Little Dee and the Penguin

Christopher Baldwin

Little Dee and the Penguin

Little Dee and the Penguin

  • Title: Little Dee and the Penguin
  • Author: Christopher Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9781101994290
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

Graphic novel fans will love this hilarious animal adventure by webcomic creator Christopher Baldwin perfect for readers of Dan Santat s Sidekicks, Ben Hatke s Zita the Spacegirl, and Berkeley Breathed s Bloom CountyWhen Little Dee meets a motley crew of animals deep in the forest, she knows she s found the perfect set of new friends Between the bossy vulture, the slightlGraphic novel fans will love this hilarious animal adventure by webcomic creator Christopher Baldwin perfect for readers of Dan Santat s Sidekicks, Ben Hatke s Zita the Spacegirl, and Berkeley Breathed s Bloom CountyWhen Little Dee meets a motley crew of animals deep in the forest, she knows she s found the perfect set of new friends Between the bossy vulture, the slightly dim dog, the nurturing bear, and the happy go lucky penguin, this mismatched group of big personalities doesn t always get along but they re a family And they re on the run A pair of hungry polar bears are after the penguin, and the rest of the team are determined to protect her They re not interested in adopting a tiny human But Dee loves them especially Ted the bear and she won t let them go Instead, she hops on their getaway plane and joins them on an around the world adventure This hilarious and heartwarming story is the perfect addition to any graphic novel reader s library.

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How do I feel about an orphan girl being raised by a bear, a dog, and a vulture?Mostly jealous.

This is more than a little silly, but that's okay. A little orphan girl finds a penguin and ends up in a bit of a madcap adventure as they, along with some other creatures, try to escape from some crafty polar bears.It's just a lot of fun, and a pretty great way to introduce graphic novels to a younger audience. Give this a look if you have some kids moving on from early readers in your world who enjoy comics.

This was presented to me as a beginning reader, and it definitely is not. That absolutely tinted my read of this book.At its core, it's a cute, slightly quirky, story about a group of animals who find themselves in charge of a kid on a traveling adventure. Full color graphic novel style. That said, it's fine. Kinda charming.

Three friends head out for a quiet picnic together that will end up leading them on a wild adventure. There is an opinionated vulture, a friendly but rather slow dog, and a motherly bear. On their picnic, they meet two creatures who will change their day entirely. Little Dee is a human and a resourceful child who doesn’t speak at all. Then there is the penguin who is on the run from the polar bears who are hot on his trail. Now it is up to the five of them to get the penguin back to his home b [...]

For such a funny book, this starts with a big emotional wrench! Now granted, it would be hard for Dee to need adopting - per the back of the book - if her parents were still around. But I didn't realize I was going to meet her dad first! Only for three pages, granted, but dang. That was harsh.Once his FUNERAL is over, though, this settles into a zany animal adventure with lots of heart. And banter. Oh, the banter. It's wonderful banter. I've never had a vulture as a favorite character before, bu [...]

The madcap adventures of a group of friends who find themselves stuck with a stowaway penguin who needs to get back to Antarctica (before two hungry polar bears catch up to her) and a small human child who has no where else to go. I love the illustrations, the dialog (the bear, Ted, who only eats sweets, is worried after a crash landing: ""Plenty to eat?' I don't see any cake vendors anywhere."), and the non-stop action. I think this book has a lot of kid appeal. As an adult, though, I could not [...]

I wasn't impressed. I laughed a little bit. The art was colorful, but the framing redundant. And here's my biggest problem -- the dialogue was far too responsible for carrying the story; the art did hardly any of the heavy lifting. It was primarily close ups of characters talking. Graphic novels work best when the art is responsible for at least an equal part of story telling. The narrative here was all carried through language; the art was static, which, at least for me, is a problem. Don't cho [...]

I love absolutely everything about this darling, fun graphic novel! Baldwin's illustrations are delightful and add so much, particularly as Dee does not communicate verbally. I love the idea of a bear, (undomesticated) dog and vulture being best friends and taking care of an orphaned little girl. The other animal characters added so much too with their quirky personalities! Such a fun adventure full of endearing characters and funny dialog to boot. There were even some great geographic and scien [...]

When your child says, "Mom you should read this" you read it. Recommended to me by my daughter, who has begun devouring graphic novels this summer. Cute story. Great message for adoptive or blended families.

Review later

Sweet and silly with some sage advice.

Weird combination of charactersI mean, a buzzard flies planes and Polar Bears use GPS tracking to find penguins weird.

So damn adorable. It tugs your heartstrings and uplifts as well. I want to adopt Dee!

APA CitationBaldwin, C. (2016). Little Dee and the penguin. New York, NY: Dial Books for Young Readers.Book ReviewLittle Dee’s father, a park ranger, leaves one night to help some hikers. Unfortunately for Little Dee, he never returns, and the little girl becomes an orphan.Meanwhile, a penguin named Paisley becomes separated from her family after jumping aboard a fishing vessel in search of food. Chased by a pair of hungry polar bears, Paisley starts running as soon as the fishing ship docks, [...]

Little Dee and the Penguin is an enchanting tale about a little girl who finds herself thrust into an adventure like she had never dreamed possible. One night, her father, the local park ranger, has to go out and attempt to rescue some lost hikers. He never makes it back alive. Little Dee is traumatized by this, but since she never speaks, it is hard to exactly understand what she is feeling. Luckily, she runs across a trio of very interesting characters and latches on to them as her surrogate f [...]

This book will definitely appeal to the readers with a sense of humor! A little orphan girl named Dee finds her best friends among a vulture, dog, bear, and penguin. They all don't always see eye to eye, but they make up one big family and are always there for each other. After two polar pears decide to hunt down the penguin, they all ban together to protect her. Dee doesn't want to leave her new family, and decides to follow them on their crazy adventures. This book makes for a very interesting [...]

Three woodland friends named Ted, Blake, and Vachel get sidetracked from their picnic and sucked into a journey to return Paisley the penguin to her Antarctic home. This turns into an adventure that will keep readers guessing and on their toes. Complicating matters, the park ranger has died, leaving his young daughter Dee, all alone—until she finds and latches onto Ted and his companions. Baldwin's illustrations used in this book are very colorful, bright, and detailed. These engaging and adve [...]

Ted the bear, Blake the dog and Vachel the Vulture are trying to enjoy a lovely Summer picnic when a fugitive penguin and Dee, the newly orphaned daughter of the late park ranger come crashing into their lives. Realizing that Paisley the penguin is being pursued by hungry polar bears that the entire group would rather avoid, the the mismatched team jumps into a plane and heads toward Antarctica to return her to her home. Along the way, they are forced to test not only the strength of their frien [...]

This one’s an odd, mostly silly story. It starts with a tragedy comparable to a Disney movie, though you won’t know that for sure right away. You see, little Dee’s father, a forest ranger, goes out in the middle of the night to help some people and apparently never makes it back. Before we discover his fate, though, we meet Paisley (a penguin), Ted (a bear), Blake (a dog), and Vachel (a vulture). Paisley stowed away on a boat and was taken far from Antarctica, and is being chased by two po [...]

Baldwin, Christopher Little Dee and the Penguin Dial (Penguin), 2016. $10.99 GRAPHIC NOVEL Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G Violence: GA vulture, a dog and a bear are friends in the forest. Things are going alright until one day when they meet a lost penguin and a little girl without a home named Dee. Suddenly they are in danger from polar bears, flying off to exotic places, journeying by boat, having narrow escapes, and meeting new friends. This book is hard not to like, the i [...]

Little Dee is dealing with the recent loss of her forest ranger father when she meets a bear, a dog, and a vulture who are on a mission to outrun two hungry polar bears in pursuit of a penguin trying to make his way back to Antarctica. The group couldn't be more unlikely, but Dee develops an attachment to them. The group life the lives of action movie stars as they traverse the globe, piloting airplanes, and making spectacular crash landings. The animals all talk, but Dee never says a word. Some [...]

One sentence summary: an orphaned girl and lost penguin join up with a bear, a dog, and a vulture on a homeward bound adventure. I had a hard time pinning down an audience. The artwork and plotline seemed geared more toward early and mid-elementary school kids, but the dialogue, jokes, and lessons learned seemed to trend higher. Other than that distraction I found the illustrations bright and expressive, particularly when the voiceless Little Dee is on the page. A bear who only eats sweets, a ve [...]

I REALLY wanted to like this book. I really did. but it went somewhere quite unexpected and unpleasant. Namely, Dee's dad dies and she spends the rest of the book hanging out with the animals in order to evade the ophanage who was hunting her down because their "quota is low." This is a completely inappropriate storyline to propagate and as an adoptive mother I am rather horrified that it even made it into publication. I grew to love the crabby personality of the vulture, and the bear and dog ar [...]

The colors and expressive drawings were what first attracted me to this graphic novel. Dee is a little girl whose park ranger father was killed on a mission to save hikers. Dee does not speak but the bear, dog, vulture, penguin and two polar bears in the story talk sarcastically to each other most of the time. The polar bears are following Paisley, the penguin, who was micro-chipped in the Antarctica, got on a ship to America by mistake, and now wants to go home. This book has a great deal to te [...]

Baldwin, C. (2016). Little dee and the penguin. New York, NY: Penguin Random House. ReviewThis is a story that students around third grade or older would enjoy. It wasn’t my favorite graphic novel that I read, but it was still interesting to look at. The set up reminded me of a comic strip and I thought the pictures really added to the story. It was about a girl named Little Dee and she goes on an adventure with the animals she meets.ExplanationI would tie this book with art and writing. The s [...]

It's hard to imagine a book that starts out with the main character being orphaned could be fun, but Little Dee pulls it off. Alternately funny, sweet, heart-warming, and adventurous, this story about a little girl, a bossy vulture, a not-so-bright dog, and a nurturing bear and their friendship with a lost penguin is great for animal fans, adventure fans, or anyone who knows family doesn't have to mean shared genetics. (Especially for grades 3-6)

perfect balance of heart, message, and humor. i was expecting this to just be kinda silly, but it was surprisingly touching. great message about how families are the people we choose, and those people don't have to be like us.

Ice Age like trio try and take a penguin and orphan girl back to their respective peoples/family. Jokes will probably be over most kids heads. Adult reading it will get the references. Kids will like the adventure and the modern depiction of how kids act today.

A dog, a bear and a vulture find an orphan and a penguin. As they are pursued by hungry polar bears looking for a penguin snack, the band of friends must decide how much they are willing to help the two stragglers. A sweet ending that reinforces that love makes a family.

A fun read about an orphan get who befriends a group of animals as they attempt to return a penguin to the south pole. Silly and witty, this graphic novel is full of references that will entertain older readers and full of humor and heart that will appeal to the younger crowd.

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