Life on the Ramona Coaster

Ramona Singer

Life on the Ramona Coaster

Life on the Ramona Coaster

  • Title: Life on the Ramona Coaster
  • Author: Ramona Singer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A candid, behind the scenes glimpse into the emotional, dynamic and often entertaining life of Ramona Singer, the spunky, tell it like it is reality star whose unfiltered personality viewers have adored through seven seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City In this alternately heart wrenching and hilarious memoir, Ramona offers readers a look at her dysfunctional cA candid, behind the scenes glimpse into the emotional, dynamic and often entertaining life of Ramona Singer, the spunky, tell it like it is reality star whose unfiltered personality viewers have adored through seven seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City In this alternately heart wrenching and hilarious memoir, Ramona offers readers a look at her dysfunctional childhood, her parents abusive relationship, her inspiring journey of renewal, and opens up for the first time about the events surrounding the tragic collapse of her twenty year marriage Never before have her fans seen her so raw, introspective and honest.

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A quick and entertaining read but wow, what an unlikable woman. Writing this book did her character/image NO favors in my book! The way she put her daughter in the middle of the divorce while claiming she was trying to protect her was disgusting. And her daughter's letter to her father was disturbing and so inappropriate on a few levels. Sad.Ramona is a very shallow, self-absorbed woman. It truly DOES go to show you that "money don't buy you class" as her declasse' royal friend likes to say. I d [...]

I am very disappointed with the quality and content of this book. As a fan of Ramona's, and the RHONY franchise, I expected this book to be rife with quality and class. It isn't.The book is poorly written, extremely repetitive, and is constantly "recommending" favourite restaurants, designers etc.While I sympathize with Ramona for her abusive childhood, unfaithful husband, and the difficult crossroads her life has become- this book appears to be a rushed attempt at having her say before the pres [...]

i have to say I was surprised how much I loved it, since I find that the average amazon review is usually accurate. I honestly thought Ramona revealed A LOT of personal information about her parents, her marriage, the show, and her faith and religion. There are some spelling errors and the writing is elementary…but were not reading it for great writing, were reading it because we like Ramona and want to learn more about her. I believe she discloses a lot! She shares personal stories and anecdo [...]

I don't know why I expected more, but damn, this book was horrible.

There are women who touch a nerve in the cultural zeitgeist.Oprah, Princess Di, Hillary, Madonnad, with this title, Ramona Singer joins them. In this memoir she exposes her past, her present, and most importantly, her future. She is a fashion icon (her start was buying fashion remainders), a sexagenarian beauty (wear SPF and yes, if you must know, she did get her boobs done!), a philanthropist (she went on a safari for 14 days in Africa to tour schools for a charity), and a RHONY. And I haven't [...]

I wanted to read Ramona Singer's book, which was not a difficult read but was not exactly well-written or deep either. Reading a book where I don't care for the person writing it is often an interesting personal journey. Ramona is a very self-absorbed, spoiled, rude, demanding, and insensitive woman that believes the world revolves around her. I was curious if her writing would expose another layer. It did not.Things I thought would be in the book were not at all while other items were. It is di [...]

leonelescota.wordpress/20I like Ramona Singer on "The Real Housewives Of New York." She is crass and insufferable, but boy you cannot deny she is entertaining. So I was curious to read her book "Life On the Ramona Coaster," and it's such a flat read that I am thankful it is so short that I did not feel like I wasted a lot of time on reading it. She repeatedly says - I use the verb "say" as I know she didn't really "write" this - that she joined the reality show to promote her business ventures, [...]

I find Romana to be one of the more unlikeable characters in the Housewives franchise. Her book did nothing to change my opinion. The vapid superficial role she plays on RHNY seems to actually be an accurate portrayal of who she is. This book is full of thinly veiled advertisements for her plastic surgeon and her own products. There is no depth to her retelling of traumatic experiences like the abuse she witnessed in her childhood home or her husband's infidelity. Worse yet she frames her atroci [...]

Read this in one sitting. It is a small book with no substance, much like Ramona Singer, herself.I watch the show all the time and thought it would be an interesting read, but it wasn't. Ramona was as self absorbed in the book as she is in real life. So I guess in this case. It really is Reality.Lots of poor me stories Lots of bragging Lots of bratty comments about other Housewives. But really nothing more than what you already know about Ramona. She is a narcissist. A very big one.I actually ha [...]

This short book is by Ramona Singer, one of the original Real Housewives of New York. I have to say I was impressed reading about her life. She is a very good business woman. She had earned over a million dollars before she was married. She adores her only child, Avery. She often opens her mouth and inserts her foot but she is quick to apologize and doesn't hold a grudge. After reading about the breakup of her marriage and how much she loved and still loves her ex-husband, Mario, I admire her de [...]

Love her or Hate her, Ramona pulls no punches. But as she says, she's "a work in progress" and "life is about learning." I was impressed that Ramona seemed to be insightful and forthcoming about her weaknesses-not blame shifting like so many people tend to do when recounting life tales. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a "deep read" but you do meet a more sharp and intelligent Ramona, not the wishy-washy one of TV. It's a fun ride on the RamonaCoaster!

I will thoroughly admit that Ramona Singer is not my favorite on Real Housewives of New York but when she wrote a book I was curious as to how open she would be about her life story and the sad dissolution of her marriage. The book was a very fast read, but seemed open and genuine without sugar-coating the sad parts. I have more respect for her after reading her book.

Amazing.I was never a fan of hersbut this side and her being raw and humble. Also learning about her life, education, business sense. I have respect for you RamonaOWN IT BABY!!!

This was like walking in the shoes of a delusional individual. It was poorly written and came across really fake. Not to mention every 2 pages there were at least 3 typos/missing words. One of the worst bios I've read in a while

Well she is not my favorite, but I did want to read what she had to say pretty well written, short interesting very sad childhood, which seems to explain much of her behavior with the emotional abuse she witnessed by her father

How can you read a whole book and learn nothing about the person? This was nothing deep, not that I expected it, but author wrote a whole book about "nothing meaningful".I really shouldn't have wasted my time on this.

Fun, mindless reading!

Meh. Remember the letters we would write in middle and high school?. It feels like one long letter and not an interesting one.

How can someone claim to have an income in the top 1%, but still can't pay someone to proofread your book? The mistakes were obvious and annoying!

Very amazing autobiography. Ramona is a very amazing and ambitious woman of our times.

Wow she is vain, vapid, materialistic and just plain annoying!

A quick read- I enjoyed it. If you watch RHONY you'll like it.

Good book. Makes you think

Read for a book club type thing Meh.

The best thing about an ereader? No judgement. Of course, as an unabashed Real Housewives fan, I don't care what the haters say! This was a little more endearing than I thought it might be, as I've never been a huge fan of Ramona. I can say that it feels like a conversation, so I'm not sure if there was a ghostwriter (Agh, remember Aviva?!?) but readers can get a good idea of Ramona's character and see her side of things. She's been through a lot, but has been able to persevere. Good for her!Thi [...]

I didn't mind this book. I am a fan of the Real Housewives reality tv show, so I took this book with a grain of salt. I enjoyed reading it, and its done in true "Ramona" fashion. I do find it jumps around a lot and doesn't necessarily flow in sequence. She also seems to really feel the need to often brag about how wealthy she is *yawn*. If you are a fan of the show, I do think you will somewhat enjoy the book.

Bullet points is all Ramona gets.Pros:Talks about RHMade me cry (she had a rough childhood)It sounds like she actually wrote itIt's shortThe pictures are of good quality though b&wCons:So much basic grammatical editing was neededRepetitiveShe published a letter from Avery to Mario that probably should not have been published

The only reason to read this book is if you are a big RHONY fan, and yet, if you are such a fan, there is nothing new here. I like Ramona well enough so I thought I would give her memoir a try. It is so-so at best, but a very quick read as it is filled with many pictures and repeated stories throughout. Not her best effort.

Very good , brilliantly writtenIf you are a fan of RHONY this book shows you the real Ramona, very touching about her childhood years, after reading the book I see Ramona in a new light, a very strong woman with guts and courage. I hope there will be a second book about life after Mario.

Quick, disappointing read. The Ramona-ness just doesn't translate on paper. The writing is choppy and repetitive; reads more like an extended RHONY blog entry. While there was very little substance, there was a huge amount of heart.Not really recommended

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