but not the love he left behind Only from USA TODAYbestselling author Olivia Gates After a passionate affair, Prince Leonid Voronov of Zorya disappears, leaving Kassandra Stavros with beautiful twin girls and a broken heart Now Leonid is back, determined to be a father and a king But is claiming his children only a ploy for the thIs the prince back for his twin babies but not the love he left behind Only from USA TODAYbestselling author Olivia Gates After a passionate affair, Prince Leonid Voronov of Zorya disappears, leaving Kassandra Stavros with beautiful twin girls and a broken heart Now Leonid is back, determined to be a father and a king But is claiming his children only a ploy for the throne And why is he keeping Kassandra at arm s length when his smoldering gaze still ignites her unstoppable passion Kassandra remains Leonid s only desire and weakness But he can t let her near, or she d discover his painful secret He fears the truth would destroy them both

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Other shelves: heroine-is-a-famous-former-model, hero-used-to-be-former-sport-player, hero-is-not-a-manwhore, heroine's-father-is-hilarious.Updated:January/27/2016I have been waiting for Kassandra's book since her first appearance in The Sarantos Secret Baby (*_*)I really liked this book. It has one of my favorite plots, lovers reunion and babies. In this case, the babies grew up just a little and they are twins. Olivia Gates creates the most sexy and alfa heros. They never disappointed me. The [...]

Intensely emotional second chance love story. Two years earlier Kassandra and Leonid had been involved in a secret, passionate affair. She had just discovered she was pregnant when he was involved in a horrific traffic accident. When she was finally allowed to see him, he broke off their affair, saying some really cruel and heartless things to her. Devastated, she fled, hoping he'd come after her, but eventually moving on with her life. Then Leonid shows up at her home, informing her he'd come f [...]

Kassandra Stavros was left with a broken heart and twin daughters when Prince Leonid Voronov of Zorya broke off their affair and disappeared. Now two years later he is back and looking to be a father to his daughter and a king to his country. Kassandra does not want herself and her children to become a ploy in Leo’s bid to gain his Kingdom. She resolves to keep herself away from him but finds her heart has other ideas.For his part, Leo still wants Kassandra as well but knows he cannot have her [...]

Truly amazing. The mystery of why Leonid pushed Kassandra out of his life, when he was broken after a major accident, and when he knew she was pregnant too, niggled at me mercilessly all through the book. And when the big reveal finally happened, I actually cried! The angst and longing throughout the book was nerve-wracking and the passion toe curling. This is one hero who would have done anything to save his beloved heartache, even at the price of his eternal misery without her. This is the fir [...]

Twin Heirs to His Throne by Olivia Gates is an emotionally charged Desire novel. The drama, the tension, the intense scenes between the H/h makes this story hard to put down! Prince Leonid Voronov shared a secret and forbidden affair with Kassandra Stavros but due to a dreadful accident sends her away knowing fully she’s pregnant. I really hated him for doing this…but his own problems gave him no other choice. As the story progresses we see shades of Leonid’s character and we see how open [...]

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. I absolutely love this book. This story captured my attention from the beginning. Prince Leonid and Kassandra had a secret love affair but after the prince has a tragic accident he send her away. He knew she was pregnant but he later found out it was twins. After all this time he's back for his daughters and her. But he still had a secret, that he was not ready to share with her. Kassandra still loves him, will her love help him to trust her a [...]

Golly. This one is dramatic!Turn to just about any page, and you'll be treated to any number of highly overwrought statements!"Suddenly, another bolt of agitation zapped her.""Blood rushed to her head before flooding her body in scalding torrents.""Fury flooded her, drowning her shock.""Among the cacophony of her thundering heart and strident breathing""Heart expanding at his solicitude, shriveling at his withdrawal"It goes on and on. I'm surprised the two leads don't need a nap every half hour [...]

I'm certainly sorry that I disagree with the other reviews here but I really did not find this book enjoyable. To put it simply, it was too over the top in every aspect for me. Too much drama. Too many crazy, out of control thoughts building in their minds. What in the world happened to having a conversation instead of ignoring the one you love for over a week causing grave insecurities and why did the king-to-be keep secrets? I just don't get it and it had my head spinning and aching before it [...]

Cinderella storyCassandra and Leonid are both upper crust families and once they meet have a long torrid affair. Cassandra finds out she's pregnant the same time she wants to tell him she loves him and wants more. Leonid has a horrific accident almost losing his legs, left without his athletic career decodes to push Cassandra away knowing she will come to hate him. Then her twins are born, over a year later Leonid shows up on her doorstep demanding parental rights. Very good.

WowFirst book of the New Year and it was scorching hot. These characters jumped off my Kindle screen. If you are not a fan of Olivia Gates , you will be after reading this book. This is not your grandmother's romance.

The way the story comes to together just feels weird and I don't like how the author put the ending together it felt kinda of rushed. The male MC is just an ass and the female just rolls over just cause of love, sorry regardless she needs more of a backbone than what the story portrays. The whole story felt a little off and just plain weird. I listened to the book via audio and even to me the narrator was wrong for this story.

Twin Heirs To His Throne by Olivia Gates. Prince Leonid Voronov and Kassandra Stavros were lovers. Leonid was in a bad car accident. While in the hospital he told Kassandra he didn't love her and never did. She told him she was pregnant but he still sent her away. Kassandra ended up having twin girls. When the girls are 18 months old he comes back into her life. The girls really like him from the first time they saw him. Leonid has a secret he doesn't want to tell Kassandra. He wants the marriag [...]

Great read!!☺

Very good melodrama, Harlequin style, even with lots of eye rolling.

I usually don't rate Harlequin romances very high, but this one was good. I really had trouble putting it down so I could run my errands.

A dramatic passionate romance that takes you along for the ride. Loved it.

Olivia Gates is usually a hit or miss with me. This one is a hit! My favorite theme. Secret baby!

I love reading Olivia Gates I would recommend this book very enjoyable

Held in the "Sarantos" universe, Kassandra had a year long, secret affair with star athlete, businessman and heir to an extinct monarchy, Leonid Voronov. It ended in an awful accident, after which Leonid brutally rejected her and the pregnancy she claimed. 2 years later, Leonid is about to be restored as monarch and returns to the public eye. He shows up on her doorstep demanding to be allowed in his daughters' lives. Things sort of spiral from there as he makes increasingly more demands, which [...]

In truth, this book was a solid 4.9/5 because the ending felt stretched and it was like Olivia Gates should have stopped it at the point that they made up and were together already but overall it was good. The male character was unexpectedly warm to his children and handled everything easily without abandon. He was a daddy from the start and a daddy to the end. The female was strong too and very loving and sweet. The big plot twist was not something I haven't seen before but seeing the couple co [...]

"This is a wonderful modern fairy tale in the Billionaires and Babies series about overcoming insurmountable odds and creating second chances. Leonid is perfect for those who like powerful, dominant men, although his transformation from the strong, silent type to someone more open to love feels sudden" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).Miniseries: Billionaires and Babies

I thought this was a touching story. This had some of the previous Sarantos characters in it.

The build-up to learn why Leonid crushed Kassandra's heart is slow but then his reasons are shockingly appropriate. Another great Harlequin read!

o que aconteceu com esta autora? ela é uma das minhas favoritas e fiquei muito decepcionada com a história muito ruim!

Loved it.

4 stars!!

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Cute and Confusing.

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