In Debt to the Earl

Elizabeth Rolls

In Debt to the Earl

In Debt to the Earl

  • Title: In Debt to the Earl
  • Author: Elizabeth Rolls
  • ISBN: 9780373298648
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback

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If you wish, I can take you out of all this In his quest for revenge against a disreputable card sharp, James, Earl of Cambourne, discovers the man s innocent daughter While her surroundings are impoverished, her dignity and refinement are unmistakable, and James faces an unsettling question what will be her fate if he brings her father to justice Although yearning fo If you wish, I can take you out of all this In his quest for revenge against a disreputable card sharp, James, Earl of Cambourne, discovers the man s innocent daughter While her surroundings are impoverished, her dignity and refinement are unmistakable, and James faces an unsettling question what will be her fate if he brings her father to justice Although yearning for love and comfort, Lucy resists the earl s surprising offer of protection That is until a price is made on her virginity, and James is the only man who can save her.

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Really a good romance Loved the H and the h. She was strong and so was he. The story was your typical Lord falling in love with a lower class woman but this was so much more really. Fitch her young friend was one of my favorite characters and I loved every scene he was in. The scene at the end with Lord Cambourn and him in the stable was precious. I loved it. The whole story felt like a Pretty Woman scenario except Lucy, the h, was a virgin. There are evil villains galore and a lot of angst in p [...]

3.5 StarsElizabeth Rolls is an author whose books I’ve enjoyed in the past, and In Debt to the Earl was no exception, although there were some aspects of it that didn’t quite work for me. The story is engaging and well-told, although the characterisation is a little weak; and while the author certainly addresses some interesting themes – the gap between rich and poor and womens’ lack of agency – they are somewhat glossed over and left me feeling a little unsatisfied by the end.When his [...]

Originally posted HERE.What a terrible cover – what’s with that man?!I don’t understand the average reviewer. I nearly didn’t read this one because of the not-so-good reviews. I should know by now that is an indication of a good book (for me)!Oh, I enjoyed this one – enough to order myself a paper copy before I even finished my review copy. Sure, there’s an element of fairy tale and fantasy to the happy ending, but at the same time I just really loved the story.I enjoy a book in thi [...]

Based upon revenge, In Debt to the Earl by Elizabeth Rolls, begins with a Captain Hensleigh losing an insane amount of money in a card game to James Remington , the Earl of Cambourne. When James attempts to collect on Hensleigh's debt, he is met with a willful young lady who he assumes is Hensleigh's mistress. When the earl discovers that the young lady is in fact Hensleigh's daughter Lucy, he is angered to find the young woman abandoned by her father and left with little to survive.James cannot [...]

Harlequin Historical is not my genre of choice. Has not been in many years. The reason I stopped reading this particularly series is that there was no growth or interest for me. After reading In Debt to the Earl by Elizabeth Rolls, I just might take another look. James has an agenda. To make his enemy pay by any means necessary. Lucy has a goal to survive the life she was born into with her head held high and her heart intact despite her father's abuse. Lucy sold this story for me. Her ordeal br [...]

Not one of her best, but since the first book I read by her, she is by far one of my favorite regency romance writer.Non il suo libro migliore, ma comunque, dal suo primo romanzo in poi, lei é sempre stata una delle mie scrittrici preferiteANKS TO NETGALLEY AND HARLEQUIN (US&CANADA) FOR THE PREVIEW!

3.5* Sympathetic characters, a well constructed plot and not a ballroom in sight -all plus points for me added to not being able to fault the historical background. An enjoyable read which has got me looking for more books by this author, previously unknown to me.

Lived this one. Very captivating❤❤

This could have been great, but it wasn't.

Carino, ma niente di che. Se l’avete potete leggerlo, in caso contrario potete benissimo fare a meno di andarvelo a cercare.

This book kept me reading. Good subplots, good intrigue, good action keeping the whole love story going. And the love story was excellent, with elements that are rarer in historicals with the angles it took and the frankness of the characters' discussions, admissions, and then final decisions & resolutions. Caveat: After reading several Harlequin titles in a row [they had a big sale!], I have come to the conclusion that rapid POV shifts & 'head hopping' is either something encouraged in [...]

Actual rating: 3.5 starsJames had a devil of a time keeping his desire for innocent Lucy in check, which generates lots of delicious sexual tension; a crowning touch for this sweetly tender romance. What begins as a means to an end for James actually leads to a proposition that requires sensitivity, unexpected friendships with the unlikeliest characters, loathsome dealings with Lucy's rat father, and dangerous involvement with ruthless, murderous criminals. Lucy faces homelessness and starvation [...]

"A charming and sexy romp, Rolls’ newest Regency sweeps readers from the darkest streets of the commoner to the glittering drawing rooms of the elite. Rolls’ talent exposes the ever-present class differences of the time period with humor, witty dialogue, lots of sexy tension and with viewpoints outside the usual POVs" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).

I got through this novel pretty quickly. The characters were interesting and I especially liked that the father was a bit of the bad guy in it. It throws the whole story on a different axis. The only thing I really wish is that it had been fleshed out a little more. There were hints of a lot of themes, but they weren't really followed through.

James is collecting from a gamester, but happens on his daughter Lucy in his absence. I like that James never coerces or blackmails Lucy. She's free to make her own choice. The anticlimax of her leaving him over one thousand pounds is flimsy, but for a HEA it works. Quick read, nice romance with a really decent hero.

Always loved Elizabeth Rolls and this one did not disappointed Needed a nice light reading and this one fit the bill. Loved the characters, specially Fitch. Looking forward to reading Huntercombe's story

I have absolutely no idea why, but I love books that involve gambling debts. This book was no exception. I particularly enjoyed how Rolls handled the ending, balancing the question of indebtedness and love and acknowledging the need for equal footing. Truly a lovely book.

a wonderful Regency romsnceThe heroine is living in poverty due to her father's gambling addiction and being abandoned by her family. James is a wealthy aristocrat who is honourable, kind and the perfect hero. There are villains, a scampy pickpocket and a violin.

Enjoyable read.



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