Shadows of Doubt


Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt

  • Title: Shadows of Doubt
  • Author: ElizabethJohns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Andrew Abbott was the last man standing, and all of his friends have succumbed to leg shackles Now that he had sold out from the army, he was unsure how he wanted to spend the rest of his life His father proposed sending him back to restore their burned plantation in America, but just as he was set to leave, he met the woman of his dreams Gwendolyn Lambert s family wasAndrew Abbott was the last man standing, and all of his friends have succumbed to leg shackles Now that he had sold out from the army, he was unsure how he wanted to spend the rest of his life His father proposed sending him back to restore their burned plantation in America, but just as he was set to leave, he met the woman of his dreams Gwendolyn Lambert s family was reduced to penury after her father was disgraced and killed in a duel Gwen and her invalid mother survive on a mere pittance in the city of Bath Her mother s cousin, the Dowager Duchess of Loring, is determined to see Gwendolyn taken care of and restored to her rightful place, but she does not have any use for society after her family was treated ill by them But the savvy dowager has a few tricks up her sleeve, including her handsome and charming grandson Unfortunately, she did not count on him being sent to America or Gwendolyn s father s family coming back into the picture The entire Loring Abbott clan becomes involved in a scheme to bring Andrew and Gwendolyn together, but will they be able to overcome being separated by oceans, storms, and the interference of scheming mamas

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Another great story from this author! Book 4 of this series is charming and sweet with a nice touch of excitement and suspense along the way. I really enjoy how the characters from all four books of this series appear in each book. It gives the reader a sense of engagement and a closer connection to the family and to their plights, and it increases the enjoyment in reading the entire series. This book has a very good mix of romance and humor, with a nice bit of excitement mixed in, that made it [...]

This is a sweet romance. I read the first book in the series a while ago and loved it. I then purchased the rest of the books in the series. Somehow I skipped from book 1 to 4 in reading order. Now I have the 2nd and 3rd to look forward to.This book takes place in England and the United States. Gwen is a woman who has been shunned by society and spent the past six years taking care of her ailing mother. Andrew was a unique wealthy man of the time, he didn't care about a fortune. He saw Gwen for [...]

Another incredible book by Elizabeth Johns! This one is my favourite for some reason. I absolutely love Andrew and Gwen. It is a sweet romance that is so well written that you don't even notice the absence of anything sexual. As I was reading, I found myself saying, that it really touched on the topic of how life actually was for a woman in that day and age. It really impressed me to see something that wasn't sugar coated and a woman's determination to save herself and not want to be dependent o [...]

“Shadows of Doubt” is last in this book series. (Apparently there is a short #5 story on the Dowager in digital form only.) I enjoyed it as much as the others! It is the story of Andrew Abbott, now free of his Army service. At odds with what to do next in his life, his father, Sir Charles suggests he go to America to restore their burned plantation in Virginia. Sounds good to Andrew but with only a few days left before he sets sail, his grandmother decides to work some romantic magic.The Dow [...]

I simply adored this story. Elizabeth Johns once again writes a beautiful story of two people overcoming time, distance and insecurities to find a love to last a lifetime. Shadows of doubt is the final chapter in the Loring-Abbot and what a great way to end the series. I have fallen in love with this family and watching them overcome the adversity they each face to find not only wholeness within themselves but a love to last a lifetime. The story involves Andrew Abbott a former captain in the Br [...]

Charming and sweet!What a good book! I loved Elizabeth Johns's 4th story in her Loring-Abbott series. The characters Andrew Abbott and Gwendolyn Lambert are lovable. The Dowager Duchess of Loring is a dear lady! This author has done it again! It tells the story of Andrew who meets Gwendolyn! After leaving the army, Andrew returns to Bath, where his family live to discover the need to change something in his life, but didn't know what exactly! Enters Gwendolyn, who has lived a sad life and wants [...]

3 1/2 stars.

Shadows of Doubt by Elizabeth JohnsThe Loring-Abbott Series Book Four Gwendolyn Lambert has lost most everything in her life. Her father's carelessness lost them their home, money and respect after his death. She lost her brother to war. Her love of painting, as she can't afford it and her chance for marriage and family. Just when life is at it's lowest, a ray of light shone through. For a short time at least.Major Andrew Abbott didn't lack female attention. He just never found a female whose at [...]

My favorite!Of all of the Elizabeth John's novels I have read and I'm pretty sure I have read all she has written so far. this has been my favorite! Adventure, flirtation, humor, wit, and obstacles to overcome. But this one is not full of (((spoiler alert))) horrible personal tragedies and the anguish of those who perpetrated those tragedies against an innocent. Those subjects are very difficult for me to read and pull the joy out of a good story for me. In this novel, I enjoyed reading about so [...]

Such a heartwarming story, without arrogance, with wonderful loving characters. Elizabeth Johns tells a touching story that draws you in, lets you feel their emotions. I love that it starts out in Bath, England then sails to Virginia. What better place to fall in love than a Virginia plantation! I love the Loring-Abbot family, not your usual snobby English Ton, no, this family draws you in and welcomes you. The Dowager may just be my favorite character. This is my first book to read in the serie [...]

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. Andrew and Gwens story is heartbreaking but it makes for a great story. I love this series. Andrew after spending a week with Gwen is in love but leaves to America to help rebuild the house from the war. Gwen is trapped inside her house looking after her sick mom. When the end comes Gwen doesn't know what she will do and is longing for Andrew to be back. With a lot of twists and turns in this book will Andrew and Gwen find [...]

A sweet storyThis is a new author for me and I enjoyed the story with a few caveats. This was book 4 in a series that had a cast of thousands it seems. I didn't understand the relationships so that was confusing. The heroine had a sad history and had been severely disappointed by the men in her life but she dithered to much and too long about the hero and her unworthiness to have a happy life. All in all, it was a nice evenings entertainment.

Andrew & Gwyndolen 's story verified purchase Finished another well written book by Elizabeth Johns . I am getting getting ready to read another . I love all the characters in the family and Especially The Dowager Duchess .

Very talented is Me. John's!A great intriguing story as you wonder how it will have a HEA ending. I hate to see the series end. I shall look for more books by Elizabeth John's to read. You will love this book and the series.

3.5 stars clean read. Just missing something. I enjoyed it but think I need to move on for a bit.

Fun clean summer read

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