Nutmeg Volume 1 - Early Fall: Taste Buddies

Jackie Crofts James F. Wright

Nutmeg Volume 1 - Early Fall: Taste Buddies

Nutmeg Volume 1 - Early Fall: Taste Buddies

  • Title: Nutmeg Volume 1 - Early Fall: Taste Buddies
  • Author: Jackie Crofts James F. Wright
  • ISBN: 9781632291059
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

NUTMEG, by Jackie Crofts James F Wright, is a comic about crime, baking and growing up.Two suburban junior high girls bond when, through a twist of fate, a prank on a pompous rival finds them building a criminal empire with their irresistible brownies.Volume 1 collects Issues 1 3.

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Super cute comic that I picked up at Van CAF, mostly because it was described as "Betty and Veronica meets Breaking Bad with baking" and the writer for it was this adorable, endearing guy. It was really interesting to hear him talk on a panel featuring creators of colour about the difference between content created by people of colour and content featuring people of colour but done by white people and how it's more important to him personally that POC are getting the cheques. So an interesting c [...]

A bit disappointed in this one. Betty and Veronica meets Breaking Bad this is not. It's not even Veronica Mars meets Mean Girls. I actually had flashbacks to the 90s movie Dick with Kirsten Dunst. Remember that one? Maybe it was the brownies with the "special" ingredient and the old fashioned hairstyles. The art is ok, a bit somber with all the pastels for a so-called comedy.One of the creators was heavily inspired by Heavenly Creatures which is a movie I have not seen. I see the Grease inspirat [...]

I also picked this up at VanCaf because of the elevator pitch and the really friendly guy selling it!Firstly, it was a bit jarring to see several pages of ads between each issue, especially as some of the ads repeated so it felt like overkill. So the ads make the book look a lot more substantial than it is.There's also only three (I believe) issues in the book, which isn't enough time to get invested or have any sort of plot develop. Usually for the cost of a trade paperback, I'd expect 4-6 issu [...]

When Poppy offers to show new girl Cassia the ropes, an instant friendship is born. They have lots in common--including their desire to take mean girl Saffron down a peg or two. A plot is hatched and set into motion, that (thankfully) doesn't work out quite the way they intended. First book in the series shows some promise, but the characters are straight out of central casting and could use some depth.

Breaking Bad meets Heavenly Creatures with brownies for all. What's not to like?

It's cute, and it has recipes, which is fun can't say to much about it cuz spoilers and it's quite short. Looking forward for the next volume 😊

2.5 very meh.

My formally trainer baker friend & I found this at ECCC several years ago & it was love at first sight.

Cute story. Odd art.

The author says, in a note at the back of the first issue, that this series is being sold as "Betty & Veronica meet Breaking Bad." I think this is a fitting description as far as concept and theme(though I don't think this first volume had quite the cultural star power as those things. Definitely enjoyable and darkly cute, but here's something left to be desired- I still feel like there's a big plot point I'm not quite getting. The premise is clear and yet feels elusive in a way that lessens [...]

Okay I think when anything is pitched as 'Breaking Bad with baking' you have some expectations. I'm just not entirely sure that this met these expectations--there needed to be more, I think. More dialog, more setting up the bad guy, more of the friendship between Poppy and Cassia. It's cute art, but nothing in it really demanded that I pick up the next one.

Only read the single issue #1 but couldn't locate it on GR.It feltrather flat and familiar, with a drawing style that seems anime-influenced. Maybe it picked up in the future issues, and I do think the premise could be fun (even though personally, making everyone in town ill just to get to one mean girl seems a bit of a round about way to punish her).

This is really cute. I love the art and I love the idea of a twisted mystery with the antagonists trying to solve a (potential, future) crime while the protagonists and reader are in on the (attempted) crime from the beginning.

This book was described to me by the author as "Betty and Veronica meets Breaking Bad". Competing cliques at an all-girls school strive to outsell each other in an annual bake sale, but each team is willing to play dirty by adding a highly addictive ingredient.

I don't think I am the right audience for this particular GN. Too juvenile for my tastes definitely NOT Chew! :)

A solid start,I just wish this first volume had been longer.

Eh. The art was lacking. The writing was very lacking. The coolest part was the actual recipes put in. Points taken off for one of the writing proudly declaring what a freaking weeaboo they are.

Artwork was nice, but that was about all I liked. I will not be putting this on the middle school shelves.

Sweet, has potential

super cute, and super sweet. I just wish it was longer.

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